Chapter 525: Nurturing Soulrouse Grass—Success!

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"Sentiment Drowning Flower? Alright!" Garden Owner Xue nodded. But soon, her face reddened in embarrassment as she said, "As for middle-tier spirit stone, I only have one here..."

She had a few Sentiment Drowning Flowers in her herb garden, and the oldest one had already reached a maturity of seven hundred years. However, as for middle-tier spirit stones... even a Transcendent Mortal 4-dan pinnacle expert like her only had one in her possession.

Only a Tier 2 Empire like Huanyu Empire had the rights to trade a spirit stone of that tier. The Myriad Kingdom Alliance usually traded using low-tier spirit stones. Even the royal family could only take out a few pieces at once, let alone, her.

"Only one? One is fine as well!" Zhang Xuan nodded.

The Sentiment Drowning Flower was for his personal interest, but the middle-tier spirit stone wasn't.

For the spirit of a weak plant to grow swiftly, the pure spiritual energy in a middle-tier spirit stone was a necessity. If he were to only use low-tier spirit stones, the process would take significantly longer.

"I'll go make the preparations now!" Garden Owner Xue hurriedly left.

Soon, she returned.

It would be difficult for others to gather the items that Zhang Xuan had asked for, and it would be impossible to do so without several months of effort. However, as the number one herb garden in Myriad Kingdom City, the herb garden had nearly all of the medicinal herbs that Zhang Xuan needed. As such, it didn't take too long for her to gather it all.

In fact, she even managed to find a bud of the Earth Vein Spirit Vine.

"I require absolute tranquility for my treatment. Garden Owner Xue, I'll have to ask you to invite everyone out of the premises!"

Seeing that everything was prepared, Zhang Xuan waved his hands.

Grafting the spirit of the bud onto the original Earth Vein Spirit Vine would require him to use the ability of a soul oracle. Even though its inheritance had already terminated long ago and very few would be able to recognize it, Zhang Xuan felt that it would be better to be safe than sorry.


Garden Owner Xue knew that such means tended to be an exclusive secret, and it was normal for one to be unwilling to show it in public. Thus, she nodded her head and led the group out of the herb field.

Only after seeing that everyone had left did Zhang Xuan heave a huge sigh of relief. Looking at the spirit vine bud before him, Zhang Xuan drew out his soul and began the treatment.


"Why is Zhang shi not out yet? Do you think that he'll be able to get the Sentiment Drowning Flower?"

In the banquet hall, Zhao Feiwu and Jin Conghai walked about nervously, shooting glances at the herb field from time to time.

Only herbologists and master teachers were allowed to enter the spirit field. As Zhang shi's accompaniment, they weren't permitted entry. As such, they could only wait outside.

Who knew that this wait would take five to six hours. The sky had already set but he hadn't returned yet. This had left them anxious and worried.

Jin Conghai hesitated for a moment before saying, "It should be fine... After all, he's Zhang shi!"

Ever since he'd become acquainted with that young man, no matter what the other party did, he would be able to accomplish it easily. He truly made one suspect whether there was anything he was incapable of.

"I know Zhang shi's capability but... Garden Owner Xue's eccentric personality is well-known throughout the capital. She doesn't even hesitate to disregard father. Considering that an issue had cropped up with the Earth Vein Spirit Vine, she must be even more anxious now. It probably won't be easy for him to purchase the required medicinal herb from her under such circumstances... I'm afraid that, as soon as Zhang shi speaks, the other party might chase him out straight away!"

Even though Zhao Feiwu admired Zhang shi's capability, she was still worried for the latter.

After all, this Garden Owner Xue was someone who couldn't be forced to do anything. Everything was based on her mood; if she was in good mood, she could sell you anything you wish for as long as you had to money to pay her... But given that her entire herb field was on the verge of dying, her mood must be terrible. It would be highly difficult for Zhang shi to purchase medicinal herbs from her.

Perhaps, Zhang shi might even be chased out before he got a chance to speak.

After all, such things had happened before.

This was exactly what happened with the envoy of the Alliance Head Residence back then.

