"Going over without reaching Zhizun realm pinnacle is courting death..." Mo Yu anxiously shouted. However, halfway through her words, she finally came to a realization and her lips quivered, "What did you say... You've already reached it?"

Four days ago, when this fellow went into seclusion, he was only at Zongshi realm pinnacle. Yet, he was saying that he had already reached Zhizun realm pinnacle?

That is Zhizun realm! Countless people have been stuck at its gates, unable to surpass the bottleneck their entire lives. Yet, in four short days...

Do you have to be so exaggerated?

What in the world did you eat to become so scary?

Overwhelmed with shock, Mo Yu hurriedly took a closer look. Feeling the powerful aura the other party was exuding, she trembled.

Even though she had finally reached Zongshi realm, before him, she couldn't help but feel as helpless as an ant before a wave.

"You've really reached Zhizun realm pinnacle?"

Mo Yu was stunned.

What kind of monster was this?

Just a few days ago, when the other party told her that he wanted to exact vengeance, she told him that he had to reach Zhizun realm pinnacle to stand a chance.

In truth, she had hoped that he would back down after being told the difficulty of the matter.

In this way, the other party would give up on these dangerous thoughts and focus on the Master Teacher Tournament instead. Yet... the other party simply made breakthroughs as though they were nothing.

In just a few short days, he rose from Zongshi realm pinnacle to Zhizun realm pinnacle. It was as if those so-called cultivation bottlenecks were a concept non-existent to him... Could he still be considered as a human?

If she were to say that he would at least require the strength of a Half-Transcension, would he rise to that level as well?

She had always been proud of her talent, but why did she seem no different from trash before him...

Even the incredible genius Mo Hongyi, compared to him, was... nothing at all.

It was no wonder why Zhao Ya and the others thought nothing of it when Zhang Xuan said that he was going to aim for Zhizun realm pinnacle. She'd only realized at this moment that the others weren't just fawning over Zhang Xuan; it was the absolute truth, and perhaps... they might even be underestimating him.

"Wait a moment, I'll go along with you..."

Multiple emotions flashed across Mo Yu's face, and by the time she regained her composure, that fellow was already far away. She hurriedly rushed over to catch up.

"You're still far too weak. It'll be better for you to stay here with Zhao Ya and the others!"

Zhang Xuan stopped and waved her away.

Even though Mo Yu had improved swiftly during this period of time, breaking through the Zongshi realm barrier, her strength was still far from enough to match up to those experts in Xuanyuan Kingdom.

Bloodshed couldn't be avoided in this confrontation. Zhang Xuan was confident in holding his ground, but it would be difficult for him to protect the others on top of that.

"I am a master teacher of the Master Teacher Pavilion. On top of that, I am a princess of Tianwu Kingdom as well. As long as I don't make a move, they won't do anything to me!" Mo Yu hurriedly said.

As she spent more time with the young man before her, she gradually found it harder and harder to part with him. For some reason, knowing that he was headed for danger, she wanted to follow him as well so that she could lend her assistance if something were to really happen.

"Alright then. Later on, just remain on the back of the Steelfang Howling Firmament Beast. If there's any sign of danger, leave straight away!"

Seeing the worry on the other party's face, Zhang Xuan hesitated for a moment before eventually nodding his head.

He felt that it was his responsibility to exact vengeance for Lu Chong given that he was his teacher, but this had nothing to do with Mo Yu at all. He didn't want his own affairs to result in any harm to the other party.


Knowing that this was the other party's bottom line, Mo Yu agreed in gratitude.

Reaching the courtyard, they climbed onto the Steelfang Howling Firmament Beast, and with a roar, the latter soared into the skies.

After consuming the spirit beast blood essence and driving the spiritual energy using the method Zhang Xuan gave him, this fellow made a breakthrough once more, reaching Zhizun realm intermediate stage.

At its current strength, it was on par with Ding Mu's Gold-scaled Lightning Beast.

Given the short proximity between Beast Hall and the capital, it didn't take long for them to arrive at their destination.

