Chapter 493: Hall Master of the Beast Hall

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"I have to try even if I can't!"

The gray-robed man didn't retreat. Instead, he stepped forward and beckoned for the others. Then, all of a sudden, with a light metallic buzz, the few men charged forward simultaneously, and their weapons formed a net of swords headed straight toward Jin Conghai.

Their cultivation was far inferior to Jin Conghai but the powerful sword qi they were emitting felt indomitable.

"A collaborative formation?"

Jin Conghai frowned.

The movements of these men were complementing one another via the usage of a battle formation. Furthermore, from the looks of it, the formation didn't seem to be weak at all. Even with Jin Conghai's superior cultivation realm, he would probably be in for a difficult fight.

The main function of this kind of collaborative formation was to amplify the strength of a group to match up to a cultivator far stronger than them.

It was just like how Zhao Ya, Yuan Tao, and the others were not a match for Lu Xun individually back then, but through the use of a collaborative formation, they still managed to subdue the latter.

Of the six men, the strongest person, the gray-robed man, was only a Transcendent Mortal 3-dan and the rest were all Transcendent Mortal 2-dan. However, through the use of a formation, they could display strength several folds higher.

A wave of sword qi gushed straight at Jin Conghai.

Even when their opponent was a Transcendent Mortal 4-dan expert, they were still able to stand their ground.


Without the slightest fluster, Jin Conghai stomped his feet on the ground and charged forward.

Zhenqi gushed into his fingers as he compressed the surrounding air, deflecting the sword qi that were rushing at him.

This was the first time Zhang Xuan had seen a Transcendent Mortal 4-dan expert fighting at his full strength, and the battle was way beyond his expectations.

Every single one of Jin Conghai's move seemed to carry a unique order. His blows were heavy at a moment, light in the next, and the air in the surroundings seemed to move to complement his movements. Even though the other party's formation was profound and formidable, it wouldn't be easy for them to hurt him.

However, he was restricted by the six swords. It would be difficult for him to break out of it within a short period of time.

Admittedly, if he were to resort to his poison, he could subdue the other party immediately.

However, there wasn't an irreconcilable grudge between him and those men. Also, they weren't worthy of having him reveal his hand as well.

Peng peng peng!

Both sides clashed furiously with one another, but the shock wave was only confined to an area of several dozen meters. This revealed the precise control they had over their strength.

"Let me help you!"

Seeing that it would be impossible for the fight to end in the short run, Hall Master Sai was fearful that if they were to be stalled here for too long, the Demon Cinque Beast might be alarmed. Thus, bellowing deeply, he stepped into the battle as well.

His fighting prowess wasn't inferior to Jin Conghai in the least. With his entry, the collaborative sword formation immediately fell apart, and the six young men were jolted backward.

After several collisions, their swords were knocked away and they fell into a weak state.

Given their cultivation realm, it was impossible for them to face two 4-dan experts simultaneously.


Seeing that the six men were on the verge of defeat, Hall Master Sai and Jin Conghai prepared to advance forward to deal the final blow when Zhang Xuan suddenly shook his hands. "That's enough, we're all on the same side!"

Hearing those words, everyone was taken aback.

Could it be that Zhang shi knew the other party?

"On the same side?" The gray-robed man was perplexed, and he looked at Zhang Xuan with a bewildered glance.

"I am Beast Tamer Zhang Xuan!"

Ignoring the other party's attitude, Zhang Xuan stepped forward, flicked his wrist, and took out a beast tamer emblem. "If I'm not wrong, all of you are beast tamers as well, right?"

Upon seeing the emblem, the few men immediately heaved a sigh of relief. Flicking their wrists as well, they took out their emblems.

Just as Zhang Xuan had said, they were all beast tamers.

Frowning, Hall Master Sai asked, "You're all from the Beast Hall?"

Probably only the Beast Hall had the capability to dispatch six beast tamers of such strength simultaneously.

"Yes!" The gray-robed man nodded.

