Chapter 566: Invincible
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Hearing that voice and looking at that huge depression before their eyes, all color was flushed out from the faces of those present in the area. At that moment, the entire residence fell deathly silent.

Sect Leader Bai wasn't the strongest among them, but he was far from being the weakest. Not to mention, he was known for his speed. Even Sect Leader Luo Huang would trail far behind him in a race.

But... despite his overwhelming speed, he was still killed in less than half a breath...

Not to mention, Yang shi didn't even move in the least. Even though it happened right before them, no one was able to determine how Sect Leader Bai was killed, and how such a huge depression was created.

Judging from the might of the move, putting aside Sect Leader Bai, even if all of them were to team up together, they still wouldn't be able to withstand that attack!


Ridiculously strong!


Everyone trembled uncontrollably as fear seeped out from their hearts and grasped their entirety.

As Yang shi had spoken casually to them, they subconsciously relaxed. Only at this very instant did they realize that... despite being half 5-star master teachers, they were no different from an ant before the eyes of the other party!

Given the other party's strength, even if he were to destroy the entire Huanyu Empire, it was unlikely for the Master Teacher Pavilion to utter a single word of complaint, let alone, half 5-star master teachers like them.

Rules only applied to weaklings!

True experts reasoned with their might. With true strength, even the Master Teacher Pavilion would have to take a step back and give in!

What had happened before them served as the perfect example. Given that an 8-star master teacher was willing to speak nicely to them, they should've just listened obediently. Since Sect Leader Bai decided to defy him, there was no one he could blame for his own foolishness.

To maintain its strength, the Master Teacher Pavilion was also very realistic. It couldn't possibly punish an 8-star master teacher just to redress the grievances of a mere half 5-star ant. Not to mention... this ant even dared to defy the words of a high-rank master teacher. This, in itself, was flouting the rules already!

The hierarchy among master teachers wasn't just for show.

The words of an 8-star master teacher were no different from an imperial edict. When commanded to die, one had no choice but to die. To actually dare to defy orders and attempt to run away, aren't you afraid of implicating your family and your sect? If word were to spread, no one would spare him the slightest sympathy.

If master teachers couldn't even instill discipline and respect among their own ranks, how were they supposed to do the same to the rest of the world?

"Is that... a battle technique or a divine treasure?"

Pavilion Master Kang and Alliance Head Zhao trembled in fear as they stared at the giant depression just outside the residence.

Yang shi had moved way too fast for their eyes to perceive clearly what he had done.

Vaguely, they seemed to have seen a golden book suddenly appearing in midair and smashing down on the other party... But everything happened too quickly for them to verify it.

After all, they had seen cultivators wielding a sword, spear, saber-and the more remote ones-meteor hammer, chain whip, and jagged scissors... But they have never heard of someone wielding a book as a weapon!

A book... No matter how thick it was, it was no different from a brick! Not to mention, its texture was also soft, thus making it incapable of harming the physical body of a Transcendent Mortal. Since that was the case, how could it be used to kill?

If the other party had really used a mere book to smash a Consonant Spirit realm advanced stage expert into minced meat, leaving no grounds for him to react at all, not to mention, creating such a huge depression at that... How strong must he be?

In any case, the techniques of a higher existence like the other party were something unfathomable to them!


Everyone was astounded by how Yang shi's killed Sect Leader Bai in a single move, all except for Wang Ying. She was surprised by the formidable might that Yang shi had shown as well, but what that had truly stunned her was something else that she had noticed.

With a weak personality, she didn't stand out against Zhang Xuan's other students. However, she had a meticulous personality that compelled her to pay attention to every slightest detail. This was also the reason why she could keep up with the others despite her lower talent.

As such, she had grasped the cultivation and battle techniques which Zhang shi imparted her very thoroughly.

Wang Ying, Sun Qiang, Zheng Yang, and the others had seen Zhang shi using this technique before, and given that Yang shi was Zhang shi's teacher, it wasn't too surprising for him to be capable of the same technique as well.

