Chapter 451: Spirit Calming Grass

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Having bought the Dragon Scale Protective Amulet for fifty gold coins, Zhang Xuan bade the vendor farewell in satisfaction.

There was no one in the world who was completely healthy, and demanding compensation for treatment wasn't anything much.

Even if one was truly healthy, one would at least want to raise one's cultivation. Considering how even a 4-star master teacher wasn't capable of making a person achieve a breakthrough with just a short moment of guidance, Zhang Xuan's guidance was more than sufficient to replace a Tutelage Jade Token.

Even without money, Zhang Xuan was confident that he could buy this artifact for sure. Thus, he wasn't worried at all.

After walking around the market for a while longer, the group realized that there was nothing else of value left here. Thus, Zhao Feiwu said, "Let's go up and take a look. The treasures on the second floor are much more valuable than those of the first floor, and most of them have already been verified by appraisers!"

As such, the crowd headed up the stairs.

The second floor wasn't as chaotic as the first floor, where booths and shouting vendors filled the entire venue. The scale of the second floor was much smaller, and there were various stores in the area. The objects on display were clearly much more valuable than those on the first floor.

If what was sold on the first floor could be considered as miscellaneous goods, then those on the second floor could be considered as true treasures.

All the stores here had at least a hundred years of history to them, and regardless of whether it was their reputation or the goods that were on sale in their shops, they were much better than the booths on the first floor. Hung at the front of each store were all kinds of plaques, such as 'Master Mo Xiu's Appraised Treasures', 'Master Sun Xiang's Appraised Treasures', 'Master Hong Li's Appraised Treasures'...

All kinds of different goods were displayed in each store.

Even though these stores weren't large and the items inside weren't as many as the booths below, just the fact that it carried the name of the appraisers attracted the gazes of many, making them even more popular than the booths below.

"The largest store on the second floor is [First Class Pavilion], which is right in front of us. The items they sell, just like their name, are all top grade. Even though it isn't operated by an appraiser, it's the most bustling store here. In fact, appraisers also frequent there personally to trade for some treasures!" Jin Conghai said.

He had been here before so he knew quite a bit about this place.

As for Zhao Feiwu, she only knew about this location from some books so she wasn't too sure about the details.

"Let's go over and take a look!"

The primary objective of Zhang Xuan's trip here was the Soulless Metal Humanoid, so he wasn't really interested in the other miscellaneous stuff. However, since the supposed First Class Pavilion was right before them, it wouldn't hurt to take a look. Besides, he could also try asking about the Metal Humanoid there.

Walking past row after row of stores, it didn't take long before they stopped by a vast space with three gold words written on it. With just a look, Zhang Xuan could tell that the calligraphy had reached an extremely high level of artistic conception.

"To think that it would be an art piece of the fifth level!"

Zhang Xuan eyes couldn't help but light up.

He was a 3-star painter so he had an in-depth knowledge of calligraphy and painting.

The three large words 'First Class Pavilion' might seem simple on the surface, but the words were written with forceful and flowy strokes, giving a feeling as though the words would leap out at any moment just like an ascending flood dragon. It was clear that the words were anything but simple, and it had already reached the fifth level of painting.

At this kind of level, the words had already reached the level of Spirit Creation. Even if one were to look at it for an extended period of time, not only would one not feel fatigued, one would even feel refreshed and revitalized.

Just these three words were probably worth a huge fortune already.

As expected of the number one store in the Appraiser Hall, its scale sure wasn't anything that the other stores could match up to.

Walking into the store, Zhang Xuan saw several people strolling about the displays. Some of the customers dressed in appraiser robes were staring fixedly at the treasures before them with a tranced look.

All occupations were enjoyable when one could immerse oneself into it; appraising was the same as well.

Some of the most exquisite masterpieces were at a quality such that even the greatest craftsmen and blacksmiths could only create one in their entire lives. It was practically impossible to replicate it, and these were the treasures that left countless appraisers awed when they examined them.

