Chapter 522: Completely Helpless

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"Indeed, Garden Owner Xue, you should tell us about it. Otherwise, we'll just be grasping at straws!"

"If we don't know about the situation, we won't be able to do anything about the Earth Vein Spirit Vine's condition. Why don't you tell us about it in greater detail so that we can find a better solution together?"


Elder Lu's words immediately had everyone nodding their heads.

For Garden Owner Xue's reward, they decided to give it their best shot.

"Alright then, I'll talk about the condition of the Earth Vein Spirit Vine!"

Knowing that only after she revealed everything would everyone be able to come up with better solutions, Garden Owner Xue didn't reject the request, "The Earth Vein Spirit Vine has always been healthy. Back when it wasn't ill, the vine was completely green, and its leaves were exceptionally lush. It exuded a deep aura of vitality that revitalizes all that approaches it... It was around half a year ago that everything changed!

"Half a year ago, a maid whom I tasked with looking after the herb field reported to me that a slight yellowish shade appeared on the spirit vein. Back then, I didn't believe her words, so I immediately rushed over to take a look. To my astonishment, that was indeed the case! Even so, as most herbologists should know, the color of the leaves changes with the seasons, and thus I didn't pay much heed to it!

"But ten days later, the yellowish shade began to spread. From just a few leaves, it expanded to over half of the tree. By then, I finally realized that something was amiss and immediately tried to treat it!

"Since the leaves had turned yellow, I immediately turned my suspicions to the water source. After all, the cause of such conditions is frequently due to the water!

"So, I specially fetched the ice water from Tianhan Mountain and watered the vein with it. I thought that the issue with the yellow leaves would alleviate as time passed. But who could've know that a month later, the leaves of the entire spirit vein turned yellow instead, and even the veins within even had started to wither!

"Thus, I panicked. I immediately turned my attention to the soil and after paying a heavy price, I changed the entire field of soil which the vine is absorbing nutrients from. However, there still wasn't any effect whatsoever. Thus, I found myself completely stumped. That's why I invited everyone over to help me on this matter!"

As she spoke, Garden Owner Xue shook her head in despair.

"Yellow leaves and withering veins... Under normal circumstances, it should be a matter of malnourishment or over-nutrition. Has Garden Owner Xue tried tackling these issues yet?" Elder Lu asked.

"I've given it a try already but it's futile!"

Garden Owner Xue shook her head.

"Let me give it a try!"

After hearing the explanation, an elder stepped forward from the crowd.

"It's Elder Liu!"

"Which Elder Liu?"

"Who else in the Myriad Kingdom City dares to call himself Elder Liu? Of course it's Garden Owner Liu of the herb garden in the north of the city!"

"He's here too? The Northern Herb Garden is the second largest herb garden in Myriad Kingdom City!"

"If even he fails, I doubt that there is anything else we can do..."


A commotion immediately broke out when everyone saw the elder who volunteered to give it a try.

"This fellow is very famous?"

Zhang Xuan glanced at Lu Zhan doubtfully.

"Cough cough..." Lu Zhan choked on his own saliva. "Brother Zhang, this Elder Liu was already a famous figure in Myriad Kingdom City a hundred years ago. He once served as the Alliance Head Residence's imperial herbologist! In the past, my grandfather often consulted him on many affairs. In terms of qualifications, he is definitely the most senior herbologist in the entire Myriad Kingdom City! It can't be that... you've never ever heard of his name?"

Lu Zhan felt as though he was going mad.

Regardless of whether Zhang Xuan was from the Myriad Kingdom City or not, how could he not know Elder Liu?

One must know that Elder Liu's fame transcended beyond just herbology. Even when just considering his strength, he was still one of the top figures in Myriad Kingdom City.

"Oh!" Zhang Xuan nodded his head.

"Only an 'oh'?" Lu Zhan nearly spurted blood.

That is Elder Liu! Even Pavilion Master Kang of the Master Teacher Pavilion would speak of him with utmost respect. And yet, you simply reacted nonchalantly with an 'oh'? What the heck do you mean by that? It is as if you had just heard of someone insignificant

Noticing the other party's intent gaze, Zhang Xuan asked, "What's wrong?"


Seeing the other party's innocent look, Lu Zhan felt the world spinning around him.

Only then did he realize that the young man wasn't feigning it. He was truly unaware of Elder Liu's standing and identity.

Suppressing his helplessness, he internally decided that he would hold a remedial lesson for Brother Zhang to brush up his knowledge of herbs. However, at that moment, the other party said a few words which left him frenzied once more.

"That old fellow's skill is lacking, he won't be able to cure the Earth Vein Spirit Vine!"

Turning his head, he saw the young man shaking his head in disappointment as he looked at Elder Liu.

Shaking your head? Disappointed?

Lu Zhan felt as though all of his blood was gushing into his chest, and the final thread of sanity that had been keeping him grounded snapped.

What the heck are you disappointed about?! You might be a master teacher, but you clearly know nothing about herbology at all. Elder Liu is a great herbologist well respected by those in the field, and even if he is unable to cure the Earth Vein Spirit Vine, do you have any rights to be disappointed in him?

Not to mention... that tone!

To be speaking of him as though he is your junior... Big brother, where did you come from? Can you not be so arrogant and haughty?

While Lu Zhan was about to faint from insanity, Elder Liu had finally finished circling around the thick vine.

"The soil, water, air, and nutrition are all alright... What is going on?"

Elder Liu frowned in confusion.

Given his deep understanding of medicinal herbs, he was able to gauge whether the quality of soil, water, and such were fine just by looking at them. Those factors that could affect the healthy growth of the vine were all impeccable, and there was nothing to complain about them. Even so, the giant Earth Vein Spirit Vine was still dying. This bizarre situation had left him truly stumped.

