Chapter 572: Lu Chong Awakens
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It was true that he visited with the intention of testing the other party!

Having his intentions pointed out so directly left him in an incredibly awkward position.

For him to actually doubt the identity of such a formidable master teacher... It was fortunate that the other party had a good temper. Otherwise, if the other party were to offended by this matter, even the destruction of the entire Hongyuan Empire wouldn't be sufficient to placate his wrath. Mountains of corpses and rivers of blood would be left in his wake.

"Pavilion Master Mo admitted his mistake?"

"Does this mean that... what Yang shi said was true?"

Hong Qian and Mo Chen glanced at one another in shock.

To be able to deduce this far through a mere punching routine, Yang shi's eye of discernment was nothing short of terrifying... In other words, there was little doubt that he was a bona fide 8-star master teacher!

The moment such a thought surfaced in their minds, a jolt ran through their bodies.

Putting aside the other party's esteemed ranking, just his cultivation as an 8-star master teacher made him a fearsome adversary that few would dare to cross the line with. The might he possessed was so powerful that it would leave any opponent in despair.

"When Yang shi first appeared, I was baffled by the lack of a powerful disposition that any experts should harness. It was as if he was an ordinary human. But thinking about it now, only a master teacher of Yang shi's level would be capable of concealing his cultivation so thoroughly that not even Pavilion Master Mo is capable of peering through his facade!"

"Most choose to use their strength as a tool to win the deference of others. Only a person standing at the very top, having seen through the illusion of glory and prestige, would be willing to humble himself as an ordinary person!"

Harboring such thoughts in mind, their respect for Yang shi deepened.

There were no experts they knew of that could compare to the middle-aged man standing before them!

To view prestige and glory as nothing more than dirt, to remain humble despite being one of the strongest experts on the continent, and that charming confidence and astounding composure... These were qualities that too few possessed.

From the start to the end, the other party never tried to leverage his superior cultivation against them—a common move used to instill respect and fear. Throughout the entire encounter, he remained nothing more than an ordinary person...

Thinking about how they had acted as compared to the other party, they felt deeply ashamed of themselves.

It was no wonder why the butler would act so arrogantly. To the butler of an 8-star master teacher, a 6-star master teacher was indeed not any different from an ordinary person.

In fact... the cultivation they perceived in him might even be fake. There was a good chance that he wasn't just a mere Transcendent Mortal 1-dan cultivator.

After all, how could an 8-star master teacher, a Saint expert, possibly regard a weakling so highly as to allow the other party to serve by his side?

As this thought came to mind, cold sweat drenched their backs.

It was lucky that they had maintained their etiquette before this Butler Sun. If they had really attempted to make a move against him, who knew what would remain of them now?

"There's no need to apologize. It is only right for master teachers to question everything around them. There are those who pass off as high-rank master teachers to deceive others for their own profits, and it is imperative for us to investigate such matters to prevent such frauds from sullying the name of the Master Teacher Pavilion!"

Yang shi didn't seem to have any intention of pursuing Mo Gaoyuan's faults. Instead, with a deep tone, he lectured the other with in the capacity as an elder.

"I've benefited from Yang shi's guidance!"

Mo Gaoyuan quickly stood up and clasped his fist.

"Alright, you may leave now. I don't want anyone to learn of my presence here. You should know what to do." Yang shi waved his hands.

"Yes!" Mo Gaoyuan nodded before retreating from the room with a bent back. Hong Qian and Mo Chen hurriedly followed suit.

Only after leaving the residence did the tenseness finally leave their bodies. Glancing at one another, they subconsciously wiped the cold sweat off their foreheads.

Yang shi didn't fly into a tantrum or suppress them with his cultivation in the encounter. However, his clear eyes made them feel extremely uncomfortable. Those deep eyes seemed to peer right at their souls, and it felt like no disguise or facade could possibly fool those eyes. Before the other party, they felt stark naked.

It took a moment before they finally regained their composure. Mo Chen turned to Mo Gaoyuan and asked, "Teacher, what should we do now?"

