Chapter 560: Greed Drives a Human's Heart
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No one expected the other party's conditions to be so simple.

The position of alliance head in the Myriad Kingdom Alliance, raising the cultivation to Transcendent Mortal 4-dan pinnacle, and killing a Transcendent Mortal 2-dan primary stage cultivator. There was no rational person who would turn down such terms.

Compared to Kong shi's handwritten letter, those were nothing at all.

"Everyone, calm down!"

Just as everyone was speaking excitedly, vying with one another for the slot, Ding Hong surveyed the crowd and said, "Allow me to finish my words first before making your decisions!"

In an instant, the room fell silent.

"Even though the person I want you to kill isn't too strong, his identity is a little unique. He's a master teacher, and... he's representing the Myriad Kingdom Alliance for the Master Teacher Tournament as well!" Ding Hong said.

"A master teacher representing Myriad Kingdom Alliance? You mean... Master Teacher Zhang Xuan whose name has been going around recently?"

Everyone was taken aback.

While they didn't pay much attention to the candidates of Myriad Kingdom Alliance, they did happen to hear of Zhang Xuan's name.

Despite being under twenty, he triumphed in the selection round and became a 4-star master teacher on the spot. This had caused quite a commotion in Myriad Kingdom City.

To kill a public figure, not to mention, a 4-star master teacher at that?

Those who were still smiling a moment ago immediately turned grim.

Master teachers were forbidden from killing one another. If the headquarters were to learn of it, the consequences would be disastrous.

Not to mention, this fellow's name had been on the rise recently. If any harm were to come to him at this moment, the most likely suspects would be them.

Frowning, Sect Leader Luo Huang asked, "What grudge do you have with Zhang shi?"

While master teachers were forbidden from killing one another, there were exceptions to the rule. It had to meet at least one of the following criteria:

1) The grudge between both sides had reached an irreconcilable stage.

2) The master teacher had committed a deed against the master teacher moral code.

3) The master teacher had shown severe disrespect toward a higher ranked master teacher through their words or actions.


These were also the fundamental rules of the Master Teacher Pavilion... Devoid of camaraderie-kill! Devoid of morals-kill! Devoid of respect-kill!

As role models, master teachers were expected to conduct themselves with the highest of values. It was also for this reason that the Master Teacher Pavilion was so respected throughout the continent.

Gritting his teeth, Ding Hong roared furiously, "He killed my kin and destroyed my country. Unless he dies... my hatred will never be quelled!"

For an esteemed elder of a country like him to end up wandering around as though a lost vagrant, not daring to return back to his homeland... It was all that fellow's fault!

"Your hatred will never be quelled unless he dies? Good!"

Seeing the lack of falsehood in the old man's expression, Sect Leader Luo Huang heaved a sigh of relief. "I can help you raise your cultivation to Transcendent Mortal 3-dan swiftly so that you could exact your vengeance personally. What do you think of it?"

Since the other party had an irreconcilable grudge against Zhang shi, under the first condition to killing a master teacher, he was allowed to raise the other party's cultivation so that the other party could exact his vengeance.

After all, given the grudge between the two, as long as it was a fair duel, the Master Teacher Pavilion wouldn't be able to object to it.


"Why didn't I think of that?"

"Sect Leader Luo is indeed sharp..."

Hearing those words, everyone slapped their foreheads.

As long as they didn't make a move themselves, they wouldn't have to take responsibility for this matter. Even if the headquarters wished to punish someone for the matter, the blame wouldn't fall on them.

"This is a good idea, however... there is something very bizarre about that fellow. I fear that I won't be a match for him!"

Ding Hong shook his head.

The other party's offer was extremely tempting, but having fought with the other party himself, he knew that the other party possessed incredible means.

Despite possessing the cultivation of a Transcendent Mortal 1-dan, he actually lost to a Half-Transcension lad. From that experience, he felt that he wouldn't be a match for the other party even if he were to reach Yin-Yang realm.

And once that happened, he would be a goner.

"You fear that you won't be a match? In other words, you want us to kill him in your stead?"

Luo Huang frowned.

"That's right!" Ding Hong nodded in affirmation.

"This..." The crowd fell silent.

If the other party was just an insignificant figure, killing him wouldn't result in any repercussions. However, the other party just had to be a participant of the Master Teacher Tournament, not to mention, a famous one.

If they were to make a move, the Myriad Kingdom Alliance Master Teacher Pavilion would surely retaliate. Once this matter reaches the headquarter, even the strongest Fleeting Cloud Sect would be unable to bear the consequences.

"I'll be honest, Kong shi's handwritten letter isn't in my hands now. No matter who he is, as long as he promises me to accomplish these two matters for me after obtaining the handwritten letter, I'll tell him where it is now."

Seeing the hesitation in everyone's eyes, Ding Hong pushed on.

"It isn't difficult for us to make you the new alliance head and raise your cultivation. However, the matter regarding Zhang shi... has huge repercussions. Even our Fleeting Cloud Sect would have to give this matter some serious consideration!"

Sect Leader Luo Huang contemplated for a moment before replying, "Since that's the case, why don't you tell us where the handwritten letter is first? We will discuss our next course of action after that. If we deem it to be worth the risk, you can count on us for it. Even if it isn't, we'll still fulfill the other two conditions you asked for."

Killing a 4-star master teacher was no joke. Such a matter couldn't be decided on a whim. Thus, they decided to put the matter aside for now and focus on the location of the handwritten letter first.

"Indeed. Don't worry, there are so many of us here. We won't risk damaging our credibility over a small matter like this!" another sect leader said.

"Besides, the handwritten letter isn't in your hands. That lowers the value of your information!" another added.