"That... Now that you speak of it, it does seem possible..."

Worry also flashed across Jin Conghai's eyes.

"Zhang shi seems determined to obtain that Sentiment Drowning Flower. If it comes down to it, I'll plead with my father to help him. With his help, Garden Owner Xue should probably... at least give it some thought..."

A moment later, after seeing that Zhang Xuan wasn't back then, Zhao Feiwu couldn't help but declare.

But even she was unconfident about the matter.

After all, if her father's name was effective, the envoy wouldn't have been chased out back then.

Garden Owner Xue was powerful and didn't give in to threat or persuasion. Even though Zhao Feiwu tended to be witty when dealing such matters, she couldn't find a single solution to this problem.

Before absolute power, all strategy was meaningless.

"We can only hope so... Look, someone is coming!" Jin Conghai nodded. Just as he was about to console Zhao Feiwu, he suddenly caught sight of a figure before him and pointed.

A silhouette was slowly walking toward the banquet hall.

"It's Zhang shi..."

It was the person whom they had been talking about all this while, Zhang Xuan.

"Without a doubt, he must have been chased out..."

Seeing him appear alone, Zhao Feiwu said bitterly before walking up to him with Jin Conghai.

"Zhang shi, you're out. Don't worry about being unable to get the Sentiment Drowning Flower. I'll help you plead with my father to stand up for you..."

Seeing the pale and wearied face of the young man before her, Zhao Feiwu deduced that he must have suffered great humiliation and hurriedly consoled.

"Indeed! Garden Owner Xue is known for being eccentric and difficult so you need not worry too much about it..." Jin Conghai said.


Before Zhang Xuan could say anything, he ended up being consoled by the duo. He didn't know whether he should cry or laugh at this situation. Just as he was about to explain what truly happened, some hurried footsteps suddenly sounded.

Garden Owner Xue and a few other people rushed into the banquet hall.

"What do you all intend to do?" Seeing the anxious look on their faces, Jin Conghai hurried stepped forward to shield Zhang Xuan and the princess.

"Zhang shi, here is a hundred medicinal herbs with a maturity of five hundred years. It's a token of my appreciation so do accept it. Furthermore, from today onward, you shall be an eternal friend of my Western Herb Garden. If you have anything you need, feel free to speak. I'll supply you everything within my means for free!"

Disregarding the anxious Jin Conghai, Garden Owner Xue walked up to Zhang Xuan, bowed deeply, and passed a storage ring over.

"Eternal friend?"


Seeing the eccentric Garden Owner Xue who dared to even snub the Alliance Head Residence bowing to Zhang Xuan and even gifting him with medicinal herbs, Zhao Feiwu and Jin Conghai's eyes widened in shock.

What in the world happened...

Wasn't this fellow supposed to be an incredibly obstinate person? Why did she suddenly... bow as though a humble student, even going to the extent of gifting so many precious herbs?

"Compared to Zhang shi, our proficiency as herbologists is indeed lacking!"

"It's all thanks to Zhang shi's credit that the Earth Vein Spirit Vine was revived!"

Just as they were perplexed over what was going on, they suddenly heard the discussion of the returning crowd.

"Zhang shi... has cured the Earth Vein Spirit Vine?"

Coming to a realization, the duo stared at one another frenziedly.

They had heard Zhang shi's discussion with Lu Zhan previously. For a fellow who didn't even know what a herbologist was to fix the Earth Vein Spirit Vine which stumped even the master herbologists...

Why did it sound like something that came out from a novel?


"Not only did Zhang shi manage to buy the Sentiment Drowning Flower, he was even escorted out of the herb garden by Garden Owner Xue, and the latter promised to supply him with whatever medicinal herbs he needed in the future... On top of that, you said that he treated the Earth Vein Spirit Vine?"

In the Alliance Head Residence, Alliance Head Zhao widened his eyes in shock as he heard the report from his daughter and Jin Conghai.

For a very long time, he was unable to recover from his shock...


Seated cross-legged within a room, Zhang Xuan stared at the crimson flower before him.

