Chapter 562: Returning to Myriad Kingdom City
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Even though everyone was reluctant, there was no better solution at hand.

If they were to really blow things up and the Myriad Kingdom Alliance Master Teacher Pavilion got involved, the headquarters might be alarmed, and their envoy might arrive even before Zhang Xuan returned. If so, they would be put in a difficult position.


Thus, as swiftly as they came, they retreated. And after seeing all of them leave, Sun Qiang's legs caved in and he fell to the ground.

He was the butler of Master Teacher Yang Xuan, and he knew he couldn't lose out to others in terms of disposition, but... his cultivation was simply too low at the moment. With a strength of only Transcendent Mortal 1-dan, it had taken all of his courage to stand before so many experts.

Recalling how close he came to danger just a moment ago, Zhao Feiwu stepped forward and asked, "Don't you... fear death?"

To yell at so many Consonant Spirit realm experts to scram, even her father wouldn't be able to muster such courage. Where did the confidence of this plump butler come from?

After a moment later, Sun Qiang finally recovered. Standing up, he shook his head in response.

"Of course I do!"

"But if you're scared, why would you still..."

Even Garden Owner Xue was perplexed by the other party's actions.

Since he felt fear, why did he still do it?

If Sect Leader Luo Huang were to really make a move then, he would have surely died on the spot.

If that were to happen, nothing could remedy it. It would mean nothing even if Zhang shi were to redress your grievances in the future!

A dead life couldn't be brought back!

"I am indebted to the old master. From a humble Zhenqi realm cultivator, he had brought me to a position where I'm respected and trusted by so many... As long as he allows me to remain at his side as his butler, I have the obligation to ensure that the old master's dignity isn't being trampled on... even if it means my death!" Sun Qiang said with determination.

If not for the old master, he would probably spend his entire life in the small shop he had in Tianxuan Royal City. He would have never met so many master teachers, needless to say, step into a position where no one dares to belittle him.

The old master had given him a second life. If he, as a butler, was unable to uphold the old master's dignity, he would have failed in his duties.

This was the faith he held, and he was determined to live his life by it.

This was precisely the reason why he mustered his courage and stood before those experts despite the danger.

His strength might be lacking, and his cultivation might be low, but... the dignity of a high-ranked master teacher mustn't be thrown away!


Zhao Feiwu was in awe.

This plump man may look like an unreliable figure, but yet, he had things which he was unwilling to compromise on as well.

It seemed that even though the people that gathered around Zhang shi were all eccentric, they seemed to be oddly and unreservedly united. Conflict and politics didn't seem to exist among them.

Perhaps... this might be due to his charisma.

A moment later, Zhao Feiwu suddenly thought of something and asked, "The old master that you spoke of refers to Yang shi? Where is Yang shi at the moment?"

She had heard of Yang shi-Zhang shi's teacher-but she had never met him before.

"The old master likes to spend his time roaming freely across the lands. I've no idea where he is either!"

As soon as he spoke of Yang Xuan, Sun Qiang's face immediately lit up in admiration.

"You don't know where he is?" Zhao Feiwu was perplexed. "Then... Is he not going to spectate the Master Teacher Tournament?"

His student was participating in such an important tournament for the first time, was Yang shi, despite being the other party's teacher, not going to support Zhang shi at such a crucial moment?

Sun Qiang contemplated for a moment before replying, "This... I'm not too sure as well. However... I think he should be coming soon!"

It was clear that those who had come together harbored malicious intentions toward Zhang shi. If the old master didn't appear soon, something bad might really happen.

But... Old Master, where are you?


Ah choo!

Zhang Xuan rubbed his nose.

Naturally, he wasn't aware that Ding Hong was already at Myriad Kingdom City and had already convinced the fourteen strongest powers currently in the city to move against him. He was still on the back of the aerial spirit beast, glancing down at the winding mountain range below as his eyes slowly lit up in excitement.

After half a month's journey, he was finally returning to Myriad Kingdom City!

"I'm finally back. Judging by the timing, the Soulrouse Grass should have matured already. I should be able to craft the Soulrouse Incense and wake Lu Chong now!"

