After the huge improvement, there was no longer as big of a gap in the cultivation between Zhao Ya and Court Chief Wu. Within a day, Zhang Xuan successfully utilized the blood of the former to resolve the affliction that had plagued the latter for many years, thus winning him the latter's gratitude.

"Zhang shi, the envoy from the headquarters hopes to meet you!"

By this time, it wouldn't be too much longer before the start of the Master Teacher Tournament. Just as Pavilion Master Kang and the others intended to leave, Court Chief Wu walked over.

She had reported the improvements in the Yin Formula and Yang Formula to the headquarters, and due to this matter, the envoy rushed all the way here.


Nodding his head, Zhang Xuan followed Court Chief Wu to the hall of the Glacier Plain Court.

This was where Court Chief Wu had hosted them when they first arrived in the Glacier Plain Court. As soon as they arrived, they saw a middle-aged lady sitting at the very center. Noticing their arrival, she turned her head to look at them.

"Envoy, this is Zhang shi!" Court Chief Wu stepped forward and introduced.

"Zhang shi, I am Liu Xuan from the Origin Flame Glacier Plain headquarters!"

The envoy clasped her fist respectfully. Her eyes were filled with commendation for the young man before her.

She was still doubtful when she first received the news, but after looking at the modifications made to the cultivation technique, she was immediately stunned.

She thought that a person capable of modifying their cultivation technique would surely be an old elder, but contrary to her expectations, it turned out to be a young man who had yet to reach his twenties.

"Zhang Xuan, master teacher!"

Zhang Xuan clasped his fist and returned the greetings. At the same time, he began to assess the lady before him, and with just a single look, his eyes couldn't help but narrow in shock.

The cultivation of the lady before him felt like the vast ocean-unfathomable. Even with his current eye of discernment, he realized he couldn't gauge the full extent of the other party's strength!

In fact, the power she harnessed felt even more fearsome than what Zhang Xuan felt when facing Mo Hunsheng back in the soul oracle tomb!

Mo Hunsheng had already achieved the cultivation of Transcendent Mortal realm 9-dan. To be even stronger than him, how powerful was she?

It was no wonder why she could rush here from the headquarter within half a month... Truly fearsome!

"Not bad!"

On the other hand, the middle-aged lady, upon seeing the young man's nonchalance despite noticing her fearsome cultivation, nodded her head in commendation. Then, with a chuckle, she said, "There are two reasons why I made the journey here from the headquarters!"

"Oh?" Zhang Xuan turned to look at her.

"Firstly, the modifications Zhang shi made to the cultivation technique had saved innumerable members of our Origin Flame Glacier Plain. On behalf of the entire Glacier Plain Court, thank you. At the same time, we would like to extend our invitation to you to visit the headquarters as a guest. Our Glacier Plan Court is willing to honor you with the privileges equivalent to an elder!"


Listening into the conversation by the side, Court Chief Wu's body trembled.

The Glacier Plain Court headquarters was one of the most famous and strongest powers across the entire Master Teacher Continent. As the court chief of a branch, she had a rough idea of the extent of its influence and strength. Even if she were to devote her entire life into it, it would still be impossible for her to become an elder of the headquarter.

That was a position only granted to the strongest and most talented of their members.

"What are the conditions?" Zhang Xuan asked.

Since the other party had pushed such an attractive offer in front of him, naturally, she had to have her own demands as well. After all, there was no such thing as a free lunch in this world.

"Zhang shi is indeed candid!"

Seeing how the young man before her didn't get blinded with joy by the offer, Liu Xuan nodded her head in commendation. "Simple. We hope that Zhang shi can help us solve the problems regarding our cultivation technique and... become a permanent resident of our Glacier Plain Court!"

"A permanent resident? In other words, I'm not allowed to leave the premises?" Zhang Xuan frowned.

The fundamental heritage to an occupation lay in its unique techniques. As such, they would never show it to an outsider easily. Since the other party had requested him to solve the other problems regarding their cultivation technique and become a permanent resident of the Glacier Plain Court, her intentions couldn't be any clearer... In order to prevent the cultivation technique from leaking out, Zhang Xuan's movements would be tightly restricted. Without permission, he wouldn't be able to leave the premises!

