Chapter 515: Zhao Feiwu's True Identity

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After testing it for a bit, Zhang Xuan confirmed that the change in the Nine Heavens Lotus Embryo was due to the Heaven's Path zhenqi. Only then did he stop with eyes glowing in excitement.

Possessing both the method of nurturing the lotus and to sever a portion of his soul, it was now just a matter of time before he succeeded in creating a clone.

But before that, he had to find a way to get Mo Hunsheng out of the lotus first!

Otherwise, as soon as he infused zhenqi into the lotus, an ear-piercing cry could echo in the air. Most probably, before the lotus could even mature, the person trapped inside would have already died.

In the end, a Transcendent Mortal 9-dan expert servant, even if he was no longer as strong as before, was still better than nothing at all.

However, he had no way of getting Mo Hunsheng out now. Thus, Zhang Xuan turned his attention to the soul oracle cultivation technique.

"I should first cultivate the soul oracle cultivation technique first so that I can nurture a Soulrouse Grass!"

The Soul Guiding Formula that he had cultivated before was similar to the Figher's Juxi realm. If one couldn't even absorb spiritual energy, one could never become a fighter. Similarly, if one couldn't draw out his soul, one possessed no aptitude whatsoever in becoming a soul oracle.

Soul Guiding Formula was just a technique to draw one's soul out of his body. To strengthen one's soul, one would require another whole new set of cultivation techniques.

As a 6-star soul oracle, Mo Hunsheng had many soul cultivation techniques in his arsenal. Adding his understanding of soul cultivation into the mix, Zhang Xuan managed to gather a thousand book to compile together.

After organizing them, Zhang Xuan realized that he had the perfected Heaven's Path Soul Art all the way until Transcendent Mortal 2-dan. Beyond 2-dan, there were some mistakes here and there in the cultivation techniques, thus making them unsuitable to learn.

"That's around the level of my current cultivation. I should start now!"

Zhang Xuan happened to be at Transcendent Mortal 1-dan pinnacle at the moment. If his soul were to reach the same level, he could exert the strength of both his zhenqi and his soul simultaneously, and this could boost his fighting prowess significantly.

Seated cross-legged on the floor, Zhang Xuan drew his soul out and began cultivating via the method detailed in the Heaven's Path Soul Art.


His soul energy swiftly surged.

After an unknown period of time.


Zhang Xuan's soul returned back to his body and he slowly opened his eyes.

It was already daybreak. Sunlight shone in from the entrance of the cavern, blinding Zhang Xuan's eyes.

"After a year of cultivation, my soul cultivation has reached Transcendent Mortal 2-dan!"

Given that Zhang Xuan had the complete Heaven's Path Soul Art all the way until Transcendent Mortal 2-dan, as well as a middle-tier spirit stone to fuel his cultivation, in just a night's effort, Zhang Xuan had already reached Transcendent Mortal 2-dan.

In other words, his soul cultivation was currently beyond his current cultivation.

"However, being a soul oracle is a taboo in the continent. It's best for me not to use the ability of a soul oracle recklessly..."

Just like poison masters, soul oracles were a feared existence. If someone were to know that Zhang Xuan was able to draw his soul out and his soul possessed fighting power on its own, in the worst-case scenario, he might even be unable to keep his master teacher license.

Thus, unless when put in a desperate situation, Zhang Xuan was determined not to resort to this method.

"I can start cultivating the Soulrouse Grass now!"

Stretching his back lazily, Zhang Xuan stood up.

Mo Hunsheng had already imparted the method of cultivating the Soulrouse Grass to him.

In truth, Soulrouse Grass didn't refer to a specific medicinal herb but one nurtured using one's soul. A herb cultivated through such means would possess the attribute of rousing dormant souls.

But the medicinal herb used couldn't just be any plant. It had to be one that was able to harness one's soul energy.

Such medicinal herbs were hard to find, and so, he could only try looking through the market of the Myriad Kingdom City when he arrived there.

Walking out of the cavern, Zhang Xuan realized that everyone was awake.

All of the fright and fatigue from the journey to the soul oracle tomb had disappeared through a night of rest, and the group seemed revitalized. They had already completed all preparations for departure.

