Chapter 464: Let Me Give It a Try

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Even though Zhao Ya found herself desiring this sword greatly, she knew that the reason why her teacher came to Honghai City was to obtain the Soulless Metal Humanoid. If he were to lack the funds to purchase it due to buying this sword for her, he would definitely regret it for life.

Knowing Zhao Ya's thoughts, Zhang Xuan said, "It's sufficient that you like it. If we end up having insufficient spirit stones, we can just find some other ways!"

It wasn't easy to come by an equipment that was compatible with one, and as such, Zhang Xuan didn't purchase many items for his students. Since he had managed to stumble by one for Zhao Ya, he was determined to buy it for her.

"Find some other ways? What other ways are there now?" Zhao Ya was taken aback.

For this five thousand spirit stones, her teacher had gone to the extent of nearly tearing down entire Appraiser Hall. Where else could he obtain even more spirit stones?

After all, he couldn't possibly tear down this auction hall.


Chuckling softly, Zhang Xuan gestured to Sun Qiang and said, "Get the one in charge of the auction over here!"


Sun Qiang blinked his eyes in incomprehension.

Even so, since the young master had issued such an instruction, he must have his own purpose. Thus, he immediately left to get the person over.

Zhao Ya and the others stared at one another in confusion... Did their teacher really intend to tear down this auction hall?

Not too long later, Sun Qiang brought a middle-aged man back with him.

Logically speaking, given the middle-aged man's standing, he wouldn't allow himself to be summoned by just anyone so easily. However, this was Hall Master Sai's suite so he had no choice but to comply.

"Hall Master Sai!"

Upon walking into the room, the middle-aged man immediately turned his sight onto the elder.

"Manager Luo, you're here. Allow me to make the introductions, this is Zhang shi!"

Hall Master Sai chuckled. "Zhang shi, this is Manager Luo Qin. He's in charge of the matters regarding the auction, and if you've any problems, feel free to approach him!"

"Zhang shi?"

Only then did Luo Qin notice that a youngster was seated right beside Hall Master Sai, and on top of that, his disposition didn't pale in comparison to Hall Master Sai. Clearly, he was of esteemed standing as well.

"May I know the reason why Zhang shi is looking for me?"

Stepping forward, Luo Qin clasped his fists and smiled.

"Oh, I would like to add an additional item into the auction!" Zhang Xuan said.

"Add an additional item?"

Luo Qin was taken aback for a moment before a look of difficulty appeared on his face, "This... the auction has already started, and I'm afraid that it's too late to add anything in..."

To only bring up the matter now, you must be pulling my leg!

Besides, who knows whether the object you are adding in is valuable or not. If it turns out to be fake, won't the reputation of the auction be destroyed?

"Don't be in such a hurry to deny it. Why don't you take a look first before making up your mind?"

Anticipating the other party's response, Zhang Xuan smiled nonchalantly. He waved his hands to interrupt the other party.

"Alright then!"

He didn't think that Zhang Xuan would offer anything that would interest him, but considering how the other party was a Hall Master Sai's guest, and Hall Master Sai even went to the extent of addressing him as 'shi', the other party's standing must be rather high. Thus, Luo Qin nodded his head.

Hall Master Sai also turned his gaze over. He was curious to see what this young man could take out.

Logically speaking, if he had any treasure, he would have brought it up already. He wouldn't have to go through the trouble with the Harmonious Stream of Flowing Goblets.


Before everyone's intrigued gazes, the young man took out an item. Upon seeing the appearance of the item clearly, Hall Master Sai's body shook and he nearly coughed blood.

What was in the young man's hand was a painting. It was the second artifact of the Harmonious Stream of Flowing Goblets.

"It's this. Is it possible for you to put it into the auction as well?" Zhang Xuan asked.

The most valuable objects on him were naturally the treasures he received from the Harmonious Stream of Flowing Goblets.

Given how those artifacts were able to the trial for the 5-star appraiser examination, they must be of great value. Purchasing one or two swords with the sum earned from these artifacts shouldn't be too difficult.

