Chapter 499: Taming the Demon Cinque Beast

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Release him?

Aren't you spouting the obvious? Who doesn't know that that is the most direct method... However, look at how furious this fellow is! It seems as though it is ready to murder anyone, do you think that it's possible for it to release him?

Trapping the other party and using a collaborative offensive formation, this had already created an irreconcilable grudge between the two. At this moment, the Demon Cinque Beast couldn't wait to kill the latter to vent his resentment. Release? You must be joking!

He thought that since this young man was able to predict the appearance of the Soul Devouring Ants, he might just be able to come up with a brilliant situation to save him. To think that he would be so unreliable as well!

Asking for the Demon Cinque Beast to release him would probably only hasten his death!

Depressed, Hall Master Han gave up all hope. At that moment, he heard Hall Master Sai's voice sound.

"Release? What do you need, I'll go make preparations now!"

"There's no need for any preparations. As long as I tame that fellow and make it my tamed beast, it will surely listen to my words," the young man said nonchalantly.

"Tame it and make it your tamed beast?" Hall Master Han's vision went dark, and for a moment, it felt as though he had seen all wonders in life.

Over the course of the past three years, the treasures which he had presented to the Demon Cinque Beast could already make up a massive mountain. Not to mention, for this operation, he had used the Deerhorde Beast, middle-tier spirit stone, and various other treasures to entice it. Even so, the Demon Cinque Beast didn't even consider accepting the offer in the least.

How dare you speak as though taming it will be so easy? If it is that easy, do you think that I would be trampled beneath its foot at this very moment?

"Forget it, I shouldn't depend on this fellow. I should think of a way myself instead!"

Knowing that it wasn't a viable option to depend on this young man, Hall Master Han exerted his strength and attempted to push away the other party's foot. However, as soon as he exerted more strength, he felt the force weighing down him increasing proportionately as well.


A huge shock wave rippled into the surroundings, and Hall Master Han was pushed deeper into the ground. A cloud of dust rose into the air, cloaking his face with dirt.


Fresh blood spewed from his mouth once more. Under the immense force, his injuries worsened, and his consciousness was slowly getting hazy.

"To think that I would end up dying here..."

Desolation gripped his heart. Having engaged in beast taming his entire life, he thought that with his innumerable means, he would surely be able to turn this big fellow into his tamed beast. Never in his dreams did he expect that he would end up dying under the foot of the other party...

Just the thought of it left him frustrated.

Just as he was about to close his eyes and await his impending demise, he suddenly heard a sound that resembled both the call of a cow and the rumbling of thunder. Then, the immense force crushing down on him suddenly vanished.

Touching his body, he affirmed that he was still alive and that the Demon Cinque Beast, who was intent on crushing him into a lump of meat, had removed its foot.

Baffled, he opened his eyes to take a look, and with a single glance, his entire body convulsed and he nearly fainted.


His lips twitched intensely, and his eyes were about to pop out of their sockets. Hall Master Han seemed to have seen an inconceivable sight that was pushing the boundaries of his rationality.

The arrogant Demon Cinque Beast which was charging at him furiously to slaughter him so as to vent its resentment was currently lying obediently in front of a figure. Its head was closely aligned with the ground, and its thick tongue licked the other party's foot relentlessly. With a respectful expression, it fawned on the figure as though a loyal dog serving its owner. It was an indescribably crude sight.

What was going on?

Wasn't that fellow arrogant to the extreme, refusing to serve anyone even if it had spelled its death? Shouldn't nothing have been able to move it at all?

Why, in the blink of an eye, did it suddenly start licking the shoes of another person?

Besides, what is with your look of reverence? You are salivating, you know? You look as though you hate the fact that you don't have two tongues to lick both shoes of the other party at once... Can you at least retain some basic decency?

Rubbing his eyes forcefully, Hall Master Han tried to confirm whether he was seeing things when the figure in front of the Demon Cinque Beast pushed the face of the latter away impatiently.

