Chapter 518: The Depressed Zhang Xuan

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To be crushed by that massive Demon Cinque Beast who weighed ten thousand kilograms... Just the thought of it was sufficient to leave the two trembling.

Shaking their head, the duo glanced at the curvaceous lady who was on the verge of fainting in sympathy.

Of all people you could offend, why did you have to offend this fellow?

This Zhang shi may seem to be a pushover, but in truth, he was a troublemaker who feared nothing in the world. Otherwise, he couldn't have possibly charged singlehandedly into the Xuanyuan Kingdom and destroy its entire royal family.

If one were to speak politely with him, he would reply with equal courtesy... But given how you lashed out at him as though a madman, it would be a wonder if he didn't teach you a lesson!

You are already very lucky that he didn't make you acknowledge him as your teacher on the spot!

He even dared to command a Transcendent Mortal 9-dan expert to acknowledge him as teacher. As for you... Piece of cake!

While the duo was shocked by the sight before them, the lady crushed under the Demon Cinque Beast felt like she was on the verge of going insane.

As a powerful, beautiful, and influential garden owner, countless people vied for her favor. She thought that this fellow was just trying to attract her attention or even flirt with her by asking her for the invitation letter... Yet, he actually sent his spirit beast after her...

Spurting large mouthfuls of blood, the curvaceous lady, Luo Qingyan, was frenzied.

"You... I want to kill you!"

Shrieking furiously, she was just about to gather her strength to push away the massive figure above her when she heard the displeased voice of the young man not too far away.

"Demon Cinque, what's wrong with you? Didn't I tell you to negotiate with her to borrow the invitation letter from her? Which part of borrow don't you understand? Why are you acting on your own whim? Do you still have any respect left for me, your master?"

"Roar?" The Demon Cinque Beast was stunned. Its massive lantern-like eyes blinked in confusion.

Even though it possessed intelligence on par with humans, it still wasn't too well-versed with the language of the humans. Most probably, it mistook Zhang Xuan's 'negotiate' for 'snatch'.

Besides, this fellow was used to being arrogant. It had always snatched whatever he wanted—if it wasn't for that, the Myriad Kingdom Alliance wouldn't have sent so many experts after him.

Even if it had truly interpreted Zhang Xuan's 'negotiate' correctly, how could it have the patience to do so?

"Alright, enough. Stop putting on an act. Since you've made a mistake, you should be punished. You shall remain on that spot for an hour. Without my order, you are not to move at all!"

That young man berated furiously.

Pu... Luo Qingyan's fresh blood spurted out. Her face was filled with tears.

Are you punishing it or me?

You could have gotten it to sit somewhere else, and yet, you ordered it to remain on the spot for an hour... By the time it's done with its punishment, I will have already died...

While she was spurting blood, Zhao Feiwu stepped forward and said, "We're here to buy medicinal herbs. It'll be best if we don't cause any unnecessary trouble..."

"You're right!" The young man nodded his head. Thus, he turned to the maid at the entrance and passed the invitation letter over. "Alright, here's my invitation letter. Can I enter now?"

"..." The maid.

Honestly speaking, she was on the verge of losing her mind as well.

She had seen plenty of arrogant people, but the young man before her topped it all.

The invitation letter should a proof of the person's standing, identity, and the garden owner's courtesy. Snatching it like that...

Would any sane person do it that way?

More importantly... Even if you wished to do it, you could have done it discreetly where no one was around. If I didn't know about it, I could at least overlook the matter and allow you in.

But... to snatch it right before my eyes, do you really think that I'm blind?

What was even more infuriating was that... even after you're done, you still have the cheek to present the invitation letter to me and innocently ask if you can enter or not...

Enter your head!

Infuriated, her chest puffed up and she was ready to explode at any time.

"No way! How dare you snatch an invitation letter right before my eyes? Unless you kill me, don't even dream of entering..."

Clenching her pearly teeth tightly together, the maid drove her zhenqi, seemingly prepared to prevent Zhang Xuan from entering even if it would cost her life.

"No way?"

The herb garden's dignity mustn't be sullied. Just as she was about to make a move, the young man hesitated for a moment before asking, "Lady, are you ill?"

The maid staggered.

