Chapter 571: Yang shi, I Was Wrong!
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Standards for qualifying as 6-star master teacher have dropped?

You're saying that Mo shi isn't qualified as a 6-star master teacher?

Hong Qian and Mo Chen's body trembled violently.

That was the strongest master teacher of Hongyuan Tier-1 Empire. To utter such words means to question the other party's professionalism. That was a huge insult in itself!

As expected, upon hearing those words, Mo Gaoyuan frowned in displeasure. "I passed the 6-star master teacher examination in Tianhong Conferred Empire, and it has been thirty-seven years since then. In the time, I've groomed two 6-star master teachers, twelve 5-star master teachers, and countless 4-star and 3-star master teachers. On top of that, the Hongyuan Empire Master Teacher Pavilion has achieved the top ten placing in the Master Teacher Tournament three times under me...

"How am I unqualified as a 6-star master teacher? I beseech Yang shi to correct my errors!"

This was a matter concerning his professionalism and pride as a 6-star master teacher. Even if Yang shi was a true 8-star master teacher, he couldn't and wouldn't back down.

"Those who seek to enlighten must be enlightened; those who seek to correct must be correct. Such is the way of a teacher!"

Challenged by the other party, Yang shi retained his usual composure and said, "If a teacher wishes to guide his student down the correct road, he must first ensure that he is on the right path. If he is treading on the wrong path himself, then the higher his achievements, the greater damage he will cause!"

The slightest mistake in a teaching could lead to the greatest of difference. If even the teacher's understanding is wrong, then the more students he had, the further the wrong teachings would spread, and the greater the harm dealt.

"The question you have just raised can be considered to be one of the simpler ones already. If you can't even solve such a simple question yourself, it only goes to show that your understanding of cultivation is flawed. Under such circumstances, how can you possibly guide your students correctly?"

Yang shi shook his head. "Alright, show me your punching routine so that I can take a look. If I'm not mistaken, given how you are unable to solve such a simple question, you are already going down the wrong path already!"

"Going down the wrong path?"

Mo Gaoyuan's face darkened.

There was no one who could be happy to have such words spoke straight to him.

Not to mention, Mo Gaoyuan knew the answer to that question, and he only wanted to test the other party.

"It doesn't matter to me if you're uninterested!" Seeing Mo Gaoyuan's silence, the disappointment on Yang shi's first deepened, and he shook his hands helplessly. "Sun Qiang, send the guests off!"


Nodding his head, Sun Qiang walked up and said, "This unqualified Mo shi over here, I'll have to ask you to leave. We don't welcome you here!"

"You..." Mo Gaoyuan was already displeased from the very start. Yet, such an insignificant butler still dared to utter such sarcastic words to him. Infuriated, he nearly coughed out blood.

As a suspected 8-star master teacher, I could still tolerate it when Yang shi said something about me... But who do you think you are?

"Who knows how many lives it must have taken you to accumulate sufficient good fortune for the old master to offer you his pointers. All you have to do is to execute your punching routine, and yet, you are still hesitating... It's the first time I'm seeing such a foolish master teacher. And you claim to be a 6-star pinnacle master teacher?"

The disdain on Sun Qiang's face couldn't be any clearer, "Pui!"

Huang dang!

Hong Qian and Mo Chen only felt their vision turning dark, and they nearly fainted on the spot.

Big brother, do you know how respected the person before you is? To dare to speak to him like that...

He is a person who is the closest to becoming a 7-star master teacher, the number one expert of Hongyuan Empire. Even the emperor had to greet him in the capacity of a student upon seeing him... Yet, a mere Transcendent Mortal 1-dan fatty like you actually dared to utter such disdainful words at him...

'Pui' your head!

Do you think you are qualified to do so?


While the duo was frenzied, Mo Gaoyuan nearly fainted on the spot.

In the past thirty-seven years of his life as a 6-star master teacher, there hadn't been a single person who dared to utter such arrogant words before him. Yet, today, his professionalism was first brought into question and now, he was being looked down upon...

On top of that... the one who looked down on him was a mere subordinate!