"Go and chew on the grass by the side instead!"


Hall Master Han's body swayed from side to side.

The Demon Cinque Beast is treating you so respectfully, and yet, you still pushed it away? Not to mention, asking it to feed on grass? It's a carnivore! How can it possibly eat grass?

But another shock awaited him. Without any hesitation, the Demon Cinque Beast immediately rushed to the side excitedly, opened its mouth widely, and began chewing on the grass joyfully, as though afraid that someone might steal it from him...


Thinking that he might be dreaming, Hall Master Han sent a forceful slap to his face. The intense pain helped him to sharpen his consciousness, and looking over once more, the Demon Cinque Beast was still waging a war with the grass by the side.

"The hell! What on earth is going on?"

Clawing on his head frenziedly, Hall Master Han felt as though something had gone wrong with the world.

He had caught a clear glimpse of the figure whom the Demon Cinque Beast was fawning on. It was the 2-star beast tamer who had advised him previously, Zhang Xuan.

After three years of effort, the Demon Cinque Beast remained nonchalant to him, and even went to the extent of trying to kill him... Yet, this fellow only roared once, and the other party immediately licked his shoes and chewed on the grass by the side...

Where has the fairness of the world gone to?

Is the 4-star beast tamer me or you?

Suddenly, an idea emerged in his head.

"Could this be the reason why... Hall Master Sai is acting so politely around him?"

He had been perplexed over why Hall Master Sai would choose to treat this young man with utmost respect, and from the looks of it now, it seemed like this young man wasn't just a simple 2-star beast tamer.

Otherwise, how could he possibly make the Demon Cinque Beast lower its pride to such an extent and submit immediately with just a single howl?

Adjusting his breathing, Hall Master Han bore with the pain and walked up to the young man, "Thank you Beast Tamer Zhang for saving my life!"

If not for the other party taming the Demon Cinque Beast, he would have surely died. No matter what, the other party had saved his life, and this made him indebted to him.

Waving his hands casually, Zhang Xuan said, "I am only doing this because of Hall Master Sai's plea. If you must thank someone, thank Hall Master Sai!"

If not for Hall Master Sai, I wouldn't have even bothered!

"Still, it's only right for me to thank Beast Tamer Zhang. If not for your help, I would have surely been dead by now!"

After thanking Zhang Xuan once more, Hall Master Han turned to Hall Master Sai and clasped his fist, "Hall Master Sai, thank you..."

We've been buddies for so long, there's no need for you to stand on ceremonies!" Hall Master Sai's face reddened. "Besides, I'm of no help at all. Zhang shi managed to tame the Demon Cinque Beast all by himself!"

"Zhang shi?"

Even though he had heard this address before, he thought that he might have just heard wrongly. After all, he was in the midst of battle, and there was a considerable distance between them and him. However, it was impossible for him to be mistaken this time around. His heart immediately jolted.

Could the young man before him be a master teacher?

"Un. Not only is Zhang shi a master teacher, he's also a 2-star beast tamer, 5-star appraiser, quasi 4-star formation master!" Hall Master Sai explained.

"Master teacher, 5-star... appraiser, and quasi 4-star... formation master?" Hall Master Han's face paled.

He thought that the other party was just a 2-star beast tamer, that was why he took the other party lightly. How could he have known that the other party would have so many occupations?

Putting everything aside, just his identity as a master teacher already made him of superior standing to him.

Master teachers were not to be made light or sullied. Those who dared to do so would be beaten to death on the spot, and no one would dare to speak up for that person.

Not to mention, the other party was a 5-star appraiser and quasi 4-star formation master on top of that.

"Of course, our young master isn't just limited to these occupations. He's also a physician, apothecary, and painter!" Seeing that the other party was stumped, a plump man walked out from the back of the young man and harrumphed.

