Chapter 443: Strength of a Hundred Thousand Ding

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Narrowing his eyes, Ding Hong saw the dust clearing, and a figure was slowly walking toward him.

Who else could it be if not Zhang Xuan!

At this current moment, Zhang Xuan was still in perfect condition, and there wasn't even a speck of dust on his clothes. It was as if the target of the previous attack wasn't him.

But what stood out the most was the overwhelming aura he was exuding. Ferocious might exuded from every single point of his body; he was clearly many times stronger than before.


Ding Hong's body froze.

He had launched an attack with his full might, and he was certain that the attack landed on the other party. Yet, not only did Ding Hong fail to kill him, the other party even managed to achieve a breakthrough and reach Half-Transcension. This... This can't be real!

As for 'gongzi' and the others who thought that Zhang Xuan was doomed this time, they were completely dumbstruck.

Was he a cockroach?

How could he be fine after being punched like that?

"So what if you've reached Half-Transcension? Die!"

With eyes reddened with frenzy, Ding Hong clenched his teeth, flicked his wrist, and whipped out a sword. Then, he charged straight toward Zhang Xuan.

The reason why he didn't use a weapon before wasn't because he was intentionally going easy on Zhang Xuan, but rather, he didn't think that there was any use for it.

However, given that the other party had reached Half-Transcension realm and considering his incredible means, if he didn't give it everything he had, he would really die here.


The cold gleam of the sword shone across the entire Heaven's Altar.

Ding Hong had immersed himself within swordsmanship for more than a hundred years, and he had already reached an incredibly high mastery in the art. With this slash, white sword qi gushed out from his sword, reaching a distance of more than several dozen meters, making it difficult for anyone to approach him.

"It's Sword Intent!"

Everyone's faces froze.

Those who comprehended Weapon Intent had achieved an extremely profound level of understanding of weapons, to the point that their weapon felt no different from an extension of their hands.

This was an abstract state, and it took countless years of hard work before one could achieve it. However, the benefits it brought were massive as well. One who had comprehended Sword Intent could be said to be invincible among those of the same cultivation realm.

"Not only has he comprehend Sword Intent, he's even advanced rather far in it!"

Jin Conghai frowned. "Seems like it's not possible for Zhang shi to achieve victory!"

If Ding Hong had used Sword Intent earlier on, Zhang Xuan might have lost immediately. Even though Zhang Xuan had managed to reach Half-Transcension, the situation was still against his odds.

Sword Intent was a representation of one's level of achievement in swordsmanship, and the strikes of those who have reached this level tended to be swifter and sharper.

This Zhang shi wasn't even twenty yet, and on top of that, he was a spear user. His understanding of the sword was probably far inferior to the other party. It would be nigh impossible for him to achieve victory.

'Gongzi', Wei Yuqing, and the others didn't speak, but every single one of them had a grim expression on their faces. Clearly, they shared the same thoughts as well.

A Transcendent Mortal who had comprehended Sword Intent was a truly terrifying force to reckon with. Even Jin Conghai would face some trouble with him.


A sword qi flew across the air, leaving a deep tear on the ground.

Different from the anxious crowd, Zhang Xuan didn't seem flustered in the least. He smiled lightly and stepped forward.

His figure faded, and in the blink of an eye, he had already advanced four to five meters.

It was as though he could foresee the future. His body moved from the left to the right, and the sharp sword qi simply slid past his skin, without leaving a single cut on him.

At that moment, Zhang Xuan seemed as though an agile fish. Even though the sword qi before him was spread widely like a net, he was still able to easily find an opening and slide through.

"Half-Transcension... is indeed powerful!"

Feeling the immense strength surging through his body, Zhang Xuan thought.

Under normal circumstances, it would have been impossible for him to reach Half-Transcension.

Hall Master Xie Jiuchen had gathered a huge collection of Zhizun realm manual under his request, but very few of them detailed the method to breaking through to Half-Transcension. As such, after compilation, a Half-Transcension Heaven's Path Divine Art couldn't be formed.

This was precisely the reason why Zhang Xuan stopped right after he had reached Zhizun realm pinnacle.

However, the energy within the Crimson Flame Lotus Seed far exceeded his expectations. He wanted to stop, but the violent nature of the energy prevented him from doing so. Thus, he was forced to continue striving for Half-Transcension.

Under normal circumstances, without a compiled Heaven's Path Divine Art, it would be hard for him to achieve a breakthrough. It could potentially lead to his cultivation going berserk, and in the worst case scenario, he might even sustain severe internal injuries.

The situation back then was precarious, and Zhang Xuan nearly lost control of the rampaging energy within it.

And at that crucial moment, Ding Hong made a move.

The strong external force that struck the Zhang Xuan who was on the verge of exploding suppressed the rampaging energy within him. Not only was he fine from the collision of energy, he was even able to make use of this as an impetus to advance his cultivation.

If Ding Hong hadn't made a move, Zhang Xuan might have been severely injured from the rampaging energy of the Crimson Flame Lotus Seed.

Even though the other party had intended to kill him, he ended up doing him a big favor instead.

Thus, Zhang Xuan's 'thanks' before was truly earnest.

But of course, if Ding Hong were to learn of it, he might have died out of anger.

What the heck was this!

If only I knew earlier, I wouldn't have been so anxious to strike...


The thought disappeared as soon as it appeared.

Entering the sea of sword qi created by the other party, Zhang Xuan's fist struck out.

At the same moment, lines of insight flowed within his eyes.

Eye of Insight.

His Eye of Insight could peer into the flaws of a cultivator a small realm above that of his cultivation.