If that was the case, what difference was he from a prisoner?

"Zhang shi, please don't misunderstand. Leaving isn't a problem, but you'll have to pass the loyalty test of the Glacier Plain Court first so as to ensure that you won't betray us. After all, you should know how important the heritage of an occupation is. We also have to make precautions against having our cultivation techniques leaked out..."

Having her intentions pointed out directly, Envoy Liu Xuan felt slightly awkward.

"I understand that you have your own considerations. However, I can't agree to your invitation!" Zhang Xuan shook his hands.

Becoming a prisoner?

You must be joking! I don't have such masochistic tendencies!

Despite being rejected outright, Envoy Liu Xuan had no intentions of giving up yet. "Actually, our Glacier Plain Court isn't a bad place to be. All of our members are ladies, and as long as Zhang shi desires for it, you can marry as many of them as you wish!"

The Glacier Plain Court was filled with incomparably beautiful ladies, and there were quite a few powerful male guests who decided to reside there permanently out of lust.

"Let's talk about the second matter instead!" Zhang Xuan shook his head.

Restricted by his physical condition, he had no choice but to become a 9-star master teacher before thirty to ensure his survival. Compared to that, prestige and lust seemed negligible in comparison.

This was also the reason why even though he knew that Princess Mo Yu, Shen Bi Ru, and a few other ladies were interested in him, he still remained unmoved.

Given that his life was hanging by a thread, how could he possibly have the time and effort to be thinking about romance?

Seeing the other party rejecting her offer, a hint of disappointment appeared on Envoy Liu Xuan's face. However, she soon adjusted her mental state, turned to look at the young man before her, and spoke seriously.

"The second matter is regarding your student... Zhao Ya!"

Zhang Xuan frowned.

"The Pure Yin Body is extremely important to our Origin Flame Glacier Plain. I believe that Court Chief Wu should have told you that before," Envoy Liu Xuan said.

"Court Chief Wu did say something along that line, but she didn't elaborate on the reason behind it!"

Previously, Court Chief Wu had only said that the fate of the Glacier Plain Court was reliant on the existence of a Pure Yin Body cultivator.

"The heritage of the Origin Flame Glacier Plain originated from an old ancestor possessing the Pure Yin Body. As such, there is a rule stating that the highest court chief of the Glacier Plain Court must possess the Pure Yin Body... It has been a thousand years since the death of the previous court chief, but we have been unable to find a single person who possesses the Pure Yin Body! Left without a leader, many other powers began to exploit the weakness of the Glacier Plain Court, and to date, it's already on the verge of collapsing."

Envoy Liu Xuan heaved a sigh of relief. "If we could find a successor possessing the Pure Yin Body to take on the mantle, our Glacier Plain Court might be able to avert the dissolution and rise again once more."

"Highest court chief?"

Zhang Xuan was taken aback.

He didn't expect this to be the reason why they wanted Zhao Ya.

"Indeed!" Envoy Liu Xuan nodded. "Thus, I hope to bring Zhao Ya back to the headquarter and find a way to quickly awaken her unique constitution so that she could inherit the position of the court chief as soon as possible."

"I can also awaken her unique constitution myself!"

Zhang Xuan shook his hands.

Even though both his strength and the resources he possessed were lacking, he was still able to induce swift growth in Zhao Ya... He had the confidence in awakening the latter's unique constitution eventually.

"I've heard of Zhang shi's affairs and I know that you're a capable person. It's indeed likely that Zhao Ya's Pure Yin Body will be fully awakened one day if she were to stay by you. However... Zhang shi, have you ever considered how long it would take for that to happen? Ten years? Twenty years? Fifty years? Or perhaps, even a century?"

