Chapter 520: Impossible to Guard Against

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"I am just taking a look around, I didn't come with anyone!"

Understanding what was going on, Zhang Xuan shook his head.

"Just taking a look around?" The young man was taken aback.

Where were they?

The herb garden of Garden Owner Xue! Even an envoy of the Myriad Kingdom Alliance would find it hard to come in here. To be casually taking a look around here... You must be jesting!

He had seen the fellow come in earlier—the maid guarding the entrance had escorted him personally here, and her attitude was exceptionally respectful... Even his grandfather didn't enjoy such a privilege!

This was precisely the reason why he stepped forward in the hope of making friends. Otherwise, as the successor to a herbologist clan, he didn't have the time to be chatting everyone up.

Thinking that the other party was just trying to keep a low profile, he decided not to ask any further. Smiling, he introduced himself, "I am Lu Zhan, a member of Myriad Kingdom City's Lu Clan!"

"Zhang Xuan!" Zhang Xuan replied.

"So, it's Brother Zhang, nice to meet you!" Despite reporting the Lu Clan's name, the other party's expression remained unchanged. Lu Zhan's complexion immediately turned grave, and he hurriedly clasped his fist respectfully.

As one of the Four Great Clans of the Myriad Kingdom City, the Lu Clan's power and standing was known throughout the entire alliance.

Even nobles and powerful officials would have to respectfully address him as Lu gongzi upon hearing of his identity. Yet, this fellow remained unmoved. It seemed like he must have a huge backing.

Thinking so, his attitude became even more respectful.

If he were to know that Zhang Xuan had simply never heard of the Lu Clan, it was hard to say whether he would puke blood or faint on the spot.

After chatting a moment longer, Lu Zhan realized that the person before him truly knew nothing about medicinal herbs at all, and his confusion deepened.

Other people were still guessing the reason behind Garden Owner Xue's invitation, but as the successor to a prestigious herbologist clan, he had already received concrete news about the matter.

After all, many of the herbologist maids serving in this herb garden came from their clan. It wasn't a problem for them to gather some information.

Just as everyone had guessed, a problem had cropped up with the Earth Vein Spirit Vine!

This was precisely the reason why all those who were invited were the greatest minds in the topic of herbology. Yet, this fellow actually knew nothing at all. He had never even heard of herbologist clans... What exactly was his true identity for Garden Owner Xue to invite him over?


While they were chatting, Luo Qingyan and Song Chao arrived at the hall.

"Song shi, that's the fellow who laid his hands on me!" Scanning the crowd, Luo Qingyan soon saw that hateful fellow and pointed him out.

Following the other party's finger, Song Chao soon saw a figure.

Zhang Xuan was currently speaking to Lu Zhan, and his back was against them. Thus, Song Chao only saw the other party's back view. Even though it seemed weirdly familiar to him, he didn't connect it to Zhang Xuan.

After all, Zhang shi seemed extremely close to Hall Master Sai of Honghai City back then, and so, Song Chao thought that the other party was from Honghai City. Why would someone from Honghai City suddenly appear here, and not to mention, how much of a coincidence would it be for the two of them to appear in the same herb garden?

"There's no mistake, it is him! He is the one who abused his identity as a master teacher to attack me! Song shi, please redress my grievance. As long as you teach him a lesson in my stead, I, Qingyan... shall be yours!"

Luo Qingyan cuddled up with Song Chao with her voluptuous chests.

She knew what men liked, and using her charms, she had always been able to convince them to help her. Otherwise, how could a young lady like her possibly open up a herb garden in Myriad Kingdom City?

Feeling the astonishing buoyancy pressing against his arm, Song Chao immediately nodded his head and declared righteously, "Don't worry, even if you didn't say a thing, I wouldn't allow a person who sullied the name of master teachers to get away scot-free!"

Even though he knew that the other party was just making use of him for vengeance, he didn't feel put off by it. In the first place, it was his duty to safeguard the honor and prestige of the Master Teacher Pavilion, not to mention, such a beautiful lady was asking for his help.

Following behind that curvaceous figure, they soon arrived before Zhang Xuan and group.

"We meet once again!"

Knowing that the 4-star Song shi would get back at Zhang Xuan for her, Luo Qingyan was fearless. Stepping forward, she sneered coldly.

Zhang Xuan turned around and froze for a moment. Blinking his eyes, he asked doubtfully, "I thought you don't have an invitation letter? How did you enter the venue?"


Hearing those words, Luo Qingyan nearly spurted a mouthful of blood.