But Wang Ying clearly noticed that... when Yang shi executed the technique, his movements were exactly the same as Zhang shi's, just that the former was significantly faster in his movements.

That day, upon seeing Lu Chong being stabbed by the other party, Zhang shi, out of rage, threw out a golden book and smashed the enemies who tried to them harm into minced meat... And his movements were precise the same as Yang shi's at this moment.

Even when executing the same battle technique, everyone had their own quirks that couldn't be copied by another.

It was similar to how an apprentice cook couldn't possibly cook a dish with the exact same appearance and flavor as his teacher.

For both of their actions to be identical, there was only one explanation... that was that the both of them were the same person!

Wang Ying began examining Yang shi thoroughly, and upon catching sight of something, she clasped her mouth in shock.

No doubt, the person standing in the air had many differences from Zhang shi, be it his appearance and his clothing. Logically speaking, Wang Ying should have been unable to determine anything at all. However... she saw a faint grayish mark around Yang shi's neck.

Back then, in the soul oracle tomb, Zhang shi had his neck grabbed by Mo Hunsheng, and even though he managed to reverse the situation then, the encounter had left a grayish mark on his neck. Two months had passed since then, and the grayish mark had fainted to the point that it was nearly imperceptible. Even so, if one were to pay careful attention, one could still see the rough outline of it. And just a moment ago, when she met Zhang shi, she saw the very same mark on him...

And the location was completely identical!

For Yang shi to share Zhang shi's mark, and for the both of them to share the exact same techniques...

Furthermore... It seemed like Yang shi and Zhang shi had never appeared together before!

Could it be that...

Yang shi was Zhang shi?

While it was inconceivable, it wasn't entirely impossible. After all, Zhang shi had disguised himself as Liu shi before, and it took her a long while before she managed to notice anything at all.

Shocked, Wang Ying's body began to sway weakly.


Of course, no one noticed what was going through the mind of Wang Ying. Even if they noticed the shock on her face, they would have attributed it to the astounding means Yang shi had displayed.

At this moment, everyone's faces were inhumanly pale, and they dared not utter a single word for fear to bringing Yang shi's wrath upon them.

"I was foolish to allow the greed for Kong shi's handwritten letter to blind my morals. I deserve to die!"

Seeing how not even the corpse of Sect Leader Bai remained, Sect Leader Luo Huang resigned himself to his fate.

Since Yang shi was willing to make a move against Sect Leader Bai, he didn't think that he would be an exception. Rather than defying the other party and potentially bringing wrath upon his family and sect, he might as well give it up.

Gritting his teeth, Sect Leader Luo Huang raised his head, and with determination gleaming in his eyes, he said, "I hope that Yang shi can spare our Fleeting Cloud Sect and my student after my death. This entire operation was an initiative of my own, and they played no part in this..."

It was nothing much for him to die. What was more important was for the Fleeting Cloud Sect to not be implicated by this matter.

If he were to anger the other party, and the other party directed his wrath toward the Fleeting Cloud Sect, it would be too late for regrets.


Hearing his teacher resigning himself to his fate and pleading on his behalf, Luo Xuan panicked.

He had already recovered from the injury he had sustained from being crushed by the Demon Cinque Beast, and thus, he followed the group along for this operation. But he never expected to see an 8-star master teacher in action.

"There's no need to speak any further. Have Elder Wang inherit my position after my death..."

Knowing that it was impossible for him to escape from this, Sect Leader Luo Huang calmed down instead and started to delegate his will.


Unwilling to see his teacher die, Luo Huang gritted his teeth. Mustering his courage, he walked forward and clasped his fist. "Yang shi, since the rest of us can redeem for our sins by paying spirit stones, can our Fleeting Cloud Sect exchange for my teacher's life by paying a hundred middle-tier spirit stones?"