After contemplating for a moment, Elder Liu asked, "Garden Owner Xue, could it be that this Earth Vein Spirit Vine has come to the end of its lifespan?"

Garden Owner Xue shook her head.

"End of its lifespan? That's impossible! Earth Vein Spirit Vine can live more than a thousand years, and this spirit vine has only lived for slightly more than a hundred years. How could it have reached the end of its lifespan already?"

She had considered this possibility as well and analyzed the possibility. However, the vine was clearly pulsating with vitality, and the factors indicating that one had reached the end of its lifespan were all missing from the vine.

"Besides, even if its lifespan has reached its limit, it should slowly wither away from its stem. However, the leaves are turning yellow first instead of its veins. Clearly, its lifespan isn't up yet!"

"You're right!"

Hearing the other party's analysis, Elder Liu couldn't help but shake his head, "Pardon my lack of wisdom but I am really unable to find the root of the problem."

"Thank you for your effort, Elder Liu!"

Seeing that Elder Liu was helpless before this matter, Garden Owner Xue's eyes darkened. Even so, she still replied politely.

"I apologize for being of no help!"

Elder Liu backed down and fell into deep thought.

It seemed like this problem had truly left him stumped.

"Even Elder Liu is unable to solve the problem?"

Seeing Elder Liu admit that he was helpless before the matter, Lu Zhan suddenly recalled the young man's words and he widened his eyes in shock.

Did Brother Zhang happen to be right or did he really possess the eye of discernment to gauge that Elder Liu was unable to treat the Earth Vein Spirit Vine?

Wasn't he completely unknowledgeable about herbology?

"Since Elder Liu is unable to do it, I doubt that I can be of help as well. Still, I wish to give it a try!"

Elder Lu stepped forward.

Walking up to the vine, he knocked on several places carefully and tore off a part of the skin to analyze. After pondering for a long moment, he eventually shook his head and backed down, just like Elder Liu.

Having come into contact with medicinal herbs for so many years, they were well-versed with the common illnesses of the herbs. However, they had never seen an illness like that with the Earth Vein Spirit Vine before, and naturally, they were unable to find a solution for it.

After the two most qualified elders failed, a few others stepped forward to give a look and offered some advice, but all of this advice was turned down by Garden Owner Xue.

The ideas they proposed were normal and she had already tried them already, but to no avail.

Two hours later, all of the herbologists and garden owners had already given it a try but were helpless before the situation. There were some of the younger generation who hadn't given it a try yet but most of them were only accompanying their elders to or to expand their horizon. As their level of skill paled to the others, they weren't able to come up with a feasible solution either.

"Does anyone else have any ideas?"

Seeing that no one could solve the problem despite inviting so many herbologists here, Garden Owner Xue's disappointment deepened.

"I can't think of anything else already!"

"Garden Owner Xue has already tested all of the ideas I can think of. This really seems hopeless!"

"Since even Elder Liu, Elder Lu, and Garden Owner Xue are helpless before this matter, how can we come up with a better solution..."

"It's no wonder why Garden Owner Xue is offering such a generous compensation. Indeed, it won't be easy to win her compensation!"


Hearing Garden Owner Xue's words, everyone shook their heads.

Most people had given the Earth Vein Spirit Vine a look but its affliction had surpassed their level of understanding. Even herbologists who had immersed themselves in the art for many years were unable to understand the situation at all, and they were stumped.

"Alright, I've troubled everyone. A banquet is prepared at the hall so do have some food before you leave..."

Seeing that no one else had any idea, Garden Owner Xue shook her head.

Since she'd invited everyone here in the name of a banquet, naturally, she had prepared some delicious food and fine wine.

"I wasn't able to be of help and I feel embarrassed by my powerlessness. I think I shall pass on the banquet..."

"I still have matter at home to attend to, so I'll be leaving first..."

Even though Garden Owner Xue was being hospitable, everyone's complexion didn't seem too well.

But that was to be expected, everyone here was a celebrity among herbologists, and yet, despite putting their heads together, they were unable to even find the cause of the illness. It was no wonder why they felt embarrassed.

"The illness of this Earth Vein Spirit Vine is indeed a little bizarre. It's not a big deal that you aren't able to find its affliction. After all, I'm the same as well. I hope that you all can remain and have your meal before leaving. Also, I happen to have something to ask of you all..."

Seeing the embarrassed expression on everyone's faces, Garden Owner Xue immediately understood what they were thinking and consoled them. Just as she was about to continue speaking, she suddenly froze. "That gongzi over there, what are you doing?"

Hearing her words, everyone immediately turned their gaze over and saw a young man standing before the thick vines. He stretched out his hand and touched it lightly.

After which, he walked around the vine once and went on to touch a few more valuable medicinal herbs before coming to a stop.

"What is he doing?"

Everyone was dumbstruck.

Medicinal herbs needed a unique environment to grow. In fact, there were some medicinal herbs that were exceptionally sensitive and abhor a human's touch. As such, none of the crowd approached the Earth Vein Spirit Vine to touch it.

Even if they did, they were all wearing gloves.

After all, depending on the cultivation technique that the person cultivated, there was a possibility that one's touch might cause some unintended reaction with the medicinal herb, resulting in an unimaginable situation.

There was once a yang attribute expert who touched a yin attribute medicinal herb, and the medicinal herb withered on the spot.

That was also the reason why herbologists cultivated neutral cultivation techniques.

Even all of the herbologists were keeping their distance from the Earth Vein Spirit Vine for fear to exacerbating the situation and yet, this fellow actually dared to sneak forward to touch it without any fear...

What the hell?

Don't you know the basic rules?



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