Chapter 521: Herb Field

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Back then, with a Soul Depth of 12.1, Zhang Xuan was able to 'persuade' the other party easily. Now that his Soul Depth had reached 14.1 and he had undergone a second Celestial Master Teacher acknowledgement, it was no longer an issue for him to do so much.

Even so, Song Chao actually didn't make a loss.

A grade-7 Metal Coffin was an artifact that a 4-star blacksmith specially crafted for housing a Soulless Metal Humanoid. It probably was even more expensive than this when Mo Hunsheng bought it back then.

Depressed, Song Chao was just about to look for Zhang shi to take back his spirit stone when the room suddenly hushed. A slight air of vitality wafted in the hall.

"Garden Owner Xue arrives!"

Along with the declaration, an elder who looked like she was in her fifties walked into the room. Even though her skin was a little loose and there were signs of age all around her, one could still see hints of a previous beauty in her.

She didn't reveal her cultivation but vaguely, one could feel a powerful aura from her that seemed to nearly match up to the Demon Cinque Beast.

It was no wonder why Alliance Head Zhao was slightly apprehensive of the other party's strength. From the looks of it, his worry was not unfounded.

"I thank everyone here for attending today's banquet!"

Walking into the hall, Garden Owner Xue addressed with a smile.

"Garden Owner Xue, you're being much too polite!"

"How could I dare miss out on a banquet hosted by Garden Owner Xue!"

"We haven't met one another for such a long time anyway. This banquet serves as a platform for us to catch up..."


The crowd smiled.

Even though this herb garden wasn't open to the public, everyone knew about the formidable variety and quality of herbs within this garden. Without a doubt, among the eight great herb gardens, this one ranked at the very top.

The same went for Garden Owner Xue's cultivation as well. Even though those were just pleasantries, it also reflected their true thoughts.

"I apologize for calling all of you over so abruptly. Even though I've used the front of a banquet to gather all of you here today, I believe most of you have already guessed my true intentions.

"Even if I don't say anything, everyone here should know the importance of an Earth Vein Spirit Vein to a herb garden. The abrupt changes of the herb garden have caught me off guard, and due to my limited ability, I am unable to find a solution to the problem for the time being. Thus, I gathered everyone here together in hope of borrowing everyone's knowledge to tide me through this crisis. As long as anyone can come up with a solution to the problem, I, Xue Yiyao, hereby swear that they shall be an eternal friend of mine. No matter what medicinal herbs they require in the future, my herb garden shall supply it to them for free!"

"Supply medicinal herbs... for free?"

"Isn't this gift a little, no, way too generous?"

"Garden Owner Xue's medicinal herbs have never been put up for sale before, and as such, there are quite a lot of herbs with the maturity of a century or higher..."

"That's not important. More importantly... If you were to become Garden Owner Xue's friend, given her strength and identity, who would dare trifle with you?"

"That's true..."


A huge commotion immediately broke out below.

Everyone's eyes went red in agitation.

Even Lu Zhan's breathing hastened, and his eyes went red in agitation.

Even though the Lu Clan was noted as one of the Four Great Clans of the Myriad Kingdom Alliance, it ranked at the very bottom of the four. It was at risk of being pulled down by the competitors below them.

If they could pull Garden Owner Xue to their side, it would just be a matter of time before they climbed to the very top.

Suppressing his excitement, he glanced at the young man he had just met and his admiration for the latter immediately deepened.

Everyone's faces were reddened in excitement and many elders in the room even had veins popping at their temples. Yet, this young man was able to retain his composure despite the massive benefits involved.

Perplexed, Lu Zhan asked, "Brother Zhang, aren't you excited?"

"What is there to be excited about?" Zhang Xuan asked in confusion.

"Being Garden Owner Xue's friend..." Halfway through his words, Lu Zhan suddenly smiled bitterly.

