Chapter 500: Knockout Treatment Method

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Knock out?

Not only did Hall Master Han widen his eyes, the others were baffled by Zhang Xuan's actions as well, and they stared at one another in confusion.

Aren't you going treat Hall Master Han's injuries?

What do you mean by knocking him out?

"There's no need to worry. This is our old master's exclusive technique, Knockout Treatment Method!" Sun Qiang explained.

Having followed behind Yang shi for a period of time, he knew that this was the old master's exclusive technique. As the direct disciple of the old master, it was natural that the young master would know of it as well.

The crowd became even more perplexed.

To treat someone by knocking them out... Such a method existed in the world?


Before the crowd could react, the Demon Cinque Beast suddenly turned around, walked, over, and stared at Hall Master Han, causing the other party's hair to stand on end.

"Zhang shi... Why don't we pass on the 'knockout'? Perhaps... medicine might be better..."

Recalling how the gigantic fellow charged at him relentlessly to kill him previously, Hall Master Han started trembling uncontrollably.

Would this big fellow use this opportunity to get back at him? Zhang shi told it to knock him out, but what if it used this chance to kill him instead? It was better to be safe than sorry...

"There's no need to go through so much trouble. Demon Cinque Beast, what are you hesitating for? Hurry up!"

Zhang Xuan frowned.


Hearing the instruction, the Demon Cinque Beast howled in delight. Stepping forward, its thick wings immediately flew over and struck him.


Hall Master Han really cried this time around.

If only I'd known that this was your treatment method, I would surely have just given the middle-tier spirit stone to you for free. I don't need such compensation...


In his current condition, it was impossible for Hall Master Han to escape. Thus, when the wing struck the back of his head, his vision turned black and he passed out.


The corner of Zhao Feiwu's mouth twitched violently. Her body trembled slightly, and at this moment, she felt extremely glad that she was countless kilometers away from this fellow back when she was treated. It was fortunate that he only presented the solution via the Wall of Dilemma. If he had been the one to administer the treatment personally...

Would this have been her fate as well?

Was there really such a treatment method in the world?

Being feeble since young, she had seen innumerable top-notch physicians. However, she had never heard of a case where one had to be knocked out in order to be treated.

Perplexed, she turned her gaze over, only to see Zhang Xuan walking over to the unconscious Hall Master Han and placing his forefinger and middle finger on the other party's wrist.

A moment later, he stood up, flicked his wrist, and a few silver needles appeared in his hand.

Sou sou sou sou!

The silver needles shot through thin air and landed straight on the numerous acupoints throughout Hall Master Han's body. Then, with a grabbing action, all of the silver needles returned back to his hand.


Clapping his hand, Zhang Xuan turned to Hall Master Sai and said, "Wake him up!"


Everyone was dumbfounded.

Were you really treating him or were you just fooling around? After placing a few needles, you say that you're done?

Zhao Feiwu and Jin Conghai stared at one another.

They had clearly seen the location of where the needles landed. Rather than acupoints, those were mingmen! There wouldn't be any other physicians who would dare to touch these vulnerable spots. Even if this was a secret art of some kind, it should be impossible to induce a full recovery just by being pierced on several locations for a brief moment, right?

Or was the treatment method simply too profound for them?

Hall Master Sai had only seen the other party identifying treasures and earning their acknowledgement but he had never seen the other party treating someone before. As such, he was totally baffled by the sight before him. Even so, since the other party had already spoken, he nodded his head and stepped forward. Pressing on the other party's philtrum, he infused a surge of zhenqi in.

"Cough cough!"

Coughing violently, Hall Master Han opened his eyes.


Pressing against the ground, he hurriedly retreated backward. "Zhang shi, can I pass on the treatment..."

But before he could finish his words, he suddenly paused and his eyes widened.

As a cultivator, he was well aware of the various changes in his body. Given how he was able to push himself backward just by exerting some force on his palm, and the unobstructed flow of Origin Energy in his body, there could only be a single possibility... He had fully recovered from his injuries!

How was that possible?

Doubtful, he stretched out his hand and grabbed forward. A massive handprint immediately gathered in the space in front of him.

