We are the Beast Hall, not some spirit stone mining clan. How much of wealth do you think we possess?

Still a carriage or two... Just a few dozen would already be almost their entire stock...

As for pills, medicinal herbs, and the sort, even if the Beast Hall had them, they are mainly reserved for the savage beasts. How in the world are we going to find so many for you?

They had just thought that this fellow was generous when he gave himself in right after...

"Beast Tamer Zhang, you must be jesting. It's not that we don't want to give those to you, we simply don't have that many resources here..." Hall Master Xie Jiuchen replied with a reddened face.

"It's alright if you don't have those. However, there's something that I really require, and I hope that you won't turn me down!" Zhang Xuan turned to look at them.

"Feel free to speak!"

"I need over a thousand Half-Zhizun and Zhizun realm cultivation technique manuals. There are no requirements to their quality, and the more there are, the better it is!" Zhang Xuan said.

Zhang Xuan's motive wasn't spirit stones or medicinal herbs, but this.

Only with sufficient cultivation technique could he form the Zhizun realm Heaven's Path Divine Art and achieve a breakthrough.

No matter what, if he wanted to avenge Lu Chong, he would require strength.

"A thousand Half-Zhizun and Zhizun realm cultivation technique manuals?"

Hall Master Xie Jiuchen blinked.

What did he need those for?

It's not like you could boil cultivation techniques together to make a stew... On top of that, to demand nothing of their quality.

"This is simple, I can prepare them for you. However, I'll require at least three days!" After pondering for a moment, Hall Master Xie Jiuchen nodded.

Zhizun realm cultivation techniques were valuable in Tianwu Kingdom, and it was nigh impossible to find even a single one in the market. However, in Xuanyuan Kingdom, most clans would possess several books. Collecting a thousand of them was troublesome, but with the connections of the Beast Hall, it would not be too difficult.


Hearing that it was possible for the other party to collect all of them, Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh of relief.

With this, he had met two main goals he had at the Beast Hall, spirit beast blood essence and cultivation technique manuals.

"Alright, I'll cure your wounds now!"

Zhang Xuan turned to look at the Nightmare Beast.

The fellow had suffered some afflictions when it failed in its breakthrough to Transcendent Mortal realm. Previously, Zhang Xuan had promised to treat it as part of his deal, so it was time for him to fulfill the end of his bargain.


The Nightmare Beast knew that it would not be able to follow behind Zhang Xuan once its injuries had recovered, so it howled in reluctance.

The other party was an expert capable of producing the True Voice of Dragons. If it were to follow behind him, it would surely be able to reach great heights in the future.

Staying at this Beast Hall meant losing this great opportunity.

However, the master had already made his stand. Contractually-bound to Zhang Xuan, it did not dare to protest.

"For me to solve your problem, I've to know what problems you are suffering from first!"

Ignoring its unhappiness, Zhang Xuan glanced at it and said, "Alright... Knock yourself out!"


The Nightmare Beast widened its eyes in bewilderment.

Hall Master Xie Jiuchen and Grand Elder Wei Yuqing were speechless as well.

It seemed like this fellow had not given up his intention of knocking the Nightmare Beast out...

"What are you roaring for, hurry up!"

Zhang Xuan chastised with a slight frown.

He had no time to waste here, he needed to make use of his time to cultivate Heaven's Path Golden Body 2-dan.


It stared at Zhang Xuan pleadingly, but upon seeing the other party's determined gaze, it gritted its teeth before striking its massive hand on its head.


The sight before it turned dark, and it passed out.

If Xie Jiuchen and the others wanted to knock it out, they would probably have to go through a huge hassle. It was much simpler for it to do the work itself.

"What is it doing?"

"What's happening?"

When the Nightmare Beast barged out of its cage, the other beast tamers immediately retreated far away. Thus, they missed out on the conversation of the others. However, upon seeing the huge fellow knock itself out, bizarre expressions appeared on their faces.

"Beast Tamer Zhang is about to treat that huge fellow!"

Hall Master Feng and Beast Tamer Wang chuckled.

"Treat?" Luo Tang, Fang Jin, and the others were bewildered.

