Chapter 439: Lucid Mind

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Upon hearing that their young master was trapped, other subordinates would surely hurriedly plead with others to save him. Yet, not only was this fellow not worried, he even looked at them with such an expression...

Are you a subordinate or an enemy?

That was a formation that even Pavilion Master Kang would find hard to break! Yet, to view it with such nonchalance, are you that brave or do you desperately crave for your young master to die here?

'Gongzi' was about to faint from anger, and by the side, Wei Yuqing's eyes were also rolling around the place.

If not for Zhang Xuan entrusting his subordinate to him personally, he would have thought that this fellow was an imposter.

Probably, he was the only one in the world who could watch idly as death loomed above his master.

"What's wrong?"

Sun Qiang couldn't comprehend why the other party had reprimanded him.

"I'll go then! I am indebted to Yang shi, and now that his student is in trouble, I can't sit idly by the side..."

Seeing how this cretin didn't have any intentions to look for Yang shi to save his young master, Gu Mu and the others decided to disregard him altogether.

"You are intending to save the young master?"

Sun Qiang finally came to a realization, and a look of disdain appeared on his face, "I didn't expect you all to be so inexperienced... And to think that one of you is the envoy from the Myriad Kingdom Alliance... It's just a formation, what's the big deal? With the young master around, you all really don't need to worry at all!"


A fellow from an unranked kingdom who didn't even know what a formation was dared to look at the envoy from the Myriad Kingdom Alliance with disdain?

The crowd was so furious that they nearly spurted blood.

You are the one who's inexperienced, your entire family is inexperienced!

'Gongzi' clenched his jaws together, tempted to tear the fatty before him apart.

But other than having him look for Yang shi, there was no better solution.

Thus, suppressing his anger, he began to explain, "This is the Great Xuanyuan Formation, and nourished over a course of thousand years, it's the first time it's being activated..."


After hearing the explanation, Sun Qiang simply nodded his head indifferently and said, "Now that you're done, you should take a rest!"


'Gongzi' nearly flew into a rampage.

It was as though the fellow before him didn't understand the human language at all. He had wasted his breath on him!

Damn it!

Forget it, this wasn't the time to be lashing out on this kind of heartless fellow. Saving Zhang shi took priority.

As such, he decided to disregard the fatty and turned to look at Jin Conghai instead, "Elder Jin, I might require your strength on this matter. Here is a decree representing my identity. If Ding Mu insists on making a move, you are free to kill him on the spot..."

Just as 'gongzi' was issuing some instructions to Jin Conghai, intending to resolve the matter the brute way, Grand Elder Wei Yuqing and Gu Mu suddenly exclaimed.


"Gongzi, look..."

Seeing the expressions on the duo, 'gedeng', 'gongzi's' heart skipped a beat. Thinking that perhaps Zhang Xuan might have already died in that short moment of delay, he hurriedly turned his gaze down and his eyes widened in shock.

That humongous formation which seemed as though it would wipe out everything within it suddenly vanished into thin air. The sight below was completely calm, as though nothing had happened at all.

Zhang Xuan was still walking forward slowly, and at this moment, he was already less than ten meters away from Ding Mu.

"What happened?"

Rubbing his eyes furiously, 'gongzi' was astounded.

It was just a moment ago that he saw the formation ravaging, threatening to claim the lives of those inside at any moment. Yet, why did it disappear all of the sudden?

Did he see wrongly?

"Just now... Just now..."

Wei Yuqing's face was completely pale, and his lips were quivering. It seemed like even speaking was a great difficulty for him at the moment.

"What happened?" Jin Conghai couldn't help but ask as well.

"It seems like... Zhang Xuan stretched out a finger, and then... it simply turned out like this!" Wei Yuqing was on the verge of tears.

Despite witnessing it with his own eyes, the situation simply seemed even more unbelievable to him.

What the heck was this?

With just a light tap of a finger, the ravaging formation came to an instant stop.

Didn't Jin Conghai and 'gongzi' just praise this formation to the skies...

Didn't they say that even the pavilion master of the Myriad Kingdom Alliance Master Teacher Pavilion couldn't stop him, and it would require at least a dozen Transcendent Mortal experts to forcefully halt it?

Yet, the other party stopped it so easily! Was he dreaming?

"Stopped it with a single finger?"

Jin Conghai and 'gongzi' nearly bit down on their tongues out of shock. Just as they were about to ask if the two of them had seen wrongly, Sun Qiang walked forward with both hands behind him and a proud look on his face.

"Our young master might have never taken the formation master examination, but this kind of weak formation means nothing to him at all..."

Then, he stared at the group disdainfully once more.

How inexperienced.

Envoy? 4-star poison master? Pui!

In the end, you all still panic over minor situations like this!


