Chapter 426: The Might of the Mysterious Language

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"The ancient beast language is expansive and profound. It's impossible to succeed just by learning a few sounds!" Grand Elder Wei Yuqing interjected.

The other party said that he would study the language, and he cooped himself within the library for an entire day. Despite everything, Wei Yuqing still bore some expectations of the other party, yet he returned saying that he had only learned a few sounds... Are you here to amuse us?

Even if you had learned the entire ancient beast language, it still remains an uncertainty whether that fellow will listen to you. With just a few sounds, do you think that the other party will bother with you?

You must be joking!

Given Zhang Xuan's declaration of 'Let me try!', they thought that he was very confident of the matter. Yet... to think that he was here just to cause trouble.

Seemed like even top geniuses weren't reliable either...

"If it doesn't work, you all should just think of a way to knock it out!"

Honestly speaking, Zhang Xuan did not have much confidence either, given that he had only learned a few sounds.

"We'll talk about that later. You should give it a try first..."

Afraid that the fellow would continue pestering him on the matter, Hall Master Xie Jiuchen hurriedly interjected.

What the heck is going through your mind!

Just because you managed to tame the Whirlwind Wolves by pummeling them, do you think that the same method will work again?

This is the Nightmare Beast, a top-notch savage beast possessing the Dragon Bloodline, a proud and noble existence. Even if you were to beat it to death, it would not lower its head to you.

If it were that simple, they would have long done it.


Sensing the other party's reluctance, Zhang Xuan decided to give it a try first. Thus, he took two steps forward to the Nightmare Beast.

The massive savage beast was nonchalant to Zhang Xuan's presence. It didn't even bother taking a glance at him.

"He's starting..."

Wei Youdao clenched his fists tightly.

He had even gone to the extent of taking out the Seven-colored Honey, but it proved to be useless. What kind of solution would the fellow who managed to clear the Ten Beasts Cage come up with?

He stared fixedly at the situation in front with widened eyes, fearful that he would miss out a single detail. However, in the next moment, his lips couldn't help but twitch.

That fellow didn't take out anything of interest to the Nightmare Beast, and instead, he simply frowned. After a long moment of struggling, a bizarre sound suddenly escaped from his throat.


It sounded like lightning, and no one could understand what it meant.

"This is ancient beast language?"

Wei Youdao didn't comprehend the other party's bizarre action, but Hall Master Xie Jiuchen and Grand Elder Wei Yuqing's face immediately tightened. They hurriedly turned their gazes over to the Nightmare Beast.

That fellow had gone off to study the ancient beast language previously, so it was likely that this sound was a part of the language.

Even though it was just a single sound, there was an off-chance that it might just work!

Under the intense gazes of the crowd, the lazy Nightmare Beast suddenly opened its eyes...

Then, it yawned lazily, lay down, and fell silent.

"It is ineffective?"

Seeing that it was completely ineffective, Zhang Xuan scratched his head.

Of the ancient beast language, Zhang Xuan had only learned a total of eight words. He had no problem reading or verbalizing it, but as the meaning wasn't written in the books, he couldn't tell what it was either.

In other words, he only knew how to speak those words, he didn't know what they meant at all.

Even if he were to voice out all of them, that fellow still wouldn't know what he was up to.

"The next one."

Even so, it was still worth a try. Thus, Zhang Xuan opened his mouth once more, "Wu!"

It sounded like the call of an eagle, crisp and bright, piercing one's ears.

Hall Master Xie Jiuchen and Grand Elder Wei Yuqing hurriedly turned their gazes over, but the Nightmare Beast seemed to have fallen into a deeper sleep. With its paws cushioning its head, it lay comfortably on the spot.

"This... So, is it working or not?"

The duo stared at one another in confusion.

If that fellow's ancient beast language was useful, why was there no response from the Nightmare Beast?

But at the same time, the Nightmare Beast did at least adjust its sleeping posture, so whether it was completely useless or not...

Could the sounds that Zhang Xuan was voicing a lullaby...

I thought that you went away to learn the ancient beast language, why did you learn a lullaby instead?

What is the use of your lullaby!

What I want is to tame it, not for it to sleep...


Amidst their bewilderment, the young man before him voiced the third sound.

This time, not only did the Nightmare Beast get into a comfortable sleeping posture, it even stuck its tongue out, and saliva was flowing out of its mouth.

"The heck!"

"With just three notes, he managed to bring the Nightmare Beast into a deep sleep?"

The surroundings beast tamers were stunned.

They thought that the young genius would use some kind of inconceivable beast taming technique on the Nightmare Beast.

While their thoughts were spot-on, it was completely different from what they were thinking.

Aren't we supposed to tame it? What do you mean by luring it to sleep?

"Hmm?" Zhang Xuan was baffled as well.

However, upon seeing the sight, his eyes lit up.

"This is good as well. If I can knock it out with these words, I won't have to waste my effort on trying to knock it out!"

Besides the ancient beast language, Zhang Xuan had a backup plan. He could knock the Nightmare Beast out, and through the Library of Heaven's Path, he would be able to determine its flaws and tame it.

But it was a pity that Xie Jiuchen, Wei Yuqing, and the others refused to cooperate with him, and Zhang Xuan wasn't a match for the Nightmare Beast himself. Thus, he had been unable to carry it out. If he could lure it to sleep through the ancient beast language, that would be perfect.

"Wu Ya Hai Wu Wu!"

The more he thought about it, the happier he got. Thus, he voiced of the remaining words all at once.

Hearing those words, the crowd immediately turned their gazes to the Nightmare Beast.

This was especially so for Hall Master Xie Jiuchen. Anxiety could be seen in his eyes.

