Chapter 495: Fearmongering

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Hall Master Han felt dismal.

Over the past three years, regardless of what the other party wished for, he had definitely given his all to procuring it just to please the other party. All he wished was to earn the other party's gratitude so that the other party would consider their relationship when he tried to tame it...

Yet, this fellow forgot about their relationship as soon as a treasure appeared, and even went to the extent of snatching it...

The heck! Could he be any greedier than this?

If only he knew that the other party was so ungrateful, he would have never gone through so much trouble!

"Activate the formation!"

Judging from how the other party was ferociously charging at him, it probably didn't have any intention of stopping until it laid its claws on the middle-tier spirit stone. Knowing that this wasn't the time to get depressed, Hall Master Han bellowed.

Since the carrot didn't work... He could only utilize his final resort!

Forcing the other party to submit through violence!

This was the least preferable method due to the overwhelming strength of the Demon Cinque Beast. Even though the Beast Hall had the numerical advantage, capturing it alive was a terribly difficult task.

If not for such, Hall Master Han wouldn't have wasted his three years pleasing the other party.

While he was confident that he could convince the other party to submit through three years of relationship and the allure of profits, he still made preparations for the worst possible scenario... He had set up a formation here in advance in case something went wrong!

To think that he would really end up using it!


Nodding their heads, the elders dashed off in four different directions, and driving the zhenqi in their body to the maximum, they grabbed at the air before them.


At a distance several hundred meters in front of the crowd, a mist slowly drifted into appearance, catching the Demon Cinque Beast off guard. In its short moment of hesitation, the mist completely surrounded it.

"It's a Confinement Formation!"

Having learned the Heaven's Path Formation Art, even without utilizing the Library of Heaven's Path, Zhang Xuan's comprehension of formations was comparable to a 4-star pinnacle formation master.

"Iron Chain Confinement Formation!"

Recognizing it, Jin Conghai's eyes narrowed.

"That's right!" Zhang Xuan nodded in agreement.

Iron Chain Confinement Formation was a formation created by a 4-star pinnacle formation master more than a thousand year ago. It made use of the violent spiritual energy in the natural surroundings to form overlapping iron chains that bound lifeforms trapped within its area of effect. Even struggling free of the chains was a huge hurdle, needless to say, escaping from the formation.

A grade-4 pinnacle Confinement Formation!

Staring at the impressive formation before him, Zhang Xuan remarked, "It seems like Hall Master Han is truly determined to capture this fellow!"

A formation of this level couldn't be set up on a whim. A formation master had to study the geographical terrain in advance to determine the various hiding spots for the formation flag. Afterward, he had to hide the formation flags underground without leaving the slightest trace so as to not incur the suspicion of the Demon Cinque Beast...

Even for a 4-star pinnacle formation master, it was impossible to achieve this without several months of preparation.

"Indeed. If I'm not mistaken, in the past three years, on top of pleasing this large fellow, he has made a lot of various preparations beneath the surface as well."

Hall Master Sai smiled bitterly.

Given the duration of time required to set up the formation and that the assistance of a 4-star pinnacle formation master was required, it seemed like his old buddy was determined to make this operation a success.

It was probably after he suffered a setback three years ago that he thought of this idea. On the surface, he did his best to please the Demon Cinque Beast, but in the shadows, he secretly hired others to set up this formation in case things didn't go as planned.

Zhang Xuan shrugged.

"It's perfectly normal for him to do this. A beast tamer must always consider the possibility of failure. If he couldn't do this much, he couldn't have possibly become a 4-star beast tamer!"

Not even high-rank beast tamers could guarantee their taming to be successful every single time, especially when dealing with a ferocious and proud spirit beast.

Hall Master Han had already failed once. If he were to confront the Demon Cinque Beast without sufficient preparation in hopes of taming it, he wouldn't be worthy of his position as the head of the Beast Hall, a 4-star pinnacle beast tamer.


While the group was chatting, the trapped Demon Cinque Beast realized that he had fallen for the other party's ploy and it howled furiously. It went on a rampage and destructive force shook the surroundings.

"It's futile!"

Hall Master Han harrumphed as he walked forward. With a flick of his wrist, a screen appeared in front of his crowd, reflecting the current circumstance of the Demon Cinque Beast.

At Transcendent Mortal 4-dan, its zhenqi had already evolved into Origin Energy, allowing it to utilize unimaginable means.

This screen was similar to the wall in the corridor housing the Sea of Formations in the Formation Master Guild, allowing one to clearly view the situation within the formation, as well as serving as a platform to communicate with the prisoner inside.

The thick chains created through immense quantity of spiritual energy locked the Demon Cinque Beast firmly in place. The feared Demon Cinque Beast thrashed around violently, trying to free itself from its confines, but to no avail.

"I've already told you, it's futile! I advise you not to waste your strength!"

Hearing its frenzied howl, Hall Master Han chuckled lightly.


Hearing those words, the rage of the Demon Cinque Beast crescendoed.

Three years of fellowship had made it lower its wariness toward the other party. Otherwise, how could it possibly overlook a formation that was set up at the entrance of its nest?

It didn't expect this to put it into a perilous situation. Resentment gushed through its mind like a huge torrent, and if looks could kill, Hall Master Han would have been torn into countless shreds by now.

"This is a grade-4 pinnacle formation. You might be powerful but it'll be impossible for you to escape without knowing the correct method. Why don't we continue our previous conversation? As long as you promise to become my tamed beast, everything I've promised you before still holds. If not... I believe you should be more than aware of your current circumstances. It might be a pity to kill you, but you're no use to me otherwise," Hall Master Han said.

