Chapter 434: Bai Chen's Breakdown

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Ever since clearing the 3-star master teacher examination seven years ago and becoming an elder of the Xuanyuan Kingdom Master Teacher Pavilion, Bai Chen had been well-respected no matter where he went. Even the Xuanyuan Kingdom royal family had to welcome him with the grandest of formalities.

If a 2-star master teacher were to show the slightest disrespect to him, he would immediately bellow at the other party, and the other party wouldn't even breathe loudly out of fear.

Yet, this fellow actually told him to... scram!

Bai Chen's eyes narrowed.

Is there something wrong with your head? How dare you ask me to scram! Unforgivable!


His aura abruptly burst out.

Master teachers, due to their State of Insight and their deep understanding of cultivation techniques and battle techniques, tended to be the strongest among all of the other occupations.

Even among Zhizun realm pinnacle cultivators, Bai Chen definitely ranked among the top. Even though his name wasn't listed in the Green Leaf Board, he was, without a doubt, one of the top figures within this kingdom.

Yet, such an expert was insulted by a mere 2-star master teacher. How could he tolerate such humiliation? With a livid expression, the might of a Zhizun realm pinnacle came gushing out as though a massive torrent.

Kacha! Kacha!

Unable to take the pressure, cracks appeared on the stairs beneath his feet.

"You were scared into hiding in the Master Teacher Pavilion because of this fellow?"

Taking this sight in, Luo Qianhong shook his head.

He thought that the master teacher who struck so much fear in the crown prince, who was ranked first in the Young Leaf Board, that he was sent into hiding would be an incredible fellow, but from the looks of it, the other party seemed to be a fool.

Putting aside how he walked in so openly to wreak havoc on such a major affair, he even dared to spout such rude words to a 3-star master teacher. Even the word 'fool' was insufficient to describe him.

This wasn't Tianwu Kingdom, where a 2-star master teacher could reign mighty. Here, even a 3-star primary master teacher would have to lie low!

Given the innumerable rules of the Master Teacher Pavilion, just by picking a few, one could condemn a lower-ranked master teacher to the pits of hell.

"I must be blind as well..." Ding Mu uttered awkwardly.

Back then, Zhang Xuan had used a mystical treasure to crush Liang Qingming and Lin Long, and the sight of it was a huge shock to him. That was why he escaped immediately then. After which, fearing that the other party would mobilize the help of his teacher, the unfathomable Yang shi, he decisively chose to go into hiding. Yet, contrary to his expectations, the other party came alone...

If Yang shi was here, Ding Mu might still be frightened. But a 2-star master teacher, honestly speaking, meant nothing to him at all.

It wasn't because master teachers meant nothing at all. Rather, even though a 2-star master teacher was a huge asset to a Tier 1 Kingdom, to a Conferred Kingdom... it just wasn't that important.

"To charge here instead of resolving the issue at the Master Teacher Pavilion, that's a lack of rationality. On top of that, despite being a junior, he dares to talk back to a 3-star master teacher. That's a lack of respect. Furthermore, despite being the civilian of a vassal state, he dares disregards the emperor. That's a lack of patriotism. Lack of rationality, respect, and patriotism; just with these three, we can revoke his master teacher license!"

Luo Qianhong shook his head as the disdain in his eyes deepened.

"Even so, given how he dared to provoke Bai shi, there's probably no need to revoke his license anymore!"

Nodding his head, Ding Mu's lips slowly curled up.

"Of course!"

Putting his hands behind his back, Luo Qianhong exuded an authoritative disposition as he said, "Not only do we need to teach him a good lesson, it's also about time to reorganize the Master Teacher Pavilions of those vassal Tier 1 Kingdoms. Otherwise, if even trash like him can become a master teacher, how can the prestige of master teachers be upheld?"

"You're right. It's about time for some reorganization!"

Nodding his head, Ding Mu was just about to speak when his eyes lit up. "Look, Bai shi is making a move..."

Not too far away, Bai Chen spread open his fingers, and leaving a huge gale of wind behind him, he dashed forward to claw at Zhang Xuan.