You still have the cheek to ask if I have an invitation letter or not...

You're the one who snatch it away from me, okay?!

"I've entered by tagging along with Song shi!"

Suppressing her rage, Luo Qingyan turned to Song shi and said, "It's this Zhang shi who abandoned his honor as a master teacher and ordered his tamed beast to attack me. I beseech Song shi to redress my grievance!"

However, Song shi remained completely motionless. Luo Qingyan frowned. Just as she was about to further provoke him into action, Zhang shi's voice sounded, "Song shi? Oh! It's Little Song!"

"Little Song?"

Luo Qingyan was stunned for a moment before frenzied joy gushed through her heart.

This was a genius 4-star master teacher, an expert that came from a neighboring sect!

Even the elders of Myriad Kingdom Alliance Master Teacher Pavilion would have to regard him as their peer, and yet, a young brat like you dares to address him as Little Song...

Luo Qingyan had been thinking of how she should further fan the flames between the two young men but from the looks of it now, there was no need for it. The other party had simply courted his own death!

Not only her, even Lu Zhan who had been trying to fathom Zhang Xuan's identity nearly keeled over.

There were four stars on the emblem pinned on the chest of this Song shi—4-star master teacher. To address the other party as Little Song as though he was a junior...

Lu Zhan hurriedly turned over to Song shi in hopes of mediating the situation when the face of the genius suddenly distorted, and he looked as though he was going to cry at any moment now.

"Rookie Song Chao pays respect to Zhang shi!"

At this moment, he could feel his heart crumbling.

Even if the other party was a 4-star master teacher, he would have challenged the other party on his actions. But before this fellow... How could he dare to do so?

Having been beguiled by the other party's Impartation of Heaven's Will twice consecutively, his fortune had already run dry... Having experienced the other party's astonishing means personally in the past, if not in consideration for his pride and honor, he would have already run away straight upon seeing Zhang Xuan's face.

Teach him a lesson... Even if someone were to give him ten guts, he wouldn't dare to do it!

"Song shi, he's being disrespectful to you! Why are... Huh?"

Luo Qingyan was still immersed in the vision of Zhang Xuan being pummeled violently by Song shi, and she was just about to introduce some punishment methods to the latter when she suddenly realized what Song shi said and froze.

What did 'rookie' mean?

It reflected one's ineptitude!

Usually, only when juniors met with someone superior to them would they use such an address. This genius, a 4-star master teacher, was actually using this address with Zhang shi?

Could it be that... this Zhang shi, despite his young age, was even more incredible than Song shi?

Are you for real?

Luo Qingyan was about to burst into tears.

She thought that a huge figure like Song shi would surely be able to teach that arrogant fellow a lesson so that she could get back at him. Who knew that... the other party's backing was even bigger!

Despite coming here to return the humiliation, she found herself being humiliated instead...

What in the world was this!

Lu Zhan's mouth also widened in shock. His eyes grew even bigger than that of a goldfish.

He had been trying to guess this person's identity all along, and he had even thought of the Alliance Head Residence. But one thing he never imagined was that the other party would be a master teacher... Not to mention, a master teacher who could make a 4-star master teacher address himself as a 'rookie' willingly!

This was too fearsome!

It was no wonder why a maid escorted him personally. He did possess the qualification for such treatment!

Ignoring the shocked duo, Zhang Xuan turned to Song Chao and asked, "Little Song, you wish to redress her grievance?"

Initially, when he saw this fellow, he was a little surprised. However, he soon realized why the other party was here as well.

In the treatment formula that he gave the other party. there were some medicinal herbs that needed to be fresh, and the only place to procure them was at the herb gardens. Most probably, he was here for that purpose.

"N-no... I just happened to meet with her. I don't know her at all..."

Song Chao smiled awkwardly.

Having fallen under the other party's Impartation of Heaven's Will twice, he knew that the other party was a master teacher who was far superior to him. Before such a figure, how could he possibly dare pull his weight?

"You don't know her?" Zhang Xuan lifted his finger and pointed.

Only then did Song Chao realize that Luo Qingyan's voluptuous chest was still pressing against his arm.

"I really don't know her at all..."

Shocked, Song Chao hurriedly jerked his arm and pushed the latter away.

The comfortable buoyant sensation from before felt like needle pricks at this instant, pricking him to the point that tears were threatening to spill from his eyes.

"Song shi..."

Being pushed away, Luo Qingyan finally realized that the formidable Song shi wasn't just respectful toward Zhang shi. Rather, he was fearful of the other party!

