Chapter 446: The Frenzied Mo Tianxue

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In Tianwu Kingdom, the head of the Shadow Squad clasped his fist.

"Your Majesty, Her Highness and Zhang shi have arrived at Xuanyuan Kingdom!"


Nodding his head, Mo Tianxue seemed to have recalled something and sighed. "There's nothing bad about the lass except that she's too sentimental. Sigh, she has truly wasted all of the efforts I have spent on her!"

The rise of Mo Hongyi had left Mo Tianxue worried about the succession of the throne. As such, he had always raised his most talented daughter, Mo Yu, as the future empress of the kingdom. In the end, that lass, for her own personal feelings, decided to leave with Zhang shi. This had left him both worried and helpless.

The saying 'it was impossible to keep a daughter by one's side' was indeed true.

Zhang shi was incredibly talented, and a person of his caliber couldn't possibly remain in Tianwu Kingdom for his entire life. Since there was no hope, she should have just given up on it.

She could have remained within the kingdom to cultivate properly and raise her strength to take over the throne.

Mo Hongyi's prestige had been on the steady rise ever since he became a 2-star master teacher, and at such a crucial period, she chose to leave instead.

When everyone has forgotten about you, how do you intend to inherit the throne?

He had truly no idea what was going through the mind of that lass!

"Her Highness might be willful but she listens obediently to Your Majesty's words. She'll probably return after sending Zhang shi off to the Myriad Kingdom Alliance!" the head of the Shadow Squad said.

As the head of the private elite squadron under Mo Tianxue, he was a close aide of the latter and understood his thoughts well.

On top of strength, prestige was also an important factor for one's succession to the throne.

The reason why Mo Tianxue was reluctant to allow Mo Yu to go with Zhang Xuan was because he wanted to keep her by the side so as to have her come into contact with governance matters and achieve some accomplishments in the field so as to win the respect and loyalty of the royal court. Only then would he be able to pass on the throne without any worries.

Yet, she went ahead and left without even informing him. It was no wonder that he was angry.

"Let's just hope that's the case!"

Mo Tianxue smiled bitterly, "If she were able to win Zhang shi's heart, I wouldn't mind it. She would probably have a brighter future by his side anyway. However, Zhang shi is an incredibly talented person, and I can tell that he has no such intentions about her. Even if she were to accompany him all the way to the Myriad Kingdom Alliance, it would just be a waste of time!"

The head of the Shadow Squad had no idea how to alleviate Mo Tianxue's worries.

Even though he had never interacted with this Zhang shi, he had seen him various times from the shadows and heard much about his affairs. A genius of that caliber belonged to the larger world out there and wouldn't be tied down by romance.

"Alright, let's not talk about this for now..."

Putting aside his worries, Mo Tianxue was just about to bring up another topic when an elder barged anxiously into the hall.

"Your Majesty, Your Majesty..."

That elder's face was flushed, and his entire body was trembling intensely in agitation.

"Elder Qu, aren't you responsible for keeping watch at the Communication Wall? What are you doing here?"

Mo Tianxue frowned.

Elder Qu, whose full name was Mo Qu, was an elder of the royal family.

Since the Lin Clan had a Communication Wall that could contact Xuanyuan Kingdom, naturally, the Tianwu royal family had one as well. Through this, they could communicate with Xuanyuan Kingdom, understand the various changes in the other country swiftly, and make appropriate countermeasures.

This Elder Qu was the person responsible for maintaining contact at the Communication Wall. His position was equivalent to Pavilion Elder Qian of the Tianxuan Kingdom, and he was the head of intelligence of the entire kingdom.

This job required him to keep a constant lookout on the various happenings around the region, and thus, he would normally send a subordinate to report to the emperor. Unless something huge had occurred, it was impossible for him to report an issue personally.

"Your Majesty, something huge... has occurred!" Elder Qu exclaimed in agitation.

"Something huge?" Mo Tianxue turned to look at Elder Qu. "What is it?"

"Zhang shi has arrived at Xuanyuan Royal City, and just today, he caused a huge ruckus in the capital and he... killed Crown Prince Ding Mu!" Elder Qu said.