"I am Sai Xiaoyu from the Appraiser Hall. May I know if your hall master is Han Chong or Luo Ming?" Hall Master Sai asked.

"It's Hall Master Han Chong! Sai Xiaoyu... Ah, it's Hall Master Sai! Pardon me for my discourtesy..."

Hearing the name, the gray-robed man was taken aback for a moment before a figure appeared in his head and he immediately jolted in fear. He hurriedly clasped his fist and apologized.

There were two Beast Hall branches in the Myriad Kingdom Alliance, and their hall masters were Han Chong and Luo Ming respectively. On the other hand, there was only one Appraiser Hall, and it was located in Honghai City. Even though the cultivation of this Hall Master Sai might be inferior to their hall master, due to the vast connections of the Appraiser Hall, they were both of equal standing.

Given that the other party was of equivalent standing to their hall master, it wasn't a big deal to lose to him.

"Un, so you're Old Han's men. I am old buddies with your Hall Master Han."

Upon knowing the background of the few men before him, Hall Master Sai nodded his head. Then, with slight doubt in his eyes, he asked, "Your Beast Hall branch should be in the vicinity of the Myriad Kingdom City, what are you all doing here?"

The Beast Hall branch which Han Chong was the hall master of was located in the mountains near Myriad Kingdom City. The Nine Fold Mountains were several hundred thousand kilometers away from their base, what could they be doing here?

"Reporting to Hall Master Sai, our hall master is currently in the midst of taming the Demon Cinque Beast..." Knowing that the other party was an old buddy of their hall master, the gray-robed man decided not to hide the matter.

"Taming the Demon Cinque Beast? Didn't your hall master attempt it three years ago but it ended in failure?" Hall Master Sai was perplexed.

The one who led the twelve elders to surround the Demon Cinque three years ago but ended in failure was exactly this Hall Master Han Chong. Could it be that the other party was unwilling to give up and came here to attempt it once more?

"Ever since the failure three years ago, our hall master has been coming here whenever he finds time to interact with the Demon Cinque Beast... After such a long period of time of companionship, their relationship has grown rather intimate... Thus, he intends to give it his all to tame it today. In order to prevent anyone who interrupting him, he ordered us to guard this area and prevent any savage beasts or strangers in!" the gray-robed man replied.

Hall Master Sai nodded his head.

Zhang Xuan also finally understood the situation.

Unlike Zhang Xuan, ordinary beast tamers didn't possess Heaven's Path zhenqi, and they couldn't use it as a bait to convince a savage beast to submit to them. Thus, they could only rely on the fellowship built over a long period of time and win its goodwill to tame it.

Back then, when Mo Yu tamed the Viridescent Eagle, she also used all kinds of treasure to attract it before winning its goodwill.

Given Hall Master Han Chong's ability, three years was probably more than sufficient for him to earn great intimacy with the Demon Cinque Beast. Thus, gauging that it was about time, he decided to tame it in a single go.

Hearing that his old buddy was currently trying to tame spirit beast whose notoriety was known in the entirety of the alliance, Hall Master Sai hesitated for a moment before asking, "Can we go over to take a look? If he were to meet with trouble, we may be able to offer some assistance."

Beast taming was by no means an easy task. It wasn't too much if one could tame it, but failure could potentially unleash the wrath of the spirit beast onto one.

It was said that in the battle three years ago, Hall Master Chong was so severely injured that he had to recuperate on the bed for more than a month.

"Ah... Alright!" After a moment of contemplation, the gray-robed man finally nodded his head. "However, you all must be careful as well. The Demon Cinque Beast is arrogant and violent, make sure not to incur its ire!"

Given Hall Master Sai's esteemed standing, they were clearly not in the position to stop the other party. In any case, the beast taming hadn't started yet and the hall master and the other elders were still in the midst of the preparatory phase. Thus, the latter probably wouldn't blame him if he were to bring some men in.

"Rest assured, I am an old buddy of your hall master. I won't interfere in his affairs!" Hall Master Sai smiled.