"Today is Crown Prince Ding Mu's inauguration ceremony! With such a genius becoming our emperor, it seems like we can finally hold our head high before other Conferred Kingdoms!"

"Indeed! Despite only being thirty-two this year, he is already a 3-star formation master and a Zhizun realm advanced stage expert!"

"Throughout the entire history of Xuanyuan Kingdom, there have only been a handful of people who managed to reach Zhizun realm before thirty. Given his talents, he will surely be able to reach Zhizun realm pinnacle in less than ten years. With sufficient luck, he might even be able to reach Half-Transcension in his lifetime."

"Crown Prince Ding Mu has always been my idol, as well as my goal! I heard that today's inauguration ceremony will be held at the Heaven's Altar. I must go over to have a look!"

"Wait for me, I want to go as well..."

Walking along the wide streets of Xuanyuan Royal City, such discussions could be heard all around.

Before Crown Prince Ding Mu's inauguration had even started, everyone was already thrilled.

"He sure knows how to make his move!"

Zhang Xuan's complexion darkened further.

Perhaps, the other party couldn't stand the idea of a threat looming in the shadows. Thus, he decided to make a huge fuss of this celebration to bait him out.

Without a doubt, an impeccable trap must have already been set up at the Heaven's Altar, just waiting for him to walk into it. If Zhang Xuan were to really make a move, the other party would surely mobilize the entire army of the kingdom to crush him.


So what if he had set up an impeccable trap?

Since the other party dared to lay his hands on his student, then he should be prepared for the most brutal vengeance.

With a grim expression, Zhang Xuan stepped onto the back of the Howling Firmament Beast and flew toward the Heaven's Altar.


Xuanyuan Kingdom, Green Leaf Pavilion.

This was the information hub of Xuanyuan Kingdom. There were countless information dealers and clients walking in and out of here daily; it was even more bustling than some of the massive markets in the city.

In here, one could buy all kinds of information, as well as sell exclusive news.

The Green Leaf Pavilion would compile all of this news based on their value and create a ranking on them.

The rumors that 'The scrolls of the Green Leaves resound across the capital' didn't come from thin air.

In the past, Hall Master Feng had mentioned the ranking of items that savage beasts were fond of. Even though it was an unofficial ranking made by beast tamers, it had the shadows of the Green Leaf Pavilion in it.

If not for this massive information network pulling its connections, such private news wouldn't have spread so far.

Not only so, it had also created a ranking of the experts in the kingdom in the form of the Green Leaf Board and Young Leaf Board.

Only the most powerful experts in the kingdom were on the Green Leaf Board.

Even the head of the Master Teacher Pavilion, Half-Transcension Pavilion Master Luo Qianhong, was only in third place on the Green Leaf Board.

As for the Young Leaf Board, recorded on it were the most powerful young geniuses.

And of the Young Leaf Board, Crown Prince Ding Mu was listed on the very top.

"Pavilion Head, why is the Crown Prince listed on the top of the board? His strength is only at Zhizun realm advanced stage while the second placed Ling Luoye was clearly already at Zhizun realm pinnacle!"

In one of the executive rooms in the Green Leaf Pavilion, two figures were seated face-to-face.

The one speaking was a gray-robed elder. He was staring at the ranking board on the table in incomprehension.

Elder Liao Qingxun.

Opposite to him was a white-robed elder. He had eyebrows that were slightly arched upward, snowy hair, and eyes that were sharp as though lightning. With a single look, one could tell that he was an extraordinarily intelligent person.

Pavilion Head Dai Feng.

"The Young Leaf Board ranks the young geniuses based on their strength. Even though Ling Luoye's cultivation was above that of the crown prince, if a battle were to break out between the two of them, it was more likely that the crown prince would emerge victorious!"

Pavilion Head Dai Feng chuckled.

"Oh?" Elder Liao Qingxun was clearly doubtful of the latter's words.

"You don't believe me? I'll explain it to you then!"

