Chapter 579: Zhang Xuan in a Daze
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He was only trying his luck, but to his delight, it actually worked. Excited, Zhang Xuan's eyes lit up, and he hurriedly flipped through its contents.

"The offspring of an otherworldly lifeform and spirit beast. Born in Wangyuan Mountain of Hongfeng Empire. Cultivation of Transcendent Mortal 5-dan Consonant Spirit realm... Flaws: ..."

'He isn't a purebred Otherworldly Demon but... a progeny with a spirit beast?'

Zhang Xuan blinked his eyes.

To think that this fellow, who was powerful enough to halt the advancement of a 4-star master teacher with its disposition in itself... was just a hybrid! If that was the case... how powerful must a purebred be?

Not to mention, to actually breed with a spirit beast... The tastes of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe sure was heavy!

The thought of satisfying one's physical needs with that gigantic and swollen body of a spirit beast... Zhang Xuan couldn't help but shiver in disgust.

'But even so, this fellow is indeed strong!'

Based on the information in the book, the other party's physical body and soul were extremely powerful, such that it would be able to easily rival master teachers of the similar cultivation realm-or rather, master teachers who hadn't been through special training to cope with its overwhelming killing intent wouldn't be able to even get close to it.

It was no wonder the Master Teacher Pavilion was so fearful of the Otherworldly Demon Tribe. There was a clear and huge difference in the innate talent between humans and the Otherworldly Demon Tribe.

"My Heaven's Path zhenqi doesn't fear the pressure he exerts. I'll just approach a 5-meter radius around him and remain there for a moment!"

Zhang Xuan had just destroyed Hong shi's Ghost Domain Illusory City, thus putting him at the tip of others' tongues. Even though he could clear this test easily, he felt that he shouldn't cause too much of a fuss this time round.

In any case, it was just the preliminary selections and there was no ranking for this. It would suffice as long as he passed the test, there was no need for him to show off.

Thinking so, Zhang Xuan lifted his gaze to look at the others in the surroundings.

In the time that he spent browsing through the book, the others had already gotten ahead of him. There were quite a few who were in proximity to the huge beast already, just a few steps away to reaching the 5-meter mark.

Even though their movements looked very strained, their ability to get to such proximity reflected their courage and determination.

It was no wonder why they were the representatives of their respective powers, they did possess extraordinary mental fortitude and talent.

"That Luo Xuan is leading the group..."

Walking at the forefront was Luo Xuan from Fleeting Cloud Sect. He was listed to be the number one contender for the champion placing in the book Pavilion Master Kang showed him, and it did seem to be very plausible at this moment.

As long as one were to get into a 5-meter radius of the Otherworldly Demon, one would be considered to have passed the test.

As for Song Chao, he was in the middle of the entire group. On the other hand, Ruohuan gongzi exceeded Zhang Xuan's expectations. Surprisingly, he was amongst the group at the front.

"Should I go over now, or should I wait a little longer? Forget it, I'm in no hurry anyway. I should first look through that fellow's flaws first!"

Seeing that no one had reached the 5-meter mark yet, Zhang Xuan decided to continue reading the book first.

There were many flaws detailed on the hybrid Otherworldly Demon in the book in the Library of Heaven's Path, so it was taking Zhang Xuan a little longer to finish reading through it. In any case, he didn't want to catch too much attention by being the first to clear the test anyway. Thus, he decided to wait a little longer.


Beneath the stage.

"Ruohuan seems to be faring well. To think that he would achieve such outstanding results right from the start!" Elder Su stroked his beard as he said.

"Indeed. The Otherworldly Demonic Tribe sure is fearsome, I don't think that I could achieve his current results even if I were to head up!" Ling shi sighed.

It was their first time meeting an Otherworldly Demon as well. They were already feeling stifled from the intense killing intent even though they were beneath the stage. It was difficult for them to imagine the pressure that was weighing down on the competitors at the moment.

"It seems like the advice I told him worked after all!" Hearing the compliments of his two friends, Pavilion Master Kang smiled.

"Oh? What did you tell him to motivate him so much as to rush straight into the top few placing?" Su shi and Ling shi asked curiously.

They couldn't imagine any advice that could induce such a huge change in one.

Even though Ruohuan gongzi did improve greatly in the past two months, he was still a distance away from matching up to the top geniuses from the other sects and empires.

"I told him that there's nothing he has to be worried about, and he should just give it his all. After all, is there anything in this world that is more fearsome than Zhang shi? Since he doesn't even fear Zhang shi, why should he hesitate over anything?" Pavilion Master Kang stroked his beard.

"Cough cough..."

Su shi and Ling shi staggered. They were rendered speechless by the words of their old friend.

But giving it some thoughts, while these words were indeed a little peculiar, it was indeed good advice.

A fellow who could collapse even the Ghost Domain Illusory City in two to three minutes-if Ruohuan gongzi didn't even fear such a monster, what did he have to fear from the other geniuses out there?

Just that... To use Zhang shi to suppress the fear toward Otherworldly Demons... Why does it feel as though something is wrong?

After a moment of speechlessness, Su shi suddenly frowned and said, "Right, why isn't Zhang shi moving? Could he be at his limit?"

Zhang shi proceeded rather swiftly initially, but after advancing four steps, he abruptly came to a stop and hadn't moved since. It had been several minutes since then. Could it be that he was unable to withstand the pressure from the Otherworldly Demon?

"Even though he possesses astounding capability, he's still much too young. It's his first time meeting an Otherworldly Demon, and it's unavoidable that he would freeze in fear..." Ling shi shook his head.

"I don't know what's going on either. Actually, I thought of the same thing too, but what I'm more worried about is that..."