"Let's go to the Myriad Kingdom City," Zhang Xuan said.

Everyone jumped onto the back of Zhao Feiwu's spirit beast and soared into the sky. The Demon Cinque Beast also follow suit as well.

As for Hall Master Sai and Luo Zhu, they had already heard of the Master Teacher Tournament and they were interested in spectating it as well. Thus, they decided to tag along.


The spirit beast looked as though a black line shooting through the sky. With the notorious Demon Cinque Beast protecting them, there wasn't a single savage beast or spirit beast who dared to trifle with the group.

In fact, even the experts riding on spirit beasts made sure to keep their distance upon sensing the deep hostility the Demon Cinque Beast was emanating.

Thus, the journey went smoothly without any hiccups.

Five days later, a massive city appeared before everyone's eyes.

This city was even grander than Honghai City, and all kinds of infrastructures were ordered neatly in a specific pattern, creating a beautiful sight.

Looking out of the window from the beast's back, Zhang Xuan could see that the massive city was located in the midst of a giant plain. It seemed as though a clean and massive river flowing through the middle of the plains, bringing it boundless vitality and liveliness.

"The Myriad Kingdom Alliance has embassies from all of the countries that it trades with. There are also markets established by powers of equal standing here. In fact, Tier 2 Huanyu Empire even has a supply point here... There are many powers in the city, but regardless of who they are, as long as they are in Myriad Kingdom City, they have to obey the orders of the Alliance Head Residence!"

Zhao Feiwu chuckled.

"Un!" Zhang Xuan nodded.

He had heard of the Alliance Head Residence. It was known as the royalty of the Myriad Kingdom Alliance, the one that wielded true power within the alliance. He had heard of it from Su shi back when he was in Tianwu Kingdom.

Even though Master Teacher Pavilion possessed an esteemed standing, they didn't interfere in governance. Usually, as long as there was no social upheaval, they wouldn't get involved in anything. As such, the power was mainly held in the hands of the alliance head.

"There is still some time before the Master Teacher Tournament. Why don't you all follow me to the Alliance Head Residence to rest for a few days? You can use these days to look into the situation before heading to the Master Teacher Pavilion," Zhao Feiwu said.

There were still another two months before the Master Teacher Tournament so there was no need to hurry.

"Alliance Head Residence? Could Zhao gongzi be someone from the Alliance Head Residence?" Hall Master Sai asked doubtfully.

Zhao Feiwu had always been following behind Zhang shi. All along, the rest had thought that she was Zhang Xuan's friend, unaware that she was a local of the Myriad Kingdom City.

Even Zhao Ya and the others only know that Zhao gongzi was an envoy from the alliance. They were unaware of her real identity as well.

"Yes. The alliance head, Zhao Tianhao, is my father!" Zhao Feiwu replied.

"You are Alliance Head Zhao's son? That's not right. Alliance Head Zhao only has a single son, Zhao Hui gongzi, and I've met him before..." Hall Master Sai was taken aback.

Alliance Head Zhao was the most influential person throughout the entire Myriad Kingdom Alliance. His son was in a position similar to the crown prince, and as the head of the Appraiser Hall, Hall Master Sai had met him several times before. Zhao Feiwu clearly wasn't him.

"I didn't intend to deceive everyone here. Just that, for the sake of convenience, I had no choice but to disguise myself!"

Chuckling lightly, Zhao Feiwu rubbed her face and her appearance began changing. Her main appearance didn't change much but her features became from feminine, betraying her identity as a female.

Even though she was still wearing male clothes, her disposition and her appearance were no different from a female. Her complexion was perfect, and she was no way inferior even when compared to Princess Mo Yu.

"You are a woman?"

Only then did Hall Master Sai, Luo Zhu, Zhao Ya, and the others come to a realization.

The only one who was calm amongst them was Zhang Xuan.

When he first saw the other party, the Eye of Insight had already revealed her identity as a lady. Thus, he wasn't too surprised by her confession.

"Zhao Hui is my elder brother, and I am the second princess of the alliance, Zhao Lian!"

