Chapter 514: But They Are Both Men!

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The normal Soul Guiding Formula would cause one's physical body to decline swiftly as soon as the soul was drawn out of the body.

Yet, the person before him was still filled with vitality from head to toe. His acupoints were in concord, and his soul and physical body were in harmony. Not only was he not inferior to any Transcendent Mortal cultivator, his disposition even seemed more refined. His presence seemed to create immense pressure on other souls.

With just a single look, Mo Hunsheng could immediately tell that the Soul Guiding Formula that the other party cultivated was different from his. It had already been improved such that the concept of Five Soul Declines was non-existent. It was at a whole new level.

Legend had it that the founding father of soul oracles, Liu Mozi, had stolen the knowledge of souls from the Heaven's Path to create the occupation. However, due to the imperfection of heaven, the content he stole was incomplete, thus resulting in the Five Soul Declines and the incompatibility between one's soul and body.

The soul oracles in the latter generations tried many means to improve the Soul Guiding Formula but to no avail. Yet, the young man before him had only taken a momentary look and not only did he manage to rid it of all its fatal flaw, he even succeeded in cultivating it...

How could he not be surprised?

"How in the world did you do it?"

After the shock came deep excitement, "A Celestial Master Teacher who is capable of improving the Soul Guiding Formula... Just his strength and knowledge in itself can probably bring me to greater heights..."

The reason why he established a soul contract with the other party was out of helplessness before. However, upon seeing the other party's capability and means, he suddenly realized that... this might have been the most correct decision in his life!

Following such a talented figure, if he were to earn the other party's favor and guidance, he would definitely be able to surpass his previous bottleneck!

"These are the secret techniques that I have uncovered through my years of research. It might prove useful to master!"

Thinking so, Mo Hunsheng immediately transmitted his knowledge over via his soul.

Soul oracles were capable of transmitting information directly through their souls. This method was much more efficient than reading books or verbal explanation.

Due to the contract forming a bridge between them, this transfer of information was exceptionally efficient. Zhang Xuan felt his eyes blur for a moment when in the next instant, a huge gush of information appeared in his head. They were all regarding soul oracles.

Mo Hunsheng was a 6-star soul oracle from the ancient times. Back then, the inheritance hadn't been terminated yet so the knowledge he knew covered nearly everything regarding the occupation.

"As expected of a feared occupation, it is indeed deep and profound..."

After briefly looking through it, Zhang Xuan's mouth widened in shock.

It was no wonder why the lineage of this occupation could be passed down for innumerable generations, even becoming a subject of fear beyond that of poison masters. Soul oracles were indeed not to be trifled with.

In comparison to all of this, Soul Guiding Formula was indeed just the foundation.

Suddenly, Zhang Xuan saw something and turned to the lotus.

"Did you create this Soul Severing Technique?"

That fellow had been trapped in the Nine Hearts Lotus for dozens of millenniums, and it was due to his intense desire to escape that he studied this technique for innumerable years so that he could sever a part of his soul to escape from the lotus.

"I created it through innumerable trial and error..." Mo Hunsheng nodded. "Using this formula, one can create another of oneself such that even if the main soul is destroyed in the future, one can still maintain his existence through this clone!"

"Clone?" Zhang Xuan was taken aback.

"That's right. This severed soul is a complete replica of oneself, possessing even one's complete memories. In other words, it's equivalent to creating a spare soul. If you were to meet with danger, this can serve as your trump card so it isn't too bad," Mo Hunsheng said.

Zhang Xuan nodded his head. He quickly looked through the Soul Severing Technique.

That skill was indeed incredible. Only one who had achieved a profound understanding of souls could create such a skill.

From the looks of it, if it wasn't for this fellow being trapped within the Nine Hearts Lotus and was unable to cultivate, given his accumulation over a course of several dozen millenniums, he could have been an 8-star of even 9-star soul oracle by now.

But that was to be expected. Being trapped during this entire period of time, all he had been focused on was how he could free himself from this hell. If his understanding of souls didn't make any progress, he would truly be a hopeless cause.

"Let me see how many flaws there are!"

Submerging his consciousness into his mind, he entered the Library of Heaven's Path and imprinted the knowledge which the other party sent him onto blank books.


After which, he grabbed the book regarding the Soul Severing Technique and flipped it open.

"Soul Severing Technique, created by Mo Hunsheng. Upon mastering the technique, one will be able to divide one's soul into two... Flaws: ..."

A huge amount of information was detailed on it.

Reading through the content, Zhang Xuan couldn't help but praise, "Only 120 flaws, that's rather formidable!"

To create a technique possessing only a hundred flaws through one's individual efforts... Even though Mo Hunsheng may seem unreliable, his talent and capability were indeed top-notch.

How could a 6-star soul oracle possibly be ordinary anyway?


With a thought, Zhang Xuan fused all of the books regarding souls together to recompile the Soul Severing Technique.

Taking another look at it once more.

There were only ten flaws or so left in it.

"Seems like my books regarding souls are still sorely lacking. I should get someone to buy more for me when I arrive at the Myriad Kingdom Alliance!"

Regarding the Soul Severing Technique being able to be used as a life preservation method, Zhang Xuan was rather surprised.

It was impossible for any cultivator to completely stay out of harm's way. If he were to successfully cultivate this technique, he would have another ace up his sleeves.

However, there were too many flaws with this cultivation technique so he wasn't interested in it for the moment. Even if he wanted to cultivate it, he would have to collect more books and make up for its deficiencies first.

"Now, time to look at the Nine Hearts Lotus!"

Given the humongous quantity of information that the other party sent over, Zhang Xuan knew that it was impossible for him to look through all of them in just a day or two. Thus, opening his eyes, he turned his attention to the black lotus instead.

