Chapter 504: Second Acknowledgement of the Heavens

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Instead of a hall, what that appeared before them was a field of flora and fauna. A refreshing fragrance tickled their nose, and in the skies, they saw white clouds floating by. It was as though they had returned back to the mountains.

"Could this be an... Illusion Formation?"

Hall Master Sai and the others were taken aback.

How could there be plants growing in an underground chamber? Not to mention, white clouds and blue skies. Clearly, it was an illusion.

The only explanation for this bizarre sight was that it was an Illusion Formation.

"This isn't a formation..." Zhang Xuan shook his head.

As a formation master, he would surely be able to tell if it was one. However, there wasn't the slightest disturbance in the spiritual energy before him, and the sight before him felt incomparably real. It was as though one was traversing through space, and it felt indescribably bizarre.

"Is this a mechanical trap? No, that can't be. Mechanical traps aren't capable of producing such effects!"

In the end, mechanical traps operated based on logic. They weren't capable of producing these florae, fauna, and flowing water before them.

"Let me test the situation out with a puppet!"

Perplexed, Luo Zhu flicked his wrist and a puppet appeared. Then, the puppet slowly walked toward the field at the end of the passageway.


As soon as it stepped out of the passageway, it immediately disappeared without a trace.

"This... What happened?"

Everyone leaped back in shock.

How could the puppet simply disappear all of the sudden? Even if a mechanical trap was activated, at least the fragments of the puppets should remain. To disappear as soon as it walked toward the end of the passageway... This was way too bizarre!"

"Could this be a... Teleportation Formation?"

Hall Master Sai's throat went dry.

Everyone turned to look at him doubtfully.

"The Teleportation Formation of the Myriad Kingdom Alliance is only capable of transferring words and information, and they are known as Communication Walls!"

Hall Master Sai said, with a trembling voice, "It's said that at grade-6, Teleportation Formation will gain the ability to transfer material objects such as food, money, equipment, and even artifacts. At grade-8, even lifeforms can be transported... In other words, even a human can leap through space."

"Transporting a human?" The crowd was astonished.

Zhang Xuan also widened his eyes in shock.

As a 4-star formation master, he had a deeper understanding of formations than Hall Master Sai. He thought that transporting information should already be the limit. To think that formations would be able to transport even a human.

How deep of an understanding of space must one possess to be capable of setting up a formation capable of transporting humans!

Given how the puppet abruptly disappeared... Could this really be a formation of that level?

If so, it was normal that they couldn't see or feel the puppet anymore.

As an Upper Nine Paths occupation, formation masters had a high requisite on one's cultivation. If one's cultivation didn't reach the required level, one would be disallowed from studying more profound knowledge. It was just like how even though Zhang Xuan was able to inscribe a grade-5 formation plate, he was only considered a quasi 4-star formation master.

A person who was capable of setting up a grade-8 formation definitely possessed cultivation beyond that of a Transcendent Mortal... To be able to get such a figure to set up a formation for him, how powerful must the owner of the tomb be?

Since Zhang Xuan was able to come to this conclusion, the others also realized the same as well. Their faces immediately paled.

If it was just a Transcendent Mortal 3-dan or 4-dan soul oracle, even if they were possessed, they would still possess a certain degree of self-preservation means. However, if the opponent they met were to be beyond that level, they wouldn't stand a chance at all.

"Zhang shi... Do we enter?"

The crowd turned to look at Zhang Xuan.

Zhang Xuan fell into deep contemplation.

If his conjecture was right, proceeding ahead would definitely put them in grave danger. He wasn't confident of holding his ground even with the Heaven's Path zhenqi.

It could be said that certain doom awaited them if they were to proceed forward.

But if they backed down now... How much longer would it take for Lu Chong to recover?

"For me, he was willing to even risk his life. What do I have to fear?"

Recalling how that young man stepped in front of him calmly to protect him, determination gleamed in Zhang Xuan's eyes.

Lu Chong was willing to give up his life for him.

As the other party's senior, if he were to back down in the face of danger, what rights did he have to be considered as the other party's teacher?

Flinging his hands back, Zhang Xuan instructed, "You all wait here, I'll go in alone... If I don't return in four hours, I'll have to trouble Hall Master Sai and Zhao gongzi to help my students and Sun Qiang get out!"

"Teacher, I'm not leaving! I want to follow you!" Zhao Ya stepped forward.

"We share the same thoughts! We'll follow you no matter where you go!"

Yuan Tao and the others declared resolutely.

If not for Zhang laoshi, they would still be ordinary students in Tianxuan Kingdom. However, at this moment, every single one of them was a Zhizun realm expert, each possessing the strength to lift a mountain.

Since their teacher was willing to put himself with danger to save Lu Chong, how could they, as his students, back down?

Zhang Xuan felt a surge of warmth. However, the situation before him was too bizarre. It was too dangerous to bring them over. After a moment of hesitation, Zhang Xuan shook his head and his complexion darkened, "Are you all going to disobey my orders? Stay here!"

"Teacher, we implore you to not chase us away. How can we possibly watch by the side as you put yourself into danger? Even if we were to survive this ordeal, we'd definitely be plagued by guilt in the future!" Zhao Ya spoke resolutely.

"Teacher, please don't chase us away! Even if it means disobeying your words, I'll go with you!" Wang Ying said.

She was usually the most indecisive one of the group, and yet, at this moment, the determination in her eyes was unwavering.

Knowing that his students weren't able to simply watch on by the side as he ventured through danger, Zhang Xuan eventually nodded his head after a long moment of contemplation. "Since you all have made up your minds, let's go together then!"