"Let's return!"

Mo Gaoyuan waved his hands.

"Return?" Mo Chen was taken aback.

They had taken nearly half a month to get here, and yet, just after trading some words with Yang shi, they were leaving already? Wasn't this a little too fast!

"Since we've already achieved our aim here, what other reasons do we have to remain here?" Mo Gaoyuan shook his head. "Become a nuisance?"

"This..." Mo Chen was tongue-tied.

Indeed, their aim here was to confirm Yang shi's identity, and since they had already achieved what they were here for, remaining here would only incur his displeasure. Since that was the case, they might as well leave immediately.

Hearing that they were about to leave, Hong Qian clasped his fist and asked, "The Master Teacher Tournament is going to commence tomorrow. Since Pavilion Master Mo and Mo shi are here, won't you remain here to host the event?"

If the both of them could host the event, the prestige of the tournament would immediately shoot up several levels. This could also boost the reputation of Huanyu Empire as a whole.

"We'll decline on the offer. Since that is a matter of Huanyu Empire, we shall not get involved in it!" Mo Gaoyuan shook his head.

Huanyu Empire was a Tier-2 Empire under Hongyuan Empire. There might be several troublesome implications if he were to disregard his identity and host the event.

"To tell the truth... Yang shi's direct disciple, Zhang shi, will be participating in the tournament as well," Hong Qian added in hopes of persuading the other party.

"Yang shi's direct disciple?"

Mo Gaoyuan frowned. But soon, he shook his head once more and replied, "I'll still have to pass!"

It wouldn't be good for him to get involved in the affairs of a branch. His prestigious identity as the pavilion master of the Hongyuan Empire Master Teacher Pavilion meant that even the slightest action and gesture of his could have political implications, so it was imperative for him to act with caution.

"But still, since Zhang shi is participating, allow me to up the stakes!"

Mo Gaoyuan flicked his wrist, and a jade box appeared in his hands. With a light chuckle, he said, "This is a high-tier spirit stone. I shall leave this with you as the prize for the champion of the tournament."

"A high-tier spirit stone?" Hong Qian's breathing hastened.

One high-tier spirit stone was worth ten thousand middle-tier spirit stone.

High-tier spirit stones were an important cultivation resource even to a Saint. Hong Qian had never even seen one before, and yet, Pavilion Master Mo was actually offering it as the prize for the tournament. He couldn't help but feel agitated by the matter.

"Un. Clearly, Yang shi is trying to temper his student through having him participate in this tournament. Since that's the case, I should help to fan the flames through stimulating the motivation of the other competitors. Let's see how this Zhang shi will fare in the tournament this way!" Mo Gaoyuan chuckled.

Since Yang shi wanted to put his student to the test, Mo Gaoyuan decided to lend him a hand.

High-tier spirit stones may mean nothing much to a high-rank master teacher like Yang shi, but to the master teachers from the regions surrounding Huanyu Empire, it was truly a priceless treasure!

Offering this as the reward for the champion would surely motivate the geniuses participating in the tournament to give it their all, and this would in turn serve as a trial to temper Zhang shi.

"Yes!" Understanding the intentions behind Pavilion Master Mo's actions, Hong Qian carefully kept the jade box.

"Host the tournament well. Inform me of the results of the tournament as soon as possible!"

Chuckling lightly, Mo Gaoyuan leaped onto the back of the saint beast with Mo Chen. Just as he was about to set off, he suddenly recalled something and turned around, "You would do well to bury the matter regarding Yang shi's deep in your mind and never speak of it! Warn the various sects and empires participating in the Master Teacher Tournament of this matter as well. If any of them dares to blab on this matter, I'll investigate the matter personally and crush them!"

His voice carried a sharp edge that induced goosebumps on one's skin.

Since Yang shi didn't want anyone to learn of his presence, there was a need to halt the flow of news sternly. Otherwise, if a mishap were to occur and the other party were to go on a rampage, no one would be able to stop him.

"Yes!" Hong Qian nodded.