The person before him was a figure who could even command respect from a 4-star master teacher and have the latter identify himself as a 'rookie'. Xue Yiyao might be a formidable figure in the Myriad Kingdom City, but she might still be insufficient to catch the eye of the latter.

Interrupting everyone's excitement, Garden Owner Xue said, "I've already said all that should be said. Those who are interested should follow me to the herb field. We can discuss the solution to the matter after you all see the condition of the Earth Vein Spirit Vine for yourself!"

"Alright, we'll be troubling Garden Owner Xue to lead the way then!"

"Let's see who can solve the problem!"


Everyone replied as they followed Garden Owner Xue out.

The herb field in the herb garden was a top-notch field nourished by the Earth Vein Spirit Vine. All medicinal herbs that grew here were much more potent and larger than those growing anywhere else.

Zhang Xuan followed behind the crowd.

Even before seeing the Earth Vein Spirit Vine, Zhang Xuan could already feel the spiritual energy in the air growing more and more concentrated. Vitality seemed to flow in the air itself.

Here, not only were medicinal herbs nourished, even cultivators would feel revitalized.

Activating the Eye of Insight, Zhang Xuan scanned the surroundings and he couldn't help but frown.

Even though the herb field seemed to be filled with vitality, vaguely, a heavy aura of death seemed to linger in the area.

It was a cold and sinister sensation. If one didn't pay careful attention, it would be easy to overlook it.

"It seems like something has indeed gone wrong with this Earth Vein Spirit Vine!"

Upon seeing this, Zhang Xuan suddenly understood why Garden Owner Xue would gather so many herbologists here and offer such a huge reward.

From the looks of it, the problem surrounding the Earth Vein Spirit Vine was much greater than expected.

Before even reaching the herb field, Zhang Xuan could already sense an aura of death. Wouldn't it be even more apparent when he stands before it?

Judging from the concentration of the aura of death, if the Earth Vein Spirit Vine wasn't treated, it probably wouldn't last past a year.

"So many medicinal herbs... Incredible! Our clan seems nothing in comparison to this..."

"It is no wonder why everyone says that Garden Owner Xue's herb garden is the best across the entire Myriad Kingdom Alliance. I was harboring some doubts beforehand but after seeing this, I have no choice but to admit it!"

"Garden Owner Xue hasn't sold any medicinal herbs for more than fifty years now. The herbs she has in her storage must be incredible!"

Amidst shocked exclaims, the crowd arrived at the herb field.

The herb field was several hundred mu large, and it was impossible to see the end with a single glance. All kinds of medicinal herbs were planted in the area, and every single one of them was exuding concentrated spiritual energy. Walking through this area, everyone felt an indescribable feeling of comfort.

(One mu = 666.6 meters square)

"This is the Spiritearth Grass... Reticent Flower... Wild Goldsilver Grass... These are all extremely expensive herbs, and on top of that, there is an extremely limited supply of them outside. For there to be so many of them in here..."

Lu Zhan was so shocked that his mouth could hardly close properly.

The variety of medicinal herbs here was incredible. Many rare herbs that could rarely be seen outside filled the fields, and they came in different shapes and sizes, creating a very unique aesthetics to the area.

"Everyone, this is the centerpiece to my herb garden, the Earth Vein Spirit Vine!"

Walking along a narrow pathway in between the herb field, Garden Owner Xue pointed forward.

Following his finger, everyone saw a massive vine rising up in the center of the herb field. Its trunk was seven to eight meters thick, and branches filled with lush leaves extended from it.

It was the first time that most of the people here were seeing such a massive vine, and they couldn't help but be astounded by its hulking size.

Even so, they swiftly noticed that something was amiss. The leaves on the thick vine were slightly yellowish, and they looked as though they were about to wither to death at any moment.

"This vine seems to be on the verge of death..."

"How did this happen? How could such a huge vine wither?"

"That's weird..."


