Chapter 570: Yang shi's Disappointment
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"6-star master teacher?"

Zhang Xuan's eyebrows twitched, shocked by the sudden appearance of Pavilion Master Mo.

Wasn't the most formidable master teacher in Myriad Kingdom Alliance only at 4-star pinnacle? Where in the world did this 6-star pinnacle master teacher come from?

The fundamental requirement of becoming a 6-star master teacher was a cultivation realm of Transcendent Mortal 9-dan, and a 6-star pinnacle master teacher... was probably a true Saint!

For a Saint to actually seek his audience...

Just the thought of it left Zhang Xuan's hair standing on ends.

Even acting before a half 5-star master teacher was stressful enough for him. There wasn't a single moment throughout the incident which he didn't fear that the other party would see through his disguise. And yet, to do so before a true Saint...

For pretending to a high-rank master teacher and scaring others with a false identity, that was a breach of the master teacher moral code. The other party would reserve all rights to kill him on the spot!

In other words, the moment he was exposed as a fake... that would be the moment he would breathe his last breath!

"The news of Yang shi's appearance must have leaked out..."

Zhang Xuan rubbed his glabella in dismay.

Given that such a formidable master teacher had run over to seek an audience with Yang shi, that could only mean one possibility... the matter that had happened that day had reached the ears of Hongyuan Tier-1 Empire.

If Zhang Xuan was a little stronger, he would at least be more confident in his disguise. But the choice wasn't up to him now. The other party was already at his doorstep, he couldn't possibly turn the other party away at this point.

What to do?

"No, I should tell the other party that my teacher isn't around..."

Gritting his teeth, Zhang Xuan was just about to instruct Sun Qiang to relay those words, when the person beside him bellowed, "What are you making such a fuss about? Are you trying to show off your loud voice? Don't you know the basic manners to visiting another? Wait at the doorstep first, I'll report this matter to the old master!"

Zhang Xuan turned his face stiffly around, only to see Sun Qiang with a disdainful expression on his face. Sun Qiang, noticing that the young master's gaze was on him, said contemptuously, "Who does he think he is? So what if he's a 6-star pinnacle master teacher, does he think that he's the only one who can transmit his voice telepathically? Even a 7-star pinnacle master teacher would have to wait obediently at the entrance for the old master to summon him in! To cause such a huge fuss, is he trying to start a revolt?"


Zhang Xuan's body suddenly felt weak. In that instant, he even forgot to breathe and nearly died of suffocation.

He was still worried over how he should deal with the 6-star master teacher outside when the fellow beside him uttered such words...

It was too late for him to make excuses now!

No matter what, the other party was a 6-star pinnacle master teacher, a person standing at the very tip of the pyramid known as a Tier-1 Empire. To actually bellow at such a figure like that, sparing him no pride at all... Brother Qiang, you are about to break through the atmosphere!

While tears were streaming down Zhang Xuan's face, Sun Qiang looked at him expectantly and asked, "Young master, wasn't the old master discussing the issue regarding Young Master Lu Chong with you?"

Lu Chong's soul was simply too strong. Even though Zhang Xuan had successfully awakened him back then, the other party still needed some time for his soul to fuse properly with his body before he would be able to regain consciousness. However, after half a month of conditioning, it should be about time for him to regain consciousness.


Hearing the question, Zhang Xuan was stumped.

He had once told Wang Ying that he was discussing with Yang shi on how they could save Lu Chong... Given that Lu Chong was about to wake up already, it was indeed weird how not a trace of Yang shi could be seen.

"Is he in the room? I'll go and ask him whether he wants to meet this 6-star master teacher or not!" Seeing that there was no response from the young master, Sun Qiang continued.

Knowing that it would be impossible for him to reply Sun Qiang's questions, Zhang Xuan hurriedly interjected, "Cough cough, there's no need for it. I'll go ask him myself. For the time being, you should bring Pavilion Master Mo into the main hall..."


Nodding his head, Sun Qiang headed to the entrance to invite the other party in.

Seeing the other party leave, Zhang Xuan walked toward one of the room in the residence while rubbing his glabella.

