Chapter 422: Nightmare Beast

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Twenty? And you said that you aren't greedy?

Do you know how many drops of spirit beast blood essence is there in our Beast Hall?

Hall Master Xie Jiuchen's face was turning green.

If only he'd known the intentions of this Beast Tamer Zhang in advance, he wouldn't have made his previous declaration so valiantly.

He had just said that anyone who successfully clears the trial will receive a droplet of spirit beast blood essence, and this fellow immediately raised the topic.

Why did it feel as though he was tricked?

If he were to challenge it again and again, wouldn't the Beast Hall have to present him with spirit beast blood essence again and again?

Even with the thousand years of heritage behind Xuanyuan Kingdom Beast Hall, spirit beast blood essence was still an extremely limited commodity. If that fellow was allowed to do as he pleased, the Beast Hall would surely fall into bankruptcy!

When other people challenged the Ten Beasts Cage, even if they were able to clear, it would likely to be a close call, and they would often have to remain in bed for three to five months to recuperate.

Yet, this fellow passed the challenge as though he was just strolling in the gardens. Not only was he fine... he even managed to collect a group of savage beast minions.

Just look at that, the sweetly smiling Steel-armed Golden Ape was still waving to him continuously, and it seemed as though its hands would tear off at this rate...

And not too far away, the Whirlwind Wolves were still staring at him with looks of desire.

Desire your head!

It had been awhile since they were captured under Hall Master Xie Jiuchen's orders, but due to their arrogant personality, most of the young beast tamers were unable to tame them. That was why he chose to put it in the Ten Beasts Cage as one of the stages...

Yet, after a beating, not only were they not angry, they were stared at Zhang Xuan with a look of desire. Did they really crave for a beating so much?

He could already see that if Zhang Xuan were to be allowed to continue on, at this rate, not only would the Beast Hall go bankrupt, all of the savage beasts within would also become his...

What kind of monster was this?

"Since hall master has agreed to it, I'll go down right now. Honestly speaking, the Ten Beasts Cage is quite an interesting challenge!" Taking the other party's silence as consent, Zhang Xuan prepared to leap down.

He urgently needed the twenty droplets of spirit beats blood essence, and he had no time to waste. Since he had already decided on the matter, he planned to get it over and done with quickly.

"Wait a moment..."

Hall Master Xie Jiuchen hurriedly walked over to stop him. With an awkward smile, he said, "There's no hurry. You have just cleared the Ten Beasts Cage, so you must be exhausted. Why don't you rest first? We can talk about it afterward!"

"There's no need for that, I'm not tired! Actually, this challenge is also a form of training to me, so there's no need for Hall Master to worry about me." Zhang Xuan nodded.


Who the heck is worried about you!

I am worried that you would collapse the entire Beast Hall...

Hall Master Xie Jiuchen hurriedly waved his hands, "I know that Beast Tamer Zhang possess extraordinary talents in beast taming, and challenging it consecutively isn't a problem for you. But... gathering so many powerful savage beasts isn't an easy feat... Even if you're not exhausted, you should allow the savage beasts to rest for a moment."


Glancing downward, Zhang Xuan asked, "Are any of you tired?"

The Whirlwind Wolves, Tiger Head Beasts, and Steel-armed Golden Ape hurriedly shook their heads.

"Look, they're not tired!" Zhang Xuan said.

"..." Hall Master Xie Jiuchen felt light-headed.

Say, how can someone as capable at beast taming as you lack EQ?

Isn't my intention clear enough? I don't want you to challenge the Ten Beasts Cage, why can't you get the hint?

"Cough cough, Beast Tamer Zhang. Perhaps you don't understand the hall master's words. What he means to say is that since you have already cleared the Ten Beasts Cage once, you shouldn't challenge it again. There's not much significance to it like that!"

Seeing the conversation between the two, Grand Elder Wei Yuqing couldn't help but interject.

"I can earn a droplet of spirit beast blood essence every time I clear it. This is extremely important to me!" Zhang Xuan replied with a serious expression.

Of course there is a significance to it! If not, I would not have been so bored as to travel this far just to challenge it.


Grand Elder Wei Yuqing's face turned gray in frustration. He had tried to beat around the bush, but the other party revealed his intentions straight...

