"You want to look at those books?"

Hall Master Xie Jiuchen and Grand Elder Wei Yuqing glanced at one another in confusion.

The ancient beast language sounded incredible, but its heritage had already been lost. The possibility of learning it through books was zero.

Even if the content of the book was authentic, without a tutor to guide one, it was impossible for one to verbalize the sound out accurately.

What made things worse was that each word of the ancient beast language had a special zhenqi circulation method to verbalize it. Without it, it was impossible to pronounce it accurately, especially with a human's sound box.

Countless predecessors of the Beast Hall had devoted their lives in an attempt to decipher the language, but none had succeeded. Yet, this fellow said that he wanted to browse through those books to learn the language so leisurely... Did he really think that he could master it just by reading through those?

"Un!" Zhang Xuan nodded.

"This..." Hall Master Xie Jiuchen hesitated. Knowing the impossibility of the task, he tried to talk Zhang Xuan out of it, "Studying the ancient beast language isn't something that can be accomplished all of a sudden. Without a proper tutor, I'm afraid that you might accidentally injure yourself..."

"I'm just taking a casual look. If, by chance, I were to succeed, perhaps I'll be able to tame this fellow!" Zhang Xuan smiled.

Hearing the other party insisting on the matter, Hall Master Xie Jiuchen frowned in displeasure.

Given how the other party cleared the Ten Beasts Cage so easily, his talents and strength were definitely top-notch. But why would a genius like him choose to do something so pointless and foolish?

Do you think that the ancient beast language is something one can grasp just by reading books?

If that was the case, there wouldn't be so little beast tamers who knew the ancient beast language.

By chance... If it were possible to succeed by chance, they wouldn't be in such a dilemma.

You must be jesting!

"Fine. Elder Wei, lead him there. Feel free to browse through the books of the Beast Hall. However, I won't tolerate you making a fuss over the Ten Beasts Cage after this!" Hall Master Xie Jiuchen said, suppressing his displeasure.

"Alright!" Zhang Xuan nodded.

Even though the Beast Hall had many savage beasts, it was still nigh impossible for them to gather a sufficient number of them for Zhang Xuan to challenge the Ten Beasts Cage another nineteen times. The reason why Zhang Xuan insisted on the matter previously was to force the other party to compromise.

After observing the Nightmare Beast for a while longer, Zhang Xuan was still unable to come up with a better idea, so he decided to follow behind Grand Elder Wei Yuqing to the library.

"The books on the ancient beast language are placed randomly throughout the library, feel free to browse through them!"

As the duo reached the library, Grand Elder Wei Yuqing gestured to the massive collection of books inside.

He shared the same thoughts as Hall Master Xie Jiuchen. To think of learning the ancient beast language just by reading books... You must be dreaming!

If it was that easy to take it on, beast tamers adept in the ancient beast language wouldn't be so valued.

Grand Elder Wei Yuqing left with a look of disappointment on his face. Zhang Xuan noticed it, but he didn't pay it any heed. In any case, he would prefer to be left alone here anyway.

The Xuanyuan Kingdom Beast Hall's library was much larger than that of the Xuanluo Mountain Range branch. Countless books were placed upon tall bookshelves that extended all the way to the limits of one's sight. Since Zhang Xuan was already here, he might as well just collect all of the books within. Thus, placing his fingers on the first book on the first row, he started running.


"Seems like he's still too young. His outstanding accomplishment has led to his complacency!"

Returning to the courtyard, Grand Elder Wei Yuqing shook his head.

"Considering how he was able to become a 2-star beast tamer and could face a Zhizun realm savage beast despite his young age, it is no wonder that he would become complacent. But still, to attempt to learn the ancient beast language just by browsing through books, he is underestimating the occupation!"

Hall Master Xie Jiuchen said with a slight frown on his face.

Initially, he bore great expectations of this young man... However, after hearing the solution the other party came up with, all of his goodwill for the other party vanished.

