Chapter 503: Entering the Tomb

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"Be careful..."

Seeing that Zhang Xuan was touching the ground instead of studying the various logic governing the traps in the passageway, Luo Zhu felt faint-headed.

Do you really think that you can analyze the entire mechanical system just by touching the ground?

The traps designed by celestial designers were as complex and intricate as formations. There were innumerable types of mechanical system, and even for systems of the same type, there were countless variations.

Not to mention, the design of the system would also affect its operation as well.

Even a real celestial designer would have to take a long time analyzing the various properties of the mechanical system before being able to decipher it. No matter how skilled you are in the other occupations, it is impossible for you to apply the logic from those into this field.

"There's no need to panic. Allow me to rest for a moment first. After that, I'll continue testing out the traps with my puppets. Anyway, the one thing we aren't lacking is time. I've also brought sufficient water and rations so there's no need to worry!"

Seeing that the morale was down, Luo Zhu consoled with a smile.

In truth, his real occupation was a tomb raider, and he had already traversed such treacherous places innumerable times; he was used to it. However, the others were different. Having never encountered such a fearsome trap, it was natural for them to feel apprehensive.

"There's no way around it. We don't understand such traps at all so we'll be depending on you then." Jin Conghai nodded.

"Don't worry. Even though the complexity of the trap has increased, as long as I have sufficient time, I'm confident that I can still make it to the other end. You all just have to follow behind me..." Luo Zhu nodded.

Most experts or wealthy merchants would opt to hire a celestial designer to design their tombs for them, and so, he had already faced off with such traps many times throughout the years. Even though the trap had become more complicated, he didn't think that it would be a problem for him.

Confident, Luo Zhu was just about to make preparations and make another attempt when he saw that Zhang shi, who was done touching the ground, had stood up. The latter stretched his back before walking into the passageway.

"Zhang shi..."

Luo Zhu immediately narrowed his eyes in fear.

Despite having tested the area with his puppet beforehand, he was still nearly torn in half by some sword qi. Wasn't it suicidal to be charging in so recklessly?

Panicking, Luo Zhu was just about to pull Zhang shi out when the young man suddenly lifted his leg and kicked at the wall beside him.

Hong long!

An intense buzzing sound echoed throughout the cavern, and the crowd felt the ground beneath them shake.

"Alright, the traps have been disabled!"

After which, the calm voice of the young man echoed. Before the crowd could react, he began walking in with widened strides.

"The traps... have been disabled?"

Seeing how nothing was triggered despite Zhang Xuan's casual movements, Luo Zhu's expression made his frenzy apparent.

What was going on?

He had just tried it out for himself, and the trap in the passageway was clearly much stronger and complex from before. Even a person like him, who often hung out by the tombs, would find it hard to clear the entire passageway without half a month of effort. Yet, the other party managed to do it... with a single kick?

Are you for real?

This was a mechanical system designed by a celestial designer! Luo Zhu was already prepared to have several hundreds of his puppets destroyed, and yet, the other party, with a single kick...

Luo Zhu was on the verge of going mad.

He turned around to look at the crowd, only to see the others staring at him in bewilderment.

Didn't you just prattle on about how formidable this thing was? Why did Zhang shi manage to stop the entire thing with just a single kick?

"Let's go on..."

Luo Zhu felt stifled. However, given how Zhang shi was capable of even dealing with a possession, it wasn't entirely impossible for him to have comprehended the various skills of celestial designers as well. Consoling himself like that, he advanced through the passageway.

As expected, the traps in the passageway were truly disabled. Nothing was triggered as the group walked by.

Soon, reaching the very end, a vast hall appeared before them.

Upon seeing the hall, Luo Zhu said with a grim expression, "Previously, I was possessed as soon as I reached this point so I didn't dare go any further..."

Zhang Xuan scanned the hall.

Possessing a length and width of around twenty to thirty meters wide, it was reminiscent of an underground palace. At the very center of the hall were four huge ashen-green coffins. It was impossible to determine what material the coffins were made of, but they looked extremely heavy.

"Eye of Insight!"

Instead of rushing into the room, Zhang Xuan raised his eyebrows and scanned the room once more.

A moment later, he frowned.

He found that he couldn't peer into the contents of the coffin. Most probably, it was a creation beyond that of his current cultivation realm.

"I wonder if I can get any detail on the room from the ground!"

Even though the Eye of Insight was unable to provide him with any useful detail, Zhang Xuan didn't panic. Instead, he bent down and touched the ground.

Previously, recalling how he'd opened the Celestial Designer Mechanical Container, Zhang Xuan thought that since the traps operated by a mechanical system as well, it should have a flaw. Thus, he gave it a try and to his delight, it really worked.

The Library of Heaven's Path immediately reflected the name and flaws of the traps.

After looking through, Zhang Xuan came to a realization.

These traps were actually similar to formations, they had a life gate and death gate as well. Otherwise, how was anyone supposed to bypass these traps?

Not only so, there was also a core as well. As long as one found the center of operations, no matter how powerful a trap was, it could be made redundant.

After all, without energy, no matter how powerful a machine was, it would be useless.

This was the reason why Zhang Xuan could stop the entire mechanical system with a kick and lead everyone in.


A book appeared in Zhang Xuan's mind.

"Greenash Rock, naturally formed in the depths of the ground. It is resilient..."

With just a brief glance, Zhang Xuan nearly spurted blood.

He thought that even though the Eye of Insight was ineffective, he should be able to find out something regarding the coffin or the hall via the Library of Heaven's Path. Never in his dreams did he expect for an analysis on the rock he just touched to appear instead.

