Zhang Xuan had probably learned some kind of incredible body tempering cultivation technique, allowing his physical strength to reach ten thousand ding, thus granting him the ability to challenge those beyond his cultivation realm.

However, the Steel-armed Golden Ape wasn't an easy opponent!

Its greatest advantage lay in that it was an all-rounder. It had no flaws regardless of which angle one was looking from. Even though that young man wasn't weak, he didn't stand a chance at all.

As the battle continued on, flaws would only start appearing in the young man's movements, thus providing the Steel-armed Ape an opening to strike at.

In Hall Master Xie Jiu Chen's view, if Zhang Xuan didn't have anything else, his loss would be inevitable.

"It's truly a pity..."

Grand Elder Wei Yuqing also came to the same verdict, and he sighed as well. Just as he was about to speak, the edges of his mouth suddenly twitched. "Hall master..."

He didn't need to speak any further. Hall Master Xie Jiuchen had also seen the sight, and his face turned pale, and his eyeballs were about to pop out from their sockets.

Unknowingly, the atmosphere between the man and the beast who were still fighting intensely below a moment ago suddenly turned amiable, as though they'd been buddies for several decades.

The ferocious Steel-armed Golden Ape, which was trying to tear Zhang Xuan into shreds a moment ago, was currently patting Zhang Xuan's shoulder with a brotherly look that seemed to be saying 'I'll cover you'.

Not only were the duo shocked, the other spectators were also completely bewildered by this sudden situation.

This... What was going on?

Just a moment ago, they were still trying to rip each other apart. Yet, in the blink of an eye... such a matter happened?

Even if you two knew each other before, you should at least give some signs of it. What is with that sudden change in attitude?

"During the battle, I saw the young man whisper some words telepathically to the Steel-armed Golden Ape, and the latter's attitude immediately changed! What words could he have said to induce such an abrupt change?" Jiang Nanping said in bafflement.

Ever since he missed out on the first twist with the Whirlwind Wolves, he had been looking intently on the situation before, not daring to avert his eyes in fear of missing out a single detail.

Thus, even though the change in the attitude of the human and the beast was swift, he still noticed some details——

When the Steel-armed Ape had the upper hand, the lips of the young man quivered slightly, and it seemed like he had spoken some words telepathically.

Then... the ferocious savage beast's attitude changed all of a sudden.

"I also saw it... But could one sentence really cause the attitude of the Steel-armed Golden Ape to change so rapidly? This... should be impossible, right?"

Even so, Wei Youdao was still puzzled by the situation.

"I also think that it's impossible, but... have you seen someone taming Whirlwind Wolves into cute domesticated dogs just by beating them up? Have you seen someone who made Tiger Head Beasts play dead with a single punch?" Jiang Nanping argued.

"This..." Wei Youdao's face stiffened.

Honestly, if he hadn't witnessed this sight himself, he wouldn't even dare to entertain the possibility.

Even so, he still felt doubtful about the situation. He wondered if the savage beasts had intentionally gone easy on him, even though he knew that it was impossible given the fairness of the Beast Hall.

"However, even if that fellow earned the goodwill of the Steel-armed Golden Ape, it should be impossible for it to let him pass just like that! The Steel-armed Golden Ape is the tamed beast of Elder You, and since it has already promised to guard the final stage and prevent all challengers from getting past it, it should probably fulfill its responsibility..."

Taking another glance below, Wei Youdao still wasn't able to make sense of the situation.

Even if that fellow used some trick to make the savage beasts in the cage go easy on him, it was impossible for the same trick to work on the Steel-armed Golden Ape.

After all, this was the tamed beast of Beast Hall's Elder You! It had already given its promise to guard the final stage to its dying breath. That fellow might have succeeded in persuading the Steel-armed Golden Ape against fighting, but this didn't mean that it would allow him to pass!

Before Wei Youdao could finish his words, the crisp voice of the young man below suddenly echoed in the air.

"Brother Ape, I need you to step aside so that I can pass!"