A 6-star soul oracle had called this item a God artifact. Zhang Xuan was interested to see what effects it had.

Thus, coming into contact with it, he muttered 'flaws'.


A book appeared in the Library of Heaven's Path.

"Nine Heavens Lotus Embryo, an object descended from the celestial. It requires the nourishment of the purest energy to grow, and upon mature, it could be used to craft the most perfect physical body. Flaws: No.1, it has yet to reach maturity, which is indicated by a white outer appearance..."

"So, it's not called Nine Hearts Lotus but Nine Heavens Lotus Embryo! The part regarding it being able to be used to craft physical body turns out to be true!"

After reading through the first page, Zhang Xuan nodded his head.

From the looks of it, even though Mo Hunsheng had been trapped within the lotus for more than several dozen millenniums, he was still unable to recognize it entirely.

Nine Heavens Lotus Embryo... Even though its exact level wasn't stated within the book, it seemed to be a high tiered object.

"To think that there would be only five flaws!"

Flipping to the second page, Zhang Xuan was just about to continue reading when he froze.

There were only two pages detailing the five flaws of the object.

This was Zhang Xuan's first time seeing an object with so few flaws.

"As expected of a God artifact..."

With eyes reddened in agitation, a thought suddenly appeared in Zhang Xuan's mind, 'If I were to learn the Soul Severing Technique and create a clone while nurturing this lotus to serve as its body, wouldn't it be equivalent to gaining another life?'

The more Zhang Xuan thought of it, the more agitated he felt.

If he were to nurture this God artifact which only had five flaws to create a clone for himself, wouldn't his fighting prowess immediately soar?

"It's a pity that... I probably won't live to the day that this lotus matures..."

One of the flaws written in the book was that the Nine Heavens Lotus Embryo had yet to mature.

A mature Nine Heavens Lotus Embryo should be completely white, but the lotus was currently pitch black in color.

After consuming Mo Hunsheng's entire fortune and living for several dozen millenniums, it was still in this state. Given Zhang Xuan's lifespan of several hundred years, it would be impossible for him to live until its maturity.

It would be impossible to mold it before the lotus reaches maturity. If he were to try it forcefully, he might just end up like Mo Hunsheng, trapped in the lotus and losing his freedom, unable to even end his own life.

Thinking so, a thought suddenly appeared in Zhang Xuan's mind.

'Hmm? This lotus requires the nourishment of the purest energy to reach maturity. My Heaven's Path zhenqi is incomparably pure. Will it suffice as a fertilizer for it?'

In the description regarding the Nine Heavens Lotus Embryo, in the very first line, it was stated that the lotus required nourishment from the purest energy to mature. Zhang Xuan didn't have sufficient spirit stones to feed it but the Heaven's Path zhenqi was incomparably pure. He could definitely give it a try.

Thus, grabbing the stem of the lotus, Zhang Xuan sent a surge of zhenqi in.


As soon as the zhenqi seeped in, a loud shriek echoed in the air.

"I've already said all that has to be said, please don't kill me..."

Mo Hunsheng was about to go mad. He had only just handed over the information regarding soul oracles when the other party infused his zhenqi into the lotus at the next instant. There was not a single person in his position who wouldn't think that Zhang Xuan was trying to kill him now that his worth had been completely extracted.


Realizing the significance of his actions, Zhang Xuan hurriedly stopped.

He had only been thinking of nourishing the lotus with his zhenqi. He forgot about the existence of the fellow inside.

Soul oracles carried innate fear of Heaven's Path zhenqi, and not to mention, this fellow had been severely injured by the Dragon Scale Amulet. Thus, how could he possibly be able to withstand the onslaught of zhenqi?

It was already a blessing that he wasn't eradicated in an instant.

Stopping the flow of zhenqi, Zhang Xuan was just about to put the lotus back into his storage ring and study it more next time when he saw that the stem where he infused zhenqi into previously had already turned white.

"It turned white? Could Heaven's Path zhenqi really be effective?"

Zhang Xuan's eyes lit up. In a state of disbelief, he grabbed another stem and infused zhenqi into the lotus.


A terrifying scream of agony sounded from the lotus once more.

A moment later, Zhang Xuan grabbed the lotus.

"It has turned white as well! Indeed, Heaven's Path zhenqi can hasten the maturity of this object..."

Looking at the white stems, Zhang Xuan was delighted. Then, turning to Mo Hunsheng, he consoled, "I'm not trying to kill you, I'm just experimenting with this Nine Hearts Lotus. There's no need for you to be anxious, I'm just giving it a try. Just a short moment..."

"Don't! Ah..." Mo Hunsheng cried.

I'll listen to your obediently in the future, alright? If you were to give it more tries, there will be no need for you to get me out of the lotus anymore. I would have already died by then...


At the opening of the cave.

"Did something happen? Should we take a look?"

"It sounds like Mo Hunsheng's shout of agony. Is Zhang shi alright?"

Hearing the shout of agony, the group who was in the midst of their meal stood up.

"Zhang shi said previously that there are some things he needs to investigate so it's best for us not to interrupt him. Why don't we first... try to determine the current situation inside before coming to a decision?"

Zhao Feiwu advised everyone with a grim expression.


Everyone nodded their heads and pricked their ears. After which, they vaguely heard a faint voice.

"... There's no need for you to be anxious, I'm just giving it a try. Just a short moment..."

"Don't! Ah..."


"Give a try? Short moment? No need to be anxious?"

Everyone stared at one another with widened eyes.

Zhao Feiwu's face turned red, and it took her awhile before she managed to speak.

"But the both of them... are men..."



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