'The passageway constitutes the entirety of the mechanical system, that's why information regarding the traps was reflected when I touched it. On the other hand, this is just a normal tile so it reflects exactly what I touched. This is similar to the case when I touched the bookshelf back then!'

Dismal, Zhang Xuan soon understood.

Back then, when Zhang Xuan attempted to gather all of the books on a bookshelf in a single go by touching the bookshelf, a similar occurrence happened.

It seemed like the Library of Heaven's Path classified matters by an entirety. Otherwise, it would only reflect what Zhang Xuan came into direct physical contact with.

But thinking about it, if he were able to know the condition of the entire continent just by touching the floor, that would be a little ridiculous.

Seeing the serious expression on Zhang shi's face, Luo Zhu took the lead and explained, "There's no danger here. We can enter the hall!"

When he stepped into the hall, nothing particular occurred.

Thus, the group behind followed suit.

"These are the coffins housing the Soulless Metal Humanoids. The one that I took came from here!"

Walking up to the coffin, Luo Zhu pointed and spoke anxiously.

Back then, it was precisely when he opened the coffin and was about to take away the Soulless Metal Humanoid that he was possessed. As such, he already had a trauma regarding the matter, and thus, he didn't dare to step forward.

"Let me take a look!"

Nodding his head, Zhang Xuan walked forward.

As expected, one of the four coffins was open, and its interior was completely empty.

He touched the empty coffin.


A book appeared in the Library of Heaven's Path.

"Grade-7 Metal Coffin, forged by 4-star Blacksmith Xu Zhe. It is used as a container to house a Soulless Metal Humanoid, and it won't decompose over time. Flaw No.1, it cannot be used to house a normal corpse..."

The introduction and flaws regarding the coffin were detailed in the book.

"Grade-7 Metal Coffin?" After reading through the details, Zhang Xuan was perplexed.

Based on the description in the Library of Heaven's Path, this coffin should only be used to store Soulless Metal Humanoids. It shouldn't contain any souls at all. If so, why would Luo Zhu have been possessed?

Thus, he turned to an unopened coffin and touched it.

It was also a Grade-7 Metal Coffin, and its purpose was the same as well—storing Soulless Metal Humanoid. There wasn't much of a difference from the first one.

Zhang Xuan went on to touch the others and they reflected the same conclusion as well.

Knowing that they were containers for Soulless Metal Humanoid, Zhang Xuan swiftly lost his interest.

The purpose of his journey was to obtain the inheritance of the soul oracles. The Soulless Metal Humanoids didn't mean much to him.

But in the end, these items were of great value. Previously, Zhang Xuan had managed to sell it for twenty thousand spirit stones. Even though he didn't need it, he could still earn substantial wealth from their sales.

Seeing as Zhang shi touched all four of the coffins, Luo Zhu asked anxiously, "Zhang shi, I was possessed here... Should we open the other coffins?"

The others were also awaiting Zhang Xuan's decision.

"Don't open them first!"

Even though there were no problems reflected on the books, Zhang Xuan couldn't guarantee that no mishap would occur when the coffins were opened.

It would still be fine if a soul of the level of the one who possessed Luo Zhu previously appeared, but if a powerful were to appear instead, Zhang Xuan could not say for sure whether his Heaven's Path zhenqi would be effective on the latter.

It was better to proceed carefully.

"Put the coffins directly into the storage ring. We'll open them after we get out!" Zhang Xuan said after a moment of contemplation.


Sun Qiang had been waiting for these words. He hurried forward, stretched out his hand, and swept the four giant coffins into his storage ring.

These belong to the young master. No matter who you are, don't even dream of laying your hands on them...

"Cough cough!" Seeing how shameless Sun Qiang was behaving, Zhang Xuan's face reddened. He turned around, issued some instructions, before proceeding ahead.

"You all wait here first. I'll look around the area!"

The hall had an eerie appearance, and it felt desolate.

The walls were all made of the tough Greenash Rocks. It seemed like the builder really put a lot of effort into building this hall. Not only did he excavate the entire area, he even used the toughest material to reinforce its structure, ensuring its long-term durability.

Touching the walls around the room, Zhang Xuan didn't find any traps. Thus, he advanced forward.

The hall was linked to another narrow passageway.

Walking up to it, he bent down and touched the ground.


A book appeared in the Library of Heaven's Path.

"It's just an ordinary passageway?"

The book recorded the details of the floor material reflected in the book, thus proving that there weren't any mechanical traps inside.

Heaving a sigh of relief, Zhang Xuan soon came to a realization.

Such traps were expensive. It was normal for traps to be laid at the entrance for fear of invaders, but setting them up in the interiors seemed a little ridiculous. Since the purpose of those traps was to prevent anyone to entering the tomb at all, it would make more sense to spend the money on reinforcing the traps in the entrance.

He turned around and shouted, "There is no danger here, come over!"

The group hurried over.

Zhang Xuan led the way forward.

The passageway wasn't long, extending on for only a distance of ten meters or so. At the end, another vast hall appeared before them.

It was much larger than the one before.

"Based on what I know, the first chamber is for the protectors of the soul oracle, the Soulless Metal Humanoids, while the second chamber is the main chamber prepared for the soul oracle himself. This should be where the souls of the soul oracles lies..."

Luo Zhu swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

"You mean that... we'll find the souls of the soul oracles here?" Zhang Xuan asked.

Luo Zhu nodded.

"Since this is the main chamber... I believe so!"

Upon hearing the other party's confirmation, Zhang Xuan raised his head, and with a glance, a deep frown suddenly appeared on his face.

"Th-this... What is going on?"



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