Chapter 580: Kill Yourself!
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Just as everyone had seen, the Otherworldly Demon was truly on the verge of falling into a frenzy.

Even if you don't fear, you need not make it so obvious, do you?

I'm already putting in all my effort into it. Even if just to acknowledge my effort, you should at least give a reaction!

Look at how everyone above and beneath the stage has collapsed on the ground, you are the only one standing there, unfazed, at this point... Aren't you being a little too disrespectful to me, your opponent?

"I'll kill you..."

The more he thought about it, the angrier he became. Roaring once more, the tall Otherworldly Demon gritted his teeth and a mouthful of blood spewed from his mouth. His eyes grew even redder, and the callous aura shrouding him intensified.

"This is bad! The Otherworldly Demon is activating Blood Berserk!"

"Blood Berserk?"

"Indeed. On top of their powerful physical bodies and souls, the Otherworldly Demon are also capable of burning their blood essence in exchange for raising their fighting prowess temporarily. I've read the 'History of the War Against the Otherworldly Demons' written by Master Teacher Zheng Xiao, and it states that many master teachers have died under such attacks."

"Then what should we do?"

"I don't know either. However... since Hong shi has sealed his root bone with the Golden Soul Lock, he shouldn't be able to exert any strength!"


Seeing the huge fellow going into a rampage, a look of worry appeared on the faces of the knowing master teachers below the stage.

An Otherworldly Demon in his normal state was already sufficiently frightening, how fearsome would he be once he went into a berserk state?

Hong shi grasped a weapon tightly in his hands. As soon as that fellow made a move, he would slaughter the other party without any hesitation.

But even so... at the current moment, he was still confident in the ability of the Golden Soul Lock in sealing the Otherworldly Demon's movements. As long as the Otherworldly Demon was unable to break out of his restraints, it shouldn't be a problem at all. After all, the main point of this test was to assess the courage of the participants. As such, there was no need for him to make a move as long as there was no threat to the participant's life.

Besides, it took him a lot of effort to capture this Otherworldly Demon alive. He was hoping to take him to the headquarters to claim his reward. If he were to kill him, he wouldn't be able to claim any reward at all.

Hong long!

Amidst everyone's frightened gaze, the Otherworldly Demon finally activated Blood Berserk fully and roared at Zhang Xuan.


The killing intent and the pressure harnessed within the roar seemed as though thunder booming from the highest heaven. 'Jiya', the round stage creaked, seemingly unable to withstand the pressure.

All of the master teachers and cultivators around the young man trembled uncontrollably in fear, not daring to move in the slightest.

And yet... Zhang Xuan still remained in his daze, completely indifferent to the other party's offense.


The Otherworldly Demon was about to explode in rage. After struggling for a moment, fresh blood spurted from his mouth once more. Stepping forcefully against the ground, he advanced forward.

Even though he was incapable of fighting due to his root bone being sealed by the Golden Soul Lock, he was still able to move around. The only reason why he'd remained stationary previously was in fear that Hong shi would kill him. But panicked and enraged, he couldn't care as much anymore.

"I'll kill you..."


With his gigantic head at a distance less than fifty meters before Zhang Xuan, it roared furiously.

Even at such a far distance away, the immense pressure the Otherworldly Demon exerted could leave countless trembling helplessly in fear. At such a close proximity, it would surely feel as though one was already in death's embrace, leaving one completely terror-stricken and hysterical.

And yet... Zhang Xuan remained completely motionless, still in his daze.

"Zhang shi..."

Hong shi couldn't stand looking at it anymore.

What the heck are you doing?

Even if you are dazing off, isn't this going a bit too far?


Hearing someone shout his name, Zhang Xuan finally returned to his senses.

The introduction and the flaws concerning the Otherworldly Demon was simply too long and too shocking. Despite the vast knowledge Zhang Xuan had gathered through the books he had read before, he still found himself astonished by its contents, thus resulting in his attention being completely absorbed in the book.