However, with a single look, he suddenly felt a wave of vertigo striking him.

The drowsy Nightmare Beast abruptly opened its eyes, and its massive body rose up.



A deafening roar pierced through the heavens, parting the clouds above. The crowd in the surroundings felt dizzy-headed under the powerful roar.

At the same moment, the massive head suddenly charged straight toward the metal cage.


The formation immediately activated, sealing its movements. Even so, under the powerful charge, the sturdy metal cage was bent out of shape, and it seemed as though it would collapse soon.

"This is bad..."

Hall Master Xie Jiuchen's eyes narrowed, and his face reflected his astonishment.

He thought that the fellow was still immobile from its severe injuries. To think that he had recovered sufficiently to stand up and exert such offensive might after a few days of recuperation.

But of course, perhaps it was agitated by Beast Tamer Zhang's 'ancient beast language', it seemed to be in an extremely bad mood.

If the Nightmare Beast were to escape under such conditions, the Beast Hall would be in grave danger. Most likely, it might be wiped off the face of the world.

"See what you've done..."

The more Hall Master Xie Jiuchen thought about it, the more furious he became. Thus, he turned around and chastised Zhang Xuan.

What in the world is this?

I asked you here to tame the savage beast, not to provoke it.

"Elders, prepare the [Constellation Beast Confinement Formation]!"

Knowing that it was useless to blame this fellow at this point, Hall Master Xie Jiuchen bellowed.


The elders of Xuanyuan Kingdom Beast Hall also knew how dangerous the situation was, so they immediately got into action. They hurriedly rushed to their places with a grim expression.

The Constellation Beast Confinement Formation was a powerful formation used to trap savage beasts. Many of the elders in the Xuanyuan Kingdom Beast Hall had studied and cultivated it. As long as they ran to their allocated location to infuse their zhenqi into the formation, they would be able to activate it even without in-depth understanding of the formations.

"What's going on?"

"Beast Tamer Zhang seems to have provoked that savage beast?"

"Isn't he here to tame it? How did he end up provoking it instead?"


Wei Youdao, Jiang Nanping, and others also felt nervous upon seeing the situation.

That was a Half-Transcension savage beast! Once it went on a rampage, the entire Beast Hall would be reduced to ruins!

Hong hong hong!

Amidst everyone's shocked gazes, the Nightmare Beast threw its body at the metal cage several more times, and a huge hole, through which he could escape, appeared in it.


As soon as its head appeared outside, a clear buzz suddenly echoed. The Constellation Beast Confinement Formation had been activated. A white light shot out from the locations of the elders, forming a gigantic net that wrapped itself around the Nightmare Beast.

Trapped by the gigantic net of light, the Nightmare Beast became even more irritated. It howled furiously, and its giant claws grabbed at empty air.


White energy emanations reminiscent of sword qi shot out from the claws of the Nightmare Beast, striking straight at the net trapping it.

The net tremored violently, and as though a shield struck by a powerful hammer, a deep reverberation sounded.

Pu! Pu!

Under the massive force, some of the elders standing at the center of the formation spat out large mouthfuls of blood.

Half-Transcension savage beasts were already an extremely strong existence, and this fellow possessed the Dragon Bloodline on top of that. Its immense strength allowed it to match up to even a Transcendent Mortal expert. Even though the elders were strong as well, most of them were only at Zhizun realm intermediate and advanced stage. They weren't a match for this fellow at all.

"Hurry up and infuse more zhenqi in to reinforce the formation..."

Seeing that the Nightmare Beast was about to escape, Xie Jiuchen panicked. He hurriedly called for help.

As soon as the formation collapses, the entire Beast Hall would surely be destroyed. They could not back away at this point.

Hong long!

Knowing the severity of the issue, most of the elders immediately got into action. They charged forward and infused all of their zhenqi into the formation.

Accompanying the furious surge of zhenqi into the formation, the darkened net suddenly glowed brilliantly once more.

While the formation had been strengthened, the Nightmare Beast seemed to have derived strength from its rage as well. Roaring furiously once more, its lower limbs pushed against the ground, and its massive body struck the massive net in midair.

Si la!

Under the violent power contained in the massive body, the Beast Confinement Net caved in and was torn apart.

Deng deng deng deng!

All of the elders who had operated the formation collapsed onto the floor with pale faces.


After escaping from the formation, the Nightmare Beast glared at Zhang Xuan with widened eyes. Carrying unparalleled strength in its body, it charged swiftly toward him.

"It's over..."

Seeing that the formation and metal cage had failed to contain the Nightmare Beast, Hall Master Xie Jiuchen's face was ghastly pale.

He didn't expect that the savage beast would suddenly go on a rampage in the midst of the beast taming process.

Given that so many people were unable to withstand the might of the Nightmare Beast, no matter how talented Beast Tamer Zhang was, he would surely be torn to shreds.


Knowing that it was impossible to save the other party, Hall Master Xie Jiuchen was about to avert his gaze when the young man released another bizarre sound.

Xie Jiuchen staggered.

It was precisely because of your random babbling that provoked this fellow. Yet, to think that you wouldn't learn your lesson...

Are you that intent to die?

Just as Hall Master Xie Jiuchen was about to urge Zhang Xuan to hurry up and leave instead of continuing to dabble in the ancient beast language or whatever it was, he saw the Nightmare Beast suddenly kneeling onto the floor after hearing the sound. It stuck out its tongue, and it licked the young man all over. Its appearance... was no different from the Whirlwind Wolves back then.

"Word of Submission, Bloodline Suppression... Could this be the True Voice of Dragons?"

Hall Master Xie Jiuchen's eyes narrowed, and his face paled.

"What in the world was going on?"<script>chaptererror();</script>



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