It was beneath the dignity of an expert of Hall Master Sai's caliber to lie. Thus, the gray-robed nodded his head before turning to the other men and instructing, "The rest of you shall remain guard here. Don't allow any savage beasts or strangers to pass through!"

After which, he gestured forward and said, "Hall Master Sai, this way please."

The group followed along.

A short distance later, the lush mountain forest suddenly opened up. A waterfall flowed down from the mountain cliff, forming a lake of several hundred meters wide.

Not too far from the lake, an immense cavern could be seen. Outside the cavern stood a few elder, and they seemed to be waiting for something.

Upon hearing the footsteps, they turned around, and the elder standing at the direct center was just about to lash out when he caught sight of Hall Master Sai within the crowd and his eyes lit up, "Hall Master Sai, why are you here?"

"I just happened to be passing by. I was looking for some items when I was stopped by your men. From them, I learned that you intend to attempt taming the Demon Cinque Beast once more. Thus, I decided to come over to take a look," Hall Master Sai said.

The other party was the hall master of the Myriad Kingdom City Beast Hall, Han Chong!

"You also know of my condition. The competition between the two Beast Halls in the Myriad Kingdom Alliance is intense, and only one of the hall masters will obtain the opportunity to study at Huanyu Empire. If I don't tame a spirit beast that towered over the others, there's no guarantee I will get the slot..."

Hall Master Han Chong smiled bitterly.

The two Beast Halls in the Myriad Kingdom Alliance had always been competing with one another. For the opportunity to study at a higher tiered Beast Hall, the two hall masters had been clashing with one another both in the shadows and in the open for several years already.

There was nothing that could prove a beast tamer's capability more than taming a powerful spirit beast.

Thus, for the past three years, Hall Master Han had been trying to tame this Demon Cinque Beast to take the lead.

"That's true... I heard that you've been trying to get close with it for the past three years, how is the progress?" Hall Master Sai asked.

"There isn't much of a difference from before. The Demon Cinque Beast possesses the Dragon Bloodline, thus giving rise to its arrogant and solitary personality. If it could be tamed that easily, I wouldn't have to go through so much trouble! If not for Huanyu Empire's envoy coming in a few days' time, I wouldn't be in such a rush as to thrash it out today!"

Hall Master Han shook his head.

For a spirit beast of this tier, three years was still a little too short. However, Hall Master Han had no other choice. The envoy was about to arrive soon, and if he couldn't tame this fellow before then, he would be at a disadvantageous position as compared to Hall Master Han Ming.

And if he were to fail the selections, it would be impossible for him to become a 5-star beast tamer in his lifetime.

"Then the reason why you all are waiting here is..."

Since they had decided they were going to tame the Demon Cinque Beast, then where was the star of the show? Why would they be gathering here instead of looking for the Demon Cinque Beast?

"It's inside the cavern now. That fellow usually only heads out to hunt during noon. It's still a little too early so it's still sleeping!" Hall Master Han gestured to the cavern.


Hall Master Sai nodded his head.

"These are your juniors?"

After which, Hall Master Han turned to Zhang Xuan and the others and asked doubtfully.

"Cough cough!"

Upon hearing the other party ask if Zhang shi was his junior, Hall Master Sai immediately jolted in fear. He quickly tried to clarify the matter but Zhang Xuan beat him to it. "I am Zhang Xuan, Hall Master Sai's friend!"


Hall Master Han was taken aback.

As a 4-star appraiser, Hall Master Sai's standing wasn't beneath his in any way. Why would he become a friend with a lad who wasn't even twenty yet?

Perplexed, Hall Master Han asked, "May I know... what Brother Zhang's occupation is?"

"Reporting to the hall master, he's a 2-star beast tamer. I saw his emblem just a moment ago!"

Before Zhang Xuan could reply, the gray-robed man by the side interjected.

"2-star beast tamer?"

Hall Master Han's bizarre expression deepened.

There were many of beast tamers of such level in the Beast Hall. When did Hall Master Sai fall so low as to become friends with such a person?



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