How the hell can we continue talking if you are going to be just like that?

"Alright, I know that you'll definitely clear the challenge. However, the opportunity must be given to the other beast tamers as well. Thus, let's drop the matter!"

Unable to hold it any longer, Hall Master Xie Jiuchen waved his hands and made up his mind.

"This..." Zhang Xuan frowned.

He'd learned about the Ten Beasts Cage from a book in the Beast Hall, so he traveled the distance here to challenge it. He thought that if he could do it twenty consecutive times, he would have sufficient spirit beast blood essence to fuel his Heaven's Path Golden Body 2-dan. Yet, the other party simply turned him down.

"It's alright if you don't allow me to challenge it as well!"

After a moment of hesitation, Zhang Xuan glanced at the duo and said, "I urgently require nineteen more droplets of spirit beast blood essence. Regardless of whether I have to buy it or trade for it, I have to obtain it."

"You still need nineteen more droplets?"

Hall Master Xie Jiuchen and Grand Elder Wei Yuqing glanced at one another, light-headed.

Why in the world would he need so much spirit beast blood essence? To boil a stew?

Normal savage beasts would find it difficult to even absorb a single droplet of the blood essence. Yet, you asked for twenty at a single go... Are you trying to build an army of savage beasts?

"It's possible for us to sell some to you. A single droplet of spirit beast blood essence costs five spirit stones. However, as you're a beast tamer, we can give you a discount and charge you four spirit stones!" Hall Master Xie Jiuchen said.

"Four spirit stones for a single droplet?" Zhang Xuan widened his eyes. "Forget it, I guess I'll challenge the Ten Beasts Cage after all. You all should hurry up and make preparations!"

He was also trying to find spirit stones to raise his cultivation as well!

Four spirit stones for a single droplet... Why don't you rob a bank?

Grabbing onto his chin, Zhang Xuan started to calculate, "Since spirit beast blood essence is so expensive, after challenging the Ten Beasts Cage twenty times, I don't really need anymore. If so, I can sell them back to you. If I challenge it a hundred times in a day, I can earn 400 spirit stones. Continue that for a month and I'll have more than ten thousand spirit stones..."


The two leaders of the Beast Hall felt frenzied.

Brother, must you be so determined to wreck our Xuanyuan Kingdom Beast Hall?

What kind of grudge do you have against us?

"Alright, enough! We can give twenty droplets of spirit beast blood essence to you, but we have a condition!"

Feeling so stifled that his chest was about to burst apart, an idea suddenly appeared in Hall Master Xie Jiuchen's mind. He gestured grandly and harrumphed.

If he were to allow the other party to do as he pleased, not only would the Beast Hall fall apart, he would also become a laughingstock of the other Conferred Kingdom Beast Halls in the surroundings.

"A condition?"

"That's right. Our Beast Hall has just captured a savage beast, but it's proving difficult to tame. If you can find a way to tame it for the Beast Hall's usage, we'll be willing to give you ten additional droplets on top of your twenty!"

"But of course, if you fail, you are not to bring up the matter of challenging the Ten Beasts Cage anymore!"

"Ten additional droplets?" Zhang Xuan's eyes lit up. "Alright, I agree to your condition!"

Judging by how the other party kept pushing the matter down, it would be impossible for him to continue challenging the Ten Beasts Cage. Since the other party had already raised this condition, he would be a fool to not accept it.

Ten droplets were equivalent to forty spirit stones. It was a profitable business to earn this massive sum just by taming a savage beast.

"If you don't agree to it, I'll take it as you have forfeited to it yourself. So, don't ever mention the matter of challenging the Ten Beasts Cage ever again..."

Yet to process Zhang Xuan's reply, Hall Master Xie Jiuchen continued on. But halfway through, he suddenly paused, and his eyes slowly widened. "What did you say? You agree to it?"

"That's right. Why shouldn't I agree to it?" Zhang Xuan asked.

"But... Do you know what savage beast you are going to tame? Why would you agree to it so readily?" Hall Master Xie Jiuchen was overwhelmed by so much shock that he was about to tear off his beard.