"Seven... occupations?" Hall Master Han swallowed a mouthful of saliva and his mouth started trembling.

A person would have to spend much effort just to master one occupation. And yet, the person in front of him had already mastered seven...

When did such a monster appear in the Myriad Kingdom Alliance?

It was no wonder why Hall Master Sai paid such high regards to him. If he knew that the other party had such identities, he would have never dared to try pulling his weight before him.

"Indeed. But putting that aside for now, our young master has saved your life. Did you think that a single 'thanks' would suffice?"

The plump narrowed his eyes and stared at Hall Master Han in disdain, "I recall seeing you offer quite a few good things to the Demon Cinque Beast when you were trying to tame it. Why? Do you think that your life isn't even worth that of a single spirit beast?"


Hall Master Han's body froze.

Indeed. It was a breach of propriety to brush off his savior with just a word of thanks.

"Initially, I intended to use this spirit stone to attract the Demon Cinque Beast and tame it..."

Taking out the middle-tier spirit stone from before, Hall Master Han glanced at the Demon Cinque Beast, who was still busy chewing on grass. Knowing that it would be impossible for him to tame it at this point, he gritted his teeth and passed it over, "However... it seems like there's no use for it now. I'll give it to Zhang shi as a token of appreciation for saving my life then!"

The plump man took the spirit stone, fiddled around with it, and frowned, "Just one?"

"I... only have this single one!" Hall Master Han's face reddened.

There weren't too many middle-tier spirit stones throughout the entire Myriad Kingdom Alliance. It took him a lot of effort and luck just to procure this one.

"Alright then, so be it!" Seeing that this was the limit of the financial ability of the other party, Sun Qiang shook his head and presented the spirit stone to Zhang Xuan. "Young master!"


Catching it, Zhang Xuan nodded his head in satisfaction.

Honestly speaking, Sun Qiang was truly a capable subordinate. He was able to accurately deduce that Zhang Xuan was interested in the middle-tier spirit stone, and knowing that the latter probably made a move for it, he stepped forward and closed the deal.

In the end, master teachers weren't saints. It wasn't unusual for one to demand reward after doing another a favor, and master teachers were no exception as well.

Otherwise, given how many people were in need in this world, wouldn't he die of exhaustion?

Putting away the spirit stone in his storage ring, Zhang Xuan turned to Hall Master Han and said, "I just happen to require middle-tier spirit stones so I'll humbly accept your gift. But in any case, I won't take advantage of you. In exchange, I'll treat your injuries to compensate you!"

"Treat my injuries?" Hall Master Han was stunned. "You're saying it's possible to treat such severe injuries?"

Under the relentless heavy blows of the Demon Cinque Beast and overexertion of his body, his internal organs had been shifted and his cultivation had fallen greatly. It would be difficult to treat such injuries at his age.

Thus, when Zhang Xuan said that he could treat him, the first thing he thought was that it was impossible.

"Since I've said it, naturally, I'll be able to do it. However, if you don't wish to, we can drop the matter!" Zhang Xuan waved his hands.

"Of course I want to be treated..." Recalling the other party's identity as a physician and master teacher, Hall Master Han hurriedly nodded his head.

If it was in the past, he would have never believed such words. However, looking at the Demon Cinque Beast obediently chewing on a patch of grass, he couldn't help but think that the young man before him just might be capable of doing so.

After agreeing to the matter, Hall Master Han asked, "Zhang shi, do you need any medicinal herbs? I have some of them here..."

Even though he wasn't a physician, as a cultivator and a beast tamer, he still retained some basic knowledge on medicine. Given the extent of his injuries, without the complementation of centuries-old medicinal herbs, it would be very difficult for him to make a full recovery.

And he happened to have some of these medicinal herbs.

Just as he was about to take these things out, the young man before him spoke up.

"Medicinal herbs? There's no need for any... Demon Cinque Beast, come over and knock this fellow out for me!"



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