"What rubbish are you spouting..."

Hearing his disciple speaking such words, Sect Leader Luo Huang immediately rushed forward to stop him.

The other party was an 8-star master teacher. The only reason why he gave such an alternative instead of killing all of them was probably only because he was unwilling to see so many fellow master teachers dying at once...

Do you really think that an expert of the other party's caliber would actually care about that little bit of middle-tier spirit stones?

Putting aside middle-tier spirit stones, even high-tier spirit stones and top-tier spirit stones might not even move him!

To buy my life with just mere spirit stones... How could the other party possibly compromise with such an offering?

The words of an 8-star master teacher were as good as law. Not even a 7-star master teacher could possibly hope to sway the decisions an 8-star master teacher made. To expect to do so with mere middle-tier spirit stones...

If it could be resolved that easily, Sect Leader Bai wouldn't have taken such a huge gamble, only to end up as meat paste.

Just as he thought that his student was being immature at such a crucial timing and was about to knock the idea off his head, the figure in the air suddenly spoke nonchalantly, "Make it 150 middle-tier spirit stones, and I can spare his life!"


For an instant, Sect Leader Luo Huang thought that he was hearing things.

My life... is only worth 150 middle-tier spirit stones.

Middle-tier spirit stones were indeed precious, but given the huge wealth the Fleeting Cloud Sect had accumulated over the years, it wasn't too difficult for them to fork out such a sum.

After all, they had won the championship of the Master Teacher Tournament on many occasions. Just the prize they had earned was already extremely fearsome. Not to mention, the sales of half 5-star master teacher long-range Tutelage Jade Tokens was also a good source of income...

Middle-tier spirit stones were indeed precious, but how could it be compared to his life as the sect leader?

But... the other party actually agreed to such a trade?

While he was overwhelmed with disbelief, Yang shi's dissatisfied voice sounded from the air.

"Why? Are you reluctant to pay? If that's the case, just kill yourself!"

"We're willing to pay, we're willing to pay!"

Only at this moment could he confirm that it was all true. How could he possibly hesitate at such a crucial juncture? Flinging his wrist, he took out a pile of middle-tier spirit stones, and in an instant, the spiritual energy in the air intensified.

150 middle-tier spirit stones, not one more, not one less.


In the air, Yang shi nodded his head in satisfied. Closing his palm, the middle-tier spirit stones flew into his storage ring.

"Alright, you're spared. As for the others, pay the spirit stones and scram!"


After paying twenty middle-tier spirit stones each, everyone rushed out of the residence as though frightened animals in a stampede.

Only when they were out of the residence did they heave a sigh of relief. They subconsciously glanced at the huge depression at the entrance, and a bizarre expression crept onto their faces.

Cough cough, Sect Leader Bai sure died a wrongful death...

If he had known earlier that he could buy his life with spirit stones, he would have surely never done something as foolish as that!

To be reduced to meat paste over mere spirit stones, if his soul was looking at this sight, rivers would surely be spilling from his eyes at this very instant...

But still, who could have thought that a life of a sect leader would only be worth 150 middle-tier spirit stones. That was a value even lower than a Consonant Spirit realm spirit beast! What in the world was this?

Even so, from this, they could tell that Yang shi truly didn't care about their lives!

Indeed, how could the life and death of a bunch of ants possibly interest him?

Similarly, they wouldn't have been particularly concerned about the life and death of a mere 1-star master teacher as well.

After walking a safe distance away, Sect Leader Luo Huang heaved a sigh of relief and instructed his disciple, Luo Xuan, "After returning, strictly warn all disciples against offending Zhang shi, his students, and even the common populace of Myriad Kingdom City regardless of the situation!

"Yang shi isn't a person we can offend. Not even Huanyu Empire and Hongyuan Empire can afford to get on his bad side as well... Putting aside his rank as a master teacher, just his cultivation itself would make him, even in the territory of a Conferred Empire...




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