You sure are scum! I didn't allow you to enter and you immediately say that I'm ill... You're the one who is ill, your entire family is ill!

She had never felt so angry before. If she could, she would immediately charge forward to beat that fellow to death. Flicking her wrist, a weapon appeared in her hand. Just as she was about to make a move, the young man's voice sounded once more.

"I see that the Yangbai acupoint on your glabella is slightly red, and the zhenqi flow in the left of your body is a little stifled. If I'm not mistaken, do you suffer from severe headaches every night, and it will feel as though the back of your head is convulsing?"

"You..." The furious maid suddenly froze.

The other party was correct. She did suffer from splitting headaches every night, and it was as if the back of her head was convulsing violently. She had visited the Physician Guild to have it checked but the results were inconclusive. As such, she could only bear with it.

How in the world did this fellow... know about it?

"Not only so, zhenqi doesn't flow through the meridian of your right thigh smoothly, resulting in your strength being imbalanced. As such, your cultivation has reached a bottleneck, and you find yourself being unable to take the final step forward. If I'm not mistaken, you are secretly cultivating an ice-attribute cultivation technique. Am I right?" the other party's voice continued.

"Y-you... How did you know?" The maid was taken aback.

She had found her cultivation coming to a standstill recently. In other to boost her cultivation, she chose to cultivate an ice-attribute cultivation technique. However, she kept this matter a secret and even her bosom buddies were kept in the dark. How did this fellow learn of it?

"It doesn't matter how I know it. You were once injured by the attack of a person who cultivates a yang-attribute cultivation technique, causing a surge of yang energy to clog up your meridians. Your original intention is to cultivate an ice-attribute cultivation technique to neutralize the yang energy so that you can regain your cultivation talent..."

The young man before her shook his head, "Your idea isn't bad, but the method you used... couldn't be anymore wrong!"

The maid trembled in shock. Her eyes were so huge that they were about to fall to the floors. Her mouth was agape but not a single word could express her emotions at the moment.

She had indeed fought with a person of yang-attribute a year ago, and due to an injury from that battle, her cultivation came to a standstill. As such, she lost the right to cultivate medicinal herbs and was reduced to becoming a doorman.

With his hands behind his back, the young man calmly explained, "Yin and yang do neutralize one another. However, the surge of yang energy in your body has already fused with your blood and meridian. Cultivating an ice-attribute cultivation technique all of the sudden will only turn your body into a battlefield. Of course, with every battle, the yang attribute zhenqi would slowly diminish with each battle. However... the ice-attribute zhenqi would also be scattered throughout your body during the collision, and some of them would flow along with your bloodstream into your head, thus inducing that sharp splitting headache of yours!"

"This..." The maid's lips quivered. "Is there any cure for it?"

The other party's analysis was logical. She had thought that the headache was caused by her fatigue, and never in her dream did she expect that it would be a product from her cultivating an ice-attribute cultivation technique.

Thinking about it, the headache did indeed start from the moment she started cultivating this cultivation technique!

Not only did the other party notice her symptoms, he even found out the cause of the illness, something that even the physicians of the Physician Guild were unable to!

To be able to do so much with a single glance...

Who in the world was this person?

"The treatment method is simple. You just have to practice the Fallen Flower Swordsmanship five times every day while driving your zhenqi. Within ten days, you'll make a complete recovery!" Zhang Xuan said.

"How... did you know that I have learned the Fallen Flower Swordsmanship?" The maid's body swayed once more.

The Fallen Flower Swordsmanship was imparted to her by Garden Owner Xue, and among her sisters, she was the only one who'd managed to master it. How did the other party manage to discern so much when all she had done was take out her sword...

Was she dreaming?

Crushing Garden Owner Qingyan to the floor, leaving her spewing large mouthfuls of blood on the ground, to steal her invitation letter... Seeing through her illness with a single glance and offering a solution to it on top of that... Was this fellow spouting nonsense or was he serious?

Ignoring the other party's question, the young man continued with an impassive expression, "The Fallen Flower Swordsmanship allows one to create sword qi reminiscent of a fallen flower. If you were to drive your zhenqi while executing this technique, you can drive the yang energy clogged within your body out along with the sword qi. If you were to do it five times a day over a course of ten days, the yang energy should completely dissipate, and there should be no aftereffect even if you were to continue cultivating the ice-attribute cultivation technique!"