His face was as black as the bottom of a pot. Mo Gaoyuan suppressed his rage and said, "Yang shi, it just happens that there's one battle technique that I've been unable to decipher, so I hope that you can enlighten me on my faults!"

Even though he was infuriated by the actions of the fatty, he was still Yang shi's subordinate, so it wasn't appropriate for him to lash out at him. Thus, he decided to first test the depths of Yang shi's capability before deciding on his next course of action.

And thus, before the other party could reply, he began executing his battle technique.

As expected of a Saint. As soon as he made a move, an overwhelming might immediately shrouded the entire room. It felt as though everyone was locked in a cage in the other party's grasp, and there was nowhere to escape to.

Escaping from a Saint... was impossible for them!

To seal even space with a single fist... Fearsome!

After taking a glance at the other party's battle technique, a book immediately appeared in the Library of Heaven's Path, and Yang shi immediately immersed his consciousness in to take a look.

After affirming that the book was on Mo Gaoyuan, Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh of relief. He couldn't help but send Sun Qiang a look of commendation.

To be able to even agitate a 6-star pinnacle master teacher, this fellow was indeed extraordinary.


Mo Gaoyuan soon came to a halt. Clasping his fist, he said, "Yang shi, I seek for your guidance!"


Raising his eyelids, Yang shi walked over and said, "You have practiced your Dual Nascent Dragon Helios Punch well in the past twenty years, having reached Minor Accomplishment in the battle technique!"

Mo Gaoyuan was taken aback.

While there weren't many people who cultivated the Dual Nascent Dragon Helios Punch, it wasn't really an uncommon technique, so it wasn't surprising that Yang shi would recognize it. But... how did the other party manage to accurately guess how long he had practiced the technique for?

After all, there were some talented people who were able to reach Minor Accomplishment within three days of practice while there were some who could never get past Novice despite devoting their entire lives to the technique. Given that Mo Gaoyuan was still a long way away from achieving Major Accomplishment, most people would have guessed that he hadn't practiced this technique for too long... Yet, the other party was able to guess that he had immersed himself in it for twenty years already. The other party's eye of discernment... was simply way too formidable!

Shocked, Mo Gaoyuan's attitude gradually became respectful, "Yang shi is right. It has been twenty years and one month since I first practiced this technique..."

Knowing that the other party would reply in such a manner, Yang shi wasn't surprised at all. He gazed at the other party impassively and asked, "Do you know the reason why you've only reached Minor Accomplishment in this technique despite practicing it more twenty years?"

"I don't know..."

Mo Gaoyuan shook his head.

He was able to easily reach Major Accomplishment for all other techniques-this was the only battle technique that he had a problem with. He had looked through many books, but he was still unable to understand the reason why.

That was why he intentionally chose to execute this battle technique so as to pose this question to the other party.

"The essence of the Dual Nascent Dragon Helios Punch lies not in 'Dragon Helios' but 'Dual Nascent'!"

Seeing the incomprehension in Mo Gaoyuan's eyes, Yang shi continued, "As the saying goes, 'fist for the young, stick for the veteran'. For a fist technique to be strong, strength is just one factor. More importantly, one must possess vitality as well. The idea of Dual Nascent behind the Dual Nascent Dragon Helios Punch refers to one's body and one's heart!

"If you were only a hundred or so when you first cultivated this fist technique, it wouldn't have taken you too long to reach Major Accomplishment. However, it's a pity that you only started when you were 120. Given that you have already aged, and the vitality in your aura is lacking... it's difficult for you to execute a fist technique meant for youths!

"But of course, you can still make up for the deficiency with a young spirit. Through your deep understanding of battle techniques, it wouldn't be too difficult for you to reach Major Accomplishment within twenty years... But it's a pity that a fault occurred while you were striving for Void Pursuit realm, causing a trauma in your mind, resulting in your inability to comprehend the true essence of battle techniques!"

"Trauma when striving for Void Pursuit realm... h-how did you know about it?"

Shocked, Mo Gaoyuan was unable to retain his composure.

