However, he quickly shook his head with a bitter smile.

Zhang Xuan had stumbled across the Spirit Calming Grass in one of the books he had read, and its main function was to calm one's spirit, allowing one to enter the state of Heart of Tranquil Water more easily. It didn't have the effect of waking a dormant soul.

Otherwise, given Zhang Xuan's understanding of herbs, he wouldn't be at a loss over the matter.

"Wake a person's soul? That's impossible!"

Zhao Feiwu frowned.

She had read many books regarding medicinal herbs as well, and she knew that the effects of this herb weren't as exaggerated as the attendant put it out to be.

"Normal Spirit Calming Grass indeed doesn't have that effect, but this one is different. It's the Emperor Spirit Calming Grass, and it grows by consuming the spiritual energy within spirit stones. As such, its properties have been enhanced to the point that it's highly effective even for Transcendent Mortal experts."

Upon speaking of this stalk of grass, the attendant's eyes began to glow.

"Consuming spiritual energy within spirit stones? It's fed using spirit stones?"

"Correct. From its germination, it's placed within a unique formation which extracts the purest spiritual energy contained within a spirit stone to provide the required energy for the Spirit Calming Grass's growth... And to grow to such a size, this Spirit Calming Grass has probably consumed over a hundred pieces of spirit stones. Considering the manpower and resources required to groom this herb, it's definitely an invaluable treasure!" the attendant explained.

Zhang Xuan was taken aback, "A hundred spirit stones just to groom a stalk of grass?"

Even Zhang Xuan had yet to expend so many spirit stones in his cultivation.

To think that a single stalk of grass would be treated even better than him. It was truly the case of a human being beneath a stalk of grass.

"Indeed. Due to the great care showered upon it during its growth, its property has been enhanced greatly, granting it immense effects on one's soul!" the attendant said.

Even though Zhang Xuan was surprised, he didn't take the attendant's words at face value. Instead, he activated his Eye of Insight and took a closer look.

He had to determine for himself whether this stalk of grass was truly effective on dormant souls.

Soon, his eyes lit up.

Even though the medicinal herb was expensive, it wasn't beyond Zhang Xuan's current cultivation realm yet. According to the information reflected in the Eye of Insight... it was really useful toward dormant souls!

However, unlike what the attendant said, it couldn't wake dormant souls. Instead, it simply stabilized it, preventing it from dissipating.

Even though dormant souls were known to be souls that were sleeping, in truth, they were just too weak to be woken up.

It was just like how a severely ill patient was too weak to get up from his bed.

The great impact that Lu Chong's body suffered back then had caused his soul to dissipate. Even though Zhang Xuan had saved him swiftly, the other party still suffered great damage, and the strength of his soul was less than a hundredth of what it was previously. As such, it was unable to sustain the functions of his body, resulting in his coma.

Even though this Spirit Calming Grass didn't have the ability to wake Lu Chong up, it could stabilize his soul and even strengthen it slowly.

"I must get it!"

Zhang Xuan had no idea how he could wake Lu Chong up at this point, but one thing he was certain was that he couldn't allow his soul to grow weaker and weaker.

Since he had stumbled across this Spirit Calming Grass, he mustn't allow it to pass him by.

After a moment of hesitation, Zhang Xuan turned to the attendant and asked, "This... How much does it cost?"

"This stalk of Spirit Calming Grass is one of the most expensive treasures in our First Class Pavilion. It's priced at five hundred spirit stones!" the attendant said.

"Five hundred?" Zhang Xuan's body shook.

He couldn't even take out five spirit stones at the moment, not to mention, five hundred...

You must be jesting!

Will you accept my five hundred gold coins instead?

Appraiser Hall... Why don't you call it Daylight Robbery Hall instead? Given how expensive every single one of your items are, how in the world do you expect others to buy it?

Surely there are very few customers who can afford that sum...