"The teacher for the students, and the students for the teacher. This is what a true relationship between a teacher and student should be!"

Watching this sight, Zhao Feiwu and the others felt touched.

Previously, they had been wondering why a person of Zhang shi's capability would choose to bring around a bunch of young and weak students along with him. However, at this moment, they realized that the relationship of a teacher and a student transcended far beyond the impartation of knowledge.

A teacher could brave through danger for their students, whereas a student could remain unmoved before danger for their teacher.

It was this self-sacrificial spirit that made the relationship between the two so noble!

Hong long!

At that moment, a powerful aura suddenly descended from the skies. A unique energy began gathering in the world. It was neither spiritual energy nor Origin Energy, but with a single whiff, one could feel their analytical ability growing stronger and their thought process becoming clearer.

This energy swiftly gathered around Zhang Xuan as though a torrent, refining his presence and disposition.

Narrowing her eyes, Zhao Feiwu suddenly thought of something and her lips trembled in disbelief.

"It's... Celestial Master Teacher!"

Jin Conghai was also taken aback.

"Celestial Master Teacher? H-how... is that possible?"

Celestial Master Teacher meant that even the heavens were acknowledging one's identity as a master teacher. Even if one didn't undergo the various examinations of the master teachers, one could still be acknowledged by the masses. Despite the long history of the continent, only Kong shi had ever succeeded in being acknowledged by the heavens. To think that this Zhang shi would manage to achieve the same as well...

Could this really be true?

"Indeed, it's really Celestial Master Teacher... Furthermore, it doesn't seem to be just 2-star!"

Hall Master Sai's face flushed red.

As the head of the only Appraiser Hall in the Myriad Kingdom Alliance, as well as a 4-star pinnacle appraiser, he had met with a lot of master teachers. However, he had never heard of a single one being acknowledged by the heavens.

The other party had said that he was a 2-star master teacher so even if the heavens were to acknowledge him, he should only be a 3-star Celestial Master Teacher at maximum. However, the overwhelming energy before him actually made him feel like submitting to the other party.

Without a doubt, the other party wasn't just a 2-star or 3-star master teacher. However, as for his exact rank, Hall Master Sai wasn't a master teacher and he had never seen a Celestial Master Teacher before so he couldn't make a clear gauge.

But regardless of his rank, to be acknowledged by the heavens itself was already sufficient to send a ripple of shock through the world.


Contrary to the shock the others were going through, the current Zhang Xuan was a little dumbstruck.

Previously, when he agreed to Zhao Ya and the others' request, he actually wasn't too keen on doing so. However, considering that his students would never grow up if he were to protect them tightly beneath his wings, he decided to let go.

It was just like a seedling. If one were to use a wall to shield if from rain and storm, it would never grow tall.

Thus, he reluctantly agreed to it. However, he didn't expect this to induce another Celestial Master Teacher acknowledgement.

He had undergone such a situation before so even though the inflow of the energy made him a little dizzy, he knew that this was a good chance for him to raise his strength.

Thus, without any hesitation, he immediately sat down on the ground and focused his attention into absorbing the unique energy shrouding him.

Hong long!

With the inflow of this strength, his Soul Depth raised swiftly. His thought process gradually became swifter and clearer.


A meeting was taking place in the Myriad Kingdom Alliance's Master Teacher Pavilion.

"We are the hosts for the Master Teacher Tournament this time around. Make some preparations, we have to at least get a good placing..."

Seated at the center seat, Pavilion Master Kang surveyed the group before him.

Those within the room were all elders of the Master Teacher Pavilion. Su Fan and Ling Yuheng were also within the group.

The location for the Master Teacher Tournament wasn't fixed. The twenty-seven powers would take turns hosting the event, and it only happened that Myriad Kingdom City would be playing host this time around.

This time, they were going to be battling on their home ground. It would be truly embarrassing if their results were as poor as before.

"Yes!" The crowd nodded their heads.

"This time, our elders have nominated a total of six candidates. I have looked through the information you all have submitted and they are indeed young talents. However, there are only two slots for this tournament so a round of selection will have to be conducted..."

Pavilion Master Kang continued. However, before he could finish his words, his body suddenly froze.

The other elders also noticed something and they narrowed their eyes. They quickly turned their sights toward a single direction.

"Trembling of Myriad Tokens, Harmony of the Chimes... This is acknowledgement of a Celestial Master Teacher?"

After a long period of time, Pavilion Master Kang finally managed to utter with a hoarse voice.

"Even though it's an acknowledgement of Celestial Master Teacher and it has occurred in our guild... given how the remarkable geniuses of the other powers are gathered in Myriad Kingdom City at the moment, there is a possibility that one of them might be the one who triggered it!"

"Indeed. If they were to be acknowledged by the heavens in Myriad Kingdom City, the phenomenon would appear in our guild... Hurry up and find out which geniuses are in the city at the moment..."

"It seems like... the champion of this tournament will surely be that person!"


The faces of the elders paled, and they muttered to themselves.

Celestial Master Teacher was an existence acknowledged by the heavens itself. In the entire continent, only Kong shi had managed to achieve this feat. Regardless of which power the Celestial Master Teacher came from, there was no doubt that... he would be the champion in the Master Teacher Tournament!

"Could it be... him?"

Different from the reaction of the other elders, Su shi and Ling shi glanced at one another and a figure suddenly appeared in their mind.

But soon, they shook their heads.

He had just completed by 2-star master teacher examination, and he hadn't even reached Zhizun realm yet. How could he possibly be acknowledged by the heavens?

Thus... it couldn't be him!



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