On the back of the savage beast, 'Gongzi' and the others, who had just arrived, caught the sight, and even Jin Conghai couldn't help but exclaim.

"He's indeed formidable to be able to see through the flaw of the attack in an instant. Charging straight into the eye of the storm to tide through the barrage... To do that... just possessing an exceptional eye of discernment wouldn't be sufficient. More importantly, one has to have great mental fortitude!" 'Gongzi' nodded in agreement as well.

"Most probably, even this Luo Qianhong will lose. However... there are many troops in this Xuanyuan royal palace, and no matter how powerful Zhang Xuan is, he is still an individual. It'll be impossible for him to withstand the might of a country. What should we do? Should we help him?" Jin Conghai asked hesitantly.

"He must have realized this problem as well. The reason why he asked for Gu Mu's assistance is probably to ward off these soldiers!" 'Gongzi' said.

Of the many occupations, master teachers possessed the strongest individual offensive power. However, in terms of facing multiple enemies at once, poison masters reigned supreme.

With a sufficient poison stockpile, it was futile no matter how many enemies charged at a poison master.

"That should be so!" Jin Conghai nodded in agreement.

"Let's not rush in first. Given how this young 2-star master teacher managed to see through the flaws in the battle technique in a Half-Transcension expert in an instant, his eye of discernment and knowledge are indeed incredible. If he wishes for someone's assistance, he would have already rendered Yang shi's help. Since he didn't do so, he probably wishes to do the deed alone. We'll only go in when he's unable to hold on anymore!"

'Gongzi' chuckled.

"Yes!" Jin Conghai nodded. Then, looking at the sight below, his eyebrows shot up. "Luo Qianhong has lost!"

As Jin Conghai spoke, on the Heaven's Altar, Zhang Xuan had dived out from the 'stream' and struck the other party's chest with his elbow.


Struck with immense brute strength, Luo Qianhong's face warped together. He was immediately sent flying, crashing heavily onto the ground.

The head of the Master Teacher Pavilion, a 3-star intermediate master teacher, a Half-Transcension expert on the third place on the Green Leaf Board, was defeated in just a few breaths.

The crowd flew into an uproar.

All along, Luo Qianhong was a figure synonymous with invincible in their hearts, and he possessed innumerable fans. They thought that he would surely be able to defeat that young lad, who wasn't even twenty yet, easily. However, the one who was defeated turned out to be Luo Qianhong himself... Not to mention, he was utterly crushed.

On the top of the Green Leaf Pavilion, Elder Liao Qingxun subconsciously asked, "Pavilion head, does the first place on the Young Leaf Board... still belong to Crown Prince Ding Mu?"

"Ding Mu? Nonsense! Of course it's that Master Teacher Zhang Xuan! How can the two of them be compared with each other? You must be pulling my leg!"

Pavilion Head Dai Feng said.

"But you... you just said that there was no one who could match Crown Prince Ding Mu in the past five hundred years, and it would be like that for the next five hundred..." Elder Liao Qingxun asked in bewilderment.

It was just a moment ago that the other party praised the crown prince up to the stars. Why did he suddenly change his tune for another person?

Wasn't this way too fast?

"Did I say that? Elder Liao, let's not bother about such unnecessary matters. Hurry up and send some men to look into that young man's background!" Having his lapse in judgement exposed, Pavilion Head Dai Feng's face flushed. He hurriedly issued some instructions to clear away his awkwardness.

"Yes!" Elder Liao Qingxun immediately walked out to attend to the matter.

The Green Leaf Pavilion was in charge of gathering intelligence on everything within the territory of Xuanyuan Kingdom. For such an expert to appear without them noticing, it was truly a failure on their part.

"His strength..."

The crowd was in disbelief. Mo Yu, who was on top of the Howling Firmament Beast, was even more so.

She had witnessed the other party's growth for herself throughout the journey.

She thought that even if Zhang Xuan were to become a Zhizun realm pinnacle within four days, he would surely be the weakest of that tier. After all, it would take some time to adapt to one's newfound strength, and on top of that, one's zhenqi would be a little unstable as well.

Yet... Zhang Xuan actually managed to defeat a Half-Transcension expert so easily!

Was that fellow... even human?

Not only did his cultivation raise quickly, it was even reinforced perfectly. His strength was stable and deep, and there wasn't the slightest sign of instability... How in the world did he do it?


That strike caused Luo Qianhong severe injuries. He felt so stifled that he could go insane. At this moment, all he felt was regret.

Why was he so foolish as to listen to Ding Mu's lies?

How could a person who could force him into hiding in the Master Teacher Pavilion be an ordinary figure?

If he didn't get involved, he could at least uphold his honor. Yet, all he had done now was embarrass himself. After this incident, his prestige as the head of the Master Teacher Pavilion would surely plummet, and many people would find faults with him.

"As a 2-star master teacher, I challenged a 3-star master teacher. This can be considered as insubordination... After I'm done with the matter here, I'll offer an explanation to the Master Teacher Pavilion through crashing the pavilion myself!"

Flinging his sleeves, Zhang Xuan harrumphed.

Pavilion Crashing referred to the act of challenging an entire Master Teacher Pavilion as an individual.

Regardless of whether it was a conflict, a dispute, or unintentional disrespect, as long as one didn't betray humanity, one could crash a pavilion to absolve one of his crimes, and the headquarters would not pursue the matter.

"Crashing the pavilion?"

Luo Qianhong's face turned pale.

Even though a successful Pavilion Crashing rarely occurred, as long as it happened, the Master Teacher Pavilion would be as good as destroyed. It would become the laughingstock of the entire Myriad Kingdom Alliance!