Zhao Feiwu introduced herself. "From young, I've been plagued with an affliction. In hopes that I can live like an ordinary person, he conferred me the title of the 'Dancing Princess'. That's where my name Zhao Feiwu comes from!"

(Feiwu means 'dancing around')

"So, it's Princess Feiwu!" Hall Master and Luo Zhu glanced at one another before coming to a realization.

They had long heard of the ill second princess of the alliance head, and according to the rumors, she was suffering from Innate Muscular Deficiency. Despite searching throughout the alliance, they were unable to find a single physician capable of treating it. As such, when they met Zhao Feiwu, given the other party's gender, they didn't think that it would be her.

"I've heard that Alliance Head Zhao conferred this title to the ill second princess in hopes that she could dance lithely like the elegant swallows. However, it's a pity that despite the reward he's offered, no one has managed to find a cure yet. Why would..." Hall Master Sai asked doubtfully.

Princess Feiwu's illness had shocked many. Countless physicians had stepped forward only to leave in defeat. Logically speaking, she should be confined to her bed, unable to move at all. How could she be walking around as though an ordinary human being?

Could there be some falsehood in the rumors?

"Zhang shi saved me!"

Zhao Feiwu chuckled and her bright eyes shone.

"Oh!" Hall Master Sai suddenly came to a realization.

After learning of the other party's identity, he had been wondering why the princess, one of the most authoritative figures in the Myriad Kingdom Alliance, would follow Zhang shi around and treat him with utmost respect. The other party's reply had finally solved this lingering doubt of his.

"I've long heard of Zhang shi's outstanding medical skills, but I didn't expect you to be so formidable..."

Hall Master Sai laughed bitterly.

Back then, Sun Qiang had bragged about how formidable his young master's medical skills were. At the Coax Ridge, he had witnessed with his own eyes how formidable the other party's Knockout Treatment Method was. However, it was only after hearing Princess Feiwu words did he truly realize how fearsome Zhang shi's medical skills were.

The princess's Innate Muscular Deficiency had caused a huge uproar throughout the alliance then, and countless physicians had taken a look at her condition only to find that they were helpless against it. Just by the fact that Zhang shi was able to solve it meant that his medical skills were probably superior to most physicians in the Myriad Kingdom Alliance.

"Zhang shi, Feiwu didn't mean to lie to you. I beseech for your forgiveness!"

After introducing herself, Zhao Feiwu turned to Zhang shi and bowed deeply.

Even though this young man was of the same age as her, he had already attained a high level of proficiency as a master teacher, physician, appraiser, formation master... He wouldn't even pale in comparison to that famous elder brother of hers!

This made her feel awe for the other party.

Even though Zhang Xuan knew that the other party was a lady, upon learning that she was the princess, he was still rather surprised. Seeing that the other party was speaking to him, Zhang Xuan suddenly thought of something.

"You're being too polite. Since you're the princess, you should be able to gather news easily. I just so happen to have something I need your help to look into!"

"Zhang shi, feel free to speak!" Zhao Feiwu nodded.

It must be said that she was indeed extremely pretty. Even though her cultivation was so-so, she had a valiant disposition which accentuated her aesthetics.

After pondering for a moment, Zhang Xuan said, "I wish to purchase a Soulcalming Grass, and the greater its maturity, the better it is. Otherwise, Sentiment Drowning Flower would work as well. It'll be best if they have a maturity of five hundred years and above. More importantly... They should be fresh and alive. Dried herbs will be useless for my agenda. Can Princess Feiwu help me look into the matter?"

To nurture a Soulrouse Grass, the medicinal herb must be capable of harnessing one's soul energy. Over the past few days, Zhang Xuan had been contemplating over the matter and in the end, he concluded that it would be easiest to find these two herbs within the Myriad Kingdom Alliance.

The Soulcalming Grass and Sentiment Drowning Flower.

These two medicinal herbs weren't famous but there were extremely valuable. As Zhang Xuan wasn't well-connected in the alliance, it would be difficult for him to find these herbs. On the other hand, as the princess of the alliance, Zhao Feiwu should be able to find them easily.

"Soulcalming Grass and Sentiment Drowning Flower? Fresh ones?"

Not expecting Zhang shi to ask for these things, Zhao Feiwu frowned.



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