Pavilion Master Kang shook his head, "... he might cause something huge once more!"

"Cause something huge? I think it's unlikely for that to happen. Given the strength of the Otherworldly Demon, even you and I wouldn't be a match for it, and he's currently only at Transcendent Mortal 3-dan pinnacle... Besides, the goal of the test is just to approach the Otherworldly Demon. How could any problem occur from this?"

Su shi shook his head. "There's no need for you to worry about this!"

"I hope so..."

Pavilion Master Kang nodded, and just as he was about to speak, he suddenly froze. Then, lifting a finger up to the stage, he exclaimed, "How can that be?"

Hearing the anxiousness in the latter's voice, Su shi and Ling shi hurriedly turned their gazes over, and their eyes narrowed uncontrollably.

As Luo Xuan and the others stepped into a 5-meter mark, the Otherworldly Demon, who had his eyes shut all along, opened abruptly, and a sinister light gleamed in his blood-red eyes.

"To dare use me as a test of courage, you are courting death!"

A voice boomed as though thunder, rattling everyone's soul. The immense body of the Otherworldly Demon shook, and in an instant, everyone abruptly felt as though they were plunged into a storm.


The few master teachers standing at the very front cried out in agony simultaneously. Their bodies lost all strength and they fell helplessly to the ground from fright.

Luo Xuan wasn't spared either. His body stiffened, and he looked as though his soul had escaped from his body.

"You lowly creatures, how dare you capture and use me! I'll devour every single one of you..."

Roaring furiously, the Otherworldly Demon's glaring red lips parted, revealing rows after rows of sharp teeth. The sight of it left goosebumps rising through one's body, inducing a sensation as though one would be torn to shreds just by approaching him.


Before the Otherworldly Demon could finish his words, a pale-faced master teacher abruptly screamed as he scrambled off the stage.

A pool of pungent fluid was left in his wake.

With a precedent, the second and the third soon emerged.

For 4-star master teacher geniuses to actually be reduced to such a state! The crowd below fell completely silent. But even so, no one thought that they were cowardly.

After all... none of them could say that they would do better when put in such a position as well.

The Otherworldly Demon was already fearsome when it was idle; now that it was roaring and baring its fangs, it would be wonder if the others could hold on.

"To think that even trash lifeforms like you all would be able to rule over the continent, the world sure has regressed!"

Seeing some of the participating master teachers escape and the rest collapsed on the floor, the Otherworldly Demon sneered. Just as he was going to drive all of them away in a single breath, he saw a young man standing quietly at a distance away, seemingly...

... in a daze!

In a daze?

Aren't all of you here to test your courage? What the heck are you dazing off for?

Besides, I've been roaring here and there, and I even intensified the killing aura to the maximum. Even a half 5-star master teacher would find it hard to withstand the pressure. And yet, a little fellow like you is actually unfazed?

With a livid expression, the Otherworldly Demon focused all of its killing intent on the young man and roared.

"Little fellow, do you think you are courageous? Let's see how courageous you can be after you're dead..."


The voice, tinged with overpowering killing intent, swept across the entire stage as though a hurricane. It was so strong that a 4-star master teacher beneath the stage even fell off his seat and fainted.

All of the 4-star master teachers collapsed on the ground huddled their bodies together in fear, not daring to even breathe loudly.


The young man whom he focused all of his killing intent on was still standing silently on the spot with all of his attention devoted to... dazing off!

It seemed as though the other party didn't even notice his attack!

"I'll kill you!"

Not expecting that he, despite being a proud Otherworldly Demon, would actually be disregarded by such a young master teacher, his rage was unleashed.

Back then, Hong shi had to deploy more than seventy master teachers before he was able to capture him.

And in that battle, he had managed to slay at least twenty of them and severely injured another thirty. Even Hong shi, a 5-star master teacher, was afraid of him. And yet, a 4-star primary master teacher actually dared to disregard him?

This was too much!


An even more powerful aura gushed into the surroundings, and upon feeling the killing intent infused into the aura, even Hong shi's face paled. Yet, the young man before him continued on in his daze.

It was as if nothing mattered before him. Neither the pressure nor the killing intent he exerted was able to faze the young man at all.

"This... I knew that Zhang shi would surely stir something up, but still... to think that it really happened!"

The faces of Pavilion Master Kang, Su shi, and the other elders paled as they trembled uncontrollably.

Naturally, the young man was Zhang Xuan.

Despite the odds, they thought that something would happen since Zhang shi was involved. And as though not to let down their expectations, something did indeed happen.

The other party was an Otherworldly Demon, even they themselves found it hard to cope with that overpowering killing intent. Yet, even though the bulk of the other party's killing intent was focused on you, you are actually dazing off... Could you at least give a reaction, even if it's only out of respect for your opponent? To be dazing away on a battlefield like this, what in the world are you up to?

"It can't be that... Zhang shi has fainted from fear?"

"Fainted? If he has fainted, how can he still be standing? Furthermore, he was still looking around a moment ago..."

"But if he is still conscious, what can he be doing? The Otherworldly Demon is exerting so much pressure that he is about to spew blood, how can there be no reaction on Zhang shi's part at all?"

"This... I have no idea as well!"

They weren't the only ones who noticed that something was amiss. The other master teachers and the crowd beneath also noticed the peculiarity, and they were staring at one another in bewilderment, confused over the situation unfolding before them.

The Otherworldly Demon, with its innate ability to instill fear into a soul, left all of the competitors paralyzed on the floor, not daring to even utter a word.

And yet, despite focusing its attention on Zhang shi, roaring relentlessly and baring its fangs... the latter remained completely impassive...

Big Brother, do you really not fear the Otherworldly Demon, or are you dead already?



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