Chapter 517: The Reckless Demon Cinque Beast

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"However... the herbs from those three parties are mostly dried. They don't possess much herbs that are still alive, let alone a rare medicinal herb like the Sentiment Drowning Flower," Alliance Head Zhao said.

These three locations were where most medicinal herbs were concentrated at. As dried herbs shared the same medicinal property and they were easier to store, most of the herbs were dried before putting into storage. As such, there were basically no fresh medicinal herbs there.

"There are various sources to a herb king's medicinal herbs. The most common source would be the herbologists but rare herbs like the Sentiment Drowning Flower wouldn't appear in those field. Besides, ordinary herbologists don't have the ability to nurture it. I do know of a herbologist who possesses such capability. That person has a herb garden in the west of the Myriad Kingdom City, and she has all kinds of bizarre herbs in her herb garden. Most of them are rare herbs that one could hardly see in the market. However..."

Alliance Head Zhao smiled bitterly, "The owner of the herb garden has an eccentric personality, and she's nearly completely unsympathetic. Her herbs aren't for sale, regardless of how high a price one offers. Back then, I've tried to purchase some unique herbs from her for Lian-er's illness but I was turned away!"

"Aren't for sale?" Zhang Xuan was perplexed. "What does she need so many medicinal herbs for then?"

Given the humongous quantity of medicinal herbs the other party had, she couldn't possibly consume all of it herself... And since that was the case, what was the point keeping them?

Medicinal herbs were just like ordinary plants in the sense that they had a limited lifespan. Even though there were some herbs that could live for several centuries, most only had a lifespan of a few years.

More importantly, planting herbs and maintaining the herb garden were extremely expensive. Spirit stones, unique fertilizer, and manpower—these three were essential for any herb garden. Refusing to sell any medicinal herbs meant that one was pumping money in without any income. No matter how rich one was, it was impossible to sustain in the long run!

"I have no idea either. There are many in Myriad Kingdom City who have been wondering about that but no one knows the real answer!"

Alliance Head Zhao shook his head.

"Then... Doesn't anyone think of stealing from her?" Zhang Xuan was perplexed.

Given how the other party had the medicinal herbs that most needed, surely there should be some who were willing to take the risk!

"Of course, people try to, but all of them ended in failure! The owner of the herb garden, Xue Yiyao, reached Transcendent Mortal 4-dan pinnacle fifty years ago. No one knows what level she has reached since then, and even I am unconfident of defeating her!" Alliance Head Zhao said.

Given how the other party was a Transcendent Mortal 4-dan pinnacle expert fifty years ago, even if she had been unable to make a breakthrough, she was probably ranked in the very top among the experts of Myriad Kingdom City.

"More importantly, the herb garden has an exceptionally powerful formation set up by Guild Master Zheng of Honghai City's Formation Master Guild. It is at least of 4-star pinnacle, and many of those who try to steal the herbs within end up being killed or confined before they could even reach the fields... Soon, everyone realized that it is impossible to succeed so no one dared to try so anymore," Alliance Head Zhao said.

Refusing to sell the herbs and killing or confining those who dare to lay their hands on her herbs... This fellow was indeed a tough nut to crack.

"Is there anywhere else that could have these two medicinal herbs?"

"There isn't! Other than this herb garden, I can't think of anywhere else that might this herb, except for dry ones!"

"Dry ones are meaningless to me!" Zhang Xuan shook his head.

Only living herbs could be used to cultivate the Soulrouse Grass. Once the herb was dried, how could it possibly harness soul energy to gain the effect of waking one's soul?

"Where is the herb garden you speak of located? I would like to take a look myself!"

Zhang Xuan had to nurture a Soulrouse Grass by hook or by crook—this was the only way he could save Lu Chong. Since he even went to a place as dangerous as the soul oracle tomb for it, no matter how troublesome the owner of the herb garden was, he would just have to find a way to deal with her.

"This..." Hearing that the other party wanted to give it a try, Alliance Head Zhao hesitated for a moment. "Alright then. I'll have Jin Conghai accompany you. This way, even if she lays a hand on you, you'll at least be able to withstand her assault for a moment!"

"Alright!" Zhang Xuan nodded his head.

He didn't know the location of the herb garden so he needed someone to lead the way.

"Father, I would like to take a look as well!" Zhao Feiwu hurriedly said.

"What are you going there for?" Alliance Head Zhao frowned.

"The owner of the herb garden doesn't listen to even your words. I want to see how formidable she is!" Zhao Feiwu chuckled.

Having followed behind Zhang Xuan the past few days, she knew that the other party was a person who would never give up until he achieved his goal. Honestly, she was curious to see whether the difficult herb garden owner or the formidable Zhang shi would emerge victorious in the clash.

Seeing that her father was hesitating, Zhao Feiwu hurriedly added, "Don't worry, Elder Jin is around. Besides, no matter how disrespectful that herb garden owner may be, she won't lay her hands on me!"

After hesitating for a moment, Alliance Head Zhao said, "Alright then. The two of you'd better be careful, especially Zhang shi. If the other party refuses to sell the herb, by no means should you insist on the issue. If it really comes down to it, I'll make a trip myself and perhaps she might sell me this favor."

Back then, he had sent a subordinate to request for the required medicinal herbs only to end up being rejected. After which, he had intended to go over himself but just then, they managed to find some medicinal herbs from the Physician Guild in replacement. Thus, the matter was settled just like that.

Zhang shi was his daughter's savior, and on top of that, the other party's outstanding talent also made it likely that he would accomplish great things in the future. Thus, if things didn't go well, he didn't mind stepping forward to help.

As the head of the Myriad Kingdom Alliance, a Transcendent Mortal 4-dan pinnacle expert, no matter how eccentric the other party's temper was, she should still sell the herbs in consideration of his identity.

