Chapter 516: Alliance Head

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Soulcalming Grass could calm one's mind, placing one in an imperturbable state.

Sentiment Drowning Flower could stabilize one's mental fortitude, making one less affected by emotional changes.

These two medicinal herbs were extremely rare, and there were less than a handful of them in the Myriad Kingdom Alliance. For those herbs to be alive and possess a maturity of five hundred years on top of that... The difficulty was extremely high.

"This... I'm not too sure either, but when we arrive at the Alliance Head Residence, I can ask my father about it. Even if he doesn't know where he can find it, I'm sure he can help you look into it," Zhao Feiwu replied.

Zhang Xuan nodded.

Her father, as the head of the alliance, wielded immense influence and power. It should be a walk in the park for him to find a single medicinal herb.

Thus, Zhang Xuan nodded his head and fell silent. Standing quietly by the window, he continued reinforcing his cultivation.

Even though he hadn't reached Transcendent Mortal 2-dan yet, his efforts in the past five days had made his zhenqi had become even purer and denser.

From his experience with the immense zhenqi consumption from the Red Dust Heaven Ascending Steps, he realized that on top of purity, the denseness of one's zhenqi was extremely important as well. As such, in the past few days, he had been working hard accumulating his zhenqi into his dantian. His efforts had increased the quantity of zhenqi had at least increased by a tenth.

One shouldn't underestimate this tenth. Using the Red Dust Heaven Ascending Steps as a gauge, it could sustain him for another two to three breaths. In this time, he could descend back to the ground, thus avoiding a tragic fall.

For the rest of the journey, there wasn't much of a conversation among the group. The spirit beast continued proceeding forward, and soon, a grand building appeared in everyone's sight.

As the center of the Myriad Kingdom Alliance, the Alliance Head Residence carried an imposing aura. Even before arriving at the location, everyone could already feel a heavy pressure pushing down on them.

Chuckling, Zhao Feiwu explained, "Even my spirit beast is not allowed to fly straight into the Alliance Head Residence. Let's alight here!"

The spirit beast they were riding on flapped its wings and descended to the ground. Soon, it stopped at a vast square right in front of the Alliance Head Residence.

Jumping off the back of the spirit beast, Zhang Xuan scanned the surroundings and was awed.

As expected of the center of the Myriad Kingdom Alliance. Not only were the buildings towering, they were even infused with spiritual energy. Without even taking a closer examination, it was clear that they were filled with formations.

If someone dared to wreak havoc here, the formations would be more than enough to slaughter them.

It was no wonder that Zhao Feiwu dared not enter the Alliance Head Residence riding on the back of a spirit beast. If she were to do so, it would probably trigger some formation.

Lifting his gaze, Zhang Xuan saw a few soldiers patrolling the Alliance Head Residence. They were all dressed in gray armor and they had a spear each in their hands. A powerful aura could be felt from them.

"Zongshi realm experts?"

Zhang Xuan was surprised. To think that even the most ordinary guards here were Zongshi realm experts!

No one of Tianxuan Kingdom had reached this level, and even in a Tier 2 Kingdom where Liu shi and the others resided in, that was the level of the old ancestor of a country. Yet, over here, they were only an ordinary guard. The huge disparity was truly astonishing.

But thinking about it, that was to be expected. After all, the Myriad Kingdom City had 4-star master teachers. Just by listening to the class of such an expert, one's understanding of cultivation would surely experience a huge leap. Surpassing one's bottleneck would become significantly easier.

Even if one couldn't listen to the lessons of an expert of that caliber, the lessons of a 2-star and 3-star master teachers were fairly useful as well. Besides, as a prosperous commercial city, the Myriad Kingdom City was rich in resources. As such, it wasn't too surprising for the overall prowess of its population to be much stronger

Zhao Ya and the others had initially thought that Zhizun realm was already formidable. However, after seeing the guards, they couldn't help but feel disheartened.

As expected of the capital of the Myriad Kingdom Alliance, it was indeed formidable!

"Your humble servant pays respect to Princess Feiwu and Lord Jin!"