The Steel-armed Golden Ape nodded hurriedly, and without any hesitation, it immediately cleared the path. Then, it lifted its gigantic hands to bid the young man farewell.

"I think... it just chose not to fulfill its responsibility..." Jiang Nanping said.

"..." Wei Youdao.


Zhang Xian bade farewell to the Steel-armed Golden Ape.

No flaws could hide itself from the Library of Heaven's Path. The Steel-armed Golden Ape was born with some deficiencies, and Zhang Xuan had given him the solution to the problem. Putting aside giving way for him to pass through, even if he were to tell it to become his tamed beast at this moment, it would surely accept the request.

As long as a savage beast hadn't been completely tamed and a contract wasn't established yet, there would not be any problems in changing owners.

It was just like the situation with the Viridescent Eagle. Even though Mo Yu had paid an exorbitant price to cultivate trust with it, it still betrayed her for Zhang Xuan after a beating.

Before long, Zhang Xuan reached the end of the Ten Beasts Cage. Lifting his hand, he touched the wall at the end of the road and a brilliant radiance shone.

Ten Beasts Cage trial, success!

"He has... passed just like that? How long did he take?" Hall Master Xie Jiuchen couldn't help but ask.

"This..." Grand Elder Wei Yuqing's lips quivered and he said, "Probably... around half a tea's time!"

"Half a tea's time?" Hall Master Xie Jiuchen's eyebrows twitched.

Under normal circumstances, challenging the Ten Beasts Cage would take two hours.

A tea's time is equivalent to a quarter of an hour.

And in half a tea's time, an eighth of an hour, the other party subdued ten savage beasts and passed all four stages...

"More importantly... Most of the time expended was spent on walking. Counting the time that he was facing the savage beasts... it adds up to a total of only several dozen breaths!" Grand Elder Wei Yuqing continued.

Passing the Ten Beasts Cage in half a tea's time was already an astounding feat. On top of that, to think that he only spent several dozen breaths against the savage beasts...

If not for witnessing this sight personally, if his subordinate dared to report such a matter to him, he would surely have the other party punished for lying so blatantly to him...

"Hall Master Xie, does this count as a pass?"

Just as his eyes were twitching non-stop from shock, a young man walked up toward him.

"You've passed, you've passed..." Hall Master Xie Jiuchen nodded vigorously.

If this wasn't a pass, what could be considered as one?

"Then... my spirit beast blood essence!"

The young man stared at him.

"Let's head to the balcony on top. I want to present it to you before the crowd!" Hall Master Xie Jiuchen smiled.

It was a glorious affair for someone to pass the Ten Beasts Cage under his leadership, so naturally, he wanted to advertise the matter.


Knowing the other party's motive, Zhang Xuan nodded silently.

Soon, the group reached the balcony.

"Fellow beast tamers and friends of the Beast Hall, I believe all of you have witnessed this young man's valiant challenge of the Ten Beasts Cage."

Upon reaching the balcony, Hall Master Xie Jiuchen took a jade box from one of the elders' hands, surveyed the surroundings below, and announced with a clear voice.


"I wonder what that beast tamer's name is. He shall be my idol from now on! I shall work hard with him as my goal."

"With him as your goal? Don't you think that you are being a little too ambitious here? You'll only end up despairing in the future. In my opinion, you should just aim for Jiang Nanping and Wei Youdao. Or else, Luo Tang, Fang Jin, and the others will do as well!"

"... That makes sense!"

A commotion broke out below.

Upon hearing the discussions, Luo Tang, Fang Jin, Wei Youdao, and Jiang Nanping, who were vehemently vying for the top spot a moment ago, turned red in embarrassment. If there was a hole in the ground at that moment, they would surely have dived in instantly.

They thought that they stood at the very top of Xuanyuan Kingdom, but with this... they realized that the other party was way out of their league!

Clearing the Ten Beasts Cage in half a tea's time, such a result was sufficient to leave them in despair.

