Chapter 480: Perfect Harmony, Absence of Ripples

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"Give you... a moment?"

Guild Leader Zheng's body swayed from side to side.

Why did it feel like this fellow didn't understand human speech?

I asked whether you are a formation master and yet you replied with 'give me a moment'...

What does that mean?

Do you mean that you aren't one now, and a moment later you'll be one?

Aren't you just pulling my leg?

All of the Upper Nine Paths occupation required one to put in immense effort before one could qualify as a member. Even a genius would require several years of perseverance to succeed.

Yet, this ignorant fellow actually said give him a moment...

Give you a moment for what? For you to embarrass yourself?

Besides... Closing your eyes?

Close your head! What the hell are you up to?

Guild Leader Zheng's face twitched. If not for the fact that the other party was a 5-star appraiser, he would have surely kicked the other party out already.

"Old Zheng, I think you'd better prepare the set of formation flags and the core!"

Seeing that his old friend was coming to the limit of his tolerance, Hall Master Sai stepped forward and advised.


"Indeed. If Zhang shi said so, he must have a plan in mind. Besides, it wouldn't be too much effort to prepare a set!" Hall Master Sai replied.

He didn't know where did Zhang shi's confidence come from, but after witnessing the various miracles the other party had produced, his trust for the other party had nearly reached an unconditional level.

This was a person who could even teach a 4-star master teacher. Somehow, Hall Master Sai didn't think that it would be surprising if he learned about formations on the spot and succeeded.

"Alright, I'll believe you this time! Xiaowu, take out the formation flag and core for the Spirit Gathering Formation you have been using to practice over the past few days!"

Seeing the deep trust his old friend had in this young man, Guild Leader Zheng shook his hands in frustration.

"Yes!" The young man flicked his wrist and a bunch of objects appeared on the floor.

Formations were built using formation flag and formation core.

These two were crafted using unique materials. There were differing attributes to them depending on the formation they were used for.

Xiaowu was a 2-star formation master and recently, he had been practicing a graded-2 Spirit Gathering Formation. Thus, he had been keeping a set of it in his storage ring.

After the various objects were taken out, the crowd turned to that fellow, only to see that his eyes were still tightly shut. It was hard to tell what he was doing.

"Could it be that... Zhang shi intends to learn about formation on the spot? But even if he were to learn it right now... he should at least be browsing through books or consulting a teacher. To be standing blankly on the spot, what is he up to?"

Hall Master Sai was perplexed.

The study of formations involved innumerable profound secrets. Thus, it was imperative for one to find a formidable teacher to learn about the basic properties of geography, five elements, yin-yang. This was the first time he had seen someone learning by standing idly with a dazed expression.

But if he wasn't studying, what else could he be doing?

Everyone was perplexed.

In truth, it was exactly as everyone was thinking. Zhang Xuan was studying formations.

Previously, he had gathered quite a few books on formations in the Library of Heaven's Path. However, he hadn't organized and read through them yet.

At this moment, with his attention immersed within the Library of Heaven's Path, all of the books regarding formation floated before him.


With a silent mutter, a book with the words 'Heaven's Path Formation Art' appeared before him. He quickly flipped it open.

A vast sea of knowledge came gushing into Zhang Xuan's mind.

"Since I've already assimilated these knowledge, I'm only reorganizing them at this moment. Thus, it's much simpler and more efficient..."

Previously, back when he was in Tianwu Kingdom, he had used the golden page to assimilate the knowledge of formations, pill forging, medicine... contained within the books he duplicated into the Library of Heaven's Path. Even though he had never gone through them before, the knowledge was already imprinted in his head.

With this serving as a foundation, learning the Heaven's Path Formation Art became extremely easy.

Knowledge flowed through his mind, and in just ten breaths, he had already mastered it.

If it was an occupation he was completely ignorant about, it would have taken at least two hours. But with a strong foundation built from the prior knowledge obtained through assimilation, all he had to do was to do was to reorganize the information.


Opening his eyes, Zhang Xuan turned to the crowd.

"Are the formation flag and core here already? Do I set up the formation here?"

"Cough cough..."

Guild Leader Zheng was just waiting to see what intentions the other party had when the other party suddenly opened his eyes and said such words.

Just a moment ago, he was still completely ignorant about formations... And after shutting his eyes for a moment, he wanted to try his hand on setting up a formation already... Fine! I would like to see what kind of formation you set up!

"Since you think you're ready, you can just set it up here!"

Suppressing his rage, Guild Leader Zheng flung his sleeves and harrumphed.


Nodding his head, Zhang Xuan walked over to grab the formation flag and core.

Seeing his actions, putting aside Guild Leader Zheng, even Xiaowu's face was streaked with dark lines.

The very first step one should do before setting up a formation was to study the surroundings and measure the positioning of the formation. Through this, one would be able to tap into the natural flow to generate energy for the formation. Only then would one set up the formation accordingly to gather that energy. This fellow didn't even bother taking out his compass to make measurements. The first thing he did was to dive straight at the formation flag, as though a glutton seeing a pile of meat... You call this setting up a formation?

You must be kidding!

Even pigs would be able to fly if you can set up a formation like that.

"Hall Master Sai, what kind of person... did you bring here this time?"

Harrumphing angrily, Hall Master Zheng sent a message to the Hall Master Sai telepathically.

"Zhang shi... is a truly formidable person!" Hall Master Sai replied with a slightly reddened face.

He had only been in contact with this Zhang shi for a few days. From the first time they met at the First Class Pavilion, the other party had barged through the Harmonious Stream of Flowing Goblets and nearly tore down the entire Appraiser Hall through that... he even managed to solve the issue of a possession by a soul oracle! Such a talented person shouldn't do something he was unconfident in. Why did he simply seem so unreliable at this moment?