A person capable of inducing fear in a 4-star master teacher?

What exactly was the other party's identity?

Terrified, Luo Qingyan slowly backed away. At this instant, vengeance was the last thing in her mind. All that she could think of was how she could get away.

She really felt like slapping the previous her at this moment. Why in the world was the latter so blind as to provoke a person of such standing? It was already huge blessing that she was still breathing at the moment!

"Alright, I get it. There's no need for you to act like that!"

Ignoring Luo Qingyan, who was preparing to escape, Zhang Xuan waved his hands nonchalantly. Then, something suddenly struck him and his eyes lit up. Turning to Song Chao, he said, "Right, do you need more Soulless Metal Humanoids?"

Previously, at the soul oracle tomb, Sun Qiang had taken four grade-7 Metal Coffins, and of which, one of them was empty and the remaining three were filled with Soulless Metal Humanoids. In any case, since those things were meaningless to him and a wealthy potential buyer was before him, he decided to try his luck.

"Soulless Metal Humanoid... Zhang shi still has more of them?" Song Chao asked.

"I still have three more. On top of that, I have the coffins which they are stored in as well. If you're interested, I can sell the coffin together with it and give you a discount. Five middle-tier spirit stones for one set!" Zhang Xuan said.

Previously, he'd sold the Soulless Metal Humanoid to the other party for forty-thousand low-tier spirit stones. This time, the coffin was thrown into the mix as well but the price was only 5 middle-tier spirit stones. There was indeed a significant discount in the price.

"Five middle-tier spirit stones?" Song Chao's lips twitched. "I don't have that many middle-tier spirit stones..."

His entire fortune had run dry from purchasing the Soulless Metal Humanoid from before. Even though he had recouped his losses by reporting the expense to the elders of his sect after returning to the Myriad Kingdom City, that was all in terms of low-tier spirit stones... Even if he were to strip himself bare, he could only produce one middle-tier spirit stone!

Furthermore, that was a reward for obtaining the Soulless Metal Humanoid.

"Then, how much do you have?" Zhang Xuan asked.

"One..." Song Chao replied honestly.

"That works as well. I'll sell you one grade-7 Metal Coffin then. This is a work from a 4-star blacksmith. It can serve as a comfortable bed which will cool you down in summer and warm you up in winter! More importantly, it's a set with the Soulless Metal Humanoid you bought previously. If you were to return with it and study it thoroughly, you might be able to make a breakthrough in your soul cultivation!"

Zhang Xuan flicked his wrist and passed a storage ring over.

Storage rings were already worthless to him now, and he had several of them on him. In this storage ring was the coffin storing the Soulless Metal Humanoid which Luo Zhu stole previously.

Zhang Xuan had already gained a deep understanding of soul oracles via Mo Hunsheng and so, these coffins and Soulless Metal Humanoids served little purpose to him. It would be best if he could trade them for something more practical.

"Grade-7 Metal Coffin?" Grabbing the ring, Song Chao immediately dripped a droplet of blood on it before sending his consciousness into it. After taking a look, his eyes immediately lit up.

There were indeed many symbols commonly used by soul oracles carved on it. If one were to study the Soulless Metal Humanoid alongside the coffin, it could indeed help to augment one's understanding toward souls.

"Alright, I'll take it. Here's your middle-tier spirit stone!"

As he said so, he flicked his wrist and passed a jade box over.

"Un!" Opening a crack in the jade box, Zhang Xuan immediately felt concentrated spiritual energy gushing straight toward him. Knowing that there was a middle-tier spirit stone inside, Zhang Xuan nodded his head in satisfaction and put it in his ring.

"I have another three Soulless Metal Humanoid and the higher grade Crimson Metal Coffin. If you're interested in them, bring more middle-tier spirit stones along with you to look for me! I'll welcome you anytime!"

After receiving the middle-tier spirit stone, the satisfied Zhang Xuan looked at Song Chao as though he was a mobile sack of money.

This fellow was indeed wealthy. Zhang Xuan had profited significantly from the other party.

As expected of a sect member.

"Yes! I'll definitely report the matter to my sect. If there's anything we need, we'll definitely look for you!"

Nodding his head, Song Chao turned around and left. However, right after taking a few steps, he suddenly froze and his complexion darkened. Tears began streaming down his face.

"Shit... I got beguiled again..."

Despite being on his guard, he still fell for the other party's tricks.

He was truly a foe that was impossible to guard against!



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