As the Soulrouse Grass could not be kept in his storage ring, Zhang Xuan chose not to bring it with him. It had been fifty days since his departure, and it should have already matured under Wang Ying's care and be ready to be crafted into the Soulrouse Incense.

With this, Lu Chong would be able to come back to life, and he would have resolved a boulder weighing down on his heart.


A distance away, a disturbance in the surrounding spiritual energy could be felt, and a powerful aura suddenly burst out.

"I've achieved a breakthrough?"

Ruohuan gongzi slowly opened his eyes.

At this moment, his eyes were clear, and his body was seemingly filled with endlessly vitality and might.

Transcendent Mortal 4-dan Clarifying Turbidity realm pinnacle!

Under Zhang Xuan's pointers and the nourishment of a middle-tier spirit stone, he had really managed to reach Transcendent Mortal 4-dan pinnacle within half a month.

"Zhang shi, thank you for your guidance!"

Sensing overwhelming energy far superior to before flowing through his body, Ruohuan gongzi clasped his fist in gratitude.

If not for the other party, who knew how long it would have taken him to reach Transcendent Mortal 4-dan pinnacle.

"There's no need to stand on ceremony!"

Zhang Xuan waved his hands.

The surge of Heaven's Path zhenqi he infused into the other party previously had made the other party's originally turbid zhenqi purer. Building on such a foundation, it wasn't too hard for the other party to advance several small realms consecutively within a short period of time.

If the other party couldn't do as much under such conditions, the other party would truly be unworthy of his title as a 'genius'.

"Zhang shi, your cultivation..." Pavilion Master Kang raised his doubts.

Seeing Ruohuan gongzi's swift improvement in the past few days had delighted him, but at the same time, doubts started sprouting in his mind.

If Zhang shi could induce such massive improvements in others, why couldn't he do the same for himself?

Given that the other party hadn't even reached Transcendent Mortal 3-dan yet, he would surely in a huge disadvantage competing in the Master Teacher Tournament.

"Don't worry. I'll try my best to advance to the Yin-Yang realm pinnacle before the tournament, and if possible, perhaps even Clarifying Turbidity realm!"

Knowing what the other party was worried about, Zhang Xuan waved his hands nonchalantly.

To advance his cultivation, he needed middle-tier spirit stones-to do so through absorbing spiritual energy in the air was simply too inefficient. However, this just happened to be the resource he was sorely lacking at the moment.

Since any advancement otherwise would be insignificant in comparison, he decided to find some way to procure more middle-tier spirit stones in the capital first before raising his cultivation.


Hearing Zhang shi's guarantee, Pavilion Master Kang nodded his head. "We're about to arrive at your residence..."

Walking up to the entrance of the room on top of the spirit beast, Zhang Xuan suddenly turned around and said, "Un. I'll be bidding you farewell here then. I'll be busy during this period of time so don't look for me. Rest assured, I'll surely appear at the Master Teacher Tournament when the time comes!"

To procure more middle-tier spirit stones, it was likely that he would have to appear in public as Yang shi. If Pavilion Master Kang were to visit during this period of time, given the abrupt disappearance of Zhang shi and the latter's familiarity with him, there was a chance that the latter might tie the two together and realize that Yang shi was actually Zhang shi. Thus, Zhang Xuan decided to take precautions against that.


Thinking that Zhang Xuan might be intending on going into seclusion, Pavilion Master Kang nodded his head.

After saying all that had to be said, Zhang Xuan leaped off the back of the spirit beast, and not too long later, Pavilion Master Kang departed along with the spirit beast.

As soon as Zhang Xuan returned to the residence, Sun Qiang suddenly rushed up to him.

"Young master!"

Noticing that something was amiss from Sun Qiang's anxious expression, Zhang Xuan asked, "Did something happen while I was away?"

"The Fleeting Cloud Sect and thirteen other powers came to find you while you were away..."

Sun Qiang swiftly recounted the entire matter.

"Why are they looking for me?" Zhang Xuan frowned.