Hearing that the treatment method was that simple, the maid hesitated for a moment before gritting her teeth. Lifting the sword in her hand, she began doing as the other party instructed.

The Fallen Flower Swordsmanship created zhenqi reminiscent of fallen flowers. In an instant, a paradise filled with falling petals seemed to have appeared before everyone's eyes. However, each of these petals carried an extraordinarily sharp and cold aura, creating a sight of desolate beauty.

Zhang Xuan couldn't help but feel awed as he watched the swordsmanship. As expected of the Myriad Kingdom City. Even a maid guarding the entrance was at Half-Transcension.

Soon, the maid finished the entire sword routine. Sensing the changes in her body, she widened her eyes in astonishment and delight.

It was just the first time, but her body already felt much more comfortable. The yang energy which she'd thought she would never be able to rid of had indeed dissipated by a little. Even though there was still a significant amount of it left in her meridian, at the very least... this meant that what the other party had said was true!

Her affliction could really be treated by this method!

"Thank you for your guidance!" Sheathing her sword, the maid clasped her fists politely.

At this moment, her anger had already vanished completely.

To be able to see through the problem in her cultivation and allocate a treatment method to it, the other party's means were even more incredible than the physicians of the Physician Guild... Without a doubt, the person before her was anything but simple.

A person of his caliber couldn't possibly come here just to cause trouble!

"Un!" Zhang Xuan waved his hands nonchalantly. The other party's problem wasn't too complicated so it didn't take too much trouble. Chuckling softly, he spoke with a refined tone, "May I enter now?"

"This... May I know who gongzi is..." The maid couldn't help but ask.

Even though she knew that the other party was a formidable figure, she still had to enquire on his identity first. Otherwise, she couldn't account for his entry to the garden owner.

"This is Zhang shi!" Jin Conghai stepped forward and replied.

"Zhang shi? You're... a master teacher?" The maid was taken aback.

"Un!" Zhang Xuan was perplexed.

Even if I am a master teacher, surely you need not be so surprised. After all, there is a huge bunch of master teachers in Myriad Kingdom City.

"If only I knew that you are a master teacher, I won't have blocked your path. For the banquet tonight, the garden owner has declared that on top of the other garden owners... all master teachers are allowed to enter the premises of the herb garden freely..." the maid said.

"Master teachers can enter freely?" Zhang Xuan's body swayed and his vision went dark.

What in the world was this!

If only he knew that it was that simple, he wouldn't have gotten the Demon Cinque Beast to make a move. Just to enter this herb garden, he went through so much trouble... only to realize that his efforts were meaningless...

"Zhang shi, this way please!" After confirming the other party's identity, the maid immediately gestured the young man in.

"Un..." Suppressing his frustration, Zhang Xuan proceeded into the garden along with Zhao Feiwu and Jin Conghai. However, barely after taking two steps, he saw the maid pointing to Luo Qingyan, who was still crushed under the Demon Cinque Beast. "Zhang shi, what about Garden Owner Qingyan..."

"Oh. Go and rest by the side first, I'll call you later on!"

Knowing the other party's intention, Zhang Xuan waved the Demon Cinque Beast away.

Even though it was an accident that the Demon Cinque Beast had misunderstood his intentions, that lady had it coming. Since she dared to disrespect a master teacher, she should have been ready to be punished.


Hearing the command, the Demon Cinque Beast nodded. Shaking its giant backside, it spread its wings and soared into the sky.

"Damn it! Damn it..."

With her squashed body, Luo Qingyan stared hatefully at the departing backs of Zhang Xuan and the others. Her body trembled and she gritted her teeth in resentment.

As the garden owner of Greenmist Herb Garden, her standing was on par with the nobility of the Myriad Kingdom Alliance. When had she suffered such injustice?

To be sat on by a spirit beast... This was an insult!

Even if the other party was a master teacher, she refused to simply let this matter go.

"Garden Owner Qingyan, what's wrong?"

Just as she swore to exact vengeance on that hateful young man, a surprised voice suddenly sounded. Following which, a young man donning a master teacher emblem with four shining stars on top walked over.<script>chaptererror();</script>



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