Knocking the Nightmare Beast out... You must be pulling my leg!

To tame a savage beast, one had to learn its habits, likes, dislikes, and such. Forcibly knocking the other party out would only incur its resentment.

That fellow had a proud nature. It was already difficult to tame, and if they were to really knock it out, the possibility would probably drop to zero.

"Indeed!" Grand Elder Wei Yuqing nodded in agreement.

"Let's not talk about him. How are the challengers of the Ten Beasts Cage faring?" Hall Master Xie Jiuchen asked.

While the group was tending to the Nightmare Beast, the Ten Beasts Cage had been busy as well.

Many of the geniuses who came to Xuanyuan Kingdom were stirred by Hall Master Xie Jiuchen's speech, and they were spurred to give it a try.

"I took a look before coming here, and the challengers... aren't doing too well!" Grand Elder Wei Yuqing flashed a bitter smile.

After bringing Zhang Xuan to the library, he took a look, and the sight he saw brought a bitter smile to his face.

Beast Tamer Zhang had pummeled the Whirlwind Wolves and easily passed the first stage previously, even winning their admiration in the process of doing so. As though emulating his success, the first few challengers also charged straight at the Whirlwind Wolves. However... they ended up as the one being pummeled instead, and two of them were even nearly gnawed to death.

One of the more formidable geniuses managed to get past the Whirlwind Wolves and proceeded on to face the Tiger Head Beast.

He imitated Zhang Xuan's strategy and struck the other party's abdomen. The result? His arms almost fell off from the rebound, and the momentary opening from that nearly turned him into a lump of meat paste.

In less than an hour, more than ten geniuses had already fallen. On top of that, the majority of them didn't even clear the first stage.

Even the famous Jiang Nanping, Fang Jin, and Luo Tang had given it a try. A handful of them was even stronger than Zhang Xuan, but they were still defeated in the first stage.

Those wolves were obedient as though pugs before Zhang Xuan, so the challengers didn't think of them as a threat. Yet, when it came to them, they showed their true might as predators of the forest.

"If it were that easy to clear the Ten Beasts Cage, there wouldn't be no successful challenger for the past thousand years!"

Hall Master Xie Jiuchen seemed to have anticipated this result, and he shook his head in lamentation.

He knew very well the difficulty of the Ten Beasts Cage. He didn't underestimate it just because Zhang Xuan cleared it easily.

"Un!" Grand Elder Wei Yuqing nodded. At this moment, he suddenly recalled a matter and said, "Right, the ruckus Beast Tamer Zhang caused by challenging the Ten Beasts Cage is too great. I'm afraid that... even if we were to host the Beast Taming Competition now, there wouldn't be much point to it!"

"Oh?" Hall Master Xie Jiuchen fell into deep contemplation.

"Beast Tamer Zhang is young, and he meets the prerequisites for the Beast Taming Competition... After he cleared the Ten Beasts Cage, his prestige has soared. Under such circumstances, there won't be much point in winning the champion seat..." Grand Elder Wei Yuqing smiled bitterly.

"You mean that... everyone views Beast Tamer Zhang as their goal? So, even if we conduct the Beast Taming Competition and someone wins the champion seat, as long as the champion doesn't clear the Ten Beasts Challenge, he won't be recognized by the masses?"

Xie Jiuchen came to a realization.

If the jade that came before was too radiant, it would dull the glow of those trailing behind.

This Beast Tamer Zhang was clearly such a jade.

He cleared the Ten Beasts Cage in a single go, breaking the thousand year record of Xuanyuan Kingdom Beast Hall. Even if someone were to be hailed as the champion of the Beast Taming Competition, as long as he doesn't clear the Ten Beasts Cage, the prestige of his achievement would surely be compromised.

"Indeed!" Grand Elder Wei Yuqing nodded.


Hall Master Xie Jiuchen's smiled bitterly.