He knew that there were three things one had to do before setting up a formation. Firstly, one had to take out a compass to measure the magnetic field and the concentration of spiritual energy in the air. Next, one had to measure the size of the formation and deduce the various problems that could occur when the formation fused in with the surroundings so as to make precautions beforehand. Finally, one would calculate the specific locations which the formation core and flags had to be placed at before proceeding on to set up the formation.

Putting aside 1-star and 2-star formation master, even his old friend, the guild leader, had to spend a significant amount of time preparing beforehand. Without an hour or two of preparation, it would be impossible for him to set up a formation successfully.

Furthermore, this was only for the most basic formations. For those that spanned over several hundred meters or even several thousand meters would take at least several years of conception and deduction before there was a possibility of success.

Yet, this fellow... without a compass, without any deduction process, and without examining the grounds, went straight for the formation flag and core...

He was taking this way too lightly!

"Formidable? You call this formidable? Hmph, I don't care whether he is a 5-star appraiser or not. Later, when he fails, take him away. Our Formation Master Guild doesn't welcome such a frivolous person!"

Guild Leader Zheng harrumphed.

"This..." Hall Master Sai was placed in an awkward position. Just as he was about to speak in Zhang shi's stead to salvage his reputation, the voice of the latter echoed.


"Done? What's done?"

Taken aback, the duo quickly turned their heads over.

The formation flag and core that Zhang Xuan just picked out had been tossed out, and it stabbed upright into the ground not too far away. It was arranged in a very unique position within a circular radius of six to seven-meter.

"Didn't you ask for a Spirit Gathering Formation? I've set up one for you!" Zhang Xuan said.

"Set up one? This is a Spirit Gathering Formation?"

Hall Master Sai looked at the layout before him with a dazed expression.

The positioning of the formation flag and core did resemble a Spirit Gathering Formation...

But he didn't understand too much about formations so he couldn't make a clear judgement. As such, he quickly turned his eyes to Guild Leader Zheng.

"You might have gotten the shape but the intent is lacking! You call this a formation?" Flinging his sleeves, Guild Leader Zheng's eyebrows shot up.

Seeing the other party flying into a rage, Hall Master Sai asked, "Why? Is there a mistake with what Zhang shi set up?"

"Xiaowu, come and give me your evaluation of this formation!"

Instead of replying, Guild Leader Zheng placed his hands behind his back and harrumphed.

"Yes!" The young man, Xiaowu, walked forward.

"The position of the formation core and flag are correct. However... a formation doesn't work just by following the layout in the blueprint strictly. More importantly, it has to be capable of stimulating the spiritual energy in the environment!"

Xiaowu analyzed confidently.

"Stimulating the spiritual energy in the environment?"

"That's right!" Flicking his wrist, Xiaowu took out a compass. With that object in hand, his disposition immediately changed. It was a just a moment ago that he seemed like a mere follower but at this instant, he carried the airs of a true formation master.

"Look at what he has set up. There isn't even the slightest disturbance in the spiritual energy in the air at all. In other words, the formation flags aren't placed in the most accurate positions to complement the environment. Naturally, his formation doesn't hold any power at all, and this is what we call... an ineffectual formation!"

"Ineffectual formation?"

"Un. Since it's a Spirit Gathering Formation, it should gather the spiritual energy in the air as soon as it is laid out. The spiritual energy in the air should be drawn in as though a typhoon in the water and gather in this region. But this... the spiritual energy is showing no signs of gathering at all. In other words, he has only emulated the shape of the formation in the blueprint instead of setting up a formation!" Xiaowu said.

Positioning the formation correctly didn't equate to setting up a formation. Even though it sounded extremely profound and complex, this was actually basic knowledge that all formation masters, even if one was an apprentice, would know.

It was just like how an apothecary wouldn't necessarily form a pill even if they were to follow the sequence recorded in a pill formula perfectly.

A formation blueprint was just a fixed arrangement. For a formation to work, one had to align it with the environment.

"Well-said! Alright, Zhang shi, in consideration that you're Hall Master Sai's friend, I will overlook this farce; you should leave!" Hearing his student's analysis, Guild Leader Zheng could tell that he had improved significantly during this period of time and he nodded his head in satisfaction.

"Farce? How is this a farce?"

Zhang Xuan didn't expect the formation that he had set up with such great effort would be considered as a farce.

"Your formation failed to draw in spiritual energy from the surroundings. Shouldn't this be sufficient to show that your formation is nothing but a farce?" Seeing that the other party refuse to accept his own failure, Guild Leader Zheng was displeased.

"Oh... You mean this. I was afraid that you can't see it properly so I stopped the formation for the time being!"

Zhang Xuan thought that the other party was referring to something else so he shook his head. Then, he stomped his foot on the ground.


A ripple slowly spread out from his feet, striking the formation not too far away. Then, with a slight buzz, the entire formation was immediately shrouded with spiritual energy.


The surrounding spiritual energy gathered toward the center of the formation as though pulled in by a hurricane, leaving a sharp pain as it brushed by the faces of the group.


It was just a moment ago that Xiaowu was gleefully pointing out the other party's errors. Upon seeing this sight, he was shocked to the point that his lower jaw was about to fall to the ground.

"This is... [Perfect Harmony, Absence of Ripples]. Even though it doesn't disturb the environment, it causes a huge uproar when activated... a perfect formation? H-how is this possible?"

Guild Leader Zheng shrieked hoarsely.

He stared at Zhang Xuan in shock, as though he was looking at a monster.



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