Envoy Liu Xuan stared deeply at Zhang Xuan. "The awakening of a unique constitution only becomes harder the further one progresses. The resources required for it will grow exponentially. Even if Zhang shi is willing to give in without any expectation for returns, do you think that Zhao Ya... is willing to quietly accept so much from you?"


Zhang Xuan found himself unable to refute the other party's words.

Indeed. Similar to the cultivating, the awakening of a unique constitution would only grow harder and harder the further one progressed.

Even if he was capable of obtaining the required resources to help Zhao Ya, could she really bear accepting this much from him?

Given Zhao Ya's nature, this was something she wouldn't be able to accept.

Furthermore, she couldn't spend her entire life living under Zhang Xuan's protection.

The purpose of a teacher was to guide one down the right path, not to give them everything that they required.

Envoy Liu Xuan continued, "If she were to come to our Glacier Plain Court, we can offer her the most perfect inheritance and the most generous cultivation resources. She would be able awaken her unique constitution in the shortest time possible, thus becoming a figure able to shake the entire continent. Given how deeply you care for your student, you should also hope that she would become independent and accomplish something of her own as soon as possible."

Zhang Xuan fell silent.

As a teacher, he had to think of the long-term benefit of his students.

He had come to the same thoughts. While he could guarantee that he would be able to awaken Zhao Ya's unique constitution and groom her to become one of the strongest experts in the future, admittedly, he would be unable to do it as quickly as the Glacier Plain Court could.

After all, just the resources in itself had created an irreconcilable gap.

Besides, given that the previous court chiefs all possessed Pure Yin Body, they probably possessed a complete inheritance on the method to awakening the unique constitution. In a way, this was much more efficient and effective than him fumbling around for a solution.

"My opinions are of little importance. The ultimate decision is on her. Regardless of what her choice is, I'll support her!"

Zhang Xuan shook his head.

He was just a teacher. While he had the responsibility to guide his students down the right path, he didn't have the right to dictate their future. If Zhao Ya intends to follow the envoy of the Glacier Court Plain, he would support her decision.

And if she refuses... He wouldn't allow anyone to force her into the decision, not even the mighty Glacier Plain Court!

"Teacher, I'm willing to leave with her!"

After a moment of silence, Zhao Ya walked over with a determined expression.

"You're willing to leave with her?"

"That's right. I've seen everything that teacher has done for us, and I hope that one day, I'll be able to do something for you too..."

Walking forward, Zhao Ya clenched her trembling fists tightly. "And this... is an opportunity for that."

She had clearly seen everything her teacher had done for her throughout this difficult journey, and it distressed her that she was unable to do anything in return.

But now, as long as she agreed to follow the envoy, she would gain control over the immense power known as the Glacier Plain Court. With such backing, she would gain the strength to support her teacher, standing side by side with him instead of just dragging him down.

More importantly... she had some private interest in this matter as well. Perhaps... with the rise in her position, she might be able to fulfill this wish of hers.

Zhang Xuan sighed.

"You need not rush to a decision. I'll give you three days to consider it properly. No matter what you decide, you'll have my support!"

"There's no need for that, I've already thought it through and this is my decision!"

With reddened eyes, Zhao Ya kneeled onto the floor and kowtowed. "Teacher, thank you for your grooming and your support. Regardless of where I go in the future, I'll forever remain as your student!"

"Get up!"

Knowing that his student had already made up her mind, Zhang Xuan nodded his head as he pulled her up.

Eagles had to undergo tribulations before they could soar freely in the skies.

Students were the same as well.

No matter how reluctant he was, he still had to allow the harsh storms to temper her, so that she could mature and become a true expert.


Zhao Ya stood up.

Since the decision was clear, there was nothing much for Zhang Xuan to hesitate over. Thus, he turned over to the envoy with menacing threat gleaming in his eyes.

"Envoy Liu Xuan, I hope that all you said is true. If I find there's any falsehood in your words and you mean my student harm, not only will I kill you, I'll eradicate the entire Glacier Plain Court as well!"

He might be weak now, but if the other party meant his student harm, he didn't mind barging into the Glacier Plain Court and wiping this power off the face of the world.



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