Chapter 442: Making Breakthroughs As Though Drinking Water, Reaching New Realms Like a Walk in the Park!

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The gap between a Zhizun realm and Transcendent Mortal wasn't just limited to strength... perception, spirit, and many other factors were included as well.

If Zhang Xuan remained at Zhizun realm pinnacle, then even if he were to find all of the flaws in the other party's battle techniques and cultivation, it would still be impossible for him to defeat Ding Hong.

No matter how many times he tried, the same scenario would just occur.

There was only a single solution then... Making a breakthrough!

Since that was the case, there was no reason for Zhang Xuan to hesitate anymore!

He had already compiled and read through the Zhizun realm Heaven's Path Divine Art. The only reason why he hadn't made a breakthrough yet was due to the lack of spirit stones to augment his cultivation.

If he were to attempt to make a breakthrough via absorbing from spirit stones, it would definitely take several hours before he could reach Half-Transcension.

Even if he had sufficient spirit stones, it would be impractical for him to do so now.

Unless he made use of that treasure——

Crimson Flame Lotus Seed!

This object was formed through countless years of accumulation of spiritual energy by the Crimson Flame Lotus at the vein of the Red Lotus Range. It contained an immense amount of energy, to the point that it even raised the success rate of a Fighter reaching Transcendent Mortal realm by twenty percent.

Since it was effective even on Half-Transcension experts, it wasn't too difficult to imagine how terrifying it was.

The reason why Zhang Xuan hadn't used it yet was because he was saving it for his breakthrough from Half-Transcension to Transcendent Mortal. However, he had no other choice but to consume it now.


The lotus seed melted as soon as it entered his mouth, and a violent energy immediately flowed into his meridians.

Propelling the energy according to the circulation method of the Heaven's Path Divine Art, Zhang Xuan's aura grew stronger rapidly, and in an instant, he broke through his bottleneck.

Zhizun realm intermediate stage!

Zhizun realm advanced stage!

Zhizun realm pinnacle!


He was originally at Zhizun realm primary stage, but as the Heaven's Path Divine Art greedily took in the energy flowing through his veins, in less than ten breaths, he consecutively broke through three small realms, reaching Zhizun realm pinnacle.


"That's is Zhizun realm! It would take at least an entire decade for one just to raise his cultivation by one small realm... Yet, in the blink of an eye, his cultivation rose from Zhizun realm primary stage to Zhizun realm pinnacle?"

"Is he still a human? How can this be..."

"AH! OUCH... What are you doing?"

"I just wanted to check whether I was dreaming or not!"

"Since you're the one who wanted to ascertain whether you're dreaming or not, why did you pinch me?"

"Wouldn't I feel pain if I pinched myself?"



Upon seeing this sight, everyone fell into a frenzy.

Their lips twitched uncontrollably.

They had seen people making a breakthrough in their cultivation before, but consecutively within such a short period of time? Never.

Others took several years just to raise their cultivation by one small realm. On the other hand, when that young man realized that he wasn't a match for Ding Hong, he immediately raised his cultivation realm from Zhizun realm primary stage to Zhizun realm pinnacle...

Can you get any more exaggerated than that?

It was no wonder you dared to face the entire Xuanyuan Kingdom alone. With such capability, you can already bash through the heavens!


"Making breakthroughs as though drinking water, reaching new realms like a walk in the park?"

'Gongzi's' face paled, and his body trembled in agitation.

He was the envoy of the Myriad Kingdom Alliance, and having spent most of his time reading books from a young age, he knew quite a lot about the talented figures on the continent. However, this was the first time he had seen or heard something as absurd as this.

To achieve breakthroughs in the midst of a battle... How in the world did he do it?

"The Crimson Flame Lotus Seed... But even though it harnesses a great amount of energy, it shouldn't possess such great effects!"

Gu Mu's eyes were also completely widened.

He had obtained the lotus seed along with his senior granduncle at the Red Lotus Range back then, and he was given one of them. Thus, he was well-aware of its prowess. Even though it harnessed a gigantic amount of energy, it was insufficient for one to raise one's cultivation by so many realms consecutively.

That fellow seemed to be defying common sense...