One had to knock out savage beasts before treating them?

"This is Beast Tamer Zhang's unique diagnosis method, the Unconscious Treatment Method!" Hall Master Feng explained.

"Unconscious Treatment Method? Beast Pummeling Taming Method... What the heck is with his techniques?"

The duo found themselves at the end of their tolerance for this insanity.

They had seen many eccentric things in this world, but such a bizarre sight was one they could have never imagined.

Ever since they were apprentice beast tamers, there was an iron-clad rule seared deep in their minds: To tame a savage beast, one must cultivate an intimate relationship with it, and conflicts are a huge taboo.


Yet, the Beast Pummeling Taming Method and Unconscious Treatment Method...

If anyone else were to try pummeling a savage beast, they would definitely be beaten to death. Yet, not only was this fellow still in perfect condition, he even managed to get the savage beast to submit to it...

Just by thinking about it made them feel stifled.

Amidst everyone's bewildered and gloomy gazes, Zhang Xuan had already touched the Nightmare Beast and formed a corresponding book. Flipping through it, he found the root of the fellow's illness.

"Indeed, he suffered severe injuries from his failed breakthrough. Not only are his meridians injured, his internal organs are also damaged. He will require the nourishment of medicinal herbs... I'll write down a prescription for you now. If you were to treat him, it'll help you in earning his good will!" Zhang Xuan said.

This fellow was indeed severely injured. After all, if that wasn't the case, it would have been impossible for the Beast Hall to capture him.

On top of that, he overexerted himself previously, exacerbating his injuries.

Even though Zhang Xuan could treat it without the Library of Heaven's Path given his current level of medical knowledge, he would be only able to treat its symptoms, not the root of its illness.

Knowing the specific location of the injuries had made it much simpler to cure the Nightmare Beast. However, to heal it to the point that it could try for Transcendent Mortal realm once more would still take at least half a year.

Of course, if Zhang Xuan were to use his Heaven's Path zhenqi, the other party's recovery rate would be boosted.

However, Zhang Xuan's current cultivation realm was far too lacking as compared to the other party. Putting aside the doubt of the effectiveness of the Heaven's Path zhenqi under such circumstances, there was a chance that Zhang Xuan's pure zhenqi might be revealed, and this would bring him a whole string of trouble.

Thus, he would rather dump the problem on the Beast Hall. In any case, this would also serve as a platform for them to strike up a relationship with the Nightmare Beast.

"Yes!" Hall Master Xie Jiuchen nodded.

Zhang Xuan took out a piece of a paper and a brush, and started writing down a prescription. The main ingredient of the prescription just so happened to be Wei Youdao's Seven-colored Honey.

He was only responsible for providing the prescription. As for how the other party would negotiate the matter, that was no longer a matter for him to worry over.

"I need a quiet chamber!"

After dealing with this matter, Zhang Xuan raised his request.

Hall Master Xie Jiuchen did not dare to keep Zhang Xuan waiting. He hurriedly prepared a quiet and spacious residence for him.

This Beast Tamer Zhang had successfully cleared the Ten Beasts Cage. Just that in itself was sufficient reason for the Beast Hall to give him a residence already.

Not to mention, the other party even tamed the Nightmare Beast and gave it to the Beast Hall. It would be hard for the Beast Hall to return this debt.

After settling Zhao Ya and the others in, Zhang Xuan turned to Hall Master Xie Jiuchen and asked, "Right, Hall Master Xie, may I trouble you on another matter?"

"Feel free to speak!" Hall Master Xie Jiuchen chuckled.

Despite this fellow's young age, Xie Jiuchen already viewed him as a fellow peer, or perhaps, even a senior.

Putting all things aside, just the fact that Beast Tamer Zhang was able to tame the Nightmare Beast so easily and produce the True Voice of Dragons showed that his capability was far beyond his.

"May I trouble you to assign a person to escort a friend of mine to Gale Valley of the Duskfall Mountains?"

Zhang Xuan called Sun Qiang over by gesturing to him.

"Duskfall Mountains... Gale Valley? You are going to the... Poison Hall?" Hall Master Xie Jiuchen narrowed his eyes.