Just as the group were awed by the sight, a group of soldiers walked over and a golden-armored commander stepped forward and welcomed them. Zhao Wufei's Transcendent Mortal 3-dan mount was known by everyone in the Alliance Head Residence. Its presence surely meant that the princess had returned as well.

The commander's aura was slightly influencing his surroundings, thus revealing his strong control over the environment. It was clear from this that he was a Transcendent Mortal expert.

"Prepare a clean and spiritual energy-rich courtyard for my friends to live in. Make sure to serve them well!" Zhao Feiwu commanded impassively.

She had never shown this side of her to Zhang Xuan and the others, but at this moment, the disposition of an authoritative princess was clearly shown through her movement and words.

"Yes!" The commander nodded his head and hurriedly got into action.

"Un!" Nodding her head, Zhao Feiwu turned around and said, "Zhang shi, let me take you to meet my father!"


Nodding his head, Zhang Xuan delegated some instructions to Zhao Ya and the others before leaving with Zhao Feiwu.

The palace wasn't too extravagant, and there weren't many guards here as well. It was extraordinarily peaceful here, reminiscent of a tranquil garden.

If not for Zhao Feiwu leading the way and the huge number of guards defending the area outside, Zhang Xuan would have thought that he was in the wrong place.

"My father doesn't like a ruckus so there aren't any guards here. Besides, this is the Alliance Head Residence so there won't be anyone so foolish as to cause trouble here!"

Noticing Zhang Xuan's doubts, Zhao Feiwu chuckled.

"Un!" Zhang Xuan nodded his head.

Ever since his reincarnation, he had visited various palaces and without an exception, they all had tight security. Yet, this location formed a stark contrast to the norm. It seemed like Zhao Feiwu's father had absolute confidence in his strength.

While the both of them chatted, they walked down several corridors and finally arrived at a large hall.

Someone entered the hall to report their presence. A moment later, the same person returned and invited them in.

Entering the hall, Zhang Xuan immediately saw an authoritative-looking middle-aged man seated on the seat at the direct center of the room. He was exuding an exceptionally powerful aura that wasn't inferior even when compared to the Demon Cinque Beast. Clearly, he had reached Transcendent Mortal 4-dan pinnacle as well.

Even when compared to Hall Master Han whom he had seen before, this middle-aged man was clearly much stronger.

The both of them might be Transcendent Mortal 4-dan pinnacle experts, but the aura the latter was exuding showed the huge distance between their strength.

It was just like how Hall Master Han Chong and the various elders, despite teaming together against the Demon Cinque Beast, were unable to defeat it.

"Father!" Zhao Feiwu stepped forward and greeted.

"Un, you've returned!" The middle-aged man nodded his head. Then, his bright eyes fell on Zhang Xuan.

Being in an authoritative position for such a long time, he carried a majestic disposition that naturally commanded fear in others. Even the head of the Physician Guild, Guild Leader Meng, would stutter in fear before him. Yet, this twenty-year-old lad was able to keep his composure.

Just by this in itself, he could tell that the other party wasn't a simple figure.

Smiling slightly, Alliance Head Zhao said, "You must be Zhang shi!"

"I am Zhang Xuan. My greetings to the alliance head!" Zhang Xuan nodded.

"Un!" Seeing the other party's humble attitude, Alliance Head Zhao felt even more satisfied with the young man before him. "I've heard of your affairs. Despite being under twenty, you are already a 2-star master teacher. You've challenged Tianwu Kingdom's Wall of Dilemma and solved all of the questions on it, undergone the Harmonious Stream of Flowing Goblets and became certified as a 5-star appraiser, and on top of all that, you even managed to save Hall Master Han... Not to mention, you cured my daughter of her affliction as well. You're truly a talented man!"

"Alliance master, I am unworthy of your praise!" Zhang Xuan felt a little bizarre that the other party knew his affairs so clearly, but after giving it some thoughts, he felt that it was to be expected.

