Chapter 505: Oasis of the Mirage Deity

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After a long period of time, Zhang Xuan finally finished absorbing the energy in his surroundings and stood up.

As expected of Celestial Master Teacher. Even though his cultivation realm remained the same, at the Prolonged Longevity realm pinnacle, his comprehension of cultivation and battle techniques had deepened.

With just this, his fighting prowess could be said to have raised by at least twofold.

If he could fight equally with a Transcendent Mortal 2-dan intermediate stage previously, he would be able to match up with an advanced stage expert now.

At the same time, his Soul Depth had also raised from 12.1 to 14.1.

Even though an increase of 2.0 was humble as compared to the effects of the Book of Heaven's Path, if he were to cultivate normally, this leap would require at least decades of effort.

In other words, this acknowledgement of Celestial Master Teacher had saved him at least decades of training for his Soul Depth!


Also, his Eye of Insight and Impartation of Heaven's Will had also grown stronger. Using the Eye of Insight, he could now peer through existences two small cultivation tiers above him.

Meaning, he could easily see through the flaws of an Origin Energy realm intermediate stage cultivator already.

As for Impartation of Heaven's Will, his ability to induce trust in others had grown, and others would find it hard to refute his words.

He had to expend his Soul Depth to coax Song Chao previously but now, as long as he were to utilize the Impartation of Heaven's Will, the other party would feel inclined to trust his words automatically.

More importantly, by earning the acknowledge of the heavens, his Will of Mind had also progressed significantly in the Lucid Analytical realm.

As expected of Celestial Master Teacher. Its effects were truly immense to a master teacher.

"Even though there was no change in my cultivation, I can feel that I'm not too far from making a breakthrough!"

With a deeper understanding of cultivation, it wasn't too difficult for him to bypass the barriers to reaching Origin Energy realm.

After all, he had studied a few hundred Origin Energy realm secret manuals. Even though he hadn't compiled a flawless version of Heaven's Path Divine Art yet, he had a clear idea on the direction of his cultivation. As long as he had sufficient spirit stones, making a breakthrough wasn't too difficult.

"I should try to look at the field of grass before me once more with the Eye of Insight!"

Thinking that he might be see something new with his improved Eye of Insight, Zhang Xuan lifted his gaze.

"It isn't a formation or a mechanical trap!"

There was a huge disparity between what he could see before and what he was seeing now. The previous obscurity had become crystal clear to Zhang Xuan's eyes.

"Did Zhang shi notice something?"

The crowd turned their gazes over.

They had never seen a Celestial Master Teacher before, but as a legend of the Master Teacher Pavilion, they knew that it was anything but ordinary.

"It is a method used by soul oracles to beguile souls. In other words, what you all are seeing is fake, a mirage!" said Zhang Xuan, frowning.

"But if it's a mirage, why did the puppet suddenly disappear?" Luo Zhu found the matter hard to believe.

At most, a mirage should only be able to confuse one. This explanation couldn't account for the disappearance of the puppet.

The puppet had disappeared right after walking through the passageway. It was clear that some powerful formation had transported it away.

"Soul oracles have the ability to beguile all lifeforms possessing souls. They can make us all see the same image, and thus, inducing us to believe that what that lay before us is real. However... puppets are different. Puppets have no soul and consciousness, and as such, they can't be beguiled... Thus, it's not that the puppet disappeared but that it has stepped through the passageway. Since it is unable to enter the mirage, naturally, we can't see it," Zhang Xuan explained.

Soul oracles could beguile lifeforms possessing souls and muddle their ability to distinguish truth from false. However, puppets were different. Possessing no consciousness, they couldn't be beguiled and naturally, they would step right through the mirage.

"If it's true... then could this be the soul oracle's... [Oasis of the Mirage Deity]?"

Suddenly recalling something, Luo Zhu's face paled and he nearly fell to the ground.

"Oasis of the Mirage Deity?"

Everyone was baffled. Even the knowledgeable Hall Master Sai was confused.

"Oasis of the Mirage Deity is a skill unique to soul oracles. They are capable of using their soul energy to create an incomparably realistic sight that subconsciously draws one in, similar to the oasis in the desert. The moment one steps into the mirage, one's soul will be forcefully torn from one's body and come under the control of the soul oracle..."

Luo Zhu trembled as he explained.

"One's soul will be forcefully torn from one's body?"

Everyone was shocked.

The greatest weakness of the soul oracles was their physical body. Once one lost this advantage over them, wouldn't one be powerless to their whims?

"Indeed. If we had entered just now, our souls would be torn from our body. Even if we managed to survive... We would be as good as dead!"

Cold sweat seeped down Luo Zhu's head.

The faces of the others also paled.

It was fortunate that they didn't charge ahead upon realizing the peculiarity of the matter. If they had really rushed over, they would have died for nothing.

As expected of a soul oracle. Even their means were hard to guard against.

"Just that... one has to be at least 6-star to be capable of utilizing the Oasis of the Mirage Deity. Could this be... the tomb of a 6-star soul oracle?" Luo Zhu asked doubtfully.

Oasis of the Mirage Deity wasn't a skill that just any soul oracle could utilize. Only upon reaching 6-star would one be able to set it up.

Just like master teachers and other Upper Nine Paths occupation, the techniques of the soul oracles also had a requisite on one's cultivation... As such, the ranking of a soul oracle was also linked to his cultivation realm.

A 6-star soul oracle would possess a cultivation realm at the zenith of the Transcendent Mortal realm!

