Chapter 561: Sun Qiang Evicts
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A beautiful figure walked over to Zhang Xuan's current residence-the princess of the alliance, Zhao Feiwu.

Upon seeing her, Sun Qiang hurried forward and said with a bitter smile, "Princess, the young master isn't back yet..."

Ever since the young master's departure, Princess Zhao had been visiting once every few days. This residence was on the verge of becoming her permanent dwelling already.

"I know. I'm just here to walk around..."

Hearing those words, disappointment clearly flickered across Zhao Feiwu's face for a moment, but she quickly hid it with a smile.

Knowing that this princess harbored exceptional feelings for the young master, Sun Qiang hurriedly said, "Princess, there's no need for you to worry. I'll immediately send someone to inform you as soon as the young master is back..."

"Alright!" Zhao Feiwu nodded her head, and just as she was about to speak, she suddenly caught someone walking toward the residence from the distance out of the corner of her eye. It was the garden owner of the Southern Herb Garden, Xue Yiyao.

This garden owner was known for her eccentric personality and her headstrong personality, bending to none, even the Alliance Head Residence. Why would she suddenly come here?

Perplexed, Zhao Feiwu asked, "May I know the reason for Garden Owner Xue's sudden visit?"

"Zhang shi has resuscitated my Earth Vein Spirit Vine, thus saving my entire field of medicinal herbs. I'm here to thank him for the favor," Garden Owner Xue said.

In the past few days, the spirit of the new Earth Vein Spirit Vine had successfully fused with the original one, thus allowing it to recover. All of the withering medicinal herbs returned back to perfect health, and only then did Garden Owner Xue finally affirm that Zhang shi's solution was truly effective. Thus, she decided to make this visit to thank him once more.

Even though she had given him many spirit herbs in compensation, but compared to the entire field of medicinal herbs, that was truly not worth mentioning at all.

"Zhang shi is out training for the Master Teacher Tournament, and he isn't back yet..." Sun Qiang explained.

Instead of telling others that he was heading for the Yin-Yang Lake, Zhang Xuan told others that he was going to go out to train instead. This could ensure that the news wouldn't leak out and thus prevent sabotage from other participants.

"Training?" Garden Owner Xue was taken aback. "Alright then. I'll pay a visit once more when Zhang shi returns!"

Since Zhang shi wasn't around, there was no point to her staying here. Thus, she prepared to turn around to leave.

But just then, she suddenly felt an overwhelmingly powerful aura behind her, exerting an immense pressure on her.

"Is Zhang shi in? Sect Leader Luo Huang of Fleeting Cloud Sect, Sect Leader Bai Kaizhi of White Helios Sect, Sect Leader Huang Qi of Cascading Sand Sect... A total of fourteen sect leaders and nation elders are here. Ask him to come out to pay his respects!"

A clear bellow reverberated in the area, tremoring even the clouds.

Very few people knew that Zhang Xuan had left Myriad Kingdom City.

On top of that, these powers didn't think of that rising master teacher as a potential opponent, so they didn't pay much attention to him. As such, they didn't know that the other party wasn't around.

"Fourteen sect leaders and nation elders were here to visit?"

"What are they up to?"

"Zhang shi is a master teacher of our Myriad Kingdom Alliance. Why are they finding him for?"


When that voice echoed in the air, many guards and soldiers who heard those words were stunned.

Zhang shi was going to represent the entire Myriad Kingdom Alliance in the Master Teacher Tournament. Why was this group of people looking for him?

Sun Qiang, Zhao Feiwu, and Garden Owner Xue traded glances, and they immediately noted that something was amiss.

Even if they wanted to pay Zhang shi a visit, it was impossible for fourteen heads of their respective powers to visit simultaneously. It was certain that they were up to something.

After a moment of hesitation, Sun Qiang stepped forward and greeted the group, "Guests, the young master is not around at the moment!"

An elder waved his hands majestically.

"Not around? Hah, more like you are hiding him! You'd better bring him out, or else don't blame us for conducting a search on our own accord."