This was the reason why Zhang Xuan could remain calm even though he knew that the money he had on him was probably insufficient to take down the Soulless Metal Humanoid.

"Zhang shi, this artifact... is incomparably valuable. I think you should just keep in instead..."

Hall Master Sai chuckled awkwardly as his heart bled profusely.

That was a treasure belonging to their Appraiser Hall...

It is one thing that the artifact to acknowledge and follow a new owner, but for you to sell it off at the very next moment... What the heck is this!

"If you think that it's a pity to see it sold... Hall Master Sai can buy it back! After all, we're friends. I won't demand too much; 5000 spirit stones will do..." Zhang Xuan chuckled.

"Cough cough..." Hall Master Sai's face turned red and he choked on his saliva. Eventually, he shook his head helplessly and said, "Alright, you should continue on with whatever you're intending to do..."

He couldn't even take out three thousand spirit stones at the moment, how in the world could he afford to buy this painting?

Even though he was unwilling to see the treasures of the Appraiser Hall being leaked out, there was nothing he could do.

"If you doubt the authenticity of this artifact, you can feel free to have Hall Master Sai appraise it!" Having received Hall Master Sai's approval, Zhang Xuan turned to Luo Qin and said.

"There's no need to appraise it, this painting is definitely real. I can tell so much..." Unrolling the painting and taking a glance at it, Luo Qin nodded his head.

As a manager of an auction hall, his appraising ability was above average as well. Otherwise, it would be embarrassing if he couldn't even identify a real treasure when it was placed before him.

The painting before him had a profound aura to it and concentrated spiritual energy was gathered around it. The birds in the painting felt as though they would soar out at any moment. Even a fool could tell that this was a valuable masterpiece.

"Alright, take it to the auction then! It'll be best if it can fetch 5000 spirit stones." Since the other party could recognize the value of the painting, Zhang Xuan could save the hassle of explaining. Thus, he dived straight into the matter.


Upon hearing the other party's words, Luo Qin hesitated for a moment before saying, "Zhang shi, even though this painting is of extremely high grade, selling it for 5000 spirit stones... would be impossible!"

"Oh? Then how much can it fetch?" Perplexed, Zhang Xuan asked.

He wasn't too sure of the prices of artifacts, especially in terms of spirit stones. He thought that since this artifact was found in the Harmonious Stream of Flowing Goblets, it should be an incredible treasure. Thus, its value should exceed at least five thousand... But yet, this fellow said that it was impossible.

What was going on?

"At the very most... It can only fetch 500 spirit stones!" Luo Qin's face reddened.


Zhang Xuan frowned in displeasure. "This painting came from the hands of a 5-star painter, and it also possesses a spirit. Not only can it absorb spiritual energy from the air to nourish itself, it also contains the essence of the world that is valuable to cultivators. Even Transcendent Mortal 4-dan experts would benefit greatly from looking at it for extended periods of time, so... how could it be worth only 500 spirit stones?"

After the verification from the Library of Heaven's Path, Zhang Xuan could tell that it was authentic, and it was a treasure left behind by a 5-star painter. The grade of the painting had reached the sixth level pinnacle, and it was just a step off from the legendary seventh level.

Yet, it was only worth 500? You must be kidding me!

"Indeed! Who do you think you are fooling? How can such a great painting be worth only that much money?" Sun Qiang and the others also found the matter hard to believe.

"Zhang shi, calm down. Listen to my explanation first!"

Luo Qin hurriedly bowed and explained awkwardly, "The painting is exquisite and majestic, and it clearly carries the disposition fitting of a great painter. However... it doesn't have a name, and it isn't signed off either. This causes the value of the painting to drop tremendously. In truth, the art industry is somewhat similar to the antique industry. What that determines the value of an artwork isn't really the quality of the painting itself but the reputation of the artist. If this painting was created by a famous painter of the Myriad Kingdom Alliance, it can easily fetch 5000 spirit stones... But under the current circumstances, even 500 is a positive estimate!"

Upon hearing the explanation, Zhang Xuan was taken aback. He immediately turned to Hall Master Sai, only to see the latter nodding his head.