Even if it was lacking a physical body, it wasn't an opponent that they could face.

"I think that it would be best if we leave right now!" Hall Master Sai's eyebrows leaped in unease.

Even though he was interested in seeing the tomb of a soul oracle and view the various artifacts contained within... he didn't have the courage to disturb the tomb of a former 6-star soul oracle.

Jin Conghai clenched his fists tightly and said, "Indeed. It's best for us to not get involved with an expert of this level..."

The more knowledgeable one was, the more one understood one's own ignorance. Similarly, the higher one's cultivation realm was, the more they understood how powerful the top-notch experts were.

Understanding the irreconcilable gap between them and a person who once stood at the zenith of Transcendent Mortals, they didn't dare to proceed any further.

They knew that with their force, they would never be able to deal with a 6-star soul oracle, no matter how many years he had been dead for.

"Leave? That's a good idea..."

Lifting his head, Zhang Xuan smiled bitterly, "But it's already too late..."

"Hee hee hee!"

At that moment, everyone suddenly felt a chill and a sinister laughter echoed in the passageway.

"To think that my Oasis of the Mirage Deity would be seen through so easily. Not bad, it seems that quite a few bodies have come this time!"

The voice was bizarrely shrill, and it seemed to echo straight within the depths of one's soul, leaving one feeling unnerved.


In an instant, the flowers, clouds, and blue sky before them disappeared, and a huge, empty hall appeared in its place.

In the large hall, there was only a single coffin placed at a distance forty to fifty meters away from the crowd. It was hard to tell how large it was from this distance, but from the looks of it, it was significantly bigger and heavier than the other four coffins in the first chamber.

"You wish to possess us?" Zhang Xuan narrowed his eyes.

Entering the Lucid Analytical realm, Zhang Xuan felt no anxiety, fear, or any negative emotions.

"After such a long sleep, since someone dared to stumble into my tomb, of course I should claim their bodies for my own use!" The voice chuckled.

As the other party spoke, Zhang Xuan scanned his surroundings with his Eye of Insight

Regardless of how powerful the other party was, he had already been dead for innumerable years. Given how he would rather resort to using a mirage than deal with them personally, it could only mean that... he wasn't as powerful as they thought he was.

As long as Zhang Xuan found his hiding spot, there might be a chance to turn the situation around.

However, to his disappointment, he couldn't find any trace of the other party at all.

"Don't waste your effort. If I don't want to appear, do you think that you can find me with your mediocre skills?" Seemingly noticing Zhang Xuan's intentions, the voice sounded once more.

Zhang Xuan fell silent.

The voice was transmitted straight into their soul, making it impossible to trace him via sound. It would indeed be difficult to find him so long as he wished to remain hidden.

Turning around to glance at Jin Conghai and Hall Master Sai, the duo also shook their heads.

It seemed like the two of them had the same idea in mind as well.

Just as Zhang Xuan was racking his brain for a solution, Jin Conghai's voice sounded.

"Zhang shi, I'll try to stall for time. You should take the chance to leave with gongzi and the others!"

Turning his head, he saw that Jin Conghai's eyes were filled with the determination of a soldier ready to meet his demise.

"You have an idea in mind?" Zhang Xuan sent a telepathic message.

"I don't. However, I do have a few poisons that work on souls so it might be effective against him!" Jin Conghai replied grimly.

The effects on poison weren't just limited to the physical body. Some of the more formidable poison could dissipate souls as well.

Taking Zhang Xuan's Innate Fetal Poison for example, it was planted in him while he was still a fetus. Given the nearly absolute nature of the poison, it was, in a sense, more fearsome than a soul-dissipating poison.

"You wish to poison me? Hahaha, you should try to find me first!"

In the midst of the discussion of the duo, the voice sounded once more.

"You can listen to telepathic messages?" Zhang Xuan widened his eyes in astonishment.

They had communicated previously using telepathy, and only the two of them should know of the content of their words. Even Hall Master Sai, who was standing by the side, was completely oblivious to their interaction. Yet, this fellow actually could tell that Jin Conghai intended to poison him...

That was way too fearsome!

"Hah, it isn't just your telepathic message. Via your souls, I can even tell what you all are thinking!"

Harrumphing coldly, the voice continued, "I advise you all not to make any futile struggles. Even though there is no danger lying in wait in the passageway, it can be locked down. While you all were beguiled by the Oasis of the Mirage Deity, I locked down the area. It's too late for you to be thinking of leaving!"

Hearing those words, everyone turned their heads around and their faces immediately paled.

Just as the other party had said, the passageway behind had been sealed tightly by a stone wall.

"Let me give it a try!"

With an awful complexion, Jin Conghai gathered his strength and struck the stone wall heavily.

Hong long!

There was a massive tremor. However, the stone wall seemed to have been protected by something powerful. Even the strength of a Transcendent Mortal 4-dan was unable to move it, needless to say, shatter it.

"Let me give it a try as well!"

Stepping forward, Hall Master Sai took out a saber and slashed the stone wall several times. However, just like Jin Conghai, he didn't leave the slightest damage on the wall.

"This is the [Dragon Severing Lock] set up by a 6-star celestial designer. Only those who harness the strength of a Transcendent Mortal 9-dan cultivator can break it. You only have two fates before you. You will either meet your death here, or you will end up serving as my body..."

The voice chuckled.

"Dragon Severing Lock?"

Everyone's complexion became extremely awful.

Advancing and retreating weren't an option for them. Were they really going to... die like that?



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