In truth, he didn't want to come to this step. Even if he were to successfully tame the Demon Cinque Beast after this, it would be impossible for him to win the heart of the latter. That would be equivalent to a potential threat hanging over his neck.

But the other party simply refused to submit to him, even going to the extent of snatching his item. Left with no choice, he could only resort to this.


Seething with anger, the Demon Cinque Beast glared at Hall Master Han with its massive eyes.

"You need not give me your answer so quickly. I have the time to wait for you!" Seeing its attitude, Hall Master Han shook his head. Even so, he wasn't anxious in the least.

Since the other party was already trapped, at the very most, he just had to expend more spirit stones to sustain the formation. No matter what, Hall Master Han was determined to tame the other party. Even though he had threatened to kill the other party, that was more of a mean to coerce the other party into submission. After all, once the other party was killed, his three years of effort would have gone in vain.

Infuriated, the Demon Cinque Beast struggled. However, it wasn't able to struggle free of the iron chains which bound it tightly. Eventually, realizing that it couldn't free itself of its confines like that, it lay down and slowly closed his eyes.

"Hall master, what do we do?"

Seeing that the huge fellow had calmed down instead, the other elders stared at one another in confusion before walking up to Hall Master Han.

"What else can we do other than wait? Elder Hu, take out the Deerhorse Beast and roast it. Make sure that the aroma reaches the Demon Cinque Beast. I don't believe that gluttonous fellow can hold himself back when such delicacy is placed before him!" Hall Master Han said.

Even when raw, the Deerhorde Beast carried the deep aroma of herbs. Roasting it would surely whet one's appetite.

As an embodiment of gluttony, it would be a wonder if the Demon Cinque Beast could hold itself back.

Honestly speaking, Hall Master Han's mastery in the art of beast taming was truly formidable. The aroma of the Deerhorde Beast was a clear contrast of the Demon Cinque Beast's current plight and the other possibility if it were to give in. This would surely gnaw at the other party's determination, luring it into submission...

An ordinary spirit beast would have surely given in at this point.

"Yes!" Elder Hu nodded. Just as he was about to start the fire to roast the Deerhorde Beast, the 2-star beast tamer from before shook his head with a helpless look and said impassively, "I advise you not to roast the Deerhorde Beast!"

Elder Hu frowned, "Why?"

Not expecting that a mere 2-star beast tamer would interfere in their affairs, Hall Master Han and the other elders stared at one another as displeasure appeared on their faces.

Even the least capable of them was a 4-star primary beast tamer, and it was common consensus that roasting the Deerhorde Beast was the best course of action at the moment. Otherwise, there would be nothing they could do... Yet, a 2-star beast tamer was dared to refute their decision?

"Nothing much, I just fear that the situation might evolve beyond your control if you were to roast it!"

Shaking his head, Zhang Xuan decided to say no more.

Even though he was a master teacher, he wasn't a Samaritan. There was no need for him to interfere in everything.

Besides, the other party seemed to be looking down on him.

"It's just the roasting of a Deerhorde Beast, what kind of situation could happen from it?" Seeing how the young lad wasn't able to back up his claim, Elder Hu harrumphed coldly.

Did he really take all of them 4-star beast tamers as fools? If catastrophe could really come from this, they would have long noticed it already before a mere 2-star beast tamer could.

"Forget it if you aren't willing to listen!" Zhang Xuan sighed.

He had done his part already. Since the other party was reluctant to listen, he wasn't willing to speak any further as well.

"Humph, seems like you're just a fearmongering, arrogant brat!"

Elder Hu flung his sleeves.

The others also didn't seem too pleased by Zhang Xuan's comment.

This was especially so for Hall Master Han. If not in consideration that the other party was Hall Master Sai's friend, he would have surely lashed out already.

What did a mere 2-star beast tamer know to dare to speak up on their affairs? How boorish!

"Enough, go and roast the Deerhorde Beast!"

With a cold expression, Hall Master Han waved his hands.

Initially, he still held some considerations over the other party given how Hall Master Sai addressed the other party as his friend. However, from the looks of it now, he was just a rude liar.

The situation might evolve beyond control? It was just the roasting of a Deerhorde Beast, what could happen? Other than testing a person's tolerance, what else could possibly happen?


Nodding his head, Elder Hu, along with some of elders, stacked up some firewood and started roasting the Deerhorde Beast.

As beast tamers, they often had to camp in the wilderness for many days to lay in wait for a savage beast. Thus, it was inevitable that they would pick up such basic survival skills.

Hu hu hu!

Soon, the campfire was lit and the Deerhorde Beast was placed on top. Tzzzzzz, sizzling sound echoed as a deep aroma began wafting in the area.

Roasting the Deerhorde Beast, which had lived by feeding off spirit herbs, further brought out the fragrance hidden in its body. The roasting had just barely begun, but the crowd was already salivating.

"Let's retreat!"

Catching a whiff of the fragrance, Zhang Xuan shook his head.

"Retreat?" Hall Master Sai and the others were taken aback.

"Un. We should be at least several hundred meters away or else we might be implicated as well!"

Saying so nonchalantly, Zhang Xuan took the lead and retreated away from the Deerhorde Beast.

As soon as he walked away, Zhao Ya, Zhao Feiwu, and the others hurriedly followed along.

Hall Master Sai was put in a position, but after hesitating for a moment, he chose to tag along as well.

"These fellows..."

Seeing how the group turned around and left, saying that they might be implicated, bulging veins appeared on Hall Master Han's forehead, and he nearly erupted.

Failing to tame that huge fellow had already filled him with rage, and the depressing words of this fellow were threatening to ignite his rage.

You are just a 2-star beast tamer! To act as though an unfathomable expert with that deep expression of yours... Why don't you just become an actor?!



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