He would be forced to step down as the pavilion master, and in the worst case scenario, the headquarters might even summon him to conduct an investigation.

After all, if one was forced to the point of resorting to Pavilion Crashing, this meant that the matter had reached a dire state.


Luo Qianhong's body was suddenly sapped of strength, and he fell to the ground.

It was just a moment ago that he was standing majestically before the crowd, but after hearing those words, he found himself falling into despair...

What kind of monster did Ding Mu offend?


Ignoring the despairing Luo Qianhong, Zhang Xuan glanced forward and saw that the inauguration was about to come to an end. As such, he hurriedly advanced forward.

"Stop him!"

Seeing that even the Master Teacher Pavilion had failed to stop the other party, and the other party even declared his intentions of Pavilion Crashing, Ding Mu's complexion turned awful.


Along with his bellow, innumerable soldiers immediately stepped forward to surround Zhang Xuan. The swords that they drew gleamed coldly under the sun.

These soldiers weren't strong, and most of them were only at Dingli realm. However, it was their numbers that were truly impressive. On the vast Heaven's Altar, there were at least several thousands of them.

A formation consisting of several thousand soldiers... Even a Half-Transcension would have to back down before such a terrifying force.

"Zhang Xuan... be careful!"

Mo Yu's face paled.

As an individual, how could he possibly withstand an army?

A Dingli realm soldier was no threat to him, and fighting ten was just a walk in the park. However, when the numbers added up to several thousands, the nature of the event changed.

No matter how strong an individual was, there was a limit to one's stamina. In a battle of attrition, Zhang Xuan would eventually lose.

This was the reason why itinerant cultivators didn't dare offend kingdoms.

There was nothing an individual cultivator could do before the might of an entire country.

"This will be troublesome..."

Jin Conghai frowned.

As a Transcendent Mortal realm expert, it would be difficult for even him to face a few thousand Fighter realm cultivators at once.

Killing a commander was easy, but facing off with an entire army was difficult.

"Indeed, this will be troublesome. Unless... he uses the means of a poison master!" 'Gongzi' frowned as well.

Even Jin Conghai would be troubled to face so many soldiers, needless to say, the other party.

Even though the strength this Zhang Xuan had displayed was outstanding, he was still far from matching up to his subordinate, Jin Conghai.

The only way to achieve victory was to use the means of a poison master.

Otherwise, no matter how powerful he was, he would surely eventually run dry before this huge army.

"He can't use the means of the poison master here. As a master teacher, killing the crown prince of a Conferred Kingdom is already a huge blemish on his records. I fear that if he were to use poison... he might incur the displeasure of the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters. On top of that, he might be regarded as a traitor, given the hostile relationship between the Master Teacher Pavilion and the Poison Hall..."

Grand Elder Wei Yuqing said. "Hall Master Gu Mu, if things get down to it... I think it would be better for you to make a move!"

As an elder of the Beast Hall, Grand Elder Wei Yuqing had a deep understanding of the affairs of the master teachers.

This occupation served as the moral compass of the entire continent.

To kill an inaugurating crown prince was already scandalous in itself. If Zhang Xuan were to use the means of a poison master on top of that, his reputation would be ruined.

As a master teacher, reputation was everything. Who would be willing to admit a person with questionable conduct as their teacher?

It would become a huge blemish of his life that he would never be able to wash off.

It would be nigh impossible for him to win the respect of other master teachers around the world and advance to a higher rank.


Hall Master Gu Mu nodded.

He was invited here precisely for this matter. As long as he were to offer his assistance, he could be considered as to have repaid the debt of his 'senior granduncle'.

"Let's wait awhile longer first. Look at Zhang Xuan's gaze, it seems like he has an idea in mind!"

After agreeing to the matter, Hall Master Gu Mu was about to make a move when 'gongzi's' voice suddenly echoed.


Hall Master Gu Mu was taken aback. He hurriedly glanced downward and he realized that something was amiss as well.

Despite being surrounded by so many experts, the young man below didn't panic at all. Instead, he faced everything with composure.

Way too much composure.

If it was anyone else, they would have surely panicked under such circumstances.

"He must already have an idea in mind. Otherwise, he couldn't possibly remain so calm!"

'Gongzi' said. "Let's watch on first!"

"Un!" The crowd nodded in agreement as they turned their gazes to the sight below. Just as they were wondering what kind of method the young man was going to use to deal with these soldiers, a voice echoed.

"The core of cultivation lies in persistence. Only with diligence can one achieve improvement. For a Dingli realm to reach Pixue, there are three main factors. Firstly, one must accurately gauge the strength required for opening one's acupoint..."

A crisp voice echoed from the young man's mouth.

"A lecture?"

"He's conducting a lecture now?"

"Has he gone mad?"


Everyone was wondering what kind of strategy the young man would have against the thousands of soldiers before him. When the other party started preaching, everyone stared at one another in bewilderment.

What was this?

Surrounded by soldiers, yet he started preaching?

Everyone thought that the troublemaker would surely suffer a terrible fate, but the other party was still going strong. Everyone thought that the interference of the Master Teacher Pavilion would be able to mediate the conflict, but the other party declared that he would crash the pavilion, not sparing the Master Teacher Pavilion any pride at all...

Now, just as everyone thought that the Heaven's Altar would be washed with blood, the young man began preaching...

Can you at least obey common sense?

Your actions are way too unfathomable!

The group on top of the savage beasts were also stunned, unable to comprehend what Zhang Xuan was up to.

"No, this isn't just a lecture..."

Suddenly, 'gongzi' seemed to realize something and his face warped in shock. His body trembled lightly as he said, "This is Impartation of Heaven's Will... Expelling a Hundred Enemies With a Word, Eradicating An Army With a Phrase!"



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