As for the other party's roaring... Zhang Xuan thought that the fellow was simply trying to scare some other participant, and as such, he didn't pay it much heed.

As soon as he drew his consciousness out from the book, he suddenly saw a hideous face right before him. Alarmed, he sent a slap right at the other party.


A crisp sound echoed across the round stage.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

The Otherworldly Demon's eyes also widened in frenzy.

In order to exert further pressure on the other party's soul, he burned his blood essence to intensify his killing intent. He even went to the extent of laboriously making his way here just so to teach this arrogant brat a lesson... And yet, not only did the other party remain completely unfazed, the other party even slapped him!

"You lowly human, die!"

With his mind clouded with wrath, the Otherworldly Demon couldn't care less about the Golden Soul Lock any longer. He raised his immense fist and sent it right toward the young man before him.

Hu hu!

A piercing wind screamed in the surroundings.

With his root bone sealed, the Otherworldly Demon could only tap into the strength of his physical body. But even so, blessed with strong innate physique, his physical strength wasn't one that a Transcendent Mortal 3-dan cultivator could withstand.

"You beast, you're seeking death..."

Seeing how the Otherworldly Demon actually dared to make a move, Hong shi's eyebrows shot up. Raising his sword, he prepared to make a move. But before he could do anything, Zhang Xuan leaped to the side, dodging the attack. Then, with a displeased look on his face, he glared at the Otherworldly Demon.

"Audacious! Who are you calling lowly?"

Flinging his sleeves, Zhang Xuan stood upright. His master teacher robe danced along with the slight tug of the wind, creating an impression of an incredible expert.

"As an offspring of an Otherworldly Demon and a Dustshell Beast, your blood is impure and your energy is adulterated. Not to mention, the technique you used to exert pressure on others' soul is filled with flaws. Given how you can't even deal with an ordinary human like me, what rights do you have to say that humans are lowly?"


Not expecting the person before him to identify his origins, the Otherworldly Demon was stunned. For a moment, he forgot his rage against the other party.

"What? Is there anything wrong about what I said?"

With his hands behind his back, Zhang Xuan slowly walked up to the Otherworldly Demon. "It's one thing for your blood to be adulterated, but you didn't even receive the heritage that an Otherworldly Demon should possess at birth. To grow stronger, you had to study the human language and practice human cultivation techniques. And yet, you dare to say that humans are lowly? What gave you the confidence to utter such words?"

"I..." The Otherworldly Demon subconsciously took a step back in fear.

"Wh-what... is going on?"

Seeing how Zhang shi, who was still dazing off a moment ago, lecturing the Otherworldly Demon as soon as he came to again, the crowd stared at one another as though they had seen a ghost.

Even Hong shi was bewildered by the situation as well... This fellow actually wasn't a pure-blooded Otherworldly Demon?

Given how he, despite being the one who captured the Otherworldly Demon, didn't notice it, how did Zhang shi know about it? And how could he have known that the other half of the other party's blood came from the Dustshell Beast?

More importantly... Despite being a 5-star master teacher, he was unaware of the heritage of Otherworldly Demons. And yet, this fellow actually knew about it... Could Yang shi have taught him that?

It wouldn't be surprising for an 8-star master teacher like Yang shi to know of such deep secrets of the Otherworldly Demons. Despite reaching 5-star, Hong shi had yet to advance to even higher Master Teacher Pavilions, and as such, he didn't know much about such matters.

"You were born in a village on Wangyuan Mountain of Hongfeng Empire, and you were adopted and raised by humans. Before twenty, other than your large head, you were no different from a human, and you didn't know about your unique heritage either. Yet, in a minor dispute with a villager, you killed the latter. And when the parents who raised you questioned you about the matter, out of rage, you awakened your bloodline as an Otherworldly Demon and killed them as well!"