Kong shi's handwritten letter was simply too precious to them. What if that fellow were to escape after hearing of the news?


Sun Qiang frowned. "The young master is an esteemed 4-star master teacher who will be representing the Myriad Kingdom Alliance in the Master Teacher Tournament. For all of you to come knocking and even threaten to search the residence, may I ask if the young master has turned his back against the responsibilities of a master teacher or sullied the name of the Master Teacher Pavilion? Besides, even if a search must occur, it should be conducted by the Myriad Kingdom Alliance Master Teacher Pavilion instead. What rights do you have to do so? Do you have a search warrant with you?"

As a qualified butler, Sun Qiang had studied the various convention and laws governing master teachers so as to act with propriety.

Given the young master's esteemed standing as a 4-star master teacher, no one had the rights to search with residence without a search warrant from the Master Teacher Pavilion.

"We might not have any search warrant, but given that so many senior master teachers are before him, don't you think it is a huge breach of etiquette for him to not pay his respects?"

"Indeed, get him out to greet us! Does he intend to breach the master teacher moral code?"

Two middle-aged man of the group threatened.

They had made the journey here to ask about Kong shi's handwritten letter. If that fellow were to remain hidden, they wouldn't be able to do anything at all.

"Pay respects?"

Hearing the other party's arrogant words, Sun Qiang's face immediately flushed in anger. "Audacious!"


Zhao Feiwu and Garden Owner Xue's body suddenly swayed weakly.

The one who is acting audaciously... seems to be you instead!

The visiting group included sect leaders and nation elders of the fourteen strongest empires in the region. They were all either powerful experts or half 5-star master teachers... And yet, an insignificant Transcendent Mortal 1-dan cultivator like you actually dared to shout to them? Where did your guts come from?

"The young master is the esteemed direct disciple of great Master Teacher Yang Xuan! How dare you bunch of goons who haven't even reached 5-star yet cause a ruckus here?"

Sun Qiang waved his hands arrogantly. "What are you all waiting for? Scram!"

Old Master Yang Xuan was a master teacher with a ranking of at least 6-star. As his butler, he had to carry himself with pride and disposition which wouldn't bring shame to his name.

How dare this bunch of goons demand for the young master to pay respects to them? Who gave you such guts?


Sect Leader Luo Huang and the others stared at one another, dumbstruck.

They thought that their identity would surely scare Zhang Xuan out of his wits, and the latter would immediately give up and rush out. But never in their dreams did they expect to be blocked at the door by his butler... Not to mention, the other party even said that they were being audacious and chased them away...

The heck! Am I hearing things?

"What did you say? I dare you to repeat yourself!"

Sect Leader Luo Huang's eyebrows shot up as a powerful aura burst forth from him.

He was the sect leader of the Fleeting Cloud Sect, a Transcendent Mortal 5-dan Consonant Spirit realm pinnacle expert. To be chased away by this insignificant fellow, how could he possibly take it lying?

"What did I say? Are you deaf? How can someone as dumb as you remain as a master teacher... I truly wonder how you became a sect leader like this!"

Sun Qiang waved his hands and said, "Fine, since you didn't hear me clearly the first time, I'll repeat myself for your sake... I am asking you to scram, don't cause any trouble here!"

"You're courting death!"

Seeing that his teacher had been humiliated, Luo Xuan couldn't hold back his rage any longer and charged forward.

Hong long!

A gigantic palm carrying an indescribably violent aura came charging toward Sun Qiang, eradicating everything in its path.


But before the palm could strike Sun Qiang, a sharp call echoed from the skies. Following which, a gigantic shadow fell straight down to the ground.

Due to the incredible speed from its movements, a shrill sonic boom threatened to pierce everyone's ears.

"The heck..."

Luo Xuan barely managed to release a shout of exclamation before he was seated upon.

His entire body was immediately bent in an unnatural anger, and a mouthful of fresh blood spewed from his mouth. He nearly breathed his last at that moment.

Demon Cinque Beast!

Back when Zhang Xuan left, he had entrusted the safety of everyone in the residence to him. Thus, upon seeing Luo Xuan make a move against Sun Qiang, it immediately swooped down to protect the latter.