Being looked down, 'gongzi' was just about to rationalize it out with this fellow when Jin Conghai pointed below with a grim look. "Gongzi, look!"

Afraid that he would miss out anything just like before, he ignored Sun Qiang and turned his gaze downward as well.


"You... Impossible!"

While 'gongzi', Jin Conghai, and the others were dying from shock above, Ding Mu was also on the verge of suffering a stroke.

The Great Xuanyuan Formation was his greatest backing. One of the main reasons why he hurriedly ended the inauguration ceremony was so that he could gain control of the jade seal...

He thought that once he activated it, even the envoy would mean nothing at all. Yet, before such a formidable formation could work its course, the other party had already halted it with a light tap...

Brother, who the hell are you?

Without raising your legs, you could scare Bai Chen into leaping away; with a single hit, you caused the Half-Transcension Pavilion Master Luo Qianhong to vomit buckets of blood; and now, you stopped such a formidable formation with a single finger...

Are you sure that you are a 2-star master teacher and not the reincarnation of Kong shi?

"You should have expected this when you tried to kill me back then!" Ignoring the other party's shock, Zhang Xuan continued advancing forward.

The Great Xuanyuan Formation might be vast and powerful, but just like any formation, it had a core.

Since Ding Mu activated the formation via the jade seal on the Heaven's Altar, naturally, the core was somewhere around here as well. Through the Library of Heaven's Path, it wasn't too difficult for Zhang Xuan to determine the precise point to strike and stop it.

"You won't know who's the victor until the very end..."

Recovering from his shock, a savage expression reappeared on Ding Mu's face.

Knowing that the formation was already useless, he threw the jade seal on the floor. Then, clenching his fists tightly, he propelled his cultivation and cloaked his hands with a layer of zhenqi.

Phantom battle technique, Heaven Shattering Fist!

Ding Mu was only at Zhizun realm advanced stage, but through this battle technique, he was able to take the top spot of the Green Leaf Board. This showed how formidable this battle technique was.


Knowing the other party was a tough adversary, Ding Mu drove his cultivation to his limits and took the initiative.


The air was tightly compressed under his might, causing a deafening sonic boom. In the blink of an eye, his fist was already right before Zhang Xuan, headed for his chest.


"He's at Zhizun realm pinnacle as well... To think that he'd made a breakthrough as well!"

Upon seeing the massive strength the Ding Mu displayed, the crowd was stunned. Many of those who were aware of the affairs of the crown prince realized that the crown prince wasn't at Zhizun realm advanced stage as per the rumors, he had already reached pinnacle!

"It's not that he made a breakthrough. Rather... he used some kind of secret art!"

Luo Qianhong had a grim look on his face.

He was a good friend of the other party, and the other party had been hiding in the Master Teacher Pavilion the past few days. As such, he had a good grasp over the other party's strength.

Even though he had reached Zhizun realm advanced stage for some time now, it would still take at least half a year before he could make another breakthrough.

Thus, the only plausible explanation was that he had used some kind of secret art.

Rumor has it that the royal family had a secret art which burned their blood essence in exchange for a temporary increment in their cultivation by one to two small realms

"Even so, that Zhang Xuan... is in trouble!"

He clenched his fists tightly.

The reason why Ding Mu could reach the top of the Young Leaf Board wasn't due to his position as the crown prince but because he possessed true strength.

Even without resorting to such secret art, he could defeat a Zhizun realm pinnacle expert. With this leap in his cultivation, even Luo Qianhong himself would find it hard to triumph over the other party.

That Zhang Xuan had only managed to injure him through exploiting the flaws in his techniques and his powerful physical body. On the other hand, Crown Prince Ding Mu, due to the Spirit Blood Body Nourishment Formula of the royal family, possessed a powerful physical body as well.

Regardless of whether it was his cultivation technique, battle technique, or physical body, there was no flaw to be picked from him.

It would be impossible for Zhang Xuan to defeat the other party using the same means.

"This is your ace?"

Just as Luo Qianhong thought that Zhang Xuan would be unable to hold his ground against Ding Mu, the young man's calm voice sounded.

After which, the young man flexed his fingers and grabbed forward, as though capturing a rabbit trapped in a cage.


Ding Mu's fist art was dispelled in an instant. Then, as though Ding Mu was a little chicken, Zhang Xuan grabbed at his neck, lifting him up.

What Heaven Shattering Fist, Phantom pinnacle battle technique, blood-burning secret art...

Before that young man, it was as laughable as playing house!

"This is... the realm which even 4-star master teachers find it hard to achieve, [Vanquishing Facade, Lucid Mind]?"

Narrowing his eyes, Luo Qianhong's face reflected his disbelief.<script>chaptererror();</script>



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