Even a 3-star beast tamer, a Zhizun realm pinnacle expert, like himself was unable to tame the savage beast, yet you agreed to the matter so readily?

Initially, he was only thinking of using this matter to deter the other party from bringing up the matter of challenging the Ten Beasts Cage ever again. After all, since even he was unable to tame it, he didn't think that the other party was capable of doing so either.

Yet, before he could finish his words, the other party had already agreed to the matter.

"Who cares what savage beast it is!" Zhang Xuan waved nonchalantly.

Honestly, to Zhang Xuan, the type or strength of the savage beast didn't matter to him.

What he was concerned about was whether he could earn sufficient spirit beast blood essence.

"... Alright!"

Seeing how confident the other party was, Hall Master Xie Jiuchen hesitated for a moment before nodding his head.

The truth of the situation wasn't too far from what Hall Master Feng deduced. The reason why the Beast Taming Competition was suddenly brought forward was to bring all of the geniuses from the various kingdoms over here to brainstorm on a method to tame that savage beast.

Given how talented the fellow before him was, especially after seeing how he tamed a group of Whirlwind Wolves in the blink of an eye... Perhaps, he might really have a solution to their problem.

As long as he could tame that savage beast, even thirty droplets of spirit beast blood essence weren't a big deal.

"Let's go then. I'll bring you to meet it!"

Coming to a decision, Hall Master Xie Jiuchen decided not to dawdle on. He called for an elder and gave him some instructions before leading Zhang Xuan and Grand Elder Wei Yuqing to the depths of the Beast Hall.

Knowing that this was an opportunity for him to earn more spirit beast blood essence, Zhang Xuan hurriedly followed behind him without much hesitation.


"Young master!"

Along the way, Zhang Xuan met Zhao Ya, Sun Qiang, and the others, who were waiting outside for him.

"Let's go together then!"

There weren't many things Zhang Xuan needed to hide from these people. Thus, he invited them to tag along, and they soon arrived at a vast courtyard.

The courtyard was surrounded with high walls that were around a dozen meters thick, similar to city walls. The interiors were slightly blurred, and with a single glance, one could tell that a formidable formation was set up within.

"The savage beast is just inside! I'll just say it first, it isn't too late for you to back down now."

The group came to a stop right outside the courtyard. With a grim expression, Hall Master Xie Jiuchen said, "The savage beast is actually a [Nightmare Beast]. Our Beast Hall paid a heavy price before we were able to capture it. Due to the hint of Dragon Bloodline it possessed, it has an extremely arrogant nature, making it nearly impossible to tame it."

"Nightmare Beast? A Half-Transcension savage beast?"

Zhang Xuan was taken aback.

Having assimilated the knowledge from the books in the Beast Hall, Zhang Xuan possessed knowledge of the savage beast.

It was known as the number one strongest savage beast beneath that of spirit beasts. Possessing a hint of Dragon Bloodline, it wielded incredible strength. Even Transcendent Mortal 1-dan primary stage experts would find it hard to face!

To think that the Beast Hall would actually manage to capture such a powerful beast, it was truly incredible!

"Indeed. This fellow has a ferocious nature, and it'll be difficult to even approach it. I can bring you to meet it, but if you find yourself stumped, just give up. Don't take the risk. But of course, once you give up, you mustn't bring up the matter of challenging the Ten Beasts Cage ever again." Hall Master Xie Jiuchen raised his conditions.

He was afraid that the other party would turn his attention back to the Ten Beasts Cage after realizing that he was unable to tame the Nightmare Beast. If so, all of his efforts would be in vain.

"Let's go in and take a look!" Zhang Xuan prompted.

Hall Master Xie Jiuchen and Grand Elder Wei Yuqing nodded. They found the entrance to the formation and led the crowd in.

The courtyard was vast, and on top of the formation, a massive metal cage specially crafted by blacksmiths were laid out within. If a savage beast were to be trapped within it, it would be nearly impossible to escape.

After circling around the courtyard, they finally reached the perimeter of the metal cage. Within it, they saw a five-meters tall and ten-meters long massive savage beast lying quietly on the ground. Upon noticing the presence of outsiders, its eyes immediately turned red, and it released a deafening roar.



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