An expert pulls his weight as soon as he makes a move. With the strength of a Zhizun realm pinnacle, a towering pressure came crashing down on Zhang Xuan. Even before his blow could reach, the stairs beneath him were already cracking from the immense shock wave.

"Bai Chen's [Great Reversal Hands] is a Phantom battle technique, and it possesses immense strength. Back then, when he was still at Zhizun realm advanced stage, he managed to subdue the Zhizun realm pinnacle Zhou Tian with a single palm. This fellow is probably in for misfortune!" Luo Qianhong commented.

The intruding master teacher had a frightening aura shrouding around him, and he seemed to possess the strength of a Zhizun realm pinnacle. However, through his acute discerning ability as a 3-star intermediate master teacher, Luo Qianhong could tell that the other party was only at Zhizun realm primary stage.

Even if he utilized some physical body cultivation technique to boost his physical strength... what about it?

In the end, a strong physical body amounts to mere brute strength. One couldn't execute the full might of battle techniques through mere brute strength. When faced with an expert, the other party would surely crumble quickly.

Just as the duo was giving their comments on the battle, Bai Chen's palm was already right before Zhang Xuan.


Not expecting that a master teacher would attack him straight without even trying to understand the situation, Zhang Xuan's complexion darkened. Harrumphing coldly, lines of insight surfaced in his eyes.

In that instant, it was as though the other party's movements had slowed. The gaps and flaws in his movements suddenly seemed to magnify, becoming clear to Zhang Xuan's eyes.

Thus, Zhang Xuan slightly tilted his body to the side before sending a kick right at the other party's ankle.


Bai Chen had wanted to cripple this arrogant 2-star master teacher to serve as a warning to the rest against disrespecting him, but upon seeing the other party's kick, his face paled.

His Great Reversal Hands was powerful, and it would be difficult for even those of the same cultivation realm to withstand his blow. However... no matter how powerful it was, there were still flaws to it. Zhang Xuan's kick was aimed right at the center of where his zhenqi was gathered. Once struck, no matter how weak the other party's kick was, he would immediately suffer a rebound and sustain severe internal injuries.

Having the flaw of his ultimate technique seen through in an instant, Bai Chen felt so stifled that blood was threatening to spurt from his mouth.

At this moment, he could no longer be bothered with offense anymore. After all, once the other party's kick lands, not only would his attack be rendered ineffective, he would also be crippled. Thus, he hurriedly exerted all of his force on his feet and leaped backward.

Even so, forcefully retracting his strength in the midst of an attack and leaping backward had caused the zhenqi flowing through his body to go into chaos. A sweet sensation welled in his throat and a mouthful of blood spurted out from his mouth.

"Damn it!"

Even before crossing blows with the other party, Bai Chen was already injured. He couldn't help but feel frenzied.

As a master teacher, his discernment and knowledge far exceeded that of ordinary cultivators. When had he suffered such a humiliation?

"Damn you!"

Bellowing furiously, Bai Chen shot out two fists simultaneously. His fists felt as fleeting as the wind, but undeniably, if it were to land on one, one would be crippled if not dead.

Phantom battle technique, Consecutive Breezy Fist!

In terms of burst strength, this technique was not a match for the Great Reversal Hands. However, the execution of this technique was much faster, and its reach was significantly greater as well. There weren't many obvious flaws to it, so the other party shouldn't be able to do the same as he did before.

With a savage expression, Bai Chen howled furiously.

However, just as before, before his fists could reach the young man before him, the other party's foot appeared in his sight once more.

Upon seeing the area that the kick was aimed at, Bai Chen coughed another mouthful of blood again. He was already on the verge of tears by now. Helpless, he could only hurriedly retract his offense.

The Consecutive Breezy Fist was a well-known battle technique in the Master Teacher Pavilion, and it was said to be the creation of a 4-star master teacher. Its swift movement left very few flaws for one's opponent to exploit, and even Pavilion Master Luo Qianhong would have to take on this battle technique squarely. Yet, this fellow sent a leg straight at the opening of the battle technique without any hesitation...

If the kick were to really land on him, even if he survived this blow, he would surely be lying on the bed for months.

