Chapter 591: A Supernatural Occurrence?
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I asked you to teach me how to defeat Qin Lei in the duel, why are you telling me to pour meat soup over him instead?

Big Brother, I'm a master teacher, not a thug! To conduct such shameless actions...

Besides, if I were to do that, I would only enrage the other party. What use would it be to the duel?

Ruohuan gongzi thought that Zhang Xuan would at least offer a decent solution given his astounding means, but never in his dreams did he expect the other party to be so... unreliable!

If he were to really do so, his reputation would immediately plummet to rock-bottom!

He wasn't the only one feeling light-headed, Pavilion Master Kang and the others also widened their eyes in shock.

Pouring soup over the other party?

What kind of move is that?

Perplexed, they instinctively turned their eyes over to Zhao Feiwu, in hopes for an explanation.

Given how the latter was able to analyze Qin Lei's thoughts logically a moment ago, she might be able to do the same this time round too!

But with a single glance, they staggered.

Zhao Feiwu's eyes were so widened in shock that they could simply snap out of their sockets anytime now. She was as dumbfounded by Zhang shi's words as they were.

While her cultivation was lacking, she possessed incredible wisdom that allowed her to make sense out of most situations... but what in the world does this 'pour it over your opponent' mean?

This... The gap in logic was simply too huge for me to follow!

The dueling format is likely to be flaw identification, and Ruohuan gongzi hopes to win the match... And so, you instructed the latter to pour meat soup over his opponent. Something just doesn't sound right here!

How the heck am I supposed to analyze such a ridiculous situation?

"You aren't willing? Then I can't help you either..."

Zhang Xuan shook his head in disappointment.

He had already offered a solution; if the other party was unwilling to carry it out, there was nothing he could do.

While White Helios Sect's Sect Leader Bai Kaizhi had once laid his hands on Zheng Yang and the others, he had already been punished on the spot, and Zhang Xuan didn't think there was any need to implicate the juniors in this matter. The reason why he was helping Ruohuan gongzi was solely out of their relationship. If the other party wasn't willing to reciprocate, he didn't wish to push his ground either.

Ruohuan gongzi knew that the only hope he had at victory at this point was to follow Zhang shi's instructions. Clenching his fists, he asked, "If I do as you said... can Zhang shi really guarantee my victory?"

"Guarantee? No one can guarantee anything. If you believe in me, do as I say. Otherwise, we can just drop the matter!"

Zhang Xuan continued eating.

If Zhao Feiwu's analysis turned out to be accurate, and the other party really intended to slap his face, then he was confident that his plan would bring Ruohuan gongzi to victory.

Otherwise... it would prove to be futile.


Ruohuan gongzi fell into contemplation, but it didn't take too long for him to make up his mind. Gritting his teeth, he declared, "Alright, I'll go!"

The top ten would get a chance to study at Hongyuan Master Teacher Academy. If he could grasp this opportunity, he would surely achieve incredible accomplishments in the future. If he let it slip through his fingers... Becoming a 5-star master teacher could possibly remain an obstacle that he would never overcome in his lifetime.

Weighing that against Qin Lei... his wrath did seem insignificant in comparison.

The world is like a race to get to the top of a pyramid; the further you advance, the more competition you will face. If Ruohuan gongzi didn't make a move, the other party would simply take him as a stepping stone.

Fairness doesn't exist in this world. If one were to keep thinking of the welfare of others, one could never hope to climb to the top.

"Cough cough. Ruohuan, you should reconsider this..."

Hearing that his student was really going to pour meat soup over Qin Lei, Pavilion Master Kang's eyebrows twitched. "I fear that if you were to do that, Qin shi would beat you to death... and our relationship with White Helios Sect would be a goner!"

Ruohuan gongzi's lips twitched.

Indeed. If he were to do so, the other party might just smash him into a lump of meat paste.

"Would you simply remain still as he tries to beat you? You have legs, run! Besides, there are so many master teachers watching, he won't dare do anything overboard... Besides, you should have confidence in your physical resilience, you won't die that easily!" Zhang Xuan waved his hands. "In any case, I'm here so you don't have anything to worry about. I can guarantee you that as long as you run away after that, he'll allow you to leave without beating you up!"

"..." Ruohuan gongzi.

Without beating me up? Hahaha...

"Alright then!"

Knowing that he had no other choice but to listen to Zhang shi to win, Ruohuan gongzi tossed aside his hesitation. Gritting his teeth, he took the bowl of meat soup and walked over to Qin Lei.

Somehow, it seemed to reflect the desolate sight of a soldier marching to his own doom.

Seeing him walk toward Qin Lei, the lips of Pavilion Master Kang and the others couldn't help but twitch.

While they had faith in Zhang shi, this was... a little too much!

"Zhang shi... will he really be fine?"

Zhao Feiwu couldn't help but ask.

"How can he be fine?" Grabbing a piece of meat and stuffing it into his mouth, Zhang Xuan replied with a slightly muffled voice.

"How can he be fine?"

The crowd's eyelids twitched violently.

If it wasn't fine, why did you instruct Ruohuan gongzi over? Are you that intent on seeing his sorry plight?

The expression on everyone's faces clearly said that they would never let him go if he didn't explain this matter clearly to them. Thus, Zhang Xuan began speaking.

"Your analysis is logical. There's an eighty percent chance that Qin shi will choose flaw identification as the dueling format... however, there's still a twenty percent room of error!"


Zhao Feiwu nodded in agreement.

No matter how logical her deduction was, she wasn't Qin Lei and she couldn't read his thoughts precisely. It was possible for the other party to have other thoughts in mind regarding this matter.

"If I were to pour a bowl of meat soup on you to provoke you, what would you do?" Zhang Xuan asked.

"I would... beat you up!" Zhao Feiwu replied.

"Indeed, that is likely to be Qin Lei's reaction too. However, looking at it from another perspective, such an action could be considered as a direct signal from Ruohuan gongzi that he wants a physical duel. As a 4-star master teacher, Qin Lei will surely deduce this much... Under such circumstances, how do you think he'll react?"


Everyone was stunned.

Pouring a bowl of meat soup on someone-that is a clear act of provocation. To be provoked before the duel, it was clear that his opponent wanted him to propose a physical duel...

It would be hard to believe that Ruohuan gongzi didn't have anything up his sleeves given such circumstances.

While Qin Lei might be confident in his fighting prowess as well, Ruohuan gongzi's actions would surely sprout a seed of doubt in his mind. Given how much he wanted the champion seat, he would surely choose to opt for another dueling format so as to avoid any possible mishaps. At the same time, this would also reflect his magnanimity and create a positive impression of himself.

"At the same time, if Qin shi were to attempt to hit Ruohuan gongzi after being poured with meat soup, we'll be able to analyze his movements. If so, we can make some preparations for the duel later on!" Zhang Xuan said.

If the other party didn't execute a battle technique, he would be unable to peer into the other party's flaws. And in a normal and fair duel, it was nigh impossible for Ruohuan gongzi to win Qin Lei.

On the other hand, if Qin Lei were to execute his battle technique out of rage, a book on him would be formed in the Library of Heaven's Path, and Zhang Xuan would be able to exploit his flaws.

As for whether Ruohuan gongzi would be beaten up or not, that wouