Chapter 531: I Am That Dolt

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Following behind the young man, Zhang Xuan soon arrived at a vast room—the Master Teacher Atrium.

The location where mass conferences involving all of the master teachers within the Myriad Kingdom City was held. Even before entering the room, Zhang Xuan could already see that the interior was packed with people.

Many people were walking to and fro as they proceeded to their seats.

At the entrance of the hall, the young man leading the way said, "Zhang shi, please put on your robe and emblem..."


This was an assembly area for master teachers. Naturally, one had to don the attire that represented one's identity so as to not be out of place.

With a flick of his wrist, Zhang Xuan took out a robe and donned it. At the same time, he pinned his emblem on his chest.

He had never worn this costume ever since he received it after passing the master teacher examination in Tianwu Kingdom. It wasn't because he was intentionally trying to conceal his identity but that he was too used to be tighter fitting clothes from his previous life. The robe seemed much to inconvenient to him in comparison.

After tidying up his clothes, he followed behind the crowd and walked in.

Even though Zhang Xuan knew that there were many master teachers gathered here, the staggering number of people within still shocked him.

Taking a brief glance, there were at least five hundred master teachers in here!

Five hundred master teachers gathered in a single place... Just the thought of it felt inconceivable.

But even so, given that this was the Myriad Kingdom Alliance, this much was to be expected.

On top of that, the allure of the Master Teacher Tournament was also immense. Almost all of the slightly more powerful master teachers had gathered here. Those who weren't here were master teachers who remained in their respective kingdoms to guard against unexpected situations, but even so, they numbered in the minority. All in all, the total number of master teachers in the alliance should be under a thousand.

Considering the massive combined population of all of the vassal states, be it Conferred Kingdoms, Tier 1 Kingdoms, Tier 2 Kingdoms, and Unranked Kingdoms-it definitely exceeded ten billion at the very least-and the huge proportion of cultivators among them, the proportion of master teacher was truly humble in comparison.

The young man guiding Zhang Xuan wasn't a master teacher yet, so he didn't tag along. Thus, Zhang Xuan walked into the room along with the group.

There were innumerable rows of tables and chairs placed within. The front rows only had twenty to thirty chairs, and the further back it was, the more chairs there were.

"It seems like the seating arrangement depends on one's identity..."

With just a glance, Zhang Xuan immediately understood.

Even though master teachers propagate the rise of all men, there was still a strict hierarchy among its ranks.

The front seats were reserved for only 4-star master teachers, followed by 3-star, then 2-star...

Given that Zhang Xuan was only a 2-star master teacher at the moment, he could only sit at the back.

Even so, it didn't matter much to him. Since the selection round was about to be conducted soon, he probably wouldn't spend too long seated here.

After searching around for a bit, he finally found the 2-star master teacher region and sat down.

"What's happening? Why is there such a sudden assembly?"

"I'm not too sure either. However, I heard a few days ago that a selection round for the candidates of the Master Teacher Tournament is going to be held. Perhaps, they intend to conduct it before all of us!"

"That's possible! But I wonder who will be chosen this time around..."

"Need that be said? Of course, it's Fu Xiaochen, Fu shi!"

"That might not necessarily be the case. I think Ruohuan gongzi stands a better chance. After all, he's my idol!"


Upon sitting down, Zhang Xuan immediately noticed the discussions around him.

Ever since the pavilion master announced the selection round ten days ago, there had been many discussions and disputes on who would be chosen to represent the Myriad Kingdom Alliance. All kinds of rumors went around, and some were even gambling on the matter.

Due to the small community, most master teachers knew one another, and they had their own supporters and aides.

Listening to the conversation of others for a while, just like what Su shi and Ling shi said, it seemed like Ruohuan gongzi and Fu Xiaochen were the most popular candidates.

The duo held an extraordinary position among the Myriad Kingdom Alliance master teachers.

Following the gazes of the other master teachers, he saw a few figures who were clearly in the center of attention even among the large crowd of master teachers.

One of them was a dashing gentleman who held a foldable fan in his hands. The stark contrast between his crimson lips and white teeth seemed to accentuate his charm, and there was a bright glow in his eyes. Judging from the aura around him, his cultivation seemed to be above average.

"It seems like that is Ruohuan gongzi, Jun Ruohuan!"

Zhang Xuan had been intrigued as to why he, as a master teacher, wasn't addressed as 'Jun shi' but 'Ruohuan gongzi' instead.

But after seeing the other party with his own eyes, he finally understood the reason. If not for the master teacher robe on the other party, it would be hard to imagine that he was an unparalleled talent who had already reached a rank of 4-star.

And on the same row, not too far away from Ruohuan gongzi, stood a young man. Even though there were only three stars on his emblem, he didn't lose out to the former in terms of disposition at all.

His appearance was average, and there were even some traces of baby fat on his face, giving him a chubby look. However, his eyes were sharp and the aura he exuded exerted an immense pressure on those around him. His cultivation could only be higher than Jun Ruohuan, and based on Zhang Xuan's estimation, it was probably at Transcendent Mortal 4-dan!

This should be the famous Fu Xiaochen!

Just as Zhang Xuan wanted to assess the other three of his candidates, he heard a laughter by his ear, "This friend here, I've never seen you around here. May I know which country you come from?"

Turning to look at the origin of the voice, it came from the young man who was seated beside Zhang Xuan.

He seemed to be in his thirties, and there were two stars shining brightly on his emblem.

"Tianxuan Kingdom!" Zhang Xuan replied.

"Tianxuan? What tier is it?" The young man scratched his head in confusion.

"It doesn't have a tier, so it is considered as unranked!" Zhang Xuan replied.

"Unranked Kingdom?" The young man was taken aback. After which, he immediately chuckled awkwardly, "To be able to become a 2-star master teacher at your age despite coming from such a place, you are indeed extraordinary!"

Knowing that this was just pleasantry, Zhang Xuan smiled, not saying much in response.

Even though he had passed by Tianwu and Xuanyuan in his journey, if one had to talk about his origin, it was Tianxuan.

"The Master Teacher Tournament is a huge event for us master teachers. No matter the price, we have to at least come here to spectate it!" Seeing that Zhang Xuan's lack of response, the young man changed the topic.

"Indeed!" Zhang Xuan nodded in agreement.

Judging from how many master teachers had come just for this event, it was indeed an event of unprecedented scale.

Given that so many master teachers were gathered here, if they could converse with one another, trade ideas, and learn from one another, it would surely be immensely beneficial to their future growth. Most probably, this was the main reason behind the establishment of the tournament in the first place.

"Right, regarding the selection round, who do you think will emerge victorious?" the young man asked excitedly.

"Who do I think will emerge victorious? I don't really know." Zhang Xuan shook his head.

"Right, you only arrived recently so it's normal for you to not know much! You should have heard the discussions of others as well. Ruohuan gongzi and Fu Xiaochen are currently the two most popular candidates. Ruohuan gongzi came from the leading family of the Four Great Clans, the Jun Clan, and on top of that, he's one of the Four Gentlemen of the Myriad Kingdom Alliance Even Alliance Head Zhao's son, Crown Prince Zhao Hui, is overshadowed by him. On the other hand, Fu Xiaochen is the direct disciple of Elder Hai. Of all of the candidates, they are indeed the most likely to win."

The young man said. "However, I think the one who stands the greatest chance is actually Elder Feng's student, Feng Mosheng."

"Feng Mosheng?"

"That's right. I've seen Feng shi once, and even though he's a very humble and low-profile person, his cultivation is one of the most impressive I've seen! Three years ago, when I had the privilege to receive guidance from him, he was already a 3-star pinnacle master teacher. It's hard to imagine how far he has reached since then!" Speaking of Feng shi, the young man's eyes glowed in admiration.

"As for the remaining two, I heard that they came from other kingdoms. One of them is known as Luo Xi, and a beautiful female master teacher. The other one is Du Hu... I don't know much about their strength, but judging from how they were specially chosen as candidates for the tournament, they must be extraordinary as well!"