After that fellow's intervention, there was no choice but for 'Yang shi' to appear already. But after giving it some thoughts, this matter would be inevitable even if Sun Qiang hadn't said anything. After all, given that the other party had made the journey here from afar, it was indeed dubious if Yang shi didn't appear.

Besides, it was likely that Pavilion Master Mo would return again after failing to meet him this once. In the end, he was just meeting the other party earlier.

But... How should be disguise himself before a 6-star pinnacle master teacher to convince him?

An expert of that level was likely to have already forged the Eye of Insight, allowing him to see through all falsehood.

He might have been able to pass off as a Saint by utilizing Mo Hunsheng's aura, but if he were to do the same for Pavilion Master Mo as well, he would surely be exposed instantaneously!

The same goes for flight as well. Given that 4-star and 5-star master teachers hadn't come into contact with the ability of flight yet, Zhang Xuan was still able to hoodwink them. To do the same with a Saint was... completely impossible!

There was a fundamental difference between flight induced by a battle technique and the ability of flight that Saints possessed.

"Since nothing works at all... why don't I just abandon all disguise?"

After walking around the room in dilemma, Zhang Xuan suddenly came to a halt.

Since neither his aura nor flight would work... he might as well not disguise himself.

Having made up his mind, Zhang Xuan quickly changed into 'Yang shi's' clothes and walked into the main hall.


Mo Gaoyuan was seated on the guest seat in the main hall, and Mo Chen and Hong Qian stood obediently behind him.

Upon arriving at Myriad Kingdom City, Mo Gaoyuan immediately rushed to look for Hong Qian to better understand the affairs that happened that day.

When he heard that Yang shi came from the skies, induced a breakthrough in the Demon Cinque Beast with just a surge of zhenqi, and conducted a Soul Impartation, he was filled with shock.

Wishing to ascertain this matter personally, he brought the both of them along with him to pay Yang shi a visit.

Mo Gaoyuan scanned the surroundings and a frown slowly etched on his forehead.

The layout of the residence was ordinary, resembling not the residence of a high-rank master teacher in the least. More importantly, the spiritual energy in the room was sparse just like anywhere else.

The living quarters of an 8-star master teacher, even without setting up any formation, due to his overwhelming cultivation in itself, could turn a barren plain into a lush field.

Powerful master teachers were aligned with nature, and they would naturally generate a spiritual energy force-field that would nourish their environment wherever they went.

It was precisely due to that reason that the top headquarters of the Master Teacher Pavilion was so concentrated in spiritual energy that even the most ordinary of cultivators would gain the speed of cultivation comparable to the greatest of talents there.

And yet, the residence before him showed no such signs. It was nothing more than an ordinary residence. What was going on?

Just when he was perplexed, a middle-aged man walked into the room.

That middle-aged man had light footsteps, and not the slightest zhenqi disturbance could be felt from him. No matter how one looked at him, he was nothing more than an ordinary human. In fact, one couldn't be blamed if one were to assume that he was a cleaner of the residence.

Just as Mo Gaoyuan was about to ask who was that fellow, Butler Sun hurriedly walked forward and greeted, "Old master!"

Beside him, Hong shi's body also jolted slightly, and the latter hurriedly sent him a telepathic message, "Pavilion Master Gao, this is Yang shi..."


Mo Gaoyuan was stunned.

He had never seen an 8-star master teacher before, but he had seen a 7-star master teacher in the past. Every single movement from a 7-star master teacher seemed to be harmonized with nature, and it exerted an immense pressure on one... But the person before him truly felt no different from an ordinary man...

8-star master teacher?

Are you mistaken?

Frowning, he glanced at Hong shi, only to see the latter nod his heads to confirm his suspicions. Only then did Mo Gaoyuan stand up and clasp his fists. "Hongyuan Tier-1 Empire Master Teacher Pavilion's Pavilion Master, 6-star pinnacle Master Teacher Mo Gaoyuan pays respect to Yang shi!"

After which, he silently observed the other party carefully.