A fresh Sentiment Drowning Flower with a maturity of seven hundred years!

With sufficient medicinal herbs and the means of a soul oracle, it wasn't too difficult to graft the spirit vine bud onto the original Earth Vein Spirit Vine. Naturally, after he succeeded, Garden Owner Xue immediately thanked him profusely.

His motive at the herb garden this time around was the Sentiment Drowning Grass. After obtaining what he needed, he immediately returned back to the Alliance Head Residence with Zhao Feiwu and Jin Conghai and shut himself within a room in the lodgings that Zhao Feiwu prepared for him.

It was an average-sized residence, but it was very close to the Alliance Head Residence. There were guards, servants, and maids residing in the residence so Sun Qiang was spared the additional effort of hiring them.

After arranging a resting spot for the Demon Cinque Beast, Zhang Xuan returned back to his room and took out the Sentiment Drowning Flower.

"I have to draw my soul out first!"

A soul slowly gushed out from his acupoint. Raising his hand, the flower before his physical body flew to him.

"To nurture a Soulrouse Grass, one has to inscribe a formation to gather soul energy on a plant capable of harnessing soul energy... After which, one has to supply soul energy to the plant so hasten its growth..."

Recalling the cultivation method of a Soulrouse Grass, Zhang Xuan's sight fell on the flower before him.

Even though the Sentiment Drowning Flower was a spirit herb, it didn't possess sentience. As such, it was easier for it to house the soul energy of a soul oracle.

If it was any other sentient medicinal herb, the herb might be destroyed as soon as he tried to infuse his soul energy into it. Naturally, he would be unable to successfully nurture a Soulrouse Grass like that.


Driving his soul energy, a powerful energy enveloped the flower, slowly morphing the appearance and shape of the flower.

After cultivating the Heaven's Path Soul Art, Zhang Xuan's soul energy in itself had already reached the level equivalent to the strength of a Transcendent Mortal 2-dan cultivator, and that was even above that of his zhenqi cultivation. The cultivation of Soulrouse Grass wasn't easy, but given his current level of soul energy, it wasn't an issue.

Thus, he spent three days holed up in his room.

Finally, on the fourth day, 'weng!', the crimson flower before him shook and turned into a white seedling.

The nurturing of the Soulrouse Grass was a success!

"Now, I only have to nourish it with my soul energy every day. It should mature within two months!"

Zhang Xuan nodded his head in satisfaction.

The Sentiment Drowning Grass had been successfully cultivated into a Soulrouse Grass, but as it was still a seedling, it couldn't be used yet. However, Zhang Xuan was in no hurry either. In just one or two months' time, it should mature fully.

Once he crafts the Soulrouse Incense with it, he would be able to save Lu Chong.

The past three days of exerting his soul energy in his room had left him slightly wearied.

Returning his soul back to his body, he took out the middle-tier spirit stone he obtained from Song Chao and absorbed it. After he had recovered from his fatigue, he walked out of the room.

The sun hung high in the sky, and even before walking into the main hall, Zhang Xuan saw Sun Qiang walking over.

"Young master, Su shi and Ling shi are here to meet you."

Su shi, Su Fan, and Ling shi, Ling Yuheng, were the two 4-star master teachers who'd invited him to participate in the Master Teacher Pavilion back when he was still in Tianwu Kingdom.

"How did they know that I was here?" Zhang Xuan was taken aback for a moment before shaking his head upon coming to a realization.

Zhang Xuan hadn't concealed his trail ever since arriving at the Myriad Kingdom City. He even went to the Western Herb Garden to solve the issue surrounding the Earth Vein Spirit Vine. As one of the most powerful organizations in the region, it wasn't difficult for the Master Teacher Pavilion to discover his location.

Zhang Xuan had previously said that he would look for them as soon as he arrived at Myriad Kingdom City. However, it had been a few days since his arrival and yet he hadn't gone to the Master Teacher Pavilion yet. Most probably, they were getting impatient and thus they came here looking for him.

"Let's go and take a look!"

Understanding the situation, Zhang Xuan strode off, heading to the main hall.



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