After warning Hong Qian, the saint beast flapped its wings, and before long, the trio disappeared amidst the boundless sky.


Mo Gaoyuan and the others left in trepidation, not knowing that Yang shi had also heaved a sigh of relief and wiped the sweat off his forehead upon their departure.

It was truly too tiring to put on an act before a 6-star master teacher.

It was fortunate that the other party didn't utilize or hadn't comprehended the Eye of Insight yet. Otherwise, there was no doubt that Zhang Xuan would have been exposed.

"I should be safe now!"

At the very least, the present crisis was over. By the time the other party realized that something was amiss, Zhang Xuan should already be powerful enough to deal with the situation then.

After this matter, there should be no one who would dare to trifle with him within this period of time.

Heaving a sigh of relief, Zhang Xuan was in the midst of contemplating his next course of action when an anxious voice sounded behind him. Lifting his gaze, he saw Wang Ying rushing into the main hall.

"Grandteacher, may I know where Zhang laoshi is? I have something urgent I need to speak to him about..."

"What happened?" Zhang Xuan frowned.

"Err... Only Zhang laoshi will be able to help me with this matter..." Wang Ying replied.

Even though there was a troubled look on her face, her eyes were still fixated on the grandteacher before her.

She was eighty percent certain that Yang shi and Zhang shi were the same person. Thus, she intentionally came over at this timing and asked such a question. If Zhang laoshi remained absent during this entire period of time, she would be able to affirm her conjecture!

"Only I'll be able to help you with the matter? Wang Ying, what matter is it for you to act so secretively?"

Just as she was staring fixatedly at Yang shi to gauge his reactions, an impassive voice suddenly sounded. Turning around, she saw Zhang laoshi walking in from outside. The latter clasped his fist and greeted, "Teacher!"

"Un!" Yang shi nodded.


Wang Ying widened her eyes, dumbstruck.

What was going on?

Yang shi and Zhang laoshi actually appeared together? But... aren't they the same person?

Otherwise, how could they possibly have identical marks on their lower jaws?

Wang Ying was completely stunned.

She was extremely confident in her conjecture, and the abrupt situation caught her off-guard. For a moment, she was at a complete loss.

"Wang Ying!" Zhang laoshi called.


Returning to her senses, Wang Ying's face reddened in embarrassment.

It seemed like she was indeed overthinking the matter.

Zhang laoshi was Yang shi's student, so how could the both of them possibly be the same person? Her eyes must have been playing tricks on her that day.

"Reporting to teacher and grandteacher, Lu Chong has awoken..." Wang Ying awkwardly clasped her fist.

It had been half a month since Zhang laoshi had used the Soulrouse Grass to save Lu Chong,

"He's awake?" Zhang shi's eyes lit up.

"Yes!" Wang Ying nodded her head.

"You should go over first, I'll hurry over after I'm done!" Zhang shi waved her hands.

"Yes!" Wang Ying said before leaving the room.

Her departure left Zhang shi and Yang shi staring at one another, and after a moment later, the both of them heaved a sigh of relief.

He could tell that Wang Ying was still doubtful of his identity, and thus, he immediately summoned his clone over.

With both Yang shi and Zhang shi appearing at the same place simultaneously, no matter how confident Wang Ying was of her conjecture previously, she would have no choice but to accept it.

"Alright, you should return back to the room to rest first. I'll go take a look on Lu Chong!"

Zhang Xuan waved his hands, gesturing for the clone return to the room. After ensuring that he was gone, he reverted back to his original appearance before walking over to Lu Chong's room.


As soon as he entered the room, a young man immediately rushed forward and kneeled before him.

Who else could it be other than Lu Chong!

"Everything is fine as long as you're awake!" Zhang Xuan nodded his head.

The other party had nearly died in order to save him... It was fortunate that the other party was fine now. Otherwise, Zhang Xuan would surely blame himself for life.

All of the efforts he had put into saving Lu Chong hadn't gone to vain.

"Hmm? Your cultivation..."

Zhang Xuan was just about to speak when he suddenly noticed Lu Chong's cultivation and froze.



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