After all, his daughter was traveling alone despite having only just recovered from her affliction. Even though Jin Conghai was protecting her, he couldn't help but feel worried. Most likely, he sent some men to keep tabs on his daughter's trail so it wasn't too surprising for him to know of those matters.

Besides, Jin Conghai, as his subordinate, would surely report these matters to him as well.

"Having been in control of the alliance for many years, I've seen many geniuses. However, men of Zhang shi's caliber are indeed rare!" Alliance Head Zhao complimented.

Just as Zhang Xuan had thought, Jin Conghai had reported most of the matters that they had gone through. Even though he had excluded the matter regarding the soul oracle tomb and the Celestial Master Teacher, the affairs that he had gone through had shocked the alliance master.

Despite being under twenty, the other party was a 5-star appraiser, quasi 4-star formation master, 3-star painter, 2-star master teacher...

His titles and capability could leave anyone and everyone awed.

As the most influential person in the alliance, he had seen countless great geniuses. However, when compared to him, they were all like fireflies before the burning sun

"Zhang shi's aim for coming to Myriad Kingdom City must be to participate in the Master Teacher Tournament, right?" After chatting for a moment, Alliance Head Zhao asked.

"Un!" Zhang Xuan nodded his head.

Back then, he had promised Su shi and Ling shi on the matter. Since he was already here now, naturally, he should at least participate in it.

But more importantly, the reward for the Master Teacher Tournament was generous.

"The Master Teacher Tournament gathers countless geniuses from the twenty-seven Master Teacher Pavilions. Even though Zhang shi's talent is outstanding, it probably won't be too easy to rank amidst the top!"

Speaking of the Master Teacher Tournament, Alliance Head Zhao shook his head bitterly.

Having read through the other party's background, he knew that the person before of him had outstanding talent. However, getting a good placing among the twenty-eight powers wouldn't be easy.

If it was that simple, the Myriad Kingdom Alliance Master Teacher Pavilion wouldn't have ranked amidst the bottom all this while.

"Forget it, let's not talk about that!"

There were still two more months before the end of the tournament. Knowing that it was still too early to talk of all these, Alliance Master Zhao shook his head. "Zhang shi's extraordinary medical skill has saved my daughter's life. I would like to show my gratitude to you. If you have any request, as long as it's within my means, I'll surely try my best to fulfill it!"

"Alliance head, you're being too polite. However... I do have a request to ask of!"

Since the other party had already made an offer, Zhang Xuan didn't stand on ceremony.

Even though the other party was the powerful head of the alliance, Zhang Xuan had undergone many things in his journey here. Such a situation was no longer sufficient to leave him tense.

Alliance Head Zhao turned his gaze to Zhang Xuan.

"Actually, it's like that. I need a medicinal herb but I'm not too sure where I can obtain it. I hope that the alliance head can help me look into the matter!"

Zhang Xuan raised the issue of the Soulcalming Grass and Sentiment Drowning Flower.

"Soulcalming Grass? I've never heard of it before. However... I do know of one Sentiment Drowning Flower of maturity five hundred years and above. Furthermore, it's still alive!" Alliance Head Zhao hesitated for a moment before replying.

Zhang Xuan's eyes lit up.

Soulcalming Grass and Sentiment Drowning Flower were both basic ingredient required for cultivating the Soulrouse Grass. Just one stalk was enough.

"However... even though I know where it is, it won't be easy to get it..." Alliance Head Zhao shook his head.


"Zhang shi, you'll understand once I finish my part of the story! The place where most medicinal herbs are gathered would be herb kings. Following which would be the Apothecary Guild and Physician Guild. I believe that as a master teacher, Zhang shi should be well aware of this," Alliance Head Zhao said.

Zhang Xuan nodded his head.

Herb king actually just refers to merchants dealing with bulks of medicinal herbs. In terms of variety and quantity of herbs, there was no one who could beat them. After them would be the Apothecary Guild and Physician Guild, which used humongous quantity of medicinal herbs on a daily basis.

Due to the nature of their occupations, these three parties usually had a huge reserve of medicinal herbs.



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