Is the other party mad, or are my eyes playing tricks on me?

"I've only seen this kind of breakthrough in a book before. It was said that a humble cultivator had once chanced upon the lecture of an 8-star master teacher out of some fortuitous coincidence, and he managed to achieve consecutive breakthroughs in his cultivation... To think that I would bear witness to such a sight myself!"

Jin Conghai swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

He was a Transcendent Mortal expert with a great amount of worldly experience, but upon seeing this sight, even he couldn't help but be shocked as well.

If not for his powerful self-control, he might have fainted on the spot.

Grand Elder Wei Yuqing's body stiffened in shock.

"The energy harnessed within the Crimson Flame Lotus Seed is violent and destructive, as though an ignited gunpowder. The moment it seeps into one's vein, one would have to drive the energy furiously around. With a slight misstep, one might potentially implode and die... Yet, to achieve so many breakthroughs consecutively without any hesitation, I can't fathom how deep his understanding of the Zhizun realm is. How confident does he have to be to dare to take such a risk? Also, what kind of cultivation technique was he cultivating to be capable of absorbing such a vast amount of energy in this short period of time?"

Achieving a breakthrough in one's cultivation wasn't just about absorbing energy. More importantly, one had to have a deep understanding of the cultivation realm, one's cultivation technique, and possess absolute control of one's body.

To break through three small realms in a single shot, Grand Elder Wei Yuqing found it difficult to imagine how deep the other party's understanding of the Zhizun realm was.

One must know that consuming such nourishment to attempt to achieve a breakthrough was a double-edged sword.

If one was unable to drive the energy properly, the energy could potentially clog up at a certain location and eventually result in one's death.

There were countless precedents of cultivators being unable to fully absorb the nourishment they had consumed and exploded.

Even if the Crimson Flame Lotus Seed might be gentler compared to many of the other consumable treasures, its violent nature made it far from suitable for the direct consumption for a Zhizun realm primary stage cultivator.

Yet, not only was that fellow fine after eating it, he even managed to achieve a breakthrough. What kind of powerful cultivation technique could allow a Zhizun realm primary stage cultivator to take in that vast amount of energy contained within it?

And how confident was he in the cultivation technique to do so without any hesitation?

"Look, he's attempting to break through Half-Transcension!"

Just as Grand Elder Wei Yuqing was overwhelmed by shock, shock exclaims echoed from the bottom. Thus, he hurriedly turned his gaze over.

Despite having broken through three small realms previously, that violent energy within Zhang Xuan's body didn't fade. Rather, it seemed to be gathering strength to make that final breakthrough to Half-Transcension.

He was attempting to surpass Zhizun realm with just a single Crimson Flame Lotus Seed!


While everyone was overwhelmed with shock, Ding Hong nearly died from shock.

When he said that only a Half-Transcension could hurt him, he was trying to provoke the other party so as to build a powerful reputation for himself among the citizens present here. Yet...

That fellow really made a breakthrough, not to mention, it all happened in just a few short breaths!

In his short, momentary daze, the other party's cultivation soared from Zhizun realm primary stage to pinnacle, and from the looks of it, it was about to reach Half-Transcension as well.

If he knew how frightening the other party was, he wouldn't have wasted so many words on him.

Wasn't this courting death?

From that fellow's sharp and precise movements, if the other party were to succeed, there would be a high chance that he might really breathe his last breath here.

"Attempting to achieve a breakthrough right before me? You must be dreaming!"

Roaring furiously, Ding Hong clenched his fist and shot it straight toward Zhang Xuan without any hesitation.

Phantom pinnacle battle technique, Merchant Luo Fist!

Spirit battle techniques were far stronger than Phantom battle technique, but given Ding Hong's cultivation as a Prolonged Longevity primary stage cultivator, it was nigh impossible for him to cultivate the Origin Energy Palm to the mastery of Minor Accomplishment, and thus, he was unable to bring out the full strength of it.

In that sense, using a Phantom battle technique that he had reached the level of Consummation in was far more practical.

Merchant Luo Fist was a technique created by a merchant from Luoshui. Even though no one knew the true name of the merchant, the might of his fist, which was comparable to the ceaseless, rapid tides of a river, became a legend throughout Xuanyuan Kingdom.

