Chapter 425: Allow Me!

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At this moment, the Nightmare Beast was currently lying lazily on the ground. It wasn't even angry; it just couldn't be bothered to lift his head to glance at the other party. Instead, it seemed to be using some kind of unique method to heal the injuries it had sustained.

"Hall Master, I would like to give it a try!"

Walking forward, Wei Youdao clasped his fists.

"Go on!" Glancing at Grand Elder Wei Yuqing, Hall Master Xie Jiuchen nodded.

The grandson of his old friend had been blessed with exceptional talent for beast taming, and the other party had made a name for himself among the younger generation

If not for Zhang Xuan's abrupt appearance, Wei Youdao might very well become the number one genius of Xuanyuan Kingdom Beast Hall's younger generation.

In any case, there was no better solution for the matter at the moment. If the Nightmare Beast were to recover substantially from its injuries, it would be impossible for the Beast Hall to confine it any further. Since that was the case, he might as well grant everyone a chance. Perhaps, someone might just succeed.

"Thank you, hall master!"

Taking a deep breath, Wei Youdao walked up to the Nightmare Beast.

With a flick on his wrist, a jade bottle appeared in his palm.

Uncorking the cap, a dense fragrance wafted out, revitalizing everyone's spirit.

"It's the Seven-colored Honey from the Cloud Mist Mountain!"

"It's said that the Zongshi realm savage beast Heaven Snow Bee concocted this honey from the nectar gathered from seven different colored flowers. It has an alluring fragrance, and it's incomparably sweet. Even spirit beasts would find it difficult to rein in their craving!"

"This thing is incomparably expensive and rare. Even with plenty of spirit stones at hand, obtaining it is no easy matter. Yet, to think that he would have an entire bottle of it!"

"Since he is willing to take even that out, the Nightmare Beast should probably cave in!"


Catching a whiff of the fragrance from the jade bottle, a huge commotion was stirred in the surroundings.

The Seven-colored Honey was formed by seven different colored nectars. It possessed a fragrance that opened up one's pores with a single whiff.

Savage beasts tended to be gluttonous; it would be difficult for the other party to hold back from such a delicacy.

"The Seven-colored Honey is ranked fifth among the ten most favored objects of savage beasts. It is impressive that Wei Youdao was able to obtain such a good item, not bad!"

Hall Master Feng's eyes also lit up.

"Ten most favored objects of savage beasts? There's such a ranking?" Zhang Xuan was taken aback.

He had read nearly all of the books in the Beast Hall, but he had never heard of such a ranking.

"There is!"

Hall Master Feng chuckled. "Actually, we only created this list out of boredom, and it isn't officially recognized by the Beast Hall, so it isn't recorded in any book. Seven-colored Honey isn't just fragrant, more importantly, it has the effect of nourishing and expanding a savage beast's meridians! Usually, if a beast tamer were to take out a single droplet of it, he would be able to induce Complete Submission in a Zongshi realm savage beast. The jade bottle that Wei Youdao might be small, but there are at least several dozens of droplets in it. He must be truly determined if he is taking so many droplets out at once!"

"Nourish and expand a savage beast's meridians?"

Upon hearing the effects of the Seven-colored Honey, Zhang Xuan was astounded.

The meridians of humans and savage beasts had a certain cross sectional area. If one were to drive one's zhenqi too quickly, it might cause one's zhenqi to seep outward, resulting in severe internal injuries.

Expanding one's meridians was equivalent to increasing the quantity of zhenqi one could drive within a specific period of time. This quality made the Seven-colored Honey extremely valuable. Putting aside savage beasts, even the eyes of the cultivators in the area reddened in desire upon learning of the effects of the Seven-colored Honey,

"What other objects are there in this ranking?" Zhang Xuan couldn't help but ask curiously.

If he were to know the most favored objects of savage beasts, it might help him in taming powerful savage beasts in the future.

"As it's unofficial, it's mostly speculation. The publicly acknowledged number one object is Dragon Blood, number two is the inner core of spirit beasts, number three is ancient beast blood essence, number four is Godfall Flower, and number five is Seven-colored Honey!"

"I see!" Zhang Xuan nodded.

He had heard of the first four objects.

The Dragon Tribe was incomparably powerful. If a savage beast were to possess the slightest trace of the Dragon Bloodline, it would be significantly stronger than normal savage beasts.

Taking the Nightmare Beast for example, even though the Dragon Bloodline within it was so meagre that it could be disregarded, it still granted it the potential to reach Half-Transcension.

Just this in itself made the Dragon Bloodline a desired object that could send all savage beasts and spirit beasts into a frenzy.

As for the ancient beast blood essence, as shown in the Xuanluo Mountain Range branch, it possessed the same effects as well. If used appropriately, it could induce a Bloodline Evolution in a savage beast.

As for the inner core of a savage beast, it was something that spirit beasts nurture and cultivate day and night over a long period of time. It harnessed the essence of their cultivation and strength. If a savage beast could obtain it, even if it still wasn't able to make the leap to become a spirit beast, its cultivation would definitely be enhanced significantly.

As for the Godfall Flower, rumor had it that it could nurture a savage beast's spirit.

Of these four incredible objects, the very fact that the Seven-colored Honey could be placed at the fifth place proved testimony to its fearsome effects.

Zhang Xuan couldn't help but take a glance at the situation.

As expected, upon catching a whiff of the fragrance, the lazy Nightmare Beast in the cage was stirred into action. It lifted its massive head, and a glaring radiance pierced from its eyes.

It was clearly interested in the object.