Saint 1-dan Void Pursuit realm… It represented the will of one to pursuing the essence of space. At this realm, one would gain the ability to soar freely in the sky.

"How did you know?"

Yang shi chuckled lightly. "The Dual Nascent Dragon Helical Punch, despite being known as a fist technique, is actually a technique that, through a firm footing on the ground, channels the strength throughout one's body into one's fist!"

Formidable fist technique tapped into the strength of one's entire body instead of just one's arms.

Upon hearing this, Mo Gaoyuan, as well as Hong Qian and Mo Chen, nodded their heads in agreement.

Yang shi continued, "But... when you launched your fist, your aura was a little unstable. Even though it looked as though you used utilized the strength of your entire body, in truth, you only channeled the strength from your ankles upward, excluding your feet! The feet are where the Zhukong acupoint is located, and considering the problem you just asked, it isn't too hard to deduce that you've met with some problem in your breakthrough to Void Pursuit realm!"

It was just a moment ago that Mo Gaoyuan asked 'how can one open the Zhukong acupoint without causing one's zhenqi to leak out while maintaining a consistent rise in one's cultivation...'

For the zhenqi to bypass the feet, where the Zhukong acupoint is located, and taking into account the previous question Mo Gaoyuan asked, it wasn't too difficult to deduce the situation.

"The problem in your cultivation caused your zhenqi to leak from your Zhukong acupoint, thus making it difficult for you to raise your cultivation... As such, you intentionally had your zhenqi bypass your feet when practicing the Dual Nascent Dragon Helios Punch... Even though you managed to solve your problem eventually, thus allowing your cultivation to improve once more, it's a pity that the habit of avoiding your Zhukong acupoint for your battle techniques has already become deeply ingrained into you over the years, causing your progress in the Dual Nascent Dragon Helios Punch to stagnate!" Yang shi said.

"Th-this..." Mo Gaoyuan's body stiffened, and he fell silent.

The other party's words were spot-on.

Back then, when he was attempting a breakthrough to Void Pursuit realm, he accidentally made a mistake, resulting in a fault in his acupoint which caused his zhenqi to leak out. It was only after many years of studying that he managed to find a solution to his problem, and this Dual Nascent Dragon Helios Punch happened to be a battle technique he cultivated before then.

Mo Gaoyuan was certain that this was his first time meeting Yang shi, and yet, the other party was able to deduce his condition just by looking at his battle technique...

How formidable must his eye of discernment be?

At the very least, he knew that he wasn't capable of such a feat! In fact, even the 7-star master teacher he met back then wouldn't be able to do the same too!

Could the other party really be an... 8-star master teacher?

He had come harboring doubts about the identity of the middle-aged man, but now, he was already seventy to eighty percent convinced.

While Mo Gaoyuan was still in shock, Yang shi's voice continued, "Also, if my eyes don't fail me, you must have met with some kind of danger or were in the midst of a fight when you were attempting a breakthrough to the Void Pursuit realm!"

"Yes..." Mo Gaoyuan nodded.

Back then, he was chased by his enemies, and at that crucial moment, he had no choice but to attempt a breakthrough to Void Pursuit realm to resolve the situation. Even though his breakthrough succeeded, and he managed to slay his enemies with his heightened strength, the forceful breakthrough had resulted in his Zhukong acupoint being damaged... thus resulting in a whole series of problems.

"As 6-star master teacher, you should have known that achieving a breakthrough to Void Pursuit realm requires absolute tranquility, and one has to slowly nourish the Zhukong realm with one's zhenqi... And yet, you allowed yourself to be put into such a dangerous situation, leaving yourself no choice but to attempt such a dangerous breakthrough!

"You failed to assess your enemies accurately, and you failed to assess yourself accurately as well... Is this a mistake that a high-rank master teacher should make? Saying that you are unqualified is already downplaying the matter! Why? Do you have any objections to what I said? Or rather..."

With a slight frown, a majestic aura suddenly burst forth from Yang shi. "... do you still think that I am a fake?"


With a reddened face, Mo Gaoyuan panicked.

"I'm sorry, Yang shi! I was wrong!"



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