Zhang Xuan glanced at the Otherworldly Demon. "Am I right?"

"..." The Otherworldly Demon trembled in fear.

He was indeed raised by humans. It was a poor village, and the villagers there led a simple life. Perhaps it was due to this that they possessed an innocence contrary to the depravity existent in cities.

Even though he had a huge appetite from young due to his larger stature, his parents treated him kindly. No matter how poor they were, they never allowed him to starve.

There was once when it snowed five days consecutively, and the house ran out of food. Bearing the risk of a snowstorm, his parents went out to hunt, only to come back grievously injured with an ordinary hare in hand and several wild vegetables. The rabbit wasn't large, and it wasn't sufficient to go around the family.

In order to not let him starve, the entire rabbit went to him while his parents ate only the plucked wild vegetable.

Just the thought of it evoked sympathy for his parents.

"Even though they were your foster parents, they still doted on you as though you were their real child. But how did you repay them? After awakening your bloodline, you slew the entire village, including your buddies, parents, and kin... and you devoured them all!"

With a livid expression and sharp eyes, Zhang Xuan pushed on. "Not only so, you even torched the entire village into ashes... Let me ask you, have you ever felt the slightest regret for your actions?"

The Otherworldly Demon trembled once more.

Even though he had inherited the brutal nature of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe, he still grew up amongst humans, and he was taught etiquette and shame. These past memories poked at him as though a thorn in his heart, agitating him constantly, leaving him ashamed.

"Regret? I did regret my actions, but so what? Th-they were the ones who humiliated me! They said that I looked inhumane and that I was a beast. That's why I killed them all! Was I wrong in exacting my vengeance?" The Otherworldly Demon roared through gritted teeth.

"You don't think you have done wrong? Alright then. After killing your foster parents and torching the village, to fill your stomach, you headed to the closest Yang City. Due to your tall stature and sturdy build, you were recruited to become a bodyguard for a wealthy family. Your employers provided you with decent food, lodging, and even imparted a cultivation technique to you. And yet, how did you repay them?"

With an icy-cold voice, Zhang Xuan continued, "Out of lust for the young mistress of the family, you raped and killed her. And out of fear that your employer would exact vengeance on you upon learning of the matter, you killed his entire clan of seventy-eight people. It's a pity that that old man still believed in you even when your sword was placed right on his throat! Regarding this... there's no mistake in my words, right?"

There were many flaws in the soul attacks from the Otherworldly Demon, and it originated from these doubts he harbored in his mind.

It was due to the conflict and regret he felt that his temperament slowly declined, resulting in his inability to unleash his full strength.

Otherwise, given how fearsome the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe was, it wouldn't be possible for Hong shi and the other master teachers to capture a mature Otherworldly Demon so easily.


The Otherworldly Demon trembled yet again.

"When the Master Teacher Pavilion sent men after you, you slew more than twenty master teacher, and even when you were captured by Hong shi, you still refused to repent. You attempted to escape and recuperate by killing others to absorb their strength... A bastard like you who is neither a human, a beast, nor an Otherworldly Demon actually dares to claim that humans are lowly. Let me direct the same question to you once more, what right do you have to say that humans are lowly?"

Before the other party could speak, Zhang Xuan pushed further on.

His voice carried immense authority that weighed down the Otherworldly Demon's soul.

"Despite being an Otherworldly Demon, you failed to be acknowledged by your tribe; living in the human world, you ended up killing your kin and friends, thus becoming a scorn of humanity. What right do you have to continue existing on the face of this world?"

Flinging his sleeves, Zhang Xuan spoke with a compelling strength in his voice, "Kill yourself!"

The Otherworldly Demon's body trembled, and his eyes turned into blank voids. "Indeed, what right do I have to continue existing on the face of this world?"


Lifting his palm, he struck his forehead. His gigantic body swayed and collapsed lifelessly to the floor.<script>chaptererror();</script>



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