Actually, it wasn't that he'd neglected this matter. It was just that, from the very start, he didn't expect that fellow to clear the Ten Beasts Cage, let alone clearing it so easily!

"Since that's the case, pass down an order saying that... the content of the Beast Taming Competition this time around will be the Ten Beasts Cage. Whoever passes the challenge will be the champion!" After hesitating for a moment, Hall Master Xie Jiuchen continued, "Also, check which branch does Beast Tamer Zhang belong to. If no one clears the Ten Beasts Cage... He'll be declared as the champion!"

"Alright!" Wei Yuqing nodded.

This was the only solution left.

If Zhang Xuan knew that he could win the champion seat on top of earning the spirit beast blood essence through challenging the Ten Beasts Cage, it would be hard to say what he would feel.

However, at this very moment, a helpless frown was etched deeply on his forehead.

After a day of hard work, he finally collected all of the books in the Beast Hall into the Library of Heaven's Path.

Upon doing so, he thought that it should be easy for him to compile all of the ancient beast language books to create an accurate manual on the language. However... after taking a look, he finally understood why Xie Jiuchen and Grand Elder Wei Yuqing didn't think well of him.

The predecessors had indeed left behind many books on the ancient beast language, and written in these books were their personal insights on the verbalization of the language. However... after verifying the contents with the Library of Heaven's Path, Zhang Xuan realized that the words that were authentic... numbered less than ten!

How could one communicate with savage beasts with less than ten words?

To think that there would be only ten correct words in several hundred ancient beast language books...

It was no wonder that no one succeeded. With this level of accuracy in the ancient texts, it would take a miracle for one to successfully learn the language.

"Seems like learning the ancient beast language is impossible..."

Zhang Xuan shook his head in disappointment.

If he had mastered the ancient beast language through the Library of Heaven's Path, it would be much easier for him to tame savage beasts in the future. However, from the looks of it now, it seemed like he had underestimated the matter.

The ancient beast language was a creation of Kong shi, and if one could learn it that easily, there would not be so many stumped beast tamers in the world.

"Hmm? There seems to be another book on the ancient beast language over there..."

Just as Zhang Xuan was about to leave the library to convince Xie Jiuchen to knock out the Nightmare Beast, his eyes suddenly caught sight of a book lying in the corner of the room.

It was a thick book with the word 'Language' written in an ancient script on its cover.

As it was placed in a remote corner, he didn't notice it previously.

He walked over and took it out.

This book was around ten fingers thick, and a thick layer of dust cloaked its cover. Its pages had a yellowish tint, hinting at a long history behind them. It seemed to have been placed here for innumerable years, unnoticed by any.


Touching it, a similar book appeared on the shelves within the Library of Heaven's Path.

"Hmm? This isn't ancient beast language?"

Flipping it open, Zhang Xuan was taken aback.

Written within the book was the introduction of a unique language, as well as the way to verbalize it. However, there was a clear distinction between it and the ancient beast language. The book didn't reveal what exactly was that language, and the details provided by the Library of Heaven's Path didn't reveal anything significant about its origin either.

"There is a total of three correct words!"

Zhang Xuan flipped through the book.

There were thousands of words described in the ten-fingers thick book, but after verification from the Library of Heaven's Path, there were only three correct ones.


Zhang Xuan gathered all of the correct portions to form an entirely new book.

"I should try these three words first..."

Taking a deep breath, Zhang Xuan drove his zhenqi according to the circulation method derived from the book through the Library of Heaven's Path.


A sound echoed, and the world around Zhang Xuan seemed to tremor violently for an instant. At the same time, his body swayed, and the sight before him turned dark.

"What... kind of language is this? How can it be so fearsome?"

The immense energy expenditure from verbalizing that single word had nearly knocked him out. He quickly took deep breaths to recover.

Just verbalizing a single sound had nearly sapped his zhenqi dry. On top of that, his instincts told him that if not for his incredibly pure Heaven's Path zhenqi, even with the knowledge of the correct verbalization method, he wouldn't have been able to verbalize that sound.