Eventually, before the merchant's death, he passed this fist art on to the Xuanyuan royal family, and it had been passed on ever since then.

Zhenqi began gushing out ceaselessly from Ding Hong, filling the entire Heaven's Altar. For an instant, it felt as though an endless tide of water was surging through the area.

Amidst the endless water, Zhang Xuan seemed as though a solitary boat that could possibly capsize at any moment.


"How can someone be so despicable as to launch an assault when the other party is making a breakthrough in his cultivation..."

"And to think that he's a Transcendent Mortal expert, how shameless!"

Not expecting Ding Hong to attack at this crucial moment, the crowd suddenly exclaimed anxiously.

It was dishonorable for a Transcendent Mortal to strike his enemy when he was defenseless, not to mention, the other party was a member of the royal family.

"Ding Hong's life hinges on a thread now. If Zhang shi were to succeed, he would be put in a dire state. No one can blame him for making a move at such a crucial moment!"

Jin Conghai was infuriated, but he could understand the other party's stand. Once Zhang shi succeeded in making the breakthrough, he would surely be defeated.

In the end, this was a true battle, not a duel!


Jin Conghai anxiously looked at 'gongzi'.

"Since he dares to attempt a breakthrough at this moment, he must have a countermeasure. Let's just watch on..." 'Gongzi' understood Jin Conghai's intentions, but he shook his hands and rejected it.

The young man below had left him astounded time and time again. Every single time that he was placed in a desperate situation, he would reverse it in the blink of an eye.

So this time... Would the same situation happen again?

After all, without any aces up one's sleeves, no sane person would dare to attempt a breakthrough during a battle.


Jin Conghai nodded and turned his gaze back to the battle. Then, his body froze before trembling slightly, "Shit! He isn't trying to block the other party's attack at all!"

Below, Zhang Xuan seemed to be completely immersed in his cultivation, oblivious to Ding Hong's fist. He stood perfectly still on the spot, allowing the rampaging torrent to drown him.

Even though the Merchant Luo Fist was created by a merchant, it didn't feel crass or subservient. Instead, there was a dominance that threatened to crush everything that stood in its path.

Being in the midst of his breakthrough, Zhang Xuan was completely defenseless. If that fist were to land on Zhang Xuan, he would definitely die on the spot.


A loud explosion sounded. A cloud of dust flew into the air, and small rock fragments shot into the surroundings. In an instant, the young man's figure had completely disappeared from sight.

"Zhang shi..."

'Gongzi' narrowed his eyes, and he nearly fell to the ground.

Zhang Xuan's turning of the tables time after time during a dire situation had already built an infallible image within him. Thus, 'gongzi' thought that, like many times before, Zhang Xuan would do the same this time... Yet, the other party didn't do anything at all. On top of it, he was struck in the midst of his cultivation, when he was completely defenseless!

Under that immense might of the blow, could he be dead already?

After all, that was a Transcendent Mortal expert using his full might! Even a fellow Transcendent Mortal expert would find it hard to withstand the attack, lest be said, a Zhizun realm pinnacle cultivator!

"It's over..."

Wei Yuqing and Gu Mu also saw the sight before them turning dark.

They were both Zhizun realm pinnacle cultivators, and putting themselves in the other party's situation, they could see themselves being completely crushed into bits.

They thought that a miracle would happen once more. After all, the young man below had defied common sense too many times... No one could have imagined that he would be killed just like that...

"That's impossible... Zhang Xuan, you can't die!"

Mo Yu's face paled, and her eyes reddened.

Zhang Xuan, aren't you going to save Lu Chong? How can you die here?

If you really die here, how can you face your students who have entrusted themselves to you...

You can't fall here! You mustn't!

"Haha! Attempting a breakthrough on the spot? Such a foolish notion! You deserve to die..."

Ding Hong also didn't expect his attack to work, and he howled furiously in delight.

However, at the very next moment, a familiar voice echoed amidst the dust.

"Thank you for helping me break through my bottleneck!"


A powerful aura abruptly surged, and as though a flood dragon, it ascended into the skies, shaking the heavens.

Half-Transcension realm reached!



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