Yang shi remained nonchalantly after hearing the other party's title. Instead, he simply turned around and walked on the main seat before turning to look at Mo Gaoyuan nonchalantly. "What is the reason for your visit?"

"I..." Not expecting the other party to ask him such a direct question, Mo Gaoyuan was tongue-tied.

After all, he couldn't possibly say that he was unable to find the other party's name on the Master Teacher Registry, so he came to verify whether the other party was a fake.

"I heard that Yang shi has come to the Myriad Kingdom Alliance, and fearing that our reception might be lacking, I decided to come over to take a look..." Mo Gaoyuan replied awkwardly.

But before he could finish his words, the middle-aged man's impassive voice sounded, "Are you done looking?"

"Ah... Yes!"

"Then you may leave now!"

After which, Yang shi stood up, placed his hands behind his back, and started walking out of the room.


Mo Gaoyuan's lips twitched.

This... What is going on?

Can't we at least converse properly?

Even if you're an 8-star master teacher, surely there's no need for you to act so high and mighty?

No matter what, I'm still a pavilion master of Hongyuan Tier-1 Empire, and I came down specially to pay my respects. Yet, to throw me out like that... aren't you being too impolite?

"To tell Yang shi the truth, I've been facing some problems in my cultivation recently and I would like to consult Yang shi on them..."

Gritting his teeth, Mo Gaoyuan stood up.

He came all the way here from afar, and he couldn't possibly leave just like that!

Since that was the case, he might as well pose a question to the other party. If the other party could easily solve a question that was even beyond him, then there was no doubt about the other party's rank.

On the other hand, if the other party was unable to answer the question, then his position as an 8-star master teacher would indeed be doubtful.

Without turning his head, Yang shi spoke impassively, "Speak!"

"Yes... It's a problem regarding the cultivation of Saint 1-dan..." Mo Gaoyuan hurriedly said.

"Saint 1-dan?"

Zhang Xuan, disguised a Yang shi, nearly keeled over.

I can explain the cultivation of Transcendent Mortal 1-dan, 2-dan, and 3-dan to you perfectly... but Saint?

He had only heard of the name of this cultivation realm just recently, so how could he possibly know the slightest thing about the cultivation of an expert of this level?

Putting aside offering pointer, he hadn't even read books of such a level...

He would surely expose his ignorance the moment he starts to speak on the matter!

Not knowing of the dilemma in 'Yang shi's' mind, Mo Gaoyuan revealed his dilemma.

"... How can one open the Zhukong acupoint without causing one's zhenqi to leak out while maintaining a consistent rise in one's cultivation?"

This question had confused him for a very long time. He'd had to browse through innumerable books before he was able to find the answer. If the other party was able to provide the same answer as him, that would prove that the other party was a high-rank master teacher. Or else... the other party's background would be worth looking into.

"May I know if... Yang shi has any solution to the matter?"

After posing his question, Mo Gaoyuan looked at Yang shi expectantly.

"Zhukong acupoint? Zhenqi leaking out? Maintaining a consistent rise in one's cultivation?"

A mini explosion occurred into Zhang Xuan's head, and he nearly spurted blood.

He had never even heard of this acupoint before, so how could he possibly know anything about zhenqi leaking out and what consistent rise in cultivation? Offering a solution to the problem was even beyond his means.

He was doomed!

"Yang shi..."

A moment had passed, but Yang shi still remained silent. Perplexed, Mo Gaoyuan called him questioningly when a cold harrumph suddenly sounded in the room.

"Are you really a 6-star pinnacle master teacher?"

Yang shi turned to look at Mo Gaoyuan with a cold gaze filled with displeasure.

"I... That's right!"

Mo Gaoyuan was taken aback.

He was the number one expert in Hongyuan Tier-1 Empire, and everyone knew of his name. How could he possibly be a fake?

"That's right? Then why can't you even solve such a simple problem by yourself?"

With his hands behind his back, Yang shi shook his head in disappointment. "Seems like the standards for qualifying as a 6-star master teacher have dropped by a lot during the time that I've been away!"



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