Chapter 459: The Call of the Spirit, Acknowledgement of the Painting

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"Spirit Euphoria?"

Elder Chen and Elder Lu stared at one another and froze. "How... How is that possible?"

"The chiming should be heavy and deep, but this sound is sharp and resonates with one's soul... Only the legendary Spirit Euphoria is capable of inducing such euphoria in one's heart..." Hall Master Sai said.


The duo staggered.

Thinking back, given the agitation they had just felt from the sound a moment ago, it was indeed unlikely to be the doing of a bell chime.

Could it be really... Spirit Euphoria?

But how was that possible?

Elder Chen's face twitched, and his lips turned white.

He had just proudly declared that the other party surely wouldn't be able to identify even a single treasure, yet not only did the other party manage to do so, he even induced Spirit Euphoria...

Did he have to be so formidable?

"The Acknowledgement of a Treasure, Spirit Euphoria! This is the call that formidable spirit weapons induce when they're excited?"


Hearing Hall Master Sai's words, all those who shot gazes of sympathy toward Sun Qiang were dumbfounded. It was as though someone had forced a turtle into their mouth, making it impossible for them to close it.

They thought that this fellow would lose so tragically that he might be leaving stark naked, but he managed to make such a huge comeback...

It was fortunate that no one was silly enough to wager with him previously. Otherwise, the one who would be leaving stark naked would be them!

As cold sweat drenched their backs, they subconsciously turned to look at Elder Chen, only to see his face steeled and his forehead marked with black streaks. He looked as though he would faint at any moment.

Three thousand spirit stones... Even though he was a 4-star appraiser, he was probably doubting the meaning of life at this moment.

Seeing everyone's expression, Sun Qiang asked in puzzlement, "What does Spirit Euphoria mean?"


Elder Chen couldn't hold it back anymore and a mouthful of blood spurted out.

There was not a single appraiser who didn't know of Spirit Euphoria. In fact, even apprentices would be aware of it.

Yet, this fellow didn't know a thing at all...

It was one thing for him to lose to a 5-star appraiser or a formidable expert, but to lose to a servant who couldn't even compare to an apprentice...

Why was he so foolish as to be goaded into making the wager?

Seeing how the confused plump man was about to ask the frenzied Elder Chen about the matter, Liu Chang finally couldn't watch on anymore and hurried forward to explain, "You should know about how items can be divided into five tiers; God, Saint, Spirit, Phantom, and Mortal, right?"

"Un!" Sun Qiang nodded.

This classification wasn't a secret even in Tianxuan Kingdom. It was a common fact known to all cultivators.

"When an equipment reaches Spirit tier, it'll gain spirit. It's similar to the Spirit Creation of paintings. Even though it's unable to think like humans, it'll be able to recognize and acknowledge cultivators. This aspect is somewhat similar to having a beast tamer acknowledge one as its master."

Liu Chang continued, "Equipment that acknowledged a cultivator would release this kind of euphoric sound, and this is termed as Spirit Euphoria. As soon as it appears, a cultivator would be able to become the true master of the weapon by feeding it a droplet of his blood..."

"Become the true master?"

Sun Qiang widened his eyes in shock.

"Indeed... The artifacts on the Harmonious Stream of Flowing Goblets are treasures that countless appraisers were unable to identify. To induce Spirit Euphoria right after he entered, could it be that... not only did he manage to identify the artifact, he even managed to analyze the strengths and flaws of it as well?

Liu Chang's face was filled with disbelief.

"Analyze the strengths and flaws?"

"Every top-notch equipment is forged with a blacksmith's heart poured into it, but due to the limitations of material and the skill of the blacksmith, flaws will appear on even the most formidable treasures. As long as this kind of flaws is made up for, the equipment could reach higher tiers.

"An equipment possessing spirit is aware of its own flaws, but as it's unable to communicate with anyone, it's unable to find a way to make up for them. Some experts could easily find these flaws and earn the acknowledgement of the spirit of the equipment. However, this is a skill that only high-raked blacksmiths possess. Why would it... appear in an appraisal?"

The more Liu Chang explained, the more confused he became.

The main responsibility of an appraiser was to determine the identity of an artifact and its background. As for the flaws and strengths of the artifact, that was beyond their means.

That was a skill that only skilled blacksmiths who had achieved a profound understanding of equipment would have.

Could it be that... the fellow inside wasn't just an appraiser but... a formidable blacksmith as well? Was that why he could easily identify the treasure and analyze its strengths and flaws?

Finally recovering from his shock, Elder Lu turned to his old friend and consoled, "The first artifact that appears happens to be an equipment. If he's a blacksmith, it's not too surprising for him to be able to identify it. However, an appraiser has to be more than capable of identifying weapons. Paintings, antiques, medicinal herbs, and even cultivation techniques and battle techniques... They must be well-rounded in all aspects. The ten artifacts of the Harmonious Stream of Flowing Goblets cover the various occupations. If he's just a blacksmith, he'll only be able to identify the first one..."

Blacksmiths had an in-depth understanding of equipment. It wasn't completely impossible for Zhang Xuan to be capable of identifying an equipment swiftly, find its strengths and flaws, and win its acknowledgement.

However, it was a pity that the Harmonious Stream of Flowing Goblets tested one on one's appraising ability, not on one's understanding of equipment.

The ten artifacts didn't just consist of equipment. There were many other items as well. No matter how knowledgeable Zhang Xuan was in the field of equipment, he would only be able to identify one.