As a Transcendent Mortal 4-dan pinnacle expert who was on the verge of achieving a breakthrough at any moment, the Demon Cinque Beast was significantly stronger than Luo Xuan. Not to mention, it possessed astounding speed and nearly invincible defensive capability. The latter didn't even have a chance to react before he was mortally wounded.

Luo Xuan felt as though he was on the verge of breaking down.

He was the genius who was the strongest contender for the champion seat for the Master Teacher Tournament, an expert who was just a step away from reaching Consonant Spirit realm, and yet, he nearly died from being squashed by a spirit beast... Just the thought of it left him incredibly frenzied.

"Beast, how dare you!"

A crimson glow extended across Sect Leader Luo Huang's face all the way down to the neck as he bellowed furiously.

He was the sect leader of the Fleeting Cloud Sect, the strongest power among the 28 kingdoms in the region... And yet, his student actually ended up being squashed by a spirit beast right before him. Infuriated, he prepared to charge up to teach the other party a lesson.

"Why? Is a half 5-star master teacher like you going to lay his hands on an ordinary civilian? What wrong have I committed? What wrong has Zhang shi committed?"

Sun Qiang stepped forward.

In view of their standing, master teachers wouldn't make a move on ordinary civilians as long as they didn't sin. Sun Qiang was only preventing anyone from trespassing into their residence, so he couldn't be said to have sinned. Rather, Luo Xuan, who lost his composure and charged at him, was clearly at fault here. If Luo Huang were to make a move instead, the only one who would be embarrassed would be him.

But even though Sun Qiang was confident that the other party wouldn't stoop down to his level, he was still feeling a little worried.


Having his intentions questioned, Sect Leader Luo Huang retracted his outstretched palm.

The other party was just a subordinate. To kill the other party over such a small matter would only make him seem petty.

"I'll repeat it once more. The young master isn't in the residence now. No matter what you're here for, be it to acknowledge him as your teacher or to seek his guidance, I'll have to ask of you to leave!"

Seeing that the other party didn't make a move in the end, Sun Qiang harrumphed while heaving a sigh of relief on the inside.

"Acknowledging him as our teacher?"

Hearing those words, everyone felt faint-headed.

Acknowledge your head!

Have you seen anyone coming to acknowledge a teacher in such a manner?

Besides, that Zhang Xuan is only a 4-star primary master teacher. What right does he have to become the teacher of us half 5-star master teachers?

Seeing the awkward situation, an elder walked over and asked, "Sect Leader Luo, what do we do now?"

They were all esteemed experts. They couldn't possibly just come over to overturn everything in the other party's house, going to the extent of even laying their hands on the other party's subordinate!

If they were to do so, even if the headquarters didn't pursue this matter, they would probably die of shame.

But... If they didn't do so, how could they ascertain whether Zhang shi was around or not?

"Let's return for now!"

With a darkened face, Sect Leader Luo Huang waved his hands.


Everyone was taken aback.

Are we supposed to retreat just like that?

Chased away by the other party's subordinate, aren't we a little too useless?

"What else can we do?" Sect Leader Luo Huang harrumphed.

He was also getting a huge headache over this matter.

But from the looks of it, Zhang Xuan really didn't seem to be around. Otherwise, given the huge commotion that had occurred, it was impossible for him to still remain hidden.

Quarreling with another person's subordinate while the person isn't around... He couldn't afford to lose his reputation over this!

More importantly, this butler had way too much bravado. Anyone else would have surely trembled in fear before their presence, but this fellow... didn't think much of them at all...

I wonder if this fellow really has some kind of backing or he's simply that brave!

Sect Leader Luo Huang feared that if he were to continue fighting with the other party, he would die of anger first.

After a moment of hesitation, Sect Leader Luo Huang ordered, "We'll send someone to keep a lookout at this residence. As soon as Zhang Xuan returns, they'll report back to us, and it won't be too late for us to capture him then!"

Instead of embarrassing himself here, he might as well leave for the moment first.



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