After studying the ancient beast language, he realized that even though it was difficult to verbalize the words, it wasn't too hard to speak fluently once one grasps the correct zhenqi circulation method. This logic seemed to apply to the mysterious language as well.

But just verbalizing a single sound had nearly caused him to pass out! That was way too fearsome!

"It is said that the more formidable a language is, the more difficult it is to verbalize it. It will have a high requirement on the purity of one's zhenqi as well. Could this language have some kind of impressive background to it?"

Zhang Xuan's eyes lit up.

Even though he was bewildered by the existence of such a mysterious language, his bewilderment did little to dampen his agitation.

Having read innumerable books, he knew that humans weren't the only race in the Master Teacher Continent. There were innumerable other races, and each of them had their own unique language; the more formidable a race is, the more powerful their words will be. At the same time, there would be a higher requirement on the purity of one's zhenqi to verbalize those words.

On this aspect, Heaven's Path zhenqi stood at the top, even among the ranks of superior zhenqi.

But despite this, Zhang Xuan was still unable to sustain the expenditure from voicing out the words. What kind of language did these three words originate from for them to be so powerful?

After studying it for half a day, he realized that he couldn't interpret the contents of the ancient book. In fact, he couldn't even read a single word. Thus, he shook his head and gave up.

"Given that I have only learned a few words, I can't depend on the ancient beast language anymore..."

Zhang Xuan thought that he could return accomplished with the ancient beast language in his arsenal.

"But in any case, I should still try and see if I can hoodwink the Nightmare Beast with these words. It would be good if I succeed. Otherwise, I'll have to look for other solutions!"

Stretching his back lazily, Zhang Xuan walked out of the library and headed toward the courtyard where the Nightmare Beast was housed.

Even though he had only learned a few words, through the Library of Heaven's Path, he was certain that these were authentic words from the ancient beast language. Perhaps, he might be able to convince the other party with just these words.

If, on the off chance, he succeeds, he would be able to earn thirty spirit beast blood essence immediately.

Otherwise, he would have to find a way or another to knock the Nightmare Beast out.

"Beast Tamer Zhang!"

Soon, he arrived at the courtyard. Before walking in, he saw many figures walking anxiously about the previously remote courtyard.

The huge group of beast tamers that he saw above when he was clearing the Ten Beasts Cage were all here.

"What happened?"

Zhang Xuan walked in doubtfully, and he immediately saw two familiar figures amidst the crowd.

"Beast Tamer Zhang!"

The other party also saw him, and they walked up to him.

"Hall Master Feng and Beast Tamer Wang, why are you two here?"

Zhang Xuan was perplexed.

These two were the beast tamers from the Xuanluo Mountain Range branch, Hall Master Feng and Beast Tamer Wang.

"Why are we here?" Hall Master Feng and Beast Tamer Wang coughed. "The Beast Taming Competition has been brought forward, but we weren't able to contact you. Thus, we came here in advance!"

"The Beast Taming Competition has been brought forward?" Zhang Xuan blinked his eyes in surprise.

If the other party hadn't raised this matter, he would have already forgotten the issue.

Ever since arriving at Xuanyuan Kingdom Beast Hall, he immediately rushed to the Ten Beasts Cage. Right after that, he went to the courtyard to meet the Nightmare Beast before busying himself at the library. As such, he had no way of knowing that the Beast Taming Competition had been brought forward.

Besides, he didn't explicitly agree to the competition then. Thus, he didn't pay much attention to the matter.

"You didn't know?"

Seeing the confused expression on the other party's face, the two great beast tamers swayed.

"I didn't!" Zhang Xuan confirmed their suspicions.

"But... you are the champion of the competition!" The two beast tamers scratched their heads in frenzy.

Are you for real? Just a moment ago... Hall Master Xie Jiuchen announced that Zhang Xuan was the champion of the Beast Taming Competition!