Everyone here was a herbologist who had a deep understanding of medicinal herbs. They couldn't help but be astounded upon seeing such a massive vein being on the verge of death.

"You aren't mistaken. This Earth Vein Spirit Vine is indeed on the verge of death. I've tried many ways to save it but my efforts were futile. Left with no choice, I could only invite everyone else here to brainstorm for a better idea!"

Garden Owner Xue's eyes darkened.

Earth Vein Spirit Vines were the foundation to a herb garden, and if it dies, it won't be long before all of the medicinal herbs wither. By then, the entire herb field would be ruined!"

An elder took a look and remarked, "Since even Garden Owner Xue is helpless before the issue surrounding the Earth Vein Spirit Vine, we probably won't be able to come up with anything good either.

His words received the approval of others as well.

Judging by how Garden Owner Xue was able to cultivate so many superior medicinal herbs, her proficiency in the occupation was definitely extremely high. If even she was helpless before this issue, how could the rest of them possibly solve the problem?

Seeing that the morale was low, an elder spoke up, "You all shouldn't feel discouraged by it. If we put our heads together, we just might be able to find a solution to the problem. After all, this is the main reason why Garden Owner Xue invited us here today!"

"Elder Lu is right!"

"In the end, the strength of an individual is limited. If we work together, we just might be able to solve the problem!"

"We have all dealt with medicinal herbs our entire life, so surely, we would have some secret techniques or nifty tricks of our own. Maybe if we try them all, we just might be able to save the Earth Vein Spirit Vine!"

"As long as it's concerning medicinal herbs, we'll surely be able to find a way out!"


Hearing the words of the elder, everyone recovered from their low morale.

The reward that Garden Owner Xue offered this time was too great. No one wanted to give up on such a good opportunity.

They had no idea whether their solution would work or not, but... what if it worked?

"That's my grandfather, the current head of the Lu Clan!"

Seeing how everyone's morale lit up once more just because of a single word from Elder Lu, Lu Zhan immediately turned to Zhang Xuan and explained it to him.

"Un!" Zhang Xuan nodded silently. His eyes were fixated on the vine before him.

The vine was massive, and the length exposed outside already stretched for a height of several hundred meters high. It was unimaginable how deep the vine underground extended.

For such a bizarre plant to exist as well, nature was truly filled with wonders.

Zhang Xuan examined the leaves of the vine carefully with the Eye of Insight.

"That's not right..."

After taking a look, Zhang Xuan frowned.

The Eye of Insight should be capable of determining the current growth stage of the huge fellow and analyze it based on that. Even though it was inferior to the Library of Heaven's Path, it was more than sufficient to solve most problems.

Logically speaking, given how the leaves of the tree were yellow and it was on the verge of death, the tree must either be ill, infested with worms, or coming to the end of its lifespan... But the Eye of Insight showed that wasn't the case!

In other words... This Earth Vein Spirit Vine was perfectly healthy... but yet, it was plagued with an aura of death. From the looks of it, it wouldn't live past a few more days.

It was as if a fit and healthy man was suddenly too weak to stand up. The situation was truly baffling.

It was no wonder why Garden Owner Xue, despite banning entry to visitors and rejecting sales of medicinal herbs to even the Alliance Head Residence, suddenly gathered all of them here today and made such a generous offer. She must truly have been forced into a corner.

While Zhang Xuan was assessing the Earth Vein Spirit Vine, the others weren't lazing around either.

After assessing the vine, Elder Lu suddenly spoke up.

"Hall Master Xue, you should have a deeper knowledge regarding the details of this Earth Vein Spirit Vine. May I know when the illness struck, what kind of symptoms there are, and what methods you've used to treat it so that we can all analyze the information?"

With just a single look, it was clear that the massive Earth Vein Spirit Vine was ill, and treating a medicinal herb, just like treating a human, required one to understand more about its condition. Only by learning about the cause and symptoms of the illness could one make deductions and decide on the most feasible treatment method.



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