"According to the rules of the Beast Hall, the reward for clearing the Ten Beasts Cage is a drop of spirit beast blood essence. Since Beast Tamer Zhang has succeeded in the challenge, I'll present him with the reward now!"

Hal Master Xie Jiuchen's voice reverberated in the surroundings.

He opened the jade box, and a droplet of blood swirling within a bottle appeared in everyone's view. It seemed to exude the majesty of an unparalleled expert, exerting a strong pressure on those within its vicinity.

Spirit beast blood essence!

"Beast Tamer Zhang, congratulations!"

Hall Master Xie Jiuchen presented the jade box over to Zhang Xuan with a bright smile.

"Un!" Zhang Xuan grabbed the jade box.

His main goal at the Beast Hall was this, and having achieved his primary objective, he was in good spirits.

"From today onward, I hope that everyone can view Beast Tamer Zhang as their role model and cultivate diligently. The Ten Beasts Cage trial shall always be open to all beast tamers to prove their capability!"

Knowing that this was an ideal occasion to promote the matter, Hall Master Xie Jiuchen stroked his beard and chuckled, "No matter who it is, as long as one passes the trial, the Beast Hall will bestow a droplet of spirit beast blood essence to them!"

"I believe I need not explain the significance of spirit beast blood essence to beast tamers! So, work hard. As long as you give it your all, the sky is the limit..." Hall Master Xie Jiuchen declared grandly.

Honestly speaking, his words were extremely motivational.

When everyone saw the reward, they saw the possibility of them standing in Zhang Xuan's place...

As soon as the voice came to a halt, an uproar broke out below. Many of the younger beast tamers had their faces red in agitation, and their hands were tightly clenched together.

The spirit beast blood essence was extremely useful to both human and savage beast alike. Every single droplet was worth a fortune, and there was no beast tamer who could resist such a reward.

Since someone else passed the Ten Beasts Cage, why can't I do the same?

In a moment, a wave of excitement swept across the crowd.

"Hall Master, I would like to challenge the Ten Beasts Cage as well!"

"I want to give it a try too..."

In just a few breaths, more than a dozen beast tamers had already rushed up to the tower.

Seeing the motivated faces below, Hall Master Xie Jiuchen nodded in satisfaction. Just as he was about to speak, the young man beside him kept the spirit beast blood essence in his storage ring and started staring at him intently.

"Hall master, since everyone can challenge the Ten Beasts Cage, it shouldn't be a problem for me to attempt it once more, right?"

The two drops that he obtained by Lin Ruotian only granted him a strength of 9999 ding. He didn't even manage to reach Zhizun realm.

Even if this single drop were to help him to break through his bottleneck, he would still be a far way off from Zhizun realm pinnacle.

If he wanted to avenge Lu Chong, he needed to possess at least strength of that level.

Thus, he needed much more spirit beast blood essence.

"What did you say?"

Hall Master Xie Jiuchen was taken aback by Zhang Xuan's question, and for a moment, he couldn't react.

"I said that... I want to challenge the Ten Beasts Cage again!" Zhang Xuan said.

"You want to challenge it again?" Hall Master Xie Jiuchen's lips twitched. "Didn't you just pass the challenge?"

"That's right. However, you just said 'No matter who it is, as long as one passes the trial, the Beast Hall will bestow a droplet of spirit beast blood essence to one'. I need a lot more spirit beast blood essence, so I would like to continue challenging it!" Zhang Xuan replied seriously.

"Continue challenging it?"

Hall Master Xie Jiuchen's body swayed vigorously.

You successfully completed the challenge in just half a tea's time. If you were allowed to attempt it again and again, wouldn't our Beast Hall fall into bankruptcy?

Given how valuable spirit beast blood essence was, even Xuanyuan Kingdom's Beast Hall didn't have too much of it...

"Indeed!" Zhang Xuan nodded seriously. He started taking out his fingers and started calculating. "Don't worry, I won't get too greedy. Just allow me to challenge it another twenty times!"


Hall Master Xie Jiuchen's body swayed, and he nearly fell over the railing of the balcony.



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