Seeing the doubt in the other party's eyes, Pavilion Head Dai Feng calmly picked up the teacup on the table, scraped the floating tea leaves on top and said, "Ling Luoye's indeed talented to have reached Zhizun realm pinnacle at thirty-four. However... if a person's cultivation rises too quickly, all kinds of problems will occur. Firstly, his cultivation technique, [Profound Ripple Art], is a water element cultivation technique. As such, it lacks offensive power. On top of that, his strongest battle technique, [Frigid Water Dance] was also relatively lacking in power. As such, he could only be considered as average among those of the same cultivation realm.

"On the other hand, Crown Prince Ding Mu...

"Firstly, I believe you should have heard of the royal family hunting down a wounded spirit beast! Back then, they procured quite a substantial amount of spirit beast blood essence. The royal family possesses an extremely powerful physical body cultivation technique known as [Spirit Blood Body Nourishment Formula]. Anybody that was tempered by it would become incredibly resilient and powerful!

"Other than that, the cultivation technique he cultivates, [Might of the Celestial Bear], grants him extraordinary strength. On top of that, he also learned the [Heaven Shattering Fist] which was known for its aggressiveness. Putting aside how none of those in the same cultivation realm would be able to match him, it wouldn't be hard to face those of higher cultivation realm than him as well.

"But of course, most importantly of all, as a 3-star formation master, he had at least seven to eight grade-3 formation plates on him. If he were to throw all of them out, it would be difficult for even a Transcendent Mortal expert to kill him, needless to say, a Zhizun realm pinnacle cultivator!

"Thus, without doubt, he was worthy of being in first place!"

At which, Pavilion Head Dai Feng turned to look at the other elder with a wide grin, "How is it? Do you still think that Ling Luoye can defeat him?"

After a moment of contemplation, Elder Liao Qingxun shook his head.

"... Impossible!"

Given the Crown Prince Ding Mu's powerful cultivation technique, extraordinary talents, and numerous aces, even despite his cultivation realm being only that of Zhizun realm advanced stage, probably not even Zhizun realm pinnacle experts would be willing to offend him.

"It's due to all of this that he was ranked at first place of the Young Leaf Board. He's deserving of his position on the Young Leaf Board. Putting aside Ling Luoye for the moment, there won't be anyone who could match him in the past five hundred years, and I believe there won't be anyone like him in the next five hundred years either!"

Pavilion Head Dai Feng chuckled.

"Indeed. Crown Prince Ding Mu is truly a talented person..."

Elder Liao Qingxun felt awed by the insight.

"It's about time for you to change your method of address. It's going to be Emperor Ding Mu from today onward!" Pavilion Head Dai Feng reprimanded with a smile.

"You're right, it's Emperor Ding Mu. No wonder everyone is thrilled about this inauguration. With such a genius leading Xuanyuan Kingdom, its national strength will only continue to grow further. Soon, among Conferred Kingdoms, no one would dare offend us!"

Recalling the sight outside, Liao Qingxun commented.

A nation being weak wasn't just a problem of its weak military; more importantly, it was related to the character and attitude of its leader.

If its leader was a talented and headstrong person, the nation would surely grow strong.

"Indeed. He'll become a much better sovereign than old Emperor Ding Chong. At the very least, his reputation should strike fear in the surrounding kingdoms, and those ambitious kingdoms would be hesitant to make their move. Seems like Xuanyuan Kingdom is about to usher in a new era of unparalleled growth!"

Pavilion Head Dai Feng was filled with anticipation for the future.

Elder Liao Qingxun nodded in agreement. Just as he was about to say something, the ground suddenly shook and a deafening sound resounded across the entire capital.

"Ding Mu, I, Zhang Xuan, am here. Get out here to face your death!"

"Face your death?"

"Someone has barged into the Heaven's Altar during the inauguration ceremony... to kill Emperor Ding Mu?"

Pavilion Head Dai Feng and Elder Liao Qingxun were dumbstruck.



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