After asking a few more questions, Zhang Xuan bade Alliance Head Zhao farewell and left with Zhao Feiwu and Jin Conghai. Riding on an aerial savage beast, they left for the west of the city.

The Myriad Kingdom Alliance was exceptionally large, extending for nearly several hundred kilometers. If one were to walk on their feet, it would take several hours to reach the herb garden. This time, the trio didn't ride on Zhao Feiwu's mount but the Demon Cinque Beast.

As a Transcendent Mortal 4-dan pinnacle spirit beast, its movement was as swift as though a bolt of lightning. In just a few dozen minutes, the trio could spot a gigantic garden appearing before their eyes.

The garden was several hundred mu large, and it was shrouded by a light mist. With just a single glance, one could tell that it was guarded by a huge formation.

(One mu = 666.6 square meters)

"Let's alight here!"

Knowing that they weren't allowed to fly straight in, Zhang Xuan nodded his head and the Demon Cinque Beast landed at an area not too far away from the main door.

The doors to the garden were tightly shut, and there wasn't a single person to be seen at the door. It seemed like everyone knew that the herbs here weren't for sale so they all lost their interest.

Otherwise, given the huge demand for medicinal herbs, it was impossible for a huge herb garden like this to be completely devoid of customers.

Jin Conghai stepped forward and just as he was about to knock on the door, 'jiya!', the door opened and a maid stepped forward.

"Our herb garden doesn't sell any medicinal herb, please leave!"

It seemed like she was already used to people coming over in search of medicinal herbs. As soon as she saw Zhang Xuan and group, she immediately tried to chase them away.

Not expecting to be rejected right before he could say anything, Zhang Xuan felt a little helpless.

How could he hope to purchase any medicinal herb when he was denied entry at the front door?

Just as Zhang Xuan was about to say something to persuade the other party to give way, the galloping of the horses suddenly sounded.

Then, a carriage stopped at a direction not too far away and a middle-aged man alighted.

"Garden Owner Mu, please enter!"

Upon identifying the person, the maid immediately respectfully opened the gates to allow him entry.

"Didn't you say that you don't sell any medicinal herbs? Why is he able to enter then?" Jin Conghai frowned.

This was too stark a contrast. They were being turned away at the door while the other party was allowed to strut it.

Was identity a criterion to entering the garden as well?

"I apologize but he's a guest of our owner. He holds an invitation letter in his hand," the maid spoke apologetically.

"One can enter as long as they have an invitation letter?" Zhang Xuan asked doubtfully.

Before the maid could reply, a cold and arrogant voice sounded. "Of course!"

The one who spoke was a curvaceous lady who seemed to be in her thirties. She had a thick make-up on, and even before her appearance, a heavy scent of rouge was already lingering in the air.

"Garden Owner Xue is conducting a banquet tonight and only other garden owners are allowed to enter. Don't think that just any lowly peasant can enter this area. If you wish to purchase medicinal herbs, you should just leave right now. We don't welcome you here!"

Tilting her face up high, the lady spoke arrogantly. Her gaze was filled with cold disdain.

"Banquet? Only garden owners are allowed to enter? If that's the case, you must be a garden owner as well?" Zhao Feiwu said.

"Of course! I am the garden owner of Greenmist Garden, Luo Qingyan!"

With a proud look, the beautiful lady flicked her wrist and took out a letter. It was the invitation to the herb garden.

"Do you see it? This is the invitation letter. If you don't have it, leave right now! Don't cause any trouble!"

Staring coldly at Zhang Xuan, the lady snickered, "Judging from your appearance, you aren't even twenty years old yet. At your age, I doubt that you can even differentiate among the various herbs. A high-class banquet like this is clearly out of your league, don't try to get ahead of yourself! Study hard and maybe in fifty years or so, you might just get the chance to come in... Hahahahaha!"

Chuckling beneath her hands, the lady straightened her back. Her voluptuous chests looked uncomfortable in her tight dress, and they threatened to break free from their restraints.

"Fifty years?" Zhang Xuan shook his head. Turning to the maid guarding the door, he asked, "Can anyone with the invitation letter enter?"

"Err... That's right!"

The maid contemplated over the prior instruction from her superior and hurriedly nodded her head.

"That's good!"

Hearing the other party's affirmative reply, Zhang Xuan turned to the curvaceous lady and scratched his head sheepishly, "I wish to negotiate with you. Can you lend me your invitation letter?"

"Lend you? Hahaha!"

As though hearing the most hilarious joke in the world, the curvaceous lady burst into laughter. Following which, she stared down at Zhang Xuan with a look of disdain, "Why should I lend it to you? Garden Owner Xue gave this to me, who do you think you are?"

"You refuse?"

Zhang Xuan glanced at the curvaceous lady.

"You'd better scram before I fly into a temper. Otherwise, I swear you will be carried out of here..."

Bellowing furiously, a powerful aura flowed out from her.

Transcendent Mortal 3-dan.

"You intend to kill me?" Shaking his head, Zhang Xuan glanced behind and instructed, "Demon Cinque, negotiate with her in my stead and see if you can borrow the invitation letter from her..."


Hearing the order, the Demon Cinque Beast roared deeply and flew over.

"What do you intend to do?"

Before she could react, a humongous shadow appeared before her and a giant backside came crushing down her head.


Just like that, she was crushed into the earth. Only her limbs and brain were spared, and she spewed huge mouthfuls of blood.


After sitting down on the other party, the Demon Cinque Beast grabbed the invitation letter from the other party's hands with its mouth and threw it to Zhang Xuan.


Jin Conghai and Zhao Feiwu staggered. Their eyes were about to pop out from their eyes.

Wasn't it supposed to be a negotiation? Why... did it suddenly turn out like that...



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