The handprint distorted the air in the surroundings with its immense might, reminiscent of a floating block of water, threatening to tear through space at any moment.

"Great Ocean Seizing Hands? Hall master, y-you... have recovered?"

Seeing his actions, not only was Hall Master Sai and the other perplexed, the other elders who had collaborated with him on the formation also widened their eyes in shock, and their breathing hastened.

Great Ocean Seizing Hands was Spirit intermediate-tier battle technique. It was incomparably powerful, and without sufficient Origin Energy and strength, it was impossible to execute it.

As the core of the formation, he was the one leading the fight against the Demon Cinque Beast previously. Thus, it was natural that he would bear the brunt of the attack and suffer the greatest damage. At the moment, every single one of them found it hard to even climb to their feet, and they felt as though they would breathe their last at any moment. Yet, the other party executed a battle technique which one could only utilize at their peak condition...

Did it have to be so exaggerated?

"I've recovered?" Hall Master Han widened his eyes in disbelief. Suddenly recalling something, he flicked his wrist and a spear appeared in his palm. Then, he shook it slightly.


A surge of Weapon Intent was suddenly flicked out, and it stabbed into a gigantic boulder not too far away.


The boulder exploded into innumerable smithereens.

"Clear Passageway, Flawless Intent! Hall master... you've recovered... from the trauma you sustained before as well?" Elder Hu's lips shuddered.

In truth, the reason why they, the elders of the Beast Hall, were willing to assist their hall master in capturing the Demon Cinque Beast even despite the threat of danger was not due to his order but in awe of the hall master's character.

Back then, in order to help them tame their spirit beasts, he had once entered the depths of a marsh and was bitten by a poisonous worm. Ever since then, there had been a blockage in his meridian, resulting in a trauma. As such, his Weapon Intent was unable to flow through his body, thereby ending his weapon cultivation there.

If not for that, given the hall master's talent and strength, even if he couldn't tame the Demon Cinque Beast, he would still be able to triumph over Luo Ming in the selections. There would be no need for him to go through so much trouble.

The hall master had never demanded compensation from them for his sacrifice, and similarly, they were also willing to give their all for the hall master. No matter how tiring it was, they cultivated the collaborative offensive formation along with him without a word of complaint.

They thought that the hall master would be limited by his lack of Weapon Intent for his entire life. Never in their dreams did they expect that just by being knocked out and pierced with a few needles, the other party would not only be able to execute the Great Ocean Seizing Hands, he would even be able to utilize Weapon Intent... What in the world happened?

"My trauma... is gone?"

Since Elder Hu could tell this much, how could Hall Master Han, the person in question, remain ignorant of it? He hurriedly turned his sights to the young man before him.

"Oh. I realized that you have sustained some traumas so I helped you treat those as well since it's convenient. You don't need to compensate me for that!" Zhang Xuan waved his hands casually.

In truth, when Hall Master Han fought with the Demon Cinque Beast previously, a book on him had already been compiled in the Library of Heaven's Path. The reason why Zhang Xuan went through all the trouble to knock the other party out and touch his pulse was to conceal the secret regarding his Heaven's Path zhenqi.

The book compiled also reflected the other party's traumas as well. Since he was going to treat the other party, he couldn't possibly just go halfway.

Besides, it wasn't difficult to do so either. Heaven's Path zhenqi could be turned into both medicine and poison with just a single thought of his. He had treated many people whose meridians had been blocked by lethal poison in the past too.

"Convenient..." Hall Master Han's eyes reddened and he nearly went insane.

He had looked up all of the physicians throughout Myriad Kingdom City but none of them had a solution to his problem. Because the poisonous worm had bitten him while he was executing Weapon Intent, even though he was cured of the poison eventually, some remnants of the poison resulted in his meridians being permanently blocked...

He didn't even mention his hidden problem but Zhang shi had already treated it out of convenience...

Did you have to be that extreme?

Suddenly, a thought flashed through Hall Master Han's mind and he asked, "Elder Hu, how long... have I been out for?"