He had never seen those people before. Why would they suddenly pay him a visit?

"Inform me the next time they come over..."

Zhang Xuan had been in a dilemma as to who he should procure spirit stones from when these people came knocking at his door. This worked out fine as well. At the very least, he didn't have to go out there to search for customers.

"Yes!" Seeing the composure on the young master's face, Sun Qiang suddenly felt the burden on his shoulder being lifted, and he heaved a sigh of relief. "Young master, may I know where the old master is at the moment, and will he be coming over?"


Zhang Xuan was stunned for a moment. However, he quickly recovered and replied, "Teacher told me that he will be coming over in the next few days... Alright, I have to speak with Wang Ying. Where is she?"

Zhang Xuan waved his hands.

Since he was going to appear as Yang shi, it was best for him to let the news out in advance so that it wouldn't be too abrupt and unnatural.

"She's currently in the midst of caring for the Soulrouse Grass. Young master... are you intending to cure Young Master Lu Chong now?" Upon recalling something, Sun Qiang's eyes suddenly lit up.

As the butler of the residence, how could he be unaware of what Wang Ying was up? For the young master to look for her so anxiously as soon as he returned, most likely, this was something that had to do with Lu Chong.

"Un!" Zhang Xuan nodded his head. "Lu Chong's issue is intricately tied with the topic of souls, and I would require absolute silence for the treatment. Make sure that no one interrupts me!"

Sun Qiang nodded. However, a moment later, he finally realized the reason behind the incongruity he had been feeling since the young master's arrival and asked, "Young master, didn't Zhao Ya xiaojie leave with you? Why isn't she here?"

Since Zhao Ya left along with Zhang Xuan, it didn't make sense for the latter to return alone.

"She has gone somewhere else; she won't be returning for the time being..."

Zhang Xuan shook his hands before walking over to the room where the Soulrouse Grass was being cultivated.


As soon as Zhang Xuan entered the room, he immediately saw Wang Ying.

Nodding his head to acknowledge the other party's greeting, he turned his gaze to the Soulrouse Grass placed in the middle of the room.

By now, it was already around half the height of a human, and it emitted a unique scent that left with one feeling confusion. It seemed as though one's soul would be trapped in it the moment one put one's guard down.

Harnessing soul energy, the Soulrouse Grass possessed the ability to interfere with one's psyche.

"You've worked hard over the past few days. You should take a rest!"

Seeing how well the Soulrouse Grass grown, not to mention, the complete lack of scratches on it, one could easily imagine how much effort Wang Ying had put into its cultivation.


Having been complimented, Wang Ying's face reddened, and she hurriedly walked out.

"Time to start!"

Drawing his soul out from his body, Zhang Xuan grabbed the Soulrouse Grass lightly in his palm and began to infuse his zhenqi in to forge it.

He would have required a lot of preparation beforehand to forge the Soulrouse Grass successfully before, but after his soul had been tempered by both yin and yang energy, thus becoming even stronger and compact, forging it wasn't a problem for him anymore.

Under the inflow of zhenqi from Zhang Xuan, the medicinal herb melted, turning into a puddle of flowing green liquid.

And with a flick of his fingers, the liquid began gathering together, forming an incense stick.

Soulrouse Incense!

It possessed the ability to awaken a dormant soul after being lit.

"Based on what Mo Hunsheng said, to increase the chances of waking Lu Chong, it'll be best for me to infuse a portion of my soul into it!"

By infusing a portion of his soul into the Soulrouse Grass before lighting it, its effectiveness could be enhanced.

"Soul split!"

Zhang Xuan carefully split a portion of his soul, and in the process, his face gradually paled.

Even though his soul had reached the cultivation of Transcendent Mortal 4-dan pinnacle, dividing his soul would still cause significant damage to him.

But as long as Lu Chong could be safe, there was no sacrifice too great.

Fusing the divided portion of his soul with the incense, he was finally ready to awaken Lu Chong.

"Great! I should begin now..."

Having completed all preparations, Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh of relief. Retracting his soul back into his body, he walked forward toward Lu Chong.



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