The Xuanyuan Kingdom Poison Hall branch was well-hidden, and very few people knew of its exact position. Even so, as the head of the Beast Hall, Xie Jiuchen was well-informed on such matters.

It was in Gale Valley!

That region was usually forbidden lands for ordinary cultivators. Why was Beast Tamer Zhang sending his subordinate over?

"You know of the Poison Hall as well? Indeed, I need him to make a trip for me!"

Zhang Xuan chuckled.

"But... the surrounding area of the Poison Hall is treacherous land..." Hall Master Xie Jiuchen tried to talk Zhang Xuan out of it.

The Poison Hall had a horrible reputation, and there were many casualties under them. To abruptly pay a visit was an extremely dangerous affair.

More importantly, this subordinate of his was only at Dingli realm!

"Ah, I have a friend at the Poison Hall, and I just need Sun Qiang to look for him in my stead. There won't be any danger, so you don't have to worry! It's just that I need someone to protect him on the way to avoid unnecessary trouble," Zhang Xuan explained.

Back then, when Gu Mu left, he had left Zhang Xuan with a token, saying that he could bring it to look for him when he needed help.

Since Zhang Xuan was going against the Xuanyuan royal family now, he needed all the help he could get.

However, Zhang Xuan urgently needed to cultivate now so that he could gain sufficient strength to exact his vengeance. Thus, after much contemplation, he decided to send Sun Qiang over.

This fellow might be arrogant, but he was able to retain his composure even before experts like Su Fan and Ling Yuheng. As such, he was in a much better position than Zhao Ya and the others.

"Alright then! I'll go make preparations!"

Hearing that Zhang Xuan had a friend at the Poison Hall, Hall Master Xie Jiuchen hesitated for a moment before eventually nodding his head.

Then, after the other party left, Zhang Xuan turned around to face Sun Qiang.

"Butler Sun, I have something I require your help on."

"Young master, feel free to speak!" Sun Qiang hurriedly clasped his fist.

As the sole direct disciple of the old master, Sun Qiang had to obey Zhang Xuan's commands.

"Take this token, visit a poison master named Gu Mu in the Gale Valley Poison Hall and have him meet me at Xuanyuan Kingdom!" Zhang Xuan instructed, taking out a token.

"Alright!" Sun Qiang nodded his head. "May I know if this Gu Mu is young master's friend? How should I address him?"

Zhang Xuan had never told anyone about the happenings in the Poison Hall, so Sun Qiang did not know about the matter.

"Oh, this Gu Mu... is my teacher's grandstudent, meaning, my junior nephew!" Zhang Xuan replied.

Initially, Zhang Xuan was going to say that the other party was his grandstudent, but if the other party were to find out his senior granduncle was not even twenty yet, he would surely bear doubts. Thus, he might as well push the identity of the elusive expert to his 'teacher'.

In any case, his 'teacher' had always been an unfathomable figure. Adding an additional layer of secrecy to his identity did not mean anything much at this point.

"The old master's grandstudent?" Sun Qiang's eyes lit up.

He did not expect the old master to be so formidable as to have a grandstudent in the Poison Hall.

"As a servant of the old master, even if I am of inferior standing to the old master, I am at least of the same standing as the young master! Since that Gu Mu lad is the old master's grandstudent, young master's junior nephew, that means that he's my junior as well..." Sun Qiang thought. "As his senior, it's only right for him to run over as soon as he's called. Besides, as his senior, he should at least welcome me grandly with good alcohol and meat!"

The more he thought about it, the more satisfied Sun Qiang felt with the job he was assigned.

Seeing the other party's delighted expression, Zhang Xuan warned, "The Poison Hall is a dangerous place, so be careful!"

"Young master, rest assured!" Sun Qiang nodded.

"I'll leave a surge of zhenqi with you just in case someone tries to poison you. At the very least, you'll be able to protect yourself this way!"

After a moment of hesitation, Zhang Xuan flicked his finger, and a surge of Heaven's Path zhenqi flew through the other party's meridians, seeped into his dantian, and lay dormant within.



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