"There's such a matter as well?" Zhang Xuan fell speechless.

Thinking about it, it did make sense.

After all, paintings weren't like weapons or medicinal treasures. The latter was truly beneficial to a person's cultivation whereas the former was more of a personal interest and hobby or an individual. If it wasn't the work of a famous painter, the collection value of the work would immediately plummet.

"This painting is the work of a 5-star Grandmaster Painter Wu Xuanzi from eight hundred years ago. Is he not considered as a famous painter?" Zhang Xuan asked.

"Wu Xuanzi? Of course he's considered as a famous painter. In fact, he's the very first 5-star beast tamer of the Myriad Kingdom Alliance. If this is truly his work, it'll be worth more than 500 spirit stones. Just that... even though he possesses a great reputation, he didn't live in the Myriad Kingdom Alliance for too long, and he left behind very few works as well..." Luo Qin froze for a moment before asking, "How can you prove that this painting is his?"

Wu Xuanzi was an unparalleled figure in the Myriad Kingdom Alliance eight hundred years ago. Despite not having reached two hundred, he had already brought his art of beast taming and painting up to 5-star.

However, it was a pity that he left behind too few works in the world. Most appraisers couldn't discern his handwriting or his habits, and as such, it was difficult to determine whether this painting was a work of his or not.


Zhang Xuan was stumped.

He only knew of the origin of the painting via the Library of Heaven's Path, but... how in the world was he supposed to prove this fact to others?

Wu Xuanzi didn't leave behind many works so it was hard to draw a comparison between his works. Otherwise, this painting wouldn't have remained unidentified for so long a period of time in the Appraiser Hall.

"Unless... a formidable painter bestows a name upon this painting. Even if the painter's reputation isn't as striking as Wu Xuanzi, as long as they're around the same level and the name he bestows bring out the true disposition of the painting, the title should be recognized by the spirit of the painting and the value of it will immediately increase by several folds... But even so, it'll probably only fetch around two thousand spirit stones at best!" Luo Qin said.

"Name? Brings out the true disposition of the painting?"

"Un. Bestowing a name to a completed painting isn't a simple matter. Everyone has different thoughts, and there could many multiple interpretations to a single painting. If one's line of thoughts differs from the original painter by even the slightest, one would be unable to earn the acknowledgement of the spirit of the painting! If so, not only would the value of the painting not increase, it'll even cause a fall in the artistic conception of the original painting, thus resulting in a massive plummet in its value!"

Luo Qin explained. "Thus, the only way is to first understand the background of the painter to attempt to get into his line of thoughts. Only then can one come up with a name that could bring out the true disposition of the painting and boost its value. Otherwise..."

Even though Luo Qin didn't finish his words, the meaning he wished to convey was clear.

Ten thousand people viewing a single painting would generate ten thousand different thoughts.

To fathom the thoughts of another, how difficult a task it was! In fact, it wouldn't be wrong to say that it was nearly impossible!

"You're saying that... if one could emulate the original author's understanding of the painting and bestow a fitting name to the painting, there's a chance that it could bring out its true disposition?" Zhang Xuan asked.

"That's right... If one understands the thoughts of the original painter, meaning Wu Xuanzi's thoughts, and write them down on the painting, it'll definitely allow the value of the painting to soar. However, putting aside how it's impossible to verify whether it's a painting left behind by Wu Xuanzi or not, even if it is his work, he is well-known for keeping a low profile. As such, his background, the condition, and state he is in when he paints are completely unknown to others... And to make things worse, this painting is extremely bizarre as well. It's difficult to even identify the species of the birds in the painting... To fathom the painter's thoughts on top of that, it is impossible!"

Luo Qin shook his head.

Even though he had only taken a look, based on his many years of experience, he could tell that it was impossible to fathom Wu Xuanzi's thoughts.


After hearing Luo Qin's explanation, Zhang Xuan was taken aback. Then, a smile slowly crept onto his face.

"Since bestowing a name will boost the value of this painting...

"Let me give it a try!"



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