If Kong shi's handwritten were really in the old man's hands, then even if they had to face the wrath of the headquarters, it would still be worth the risk... But given that the letter was in the hands of another... Just a piece of information couldn't guarantee that they would be able to obtain the handwritten letter. Since that was the case, they had to give the matter some more thoughts.

After all, it was one thing if they were the only ones to know of the information. However, given that so many people knew of the matter, if something were to happen to Zhang shi, there was a high chance that an information leak might occur. If so, not only would they be unable to keep Kong shi's handwritten letter, it might even bring about a great disaster for their sect.

"I believe the honor of all of the master teachers here. To speak of the truth, Kong shi's handwritten letter is with Zhang Xuan at this very moment. He stole it away from me, cutting my arm off in the process even... As long as you kill him, you'll be able to obtain the handwritten letter!"

Ding Hong spoke of the words that he had prepared beforehand.

"Zhang shi stole the handwritten letter from you?"

"He was the one who cut off your arm?"

Everyone was stunned for a moment before frenzied joy gushed into them.

As master teachers, they could tell that Ding Hong wasn't being completely honest here... But all of that didn't matter to them at this moment.

The important matter at hand was him admitting that the handwritten letter was stolen by Zhang Xuan.

That, in itself, was a breach of the moral code of master teachers. This was sufficient to warrant his death.

"Tell us more about the matter. If it's indeed true, Zhang shi would have breached the master teacher moral code. As master teachers, we have the responsibility to purge black sheep like him!" Sect Leader Luo Huang declared righteously.

"Indeed! If you have any grievances, feel free to speak. All of those here today are the noblest of master teachers. If the other party had truly exploited his own identity to oppress you, we will definitely redress your grievances!"

"Such a person mustn't be allowed to remain in the Master Teacher Pavilion!"

Another two master teachers bellowed out.

Most of those seated knew that the matter wasn't that simple. However, seeing the look of determination the eyes of the various sect leaders, they could only sigh and shake their heads.

Even they themselves found it hard to resist the allure of Kong shi's handwritten letter.

"Since everyone is interested in the matter, allow me to speak of it then!"

With reddened eyes, Ding Hong began recounting the matter. "The relic belongs to Qu Clan, and our Ding Clan has been close friends with the Qu Clan for many generations now. In fact, we even once co-governed Xuanyuan Kingdom. Unfortunately, the Qu Clan couldn't withstand the trial of time and slowly went into decline. Just three years ago, the final successor of the Qu Clan came and entrusted the relic to us before passing away."

At which, Ding Hong's eyes suddenly burned in fury. "But who could have known that Zhang Xuan would learn of it. He barged into my great grandson's inauguration ceremony, killed him, and stole the handwritten letter. He even tried to silence me. If not for an escaping art that I practiced, I might have died then!"

Clenching his jaws tightly together, Ding Hong roared furiously in anger, "To conceal the vile deeds he committed for Kong shi's handwritten letter, he created all kinds of excuses to justify his actions! It's fortunate that the heavens took pity on me and I managed to survive the ordeal. Otherwise, the truth would have never seen the light of the day!"

Given that the target he was hoping to have killed was a master teacher, he knew that he had to come up with a sufficient reason for the others to justify their actions.

Thus, he crafted this story.

It was their Ding Clan who tried to snatch the handwritten letter from Lu Chong, but he twisted the story to blame Zhang Xuan for all that happened instead. Only this way would these master teachers be willing to kill Zhang Xuan in his stead.

"Atrocious! How could there be such a person among us?"

"How in the world did such an immoral person become a master teacher?"

"He must be taught a lesson! We must instill in him the dignity a teacher should have..."

"That explains why the Myriad Kingdom Alliance Master Teacher Pavilion had always ranked at the bottom. It's time to do some reorganizing to clear up such degenerating culture!"


Hearing Ding Hong's words, the master teachers were infuriated.

"Sect Leader Luo, I suggest that we confront Zhang Xuan at this instant to have him explain this matter!"

"That's right! We should have him hand over the handwritten letter as well. It's an insult to Kong shi to have such an immoral person to hold onto his relic!"

"Indeed! I share your thoughts as well!"


Everyone turned their eyes to Sect Leader Luo Huang.

"All of your words make sense. A master teacher must be upright to guide others. But of course, we can't only listen to one side of the story. We should also hear Zhang shi's defense. If it is true that he breached the master teacher moral code, we mustn't let him off the hook even if the Myriad Kingdom Alliance Master Teacher Pavilion sides with him!"

Sect Leader Luo announced righteously as he flung his sleeves.

"Alright, let's go over to confront him now!"

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement.

Seeing that he had everyone's support, Sect Leader Luo Huang nodded his head in satisfaction. He then turned to Ding Hong and asked, "This friend over here, why don't you follow us there? Until the truth of this matter is revealed, you shall be the most esteemed guest of our Fleeting Cloud Sect. No one will dare to do you any harm!"


A savage gleam flashed across Ding Hong's eyes.

"Zhang shi lives in a residence in the vicinity of the Alliance Head Residence. I know where it is, allow me to lead the way!" one of the master teachers shouted before walking at the front.

Since they had already come to a decision, the crowd followed behind him and walked out of the Sea Gazing Gazebo, headed for Zhang Xuan's residence.

Seeing the grand line-up here, Luo Xuan couldn't help but shake his head.

Given that everyone knew that Kong shi's handwritten letter was with Zhang shi, how could this 'trial' be fair?

Regardless of whether Zhang shi admits to it or not, one thing was for sure-he would surely be unable to keep the handwritten letter.



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