Given how all of his injuries were treated and even his traumas were gone, the treatment process must have taken a significant length of time.

Two hours? Four hours?

Or perhaps... a day?

"How long? From the moment you were knocked out until now... I think around a minute has passed!" Elder Hu calculated.

"A minute?" Hall Master Han's body swayed weakly.

He had already been awake for half a minute, so that meant... the treatment process took only a maximum of... half a minute?

How in the world did he do it?

"Since he was able to treat my injuries, he should be able to treat the other elders as well..."

Suppressing his agitation and shock, Hall Master Han suddenly thought of something and his eyes lit up. He hurriedly stepped forward and asked, "Zhang shi, Elder Hu and the others have gotten injured for my sake. If you can treat them as well, I'll be eternally thankful to you..."

It was due to him that the elders had all landed in such a state. He couldn't possibly just leave them in the dumps now that he had recovered.

"Our young master is a formidable physician so his services aren't cheap..." Sun Qiang stepped forward.

"I understand..." Hall Master Han hurriedly nodded his head. Flicking his wrist, the several thousand spirit stones that he had used to enticed the Demon Cinque Beast previously appeared in the ground before him. Under the sun, it looked like a mountain of crystal, and spiritual energy surged forth from the mini mountain.

Even though spirit stones were valuable as well, they meant nothing when compared to the lives of his old buddies.

"Alright!" Putting away the spirit stones into his storage ring, Zhang Xuan first turned to Elder Hu and said, "I believe you all should know my treatment method!"

"I've heard everything!" Elder Hu quickly nodded his head. "I know what I should do..."

After which, he turned to the Demon Cinque Beast and said. "Come and hit me with all of your might! I can take it..."

"..." The crowd.

Zhang Xuan staggered.

The heck! It would suffice as long as you lose consciousness. Do you need to flirt with a spirit beast like that?

Suppressing his urge to spurt blood, Zhang Xuan said, "Cough cough. Actually, there's no need for it to make a move, you can use any means to make yourself faint. I'll be able to conduct my treatment as long as you're unconscious!"

"It'll suffice as long as I lose consciousness?" Elder Hu was taken aback. On the other hand, Hall Master Han's vision turned dark.

If it was that simple, why did you have to get the Demon Cinque Beast to make a move on me? Do you know how to close to death I came because of it...

"Alright!" After confirming the treatment method, Elder Hu stretched out his palm and struck his forehead without any hesitation.


His vision immediately turned dark and he fainted.

Zhang Xuan stepped forward. A moment later, Elder Hu woke up. Leaping to his feet, his eyes glowed brightly.

A moment later, Elder Hu woke up. Leaping to his feet, his eyes glowed in agitation.

"It's your turn!"

After treating Elder Hu, Zhang Xuan walked up to another elder.

Knowing what Zhang Xuan needed, without wasting any time, he immediately struck his own forehead.


And thus, Zhao Feiwu and the others saw an incredibly bizarre sight unfolding before them. Renowned Transcendent Mortal beast tamers of the Myriad Kingdom City knocked themselves out as soon as Zhang Xuan approached them...

And after having some needles pierced into several acupoints, they regained their vitality and leaped around excitedly...

"So fast?"

Only at this moment did Hall Master Han finally get a chance to see the other party's treatment method and speed, and his throat turned dry.

Even though Elder Hu's words had already given him some idea of it, witnessing it with his own eyes still left him in shock.

Making a rough calculation, from the moment that the elders were knocked out to the point that the silver needles were extracted, not even twenty breaths had passed...

In less than twenty breaths, in the young man's miraculous hands, the severe injuries of the patients disappeared. On top of that, the patients were even able to leap around freely as soon as they woke up, as though the injuries they had sustained before were imaginary...

He didn't know much about physicians so he couldn't make a clear judgement on the other party's capability. However, one thing he could make judgement on was the other party's beast taming capability. To make the Demon Cinque Beast submit with just a single bellow, and making it feed on grass willingly from an instruction, the other party's beast taming ability had at least reached... 5-star!

A 5-star beast tamer and a potential 5-star physician... Really, where in the world did this monster come from?



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