At which, the young man suddenly lowered his voice secretively and said, "Also, I heard that the total number of candidates for this selection round isn't five but six! The announcement for the selection round has been made ten days ago by the pavilion master but it ended up being dragged until now. According to the rumors, the reason for that is because that sixth person isn't here yet!"

"Oh? You know that person?" Zhang Xuan asked.

"My teacher is one of the elders and he attended the conference regarding the selection of the candidates. That sixth person was highly recommended by Su shi and Ling shi, and if I'm not mistaken, his name is... Zhang Xuan!"

At which, the young man harrumphed, "If not for this fellow, the selection round would have been held long ago. He sure is a dolt!"

"Cough cough, a dolt?" Zhang Xuan coughed.

"The Master Teacher Tournament is such an important affair and yet that fellow was still late for it. To keep so many master teachers waiting like that... It is one thing if he's truly formidable but according to what I know, he's only a 2-star master teacher. On top of that, he seems to be quite young at that... To disrespect one's elders like that, what else can he be if not a dolt? If not for Su shi and Ling shi acting as a guarantor for him, he would have long been stripped of his slot!"

The young man spoke contemptuously.

"I see!" Zhang Xuan scratched his head.

To be called a dolt right to his face, Zhang Xuan had no idea what he should say.

Even so, back then, Su shi told him that it would suffice as long as he made it to the Myriad Kingdom City within three months. How could he have known that there would be a selection round?

"I'm not the only one who thinks so, the others share the same thought as well! If I knew what that person looks like, I'd definitely beat him up when I meet him!" The young man spoke ferociously. "If I hadn't been waiting for him, I would have long gone into seclusion to attempt for a breakthrough in my cultivation already. It is his fault that I ended up dragging the matter out until now..."

Not expecting that his tardiness would bring him so much hostility, Zhang Xuan flashed a bitter smile. Just as he was about to speak, the entire hall suddenly fell silent. Lifting his head, he saw Pavilion Master Kang and Su shi walking into the room.

"I believe most of you all should have guessed the reason behind the chiming of the Assembly Bell!"

Pavilion Master Kang waved his hands grandly, "That's right, the selection round for the Master Teacher Tournament will be conducted today. The reason why I gathered everyone here today is so that everyone can bear witness to the event!"

"As I expected, it's the selection round!"

"Does that mean that master teacher, Zhang Xuan, is here as well?"

"He's here? Where is he?"


Hearing the confirmation from the pavilion master, the crowd began whispering amongst themselves, some of them began looking around.

"The Master Teacher Tournament is a major event conducted by the vassal empires under Huanyu Empire Master Teacher Pavilion. I believe I need not say anything about our past results, everyone here should know about them... It happens that we're the host this time, so I hope that we can break out of our slump this time and bring some glory to our branch!"

Pavilion Master Kang's eyes scanned through the crowd.


Hearing those words, even though most of the master teachers were not going to participate in the event, their faces still reddened in agitation, and they clenched their fists tightly.

As master teachers of the Myriad Kingdom Alliance, they couldn't help but feel frustrated upon seeing their Master Teacher Pavilion being ranked at the bottom each time.

As the host this time around, they were determined to not allow history to repeat itself. Otherwise, how could they face their predecessors in the Teacher Acknowledgement Hall?

"Alright, all of you, come up!"

After which, Pavilion Master Kang beckoned, and Ruohuan gongzi, Fu Xiaochen, and the others walked up.

There was a total of five people.

"Hmm? Where's Zhang shi?" Seeing that Zhang Xuan wasn't with him, Pavilion Master Kang's eyebrows shot up.


"Hehe, look. The selection round is about to start but that dolt Zhang Xuan isn't here yet. I sure hope that the pavilion master will strip him of his qualification for his lack of respect..."

Seeing Pavilion Master Kang looking around in search for that Zhang shi, the young man harrumphed coldly and shook his head. Then, upon suddenly realizing something, he turned to look at the acquaintance he had just met and asked, "Right, brother, despite talking for so long, I don't think I've heard your name yet!"

"My name?" Zhang Xuan smiled bitterly as he stood up.

"It seems that... I am the dolt you spoke of... Zhang Xuan!"



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