"21... 4-star Tutelage Jade Token? In terms of spirit stones, that will be 21,000 spirit stones! What a generous offer!"

"Incredible! Tutelage Jade Tokens are incomparably valuable, especially those belonging to 4-star master teachers. Even though the price is publicly known to be 1000 spirit stones per token, the price in the black market has already reached up to 1200. 21 of those would mean a hulking sum of around 25,000!"

"Seems like no one will be able to top that price..."


Upon hearing the offer, the auction hall flew into an uproar.

In truth, the most common currency on the continent wasn't spirit stones but Tutelage Jade Tokens.

A 4-star Tutelage Jade Token could be traded for a hundred 3-star Tutelage Jade Token; a 3-star Tutelage Jade Token could be traded for a hundred 2-star Tutelage Jade Token... So on and so forth. And with ten spirit stones, one could buy one 3-star Tutelage Jade Token.

Thus, going by the proportions, a 4-star Tutelage Jade Token was worth 1000 spirit stones, and on top of that... they weren't readily available.

One must know that of the entire Myriad Kingdom Alliance, there were only ten or so 4-star master teachers. On the other hand, there were billions of cultivators... Considering the proportion of the two, one could imagine how lacking the resource was.

Usually, if a cultivator were to obtain a 4-star Tutelage Jade Token, they would use it for themselves. Thus, it was hard to find one even in the black markets. Yet, that person in the suite actually offered 21 of those tokens just to buy a single painting. This incomparably generous act made everyone felt frenzied.


Hall Master Sai's eyebrows twitched as well.

Even those of his cultivation would benefit greatly from the guidance of a 4-star master teacher.

The value of 21 4-star Tutelage Jade Token clearly exceeded that of 20,000 spirit stones by way too much.

Just as Hall Master Sai was about to turn to the young man to congratulate him on his massive profit he had just earned, the other party's complexion darkened and he cursed out loud.

"The heck!"

At this moment, Zhang Xuan was undergoing a breakdown within.

The reason why he took this painting out was so that he could earn more spirit stones to buy the Soulless Metal Humanoid, as well as to fuel his future cultivation.

He was just delighted by the windfall of 20,000 spirit stones when that fellow wrecked his dreams.

21 4-star Tutelage Jade Tokens...

Why in the world would I want your Tutelage Jade Tokens?

Even the lesson of a 6-star master teacher would be useless to me!

No matter how formidable a master teacher was, even if it were Empyrean Kong shi himself, they couldn't guarantee that the contents of his lesson would be entirely correct. However, the Library of Heaven's Path could!

As long as a something written had no errors or flaws, it must be correct.

As long as he had this with him, there was no master teacher, no matter how formidable he was, who was qualified to become his teacher?

That fellow actually hoped to purchase his painting using this toy? Zhang Xuan felt so stifled that he was about to explode.

What that left him even more speechless were the countless gazes of envy from the surroundings... Envious your head!

Zhang Xuan was on the verge of crying.

"Zhang shi, those are 4-star Tutelage Grade Tokens! Countless people dream of it, you..."

Seeing Zhang Xuan's reaction, Hall Master Sai was perplexed.

Everyone wanted to get their hands on some Tutelage Jade Tokens; even low ranked master teachers hoped to receive the guidance of higher ranked master teachers. Yet, this Zhang shi... Why did he seem so unhappy?

Wasn't it something to be overjoyed about?

Suppressing his dismal, Zhang Xuan said, "Hall Master Sai, I'll have to trouble you to send a message to Elder Chen to say that... I don't need the Tutelage Jade Token. I only want spirit stones!"

"You only want spirit stones?"

Hall Master Sai was taken aback.

Indeed, the actions of a genius couldn't be understood by mortals such as him...

"Un!" Zhang Xuan nodded.

"Alright then!"

Seeing the other party insist on it, Hall Master Sai could only agree to the matter.


"21 4-star Tutelage Jade Token, let's see who else can compete with me!"

Seeing the uproar in the hall right after his bid was announced, the young man's mouths crept upward.

Master teacher was a lucrative occupation, and this Tutelage Jade Token was the main reason behind it.

But of course, this token couldn't be given out as one pleased. There was a limit to how much Tutelage Jade Token a master teacher of a certain rank could distribute each year, and this was regulated by the Master Teacher Pavilion. If one's quota exceeded the limit in the first year, he would have to cut down on the next year.

After all, master teachers couldn't possibly spend all of their time conducting lessons. They had to cultivate too, and there were many other things they had to attend to as well.

To give out 21 Tutelage Jade Token at a single go, that was nearly half a year of lessons for him!

"21 4-star Tutelage Jade Token, is there anyone who can offer a higher bid? If not, this painting will be going to the friend in Suite 23..."

Elder Chen was clearly stunned by this sudden generous offer as well. However, after a moment of daze, he hurriedly recovered and continued on. However, just as he was about to declare the results, he suddenly heard something and his body froze.

Then, with a bizarre face, he shouted, "Is there anyone who is offering a price above that of 20,000 spirit stones? If not, this painting will be going to the friend in Suite 14!"


The young man was just swelling in pride at having bought the painting when he heard those words, froze, and nearly keeled over.

What was going on?

"Our young master has just offered 21 4-star Tutelage Jade Token. Does that price not exceed 20,000 spirit stones?" The elder couldn't help but ask. "If that's insufficient, we can still raise the stakes!"

"Oh, that friend over there, I apologize but the seller has just told me that he's only accepting spirit stones!" Elder Chen replied.

"Only accepting spirit stones?"

The young man felt his head spin.

There was actually such a foolish person in the world?