"Welcome, may I know what you are looking for? I can guide you around if you need!" offered an attendant as he walked over.

"There's no need for that, we'll just take a casual look!"

Zhang Xuan shook his hands.

Then, he walked over to the various treasures displayed on the shelves.

They were indeed much more valuable than the artifacts seen below. All of the items carried a powerful aura, and they seemed to resonate with the spiritual energy in the air. Even without the Eye of Insight, it was apparent with a look that they were of great value.

Upon seeing that Zhang Xuan's gaze was on a chi (33.3cm) large cauldron, the attendant immediately walked forward and introduced, "This is the Divine Copper Cauldron. If you were to put spirit stones inside, it would automatically refine and cleanse it, making it easier to absorb the spiritual energy within it! Using this object, your speed of cultivation can be heightened by ten percent!"

"As for this, it's the Nine Dragons Cauldron. Every single mouth of the cauldron harnesses a surge of sword qi, making it a formidable weapon when it's activated. Even a Zongshi realm pinnacle expert would be killed swiftly before it..."

Upon hearing the introduction, Zhang Xuan nodded his head in awe,

Honestly speaking, all of these items were truly worthy of being classified as treasures. If placed in any of the Tier 1 Kingdoms, it could become a national weapon to deter aggressors.

But after taking a look at the price, Zhang Xuan couldn't help but smile bitterly.

None of these items were cheap. Putting everything aside, just the Divine Copper Cauldron was already worth two hundred spirit stones, and the Nine Dragons Cauldron was priced at three hundred and twenty spirit stones!

Even a Tier 1 Kingdom would be unable to fork out such a sum. Even if it was Xuanyuan Kingdom, its finances would probably suffer greatly for many years if it were to purchase it.

"This is the appraisal authentication certificate?"

Regardless of whether it was the Divine Copper Cauldron of the Nine Dragons Cauldron, there was a carved jade at its bottom which detailed the name of an appraiser, his evaluation, as well as his signature.

"Yes, most of the treasures of our First Class Pavilion will go through the hands of appraisers to have them authenticated. We will never deceive our customers!" the attendant said proudly.


Zhang Xuan nodded his head. Then, with a thought, lines of insight appeared in his eyes.

Eye of Insight.

He wanted to see if there was any treasure beyond his current means here.

It didn't take him long to scan through the artifacts in the room, and in the end, he simply shook his head.

There were many valuable treasures here, but there was nothing beyond him like the Dragon Scale Protective Amulet from before.

"Teacher, Appraiser Liu Chang..."

Just as Zhang Xuan was looking around to see if there were any treasures he had missed, Yuan Tao exclaimed in shock.

Following the direction of Yuan Tao's finger, Zhang Xuan saw a familiar figure.

It was the person who competed with him over the Dragon Scale Protective Amulet previously.

At this moment, his haughtiness and aura of superiority had disappeared. He followed behind an elder with a respectful look just like a humble student.

The elder was in his fifties, and he had an authoritative disposition to him. With a single glance, it was clear that he was a person who had been on a powerful position for a long period of time.

Right in front of the duo was an average-sized plant with a purple flower on top.

Amidst the petals, faint yellow veins could be seen, and it exuded a faint fragrance which left one in a tranquil state upon being breathed in.

On top of treasures, the First Class Pavilion also dealt in some of the rarer medicinal herbs.

"Ashen stems, slightly yellow leaves, petals divided by yellow veins... Could this be [Spirit Calming Grass]?" after a moment of hesitation, Zhao Feiwu asked.

"This gongzi indeed has good eyes. That's indeed Spirit Calming Grass. This is the only stalk within the entire Myriad Kingdom Alliance, and our First Class Pavilion bought it at an exorbitant price. It's said to be exceptionally useful in nourishing one's soul, and rumor has it that it can even wake a dormant soul!"

The attendant chuckled.

"Wake a dormant soul?" Hearing those words, Zhang Xuan's eyebrows shot up, and unknowingly, his fists clenched tightly together.



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