For two consecutive kicks to land on the flaw of his battle techniques... Was this fellow's eye for discernment really that incredible, or was it just a coincidence?

"I don't believe it!"

Howling furiously yet again, he flicked his wrist and a long saber appeared in his hands. He slashed the saber art furiously, and in the blink of an eye, afterimages appeared.

Phantom battle technique, Saber of Sorrowful Departure!

The Saber of Sorrowful Departure consisted of sixty-four moves, and the movements connected with one another, allowing one to launch a continued offense against one's enemy to push the other party into a corner. Unless one possessed an even more powerful weapon and battle technique, it would be impossible to withstand this swift saber art.

Hu hu hu!

With the saber flying all around the place, Bai Chen didn't think that the other party would be able to find the weakness in this move. However, just as this thought appeared in his mind, the other party's foot appeared in a momentary gap in the movements of the saber art yet again, headed straight for his mingmen.

"I... Pu!"

Bai Chen hurriedly retracted his saber and backed away. Once again, the sudden withdrawal of force caused his face to reddened and fresh blood spurted out of his mouth.

Three consecutive Phantom battle techniques consisting of palm, fist, and saber, and Bai Chen only ended up injuring himself. He was about to go insane.

Wasn't this fellow only a 2-star master teacher?

To see through the flaws in the battle techniques of a Zhizun realm pinnacle expert with a single look...

When did 2-star master teachers become so formidable?

If even 2-star master teachers were that formidable, then what did he, a 3-star master teacher, count as?

Bai Chen felt more and more stifled as he fought on, and he was on the verge of going insane. The crowd watching the commotion by the sides stared at one another frenziedly.

The two were both Zhizun realm experts, and on top of that, they were both master teachers. As such, their movements were extremely fast. On top of that, with their eye of discernment, more often than not, they could tell the other party's attacking trajectory and deduce the outcome before the attack even lands, and through that, determine their next movement.

In other words... the Bai shi who had just furiously declared that he would teach his foreigner a lesson, in the eyes of the crowd, leaped backward as soon as the other party lifted his legs on the three occasions, and on top of that, he even spurted a mouthful of blood each time...

The heck! Do you think that you're a clown in the circus?

Why does it feel that Bai shi is even more unreliable than the person who came to wreak Crown Prince Ding Mu's inauguration ceremony?

"Is Bai shi... dancing?"

"It does... look like it!"

Some spectators amidst the crowd commented.

As soon as the young man raised his leg, Bai shi would jump backward. It was as though a human was toying with his own dog, and at the same time, it resembled a dancing couple as well. You advance while I retreat... and an occasional spurting of blood for a touch of intimacy...

Didn't you furiously declare that you would kill the other party?

To be jumping around the area... Are you sure you aren't flirting with the other party instead?

No one does it the way you do...

Pu! Pu! Pu!

Bai Chen was already severely injured before, but after hearing those words and seeing the bizarre gazes in the crowd's eyes, he nearly failed to catch his breath and fainted on the spot.

Dancing... Dance your head!

You're the one who is dancing, your whole family is dancing!

It only appears that way due to my battle techniques being completely suppressed by the other party's movements...

The more he thought about it, the more furious Bai Chen became. As a 3-star master teacher, a prestigious and respected figure in Xuanyuan Kingdom, even if he were to win against the other party now, he would surely become a laughingstock.

"Today, it'll be either you die or I die..."

Roaring furiously, he whipped the saber around once more. His saber gleamed, as though creating a spherical light force field around him.

With such a swift saber art, even if a pail of water were to be splashed over one, one would be able to completely deflect it.

Just as he thought that the other party would be completely helpless before this technique, he lowered his head, only to see a foot leisurely being stretched over toward him. Just as the several times before, it shot straight through the gaps in the saber art.

"The heck!"

What the heck is this?

How in the world can you know the flaws of every single battle technique I display...

Did you study all of my battle techniques before coming?

Is there a point to this?

Can't we have a hot-blooded and valiant fight?

To strike so mercilessly at my flaws, don't you know what love and concern for one's elders is?

Bai Chen cried.



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