Grabbing the Seven-colored Honey in his hands, Wei Youdao confidently declared, "I know that you understand the human language, and you know our purpose here. As long as you swear to the Dragon Bloodline within your body to remain loyal to the Beast Hall, this bottle of Seven-colored Honey will be yours!"

With this object, he didn't need to resort to any ploy. He only had to state his conditions.


The Nightmare Beast was initially rather interested in it, but after hearing Wei Youdao's words, it began to lie back down lazily.

"I know that you've attempted a breakthrough to become a spirit beast and failed. The Seven-colored Honey can expand your meridians and heal your wounds. It could help you surpass your bottleneck, so why do you remain so obstinate? Besides, you're only pledging loyalty to the Beast Hall, not to an individual. If you do so, the Beast Hall will surely devote massive resources to your cultivation and your growth... I hope that you can consider this matter!" Wei Youdao said.

Even though his words were moving, the Nightmare Beast remained indifferent.

There was no difference to whom it would pledge loyalty to. In its eyes, it was still becoming the puppet of the humans. Rather than being restricted, it would prefer to venture out and live its life as it pleased.

"Seems like it's a failure!"

The crowd had finally seen a flicker of hope, but upon seeing this sight, their expression sunk again.

They thought that the Seven-colored Honey, ranked fifth on the list, could move the Nightmare Beast. However, they seemed to have underestimate the fellow's control.

"Even though the Seven-colored Honey is irresistible to ordinary savage beasts, this Nightmare Beast isn't too far away from reaching the level of a spirit beast. As such, its effects would be severely limited. On top of that, as a proud bearer of the Dragon Bloodline, how could it serve the humans for just a bit of Seven-colored Honey?"

Among the crowd, a 2-star pinnacle beast tamer commented.

"Indeed. The Dragon Tribe is one of the strongest tribes in the continent, and they have the pride matching their standing. Even though this fellow's bloodline might be weak, it still won't lower its head to humans just over such small benefits. The only way for it to work is to offer it Dragon Blood!"

"Dragon Blood? You must be joking! Do you think that it's that easy to find some? Putting aside how difficult it is to find a member of the Dragon Tribe, even if you manage to find one, it would be impossible to subdue it! Even the weakest of their members is a Half-Transcension, like this Nightmare Beast before us. It isn't a being that normal beast tamers like us can hunt down."

A commotion broke out.

The Beast Taming Competition had gathered dozens of hall masters and elders from the surrounding kingdoms. To be able to become the head of their organizations, their eye of discernment and knowledge far exceeded that of ordinary beast tamers.

The Seven-colored Honey was valuable, but it wasn't sufficient to make a savage beast with a hint of Dragon Bloodline lower its head.

"My apologies!"

After a moment of persuasion, the Nightmare Beast still remained unmoved. In the end, Wei Youdao could only retreat in defeat.

"Is there anyone else who likes to try?"

Expecting this outcome, Hall Master Xie Jiuchen sighed. Turning to the crowd yet again, he asked.


Initially, after hearing this news, many people were tempted to give it a try. However, after seeing the 2-star pinnacle and 3-star primary beast tamers falling in defeat, the others lost their courage as well.

"Allow me!"

Suddenly, a faint voice broke the silence.

"It's Beast Tamer Zhang Xuan!"

"Since he managed to clear the Ten Beasts Cage so easily, he must have a deep insight into beast taming. Perhaps, he just might succeed!"

"I don't deny that his beast taming skills are incredible, but his cultivation is way too low!"

"That's true. It's already a formidable feat for a beast tamer to tame a savage beast one or two small cultivation realm above him... He is only at Zongshi realm pinnacle while the other party is at Half-Transcension. That's a total of six small cultivation realms. It's impossible for him to successfully tame it!"

"Indeed. If he were at Zhizun realm pinnacle, it might still be possible. But given his current strength... I don't think that he'll succeed!"

After identifying the source of the voice, the crowd flew into an uproar.

Zhang Xuan's feat of clearing the Ten Beasts Cage had awed everyone in the Beast Hall. Thus, almost everyone here had heard of his name.

His appearance had generated hope in some, but most simply shook their heads grimly.

Beast taming wasn't just about technique, strength also played a major role.

If one's cultivation realm differed too much from the savage beast, it would only look down on one. Given the lack of respect, how could it possibly allow one to tame it?

"I've heard that he came here to give it a try after clearing the Ten Beasts Cage yesterday, but he failed!"

"Then why is he still volunteering again? Does he have a better idea in mind?"

"I don't know. Let's wait and see then..."

There were some who knew that Zhang Xuan had already attempted yesterday. Even though they didn't know what had happened, given that the Nightmare Beast hadn't been tamed yet, it was clear that he had failed.

"You... succeeded in learning the language?"

Upon seeing Zhang Xuan, Hall Master Xie Jiuchen's eyes lit up.

That fellow ran to the library, claiming that he was going to learn the ancient beast language. Yet, he appeared here today. Did it mean that he had succeeded in learning the language?

"Succeed? I'm still far from that..."

Zhang Xuan shook his head.

It wasn't that the ancient beast language was too difficult, but that the level of this Beast Hall was simply too low. There were insufficient books here for the Library of Heaven's Path to work its wonders.


Hearing Zhang Xuan admit that he was still far from success, Hall Master Xie Jiuchen was baffled.

"I've only learned a few sounds, so I would like to give it a try. If it doesn't work, we can try the method I mentioned the previous time!" Zhang Xuan said.

"The method you mentioned?"

Hearing those words, Hall Master Xie Jiuchen fell speechless.

Given how that fellow ran off to the library to study, he thought that he had given up on the idea. To think that he was still harboring those thoughts!<script>chaptererror();</script>



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