He even specially visited them to offer his congratulations...

Despite being the champion, Zhang Xuan actually didn't even know that the competition had been brought forward...

Can you get any more confused than that?

"Champion? What champion?"

Not only were the duo baffled, Zhang Xuan was also bewildered by the situation as well.

I don't even know when the competition is held, how in the world did I become the champion?

"The content of the Beast Taming Competition this time is the Ten Beasts Cage. Of all of the participants, you're the only one who succeeded... So naturally, you became the champion!"

Seeing that the other party really knew nothing at all, Hall Master Feng could only explain the situation speechlessly.

To think that even someone as confused as him could become the champion, he was truly speechless.

For every single competition, their Xuanluo Mountain Range branch would always go around searching for talents to vie for a good placing. Yet, they had never succeeded...

This time, they managed to win the championship, yet the candidate himself didn't even know what was happening.

"I see... Is there any prize for the champion?"

After hearing that he became the champion just because he challenged the Ten Beasts Cage, Zhang Xuan was speechless. But soon, recalling something, his eyes lit up.

Becoming the champion wasn't anything much to him, what he was more concerned about was the reward!

If he could win twenty or thirty spirit beast blood essence, he could spare himself much hassle.

"The reward is five spirit stones. I have already claimed it for you, you can check on it!"

At which, Hall Master Feng took out a narrow jade box. Opening it, five spirit stones placed side by side appeared before Zhang Xuan's eyes.

"Just these?"

Zhang Xuan thought that he would be able to earn generous rewards by winning the championship. Yet, for the reward to be only five spirit stones, the Beast Hall was truly miserly.

However, no matter how little the reward was, it was still useful to him. There was no reason for him to reject it.

After keeping the spirit stones into his storage ring, he glanced at the surroundings and asked, "What's happening? Why are so many people gathered here?"

Yesterday, when he came, a formation was set up here, and no outsiders were allowed to enter. Why did the situation become like that all of the sudden?

"The Beast Hall caught a Half-Transcension savage beast, and they wish to tame it. However, they had been unable to find a feasible method to do so. The reason why the pushed forward the Beast Taming Competition was to gather the hall masters, elders, and talented beast tamers from all around Xuanyuan Kingdom here to brainstorm on a viable method to tame the Nightmare Beast!" Hall Master Feng explained.

The motive of pushing the competition forward was for this savage beast. Since the competition was already over, Hall Master Xie Jiuchen decided to gather all of the beast tamers here to brainstorm over this matter.

This led to the current commotion outside of the courtyard.

"Oh!" Zhang Xuan came to a realization.

It seemed like the other party didn't think that he would succeed in learning the ancient beast language.

But it was no wonder why the other party would think so. Even with the prowess of the Library of Heaven's Path, Zhang Xuan had only found a few correct words. It would take a miracle for anyone to learn the language through those books.

"Has anyone succeeded yet?" Zhang Xuan asked.

"No one has succeeded yet. A Half-Transcension savage beast is too strong, the possibility of succeeding is extremely low..."

Shaking his head, Hall Master Feng sighed.

Even a 3-star beast tamer like Hall Master Xie Jiuchen was helpless before the Nightmare Beast. How could normal beast tamers like them have any good ideas?

Several ideas were brought up, but they were all refuted.

"Look, the genius Wei Youdao intends to give it a try!"

"Wei Youdao? The genius who managed to reach the third stage of the Ten Beasts Cage yesterday?"

"Yes, that's him..."


Just as the trio was talking, a commotion broke out among the crowd. Zhang Xuan turned around and saw a youngster walking toward the Nightmare Beast in the metal cage.

In front of the metal cage stood Hall Master Xie Jiu Chen, Grand Elder Wei Yuqing, and a few other beast tamers. A grim expression hung on their faces.

They also knew that it was unlikely for anyone to succeed, and they were already prepared for the worst-case scenario. <script>chaptererror();</script>



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