Just as Zhang Xuan was considering how he could lower the price to five hundred gold coins and take it down, a deep voice sounded in front of him, "Alright, I'll be taking that Spirit Calming Grass. Also, help me wrap up the Verdant Bamboo, Deep Accruing Grass, Yinyang Umbrella... that I've just browsed through as well!"

Lifting his head, Zhang Xuan saw that the one who had just spoken was the elder who came in along with Appraiser Liu Chang.

It seemed as though in the other party's view, five hundred spirit stones were no different from five hundred gold coins.


Upon hearing the other party's words, the attendant serving the elder hurriedly took the various items that the elder pointed out excitedly.

The more the customer buys, the greater the commission of the attendant.

"I apologize but it's already sold... Customer, why don't you continue browsing around to see if there's anything that would interest you?"

The attendant who tagged along with Zhang Xuan shook his head in disappointment upon seeing that the Spirit Calming Grass had been taken away.

"There's no need for me to look any further, I want this herb..."

There was nothing else in this store that caught Zhang Xuan's eyes. As such, he walked forward and said, "Wait a moment!"

"It can't be that you're still interested in the Spirit Calming Herb?"

Seeing Zhang Xuan rushing forward and shouting 'wait a moment', the attendant beside him leaped in fright.

The other party had already said that he was taking it, if you were to insist on taking it away at this point, it'll be no different from theft... But more importantly, do you know who the other party is?

To rush over despite not knowing who the other party is, aren't you being too reckless?

Zhang Xuan's voice was bright and clear, and he immediately caught the notice of the elder and the others around him. Upon seeing Zhang Xuan, Appraiser Liu Chang began glaring at the other party.

He had just attempted to claim the item that the other party was buying. Could the other party be holding a grudge, so he wanted to do the same as well?

"What are you up to?"

Thus, Appraiser Liu Chang stepped in front and blocked Zhang Xuan's path.

Since he couldn't be bothered with Appraiser Liu Chang, Zhang Xuan turned to the elder and said, "I want this Spirit Calming Grass."

"We've already set our eyes on this herb, you should look for other items to buy!" Appraiser Liu Chang waved his hands.

"Even though you have set your eyes on it, you haven't paid for it yet, right? It's only natural for the good to go to the highest bidder. As long as the price I offer is higher than yours, I should be able to take it." Zhang Xuan replied Appraiser Liu Chang calmly.

"You..." Appraiser Liu Chang's chest rose and fell rapidly, and he nearly erupted on the spot.

Those words were extremely familiar to him; it was exactly what he said to the other party just a moment ago.

It seemed like this fellow was really here to cause trouble.

Otherwise, how could their words be identical?

Zhao Feiwu and Jin Conghai exchanged glances and smiled bitterly.

Zhang Xuan indeed wasn't one to let anyone who crossed him get away easily.

However, the elder didn't look like someone who lacked money. It would be no easy feat to purchase the item he had set his eyes upon!

"What is your offer then? Just to let you know, we're purchasing this Spirit Calming Grass for five hundred spirit stones!" Suppressing his fury, Appraiser Liu Chang harrumphed.

The fellow before had to hesitate even before a measly sum of fifteen spirit stones, so it was almost certain that he didn't have much money. To outbid them on this medicinal herb and take it away was surely impossible for him.

"Can you give this Spirit Calming Grass away to me?" Zhang Xuan turned to the elder and asked.

Even though Appraiser Liu Chang's standing was high, he acted subserviently before this elder. From this, it could be seen that the standing of the elder was far superior to Appraiser Liu Chang.

Also, the one who was buying the Spirit Calming Grass was the elder, so Appraiser Liu Chang probably had no say in this matter.

Since he had no say, what was the point of wasting time with him?


Upon being ignored, Appraiser Liu Chang's face flushed bright red.

The elder had been watching the argument of the duo, and with his hands behind his back, he replied impassively, "He's my student so he has a say in whether I'll sell this medicinal herb or not. However, I do have a use for this medicinal herb and I don't wish to part with it. Thus, it doesn't matter how high a price you offer!"


Given that Appraiser Liu Chang was a 2-star appraiser, his teacher must be at least a 3-star or even 4-star appraiser.