Ding Hong was a Transcendent Mortal Prolonged Longevity realm primary stage expert, and thus, under the flowing lines of insight, all of the flaws of his movements and cultivation appeared in Zhang Xuan's sight.


The Heaven's Path Fist Art, augmented by overwhelming zhenqi, shot straight to the center of the sword qi.

"Damn it!'

Ding Hong didn't expect the other party to slide through the sea of sword qi that he had produced and to even throw a fist straight at him. His face paled, and roaring furiously, he twisted his sword and blocked the fist with the body of his sword.


The fist landed on the sword, and a deafening metallic sound reverberated in the air from the collision. Ding Hong couldn't help but retreat two steps back.

"Hundred thousand ding? The strength of a 1-dan Prolonged Longevity realm cultivator?"

Ding Hong's face paled.

Zhizun realm was known as the Ten Thousand Ding realm, and it was representative of the level that a cultivator's strength finally exceeded 10,000 ding.

After that, every small cultivation realm would add an additional ten thousand ding of strength.

Thus, a normal Zhizun realm pinnacle would possess a strength of 40,000 ding.

As for Transcendent Mortals, even though they had reached a level of existence and could draw energy from the heavens to augment themselves, there was a limit to their might as well.

At 1-dan Prolonged Longevity realm, the limit of one's strength was 100,000 ding.

Thus, it was also termed the Hundred Thousand Ding realm.

If Ten Thousand Ding represented Zhizun, then Hundred Thousand Ding represented Transcendent Mortal.

The fellow before him was clearly just a Half-Transcension cultivator... How in the world did he manage to achieve a strength of a hundred thousand ding?

Initially, Ding Hong had been thinking that even though the other party had achieved a breakthrough, he would surely be unable to match up to him in terms of might. However, after taking a blow, he realized that he had lost this advantage.

"So what if your strength has reached 100,000 ding? Do you think that your fist art can defeat my Sword Intent? Don't even dream of it!"

Ding Hong clenched his teeth tightly.


His sword began dancing about, and Sword Intent surged out as though a burst of light. In the blink of an eye, it wrapped itself around him, forming a flowing barrier.


Upon seeing the move, 'gongzi' harrumphed

"He's indeed shameless!"

Jin Conghai nodded. "Making use of Sword Intent as a defensive measure... To think that a Transcendent Mortal expert would be forced by a Half-Transcension to take defensive maneuvers!"

Ding Hong seemed to have given up on offense, choosing to focus entirely on defense instead.

The Sword Intent had an incomparably sharp nature, and it covered the area around him entirely. No matter how powerful Zhang Xuan's fist was, it was impossible for him to strike through the wall of sword qi.

In other words, Ding Hong was afraid of Zhang Xuan.

He knew that it was impossible for him to kill the other party, so he chose to fight defensively instead.

Transcendent Mortals were respected even in the Myriad Kingdom Alliance. Yet, at this moment, one was being forced into a corner by a Half-Transcension cultivator. Even though they were witnessing this sight personally, they still felt faint-headed.

"But even though other party had chosen to focus on defense... Isn't Zhang shi helpless before it as well?" Wei Yuqing asked.

"Indeed, there's nothing he can do about it. The Sword Intent has covered his body entirely, and there are no openings to be exploited here. Unless Zhang shi has comprehended Sword Intent as well, otherwise it'll be extremely difficult for him to break through Ding Hong's defense!" Jin Conghai replied.

Within the flowing Sword Intent was incomparably sharp sword qi. No matter how tough one's fist was, it was still made of flesh and blood. How could it face sword qi which was publicly acknowledged for its sharpness?

"Zhang Xuan, you might be formidable, but there's nothing you can do about me now! Since Ding Mu is already dead, why don't we drop this matter?"

Having blocked the other party's attack, Ding Hong heaved a sigh of relief. He turned to the young man not too far away and said.

The other party had killed his most beloved and valued progeny. Thus, he wanted to destroy the other party and restore prestige to the Ding Clan. Yet, at this very moment, he realized that not only was he unable to defeat the other party, he might even die from the other party's assault. After a moment of hesitation, he decided to take a step back.

Ding Mu was already dead, and he had many other progenies. As long as he survived, the Ding Clan could still start anew.

"There's nothing I can about you?" Zhang Xuan shook his head. "You're overestimating yourself!"

"My Sword Intent is flowing around my entire body; do you really think that your fist can break through it?"

Ding Hong sneered coldly. "It's impossible unless you comprehended Sword Intent and face my Sword Intent face on... But do you think that it's possible?"

You must be joking!

To comprehend Sword Intent, he had traveled across and lived in all kinds of barren and desolate lands for more than thirty years before he succeeded.

On the other hand, that fellow wasn't even twenty yet. Even if he started cultivating from his mother's womb, how much could he have comprehended about swordsmanship?

Furthermore, the other party had executed a spear art previously. Judging from his sharp and forceful movements, he clearly possessed some aptitude in it.

Even though there was no limit to the Weapon Intent one could cultivate, there was a limit to a human's talent and energy.

It was already incredible for him to bring his spear art to that height. To be capable of utilizing Sword Intent on top of that... Was it even possible?

"Sword Intent? That's indeed not quite possible!"

Knowing the other party's thoughts, Zhang Xuan chuckled lightly. With a flick of his wrist, a sword appeared in his hands.

"Sword Intent is too mediocre for me!"

As Zhang Xuan spoke, he slowly drew his sword.

Weng! Weng! Weng!

Before the sword was fully drawn, the swords by the waists of the swordsmen amidst the crowd began buzzing. It was as though they were paying respect to their emperor.

"Call of the Myriad Swords, Roar of the Dragons... Thi-this... the realm beyond that of Sword Intent... Sword Heart?"

Ding Hong's vision turned dark.



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