With so many Tutelage Jade Tokens, not only could one from a 4-star master teacher, one could befriend him as well. Yet, this fellow actually turned it down... and went for the cheaper spirit stones instead?

"That's right. Are there any higher bids? If not, this painting will be going to the friend in Suite 14!" Elder Chen continued.

The person in Suite 14 was a renowned painter. He thought that he would surely lose the bid given how the other competitor had offered so many Tutelage Jade Token. He didn't expect to make such a sudden comeback; he was overjoyed.


After confirming that there would be no one offering a higher price, the painting was eventually dealt at with a price of 20,000 spirit stones.

"Damn it, damn it!"

The young man's face steeled, and he was on the verge of going on a rampage.

4-star Tutelage Jade Tokens were goods that were highly desired but in short supply no matter where one went; yet, over here, he failed to trade them for the item he wanted. This made him infuriated.

"Go and check the identity and the background of the one who sold the painting!"

The young man instructed.

"Yes!" The elder walked out, and not too long later, he returned.

"Reporting to the young master, the painting is sold by the people within Suite 1. If I'm not mistaken, the seller seems to be a friend of the head of the Appraiser Hall, Hall Master Sai. As for his identity, I wasn't able to get any information on that at the moment!"

"Suite 1?"

Narrowing his eyes, the young man harrumphed.

"Young master, now that the painting is bought away by someone else, what should we do?" the elder asked.

"Let's put that aside for the moment and focus on obtaining the Soulless Metal Humanoid first!"

The young man was frustrated, but knowing that there was no helping it, he shook his hands.

Once the hammer was struck, no matter how prestigious his standing was, he couldn't reverse the decision.

If the seller insisted on dealing in spirit stones, then no matter how formidable he was, there was nothing he could do about it.

"Alright then!"

The elder also shook his head helplessly.


The auction continued on. After selling away the painting which had caused such a huge commotion, the Cold Yin Sword was put on sale again, and eventually, Zhang Xuan took it for a price of 700 spirit stones.

The artifacts that came afterward didn't cause as much of a storm as Zhang Xuan's painting.

Even though they were valuable, they were incomparable to a seventh level painting.

On top of the Cold Yin Sword, Zhang Xuan bought another two artifacts—a spear for Zheng Yang and a body plate for Yuan Tao.

The total price of the two objects was around a thousand spirit stones so it was still within an acceptable price range.

As for Liu Yang and Wang Ying, as there was nothing suitable in the auction, Zhang Xuan wasn't able to buy anything for them.

"Now, the final object of the auction, as well as the one everyone has been anticipating for, the Soulless Metal Humanoid!"

As Elder Chen spoke, a stone pedestal slowly rose, and a figure seemingly crafted of gold donning a full body armor appeared before the crowd.

Zhang Xuan turned his gaze over as well.

It was indeed no different from a human; the only difference was that a huge quantity of metal had been added into the body, enhancing its defense.

Activating the Eye of Insight, Zhang Xuan soon shook his head in disappointment.

Clearly, this object was beyond his current analytical ability. He wasn't able to discern anything about it at all.

"This Soulless Metal Humanoid has undergone a collaborative appraisal by Hall Master Sai, Elder Lu, and myself, and we've confirmed that there's no mistake about it. This is the guard of the ancient soul oracles and it possesses unimaginable value."

Elder Chen introduced. "However, I'm afraid that I am not in charge of this one. The owner of the Soulless Metal Humanoid has decided to sell it for himself. He intends to trade it for a treasure he needs... Let's invite the auctioneer up on stage then!"

Following which, an old man walked in from the back of the round stage.

This old man had a white beard, his skin was slightly loose, and he carried a slightly archaic aura with him. With just a glance, it was clear that he was advanced in age.


Activating the Eye of Insight, Zhang Xuan took a glance at the old man and he immediately frowned.

Even though the old man's cultivation seemed to have reached Transcendent Mortal 2-dan pinnacle already, for some reason, Zhang Xuan was still able to discern some things about him via the Eye of Insight.

Under normal circumstances, the Eye of Insight should only work on those of a small cultivation realm above him. Given that Zhang Xuan was current at Half-Transcension realm, he should only be able to peer into the flaws of a Transcendent Mortal 1-dan primary stage cultivator.

But for some reason... He was able to see some problems from the other party. This was extremely peculiar.

"That is the person who discovered the Soulless Metal Humanoid?"

"It seems so. Who knows what kind of luck he has to stumble by it. Once he sells it, his wealth will surely increase by leaps and bounds!"

"Indeed, why do I not possess such luck..."


Upon realizing that it was a decrepit old man who'd found the Soulless Metal Humanoid, a commotion broke out amidst the crowd.

"Everyone, please calm down. Since everyone is interested in buying this object, let's listen to what he intends to exchange it for. Regardless of whether it is on your own or with your clan, as long as you can produce the item he needs within a single day, you can feel free to make an offer!" Elder Chen said.


Upon hearing that the conditions for participating was so lax, everyone was overjoyed.

Initially, just like Hall Master Sai, they thought that the other party would be trading it for spirit stones. Thus, they brought a huge fortune out with them. Yet, the owner was actually intending to trade it for another object. This had caught them off guard.

However, upon hearing that they would be given time to prepare whatever that was needed, they regained their spirit.

Who of those who could participate in this auction didn't belong to an influential power?

As long as the other party could name out the treasure, they were confident that even if they couldn't find it, they could at least find some news on it.

Stepping forward, the old man said, "It is very simple. Everyone here can feel free to offer anything that you can produce within a single day, and if it satisfies me, I'll make the trade immediately!"



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