It was no wonder that he could buy a stalk of medicinal herb priced at five hundred spirit stones so easily.

"Doesn't matter how high a price I offer? That might not necessarily be the case!" Zhang Xuan said.

"Oh? Why don't you tell me your offer then?"

The elder looked at Zhang Xuan in interest.

The attendants spectating the commotion were also filled with curiosity.

That young man might be unaware of who the elder was, but they were extremely clear about his identity. Even if this elder wasn't the richest man in Honghai City, he wasn't too far away from it.

Even if one could offer up something that interested this elder, it would probably have an astronomical price.

Zhao Feiwu and the others were also intrigued and curious.

This fellow had bought the Dragon Scale Protective Amulet previously through his medical skills, so until now, they had no idea how much wealth this young man possessed. Since he was determined to buy this Spirit Calming Grass, he should at least take out a portion of his fortune now.

After all, without real money, the First Class Pavilion wouldn't sell something worth five hundred spirit stones to him.

Even if Zhang Xuan intended to talk his way out of it, these attendants weren't qualified to make the decision.

After all, such a sum of money was way beyond them as well.

Just as everyone was perplexed over this matter, curious to see what Zhang Xuan would do next, the young man in question declared confidently.

"I can offer five hundred gold coins!"


Appraiser Liu Chang nearly spurted a mouthful of blood and fainted on the spot.

This again?

Is there even a point to be doing this?

When I offered fifty spirit stones to buy down that bizarre object, you offered fifty gold coins in exchange. This time, for such a valuable Spirit Calming Grass, you intend to use the same method as well...

Can we start conversing properly?

The mouths of the attendants watching the commotion also twitched violently.

The young man had spoken so confidently so they thought that he would offer a huge sum of money. In the end, to offer five hundred gold coins... You're here to cause trouble, right?

The attendant who had been waiting on Zhang Xuan ever since his entry felt so embarrassed that he wanted to find a pit to bury himself in.

He thought that Zhang Xuan would really be able to offer a price that no one could match up with, but to think that it was this...

Cough cough.

Even if you don't have sufficient money, you shouldn't offer something that can't even buy you a handful of dirt.

Just as the crowd was about to faint from the ridiculousness of the situation, Zhao Feiwu slapped her forehead and said, "Elder Jin, prepare to make a move. I'm afraid that if we don't protect him, he might end up being... pummeled to death!"

"Yes!" Jin Conghai nodded as he secretly propelled the zhenqi in his body, preparing himself to make a move at any moment.

He shared the same sentiments as 'gongzi'.

This elder was clearly of high standing, and to provoke such a person as well, Zhang Xuan was truly arrogant. In fact, he found it a miracle that the other party could survive until now given his character.

"Purchasing a Spirit Calming Grass for five hundred gold coins?"

As expected, the elder's face immediately darkened. His aura began gushing out like a gigantic torrent. Even though it was hard to gauge his cultivation realm, his strength didn't seem to pale to Jin Conghai in any way.

Most probably, the other party had at least reached Transcendent Mortal 3-dan.

"Indeed!" Zhang Xuan nodded.

Seeing how the other party admitted to it so candidly without the slightest hint of embarrassment, the elder harrumphed, "Do you think that the First Class Pavilion would reject an offer of five hundred spirit stones and sell such a valuable herb to you for five hundred gold coins instead? Who do you think you are? Do you think that you are the lord of Honghai City or the head of the Myriad Kingdom Alliance?"

"I am neither of the two, I'm just someone who's interested in buying the Spirit Calming Grass."

Zhang Xuan shook his head calmly, "Besides, I intend to buy it from you instead of the First Class Pavilion! I believe that you'll definitely sell it to me for five hundred gold coins!"

"Buy it from me?"

The elder flew into a frenzy, and his facial muscles convulsed violently.

How can you be so sure that I'll be so cheap as to sell a medicinal herb worth five hundred spirit stones to you for five hundred gold coins?

You must be dreaming!



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