Elder Lu was in the midst of consoling his old friend when they heard the plump man beside them muttering to himself, "Right, didn't Hall Master Sai say that he would have cleared the trial as long as he could recognize a single artifact?"

Elder Chen had just barely calmed down when he heard those words and his face paled once more. Internally, he could feel his heart bleeding.

There had been not a single success case to the Harmonious Stream of Flowing Goblets in the past. As such, as long as one was able to identify even one of the ten artifacts, it would be considered as a pass... In other words, regardless of whether Zhang Xuan was able to identify any other artifacts or not, he would have to part with his three thousand spirit stones!


While a huge wave of shock had washed over the appraisers outside, in the trial, Zhang Xuan stared at the bizarre metal hammer speechlessly.

"What are you calling out for? You scared me!"

After jotting down the details on the artifact from the Library of Heaven's Path, this toy suddenly began buzzing, causing him to nearly drop his brush in shock.

What the heck was it?

It wasn't like it was a clock, gong, or something. What was it trying to call out for!

Don't you know what is manners? It's rude to shout in public, you know!

'Forget it, I'll just write the names then...' Zhang Xuan thought.

There were seventy-two flaws on the Copper Hammer recorded in the Library of Heaven's Path, and if he were to jot down all of them, he would surely die of fatigue. Since he had written down its name, origin, and two to three of its flaws, it should be sufficient for a pass!

Putting down his brush, Zhang Xuan turned his gaze away from the Copper Hammer to wait for the arrival of the next artifact when 'hu!', the heavy lump of metal suddenly flew from the stream and landed right before him.

"What's going on?"

Zhang Xuan blinked in shock.

Why is a hammer like you jumping right in front of me instead of lying obediently on the tree leaf?

Just so you know, I'm not a female hammer!

"Forget it..."

Zhang Xuan was unable to comprehend the situation before him. However, since the previous tree leaf had already floated away and the next artifact was slowly flowing down, Zhang Xuan shook his head and turned his attention away.

Placed on top of the second tree leaf was a painting. It was emitting a faint glow.

The spiritual energy in the surroundings were automatically attracted to the painting, and incredibly realistic birds flew into the air, dancing with liveliness.

"It's at least a fifth level painting!"

As a 3-star painter, Zhang Xuan still possessed some understanding of painting. Even though the artifact was still a far distance away from him, he could already see what was incredible about it. At the very least, its grade was no lower than the fifth level.

He activated his Eye of Insight.

However, just like the Copper Hammer, he wasn't able to tell anything at all. In other words, the painting's value had surpassed the ability of his Eye of Insight.

Soon, the leaf reached his surroundings, allowing him to catch a clearer glimpse of the painting.

The painting was exquisite, but there was no signature left behind, making it impossible to determine whose work it was.

The birds flying above the painting also looked extremely foreign. Of all of the savage beasts that Zhang Xuan learned about from beast taming books, there was none that fits the shape.

In other words, not only was there no name for the painting, it was even impossible to determine what those birds were.

It was no wonder why so many appraisers before were unable to identify it.


Upon coming into contact with the painting, Zhang Xuan began moving his brush excitedly.


"Teacher, after the Spirit Euphoria, it's highly likely that the artifact will automatically acknowledge Zhang Xuan as its owner. If so, on top of paying the five thousand spirit stones, that artifact will also have to..."

Upon recalling something, Liu Chang hurried over to Hall Master Sai and brought up the matter.

Artifacts possessing spirit were able to choose their owner as they pleased. In other words, through this Harmonious Stream of Flowing Goblets, not only did Zhang Xuan earn five thousand spirit stones from clearing the trial and three thousand spirit stones from winning the wager against Elder Chen, perhaps... he would be taking away the equipment as well.

What in the world was this!

When other people challenged the Harmonious Stream of Flowing Goblets, they ended up paying a hundred spirit stones. On the other hand, not only did this fellow earn a huge profit, he even managed to steal away the various treasures in it...

The Appraiser Hall was truly making a huge loss this time around.

"Artifacts have their own spirit, and they are allowed to choose their owners. Even though these artifacts have been with our Appraiser Hall for many years, no one has been able to identify them. Now that someone is able to point out their identity and origin, it's only natural for them to be excited and want to acknowledge the person as their master. There's nothing we can do about this!"

Hall Master Sai had also considered this matter, and he shook his head helplessly.

Every single treasure in the Appraiser Hall was incomparably valuable, and if possible, he didn't wish for any of them to get out. However, since the other party had earned the acknowledgement of the spirit of the weapon, there was nothing he could do.

Seeing that his teacher was helpless toward this situation as well, Liu Chang asked worriedly, "Then... What if this happens to the artifacts later on as well?"

"Hehe, don't worry! The first artifact is an equipment so blacksmiths or those who possess a natural affinity toward equipment would be able to win its acknowledgement easily. However, it'll be different for the artifacts behind. There are antiques, paintings, as well as medicinal herbs... It'll be impossible for him to identify all of those treasures. Besides, even if he does, it'll be extremely difficult for him to earn the acknowledgement of their spirit. It wouldn't be a joke to say that it is practically impossible!"

Hall Master Sai smiled lightly, "There's no need to worry so much."

"That's true!"

Liu Chang was taken aback for a moment before recovering. Nodding his head, he was just about to say something when the spiritual energy before him suddenly rippled intensely and gushed straight through the closed doors.

Following which, everyone's eyes blurred for a moment, and countless birds formed by spiritual energy danced and chirped in the air.

"The Call of the Spirit, Acknowledgement of the Painting? This is a masterpiece painting acknowledging its owner?"

Hall Master Sai's vision went dark.



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