"Killed Crown Prince Ding Mu?" Mo Tianxue's face paled, and he nearly fainted from shock.

The standing of a crown prince of a Conferred Kingdom was far above that of an emperor of a Tier 1 Kingdom... To kill a figure of such standing, was that Zhang shi insane, or was he simply tired of living?

"Indeed! Not just so, he even did it in the midst of Crown Prince Ding Mu's inauguration ceremony!"

As though oblivious to Mo Tianxue's darkened complexion, Elder Qu continued, "In the end, even Old Ancestor Ding Hong was alarmed..."

"By old ancestor, do you mean Emperor Ding Hong whose name took the world by storm? He... is still alive?" Mo Tianxue's body swayed weakly.

Hundred years ago, this Emperor Ding Hong had already reached the level of a Transcendent Mortal. Everyone had thought that he was dead given his long period of absence, but to think that he was still alive!

"Indeed. Not only so, he has even become a Transcendent Mortal expert..." Elder Qu said.

"Transcendent Mortal?" Mo Tianxue's voice trembled. "Then Zhang shi..."

Mo Tianxue didn't complete his words, but the meaning behind it was clear. Zhang shi was most probably dead by now.

After running over to kill the inaugurating crown prince, how could the other party's old ancestor possibly spare you?

Mo Tianxue knew this Zhang shi quite well. He was able to defeat a Half-Zhizun with the strength of a Zongshi realm pinnacle, but against a Transcendent Mortal... the gap was simply too large. It was like the difference between a divine dragon and a measly ant.

Most probably, Zhang shi was already reduced to a lump of flesh under the might of the old ancestor.

"Oh, Zhang shi is alright. He broke through the Half-Transcension realm on the spot and subdued Emperor Ding Hong..." Elder Qu said.

"What?" Mo Tianxue's head spun.

To reach Half-Transcension from the cultivation realm of Zongshi realm pinnacle on the spot? Are you joking with me?

On top of that, there's a huge difference between a Half-Transcension cultivator and a Transcendent Mortal cultivator. How could Zhang shi possibly subdue the other party?

"This is what the report from the other side of the Communication Wall said, and I've confirmed it myself. There's no mistake about it!" Elder Qu nodded. "On top of that... that..."


Elder Qu hesitated for a moment as he recalled the content of the report on the Communication Wall, and even until now, he seemed as though he was still unable to believe the news. "The primary reason why I'm here is to report this news to you. After Zhang shi subdued Emperor Ding Hong, he nominated Princess Mo Yu for the throne, and she is now the ruler of Xuanyuan Kingdom..."

"The ruler... of Xuanyuan Kingdom?"

Mo Tianxue nearly fell off his throne.

He had just said that Mo Yu was wasting her time over her sentiments, and the latter... went on to become the ruler of Xuanyuan Kingdom!

Did this slap have to come so violently?

There were at least twenty vassal kingdoms like Tianwu beneath Xuanyuan Kingdom. To become the ruler of such a powerful kingdom...

Why did it seem like a dream?

"But Yu-er's cultivation is only at Tongxuan realm pinnacle. How could she become the ruler of a Conferred Kingdom?"

Recovering from the shock, Mo Tianxue suddenly realized that there were some things that were amiss.

When Mo Yu left, she was only at Tongxuan realm pinnacle. It was already difficult for her to ascend to the Tianwu Kingdom throne given her lacking cultivation. To ascend to the throne with such strength in Xuanyuan Kingdom, wasn't that no different from committing suicide?

"This... Zhang shi also thought that her cultivation was too low, so he helped her achieve a breakthrough on the spot through Cultivation Impartation. Currently, Princess Mo Yu is a... Zhizun realm pinnacle expert!" Elder Qu said.

"Achieve a breakthrough on the spot? Zhizun realm pinnacle?"


Mo Tianxue's body shook so violently that he fell to the ground. A dazed look was on his face, and he didn't even feel pain when he pulled out a fistful of hair from his head.

Tongxuan realm pinnacle... reaching Zhizun realm pinnacle on the spot. Zhang shi, can you tell me how did you do it?

"Yu-er... sure has good eyes..."

After a long period of time, Mo Tianxue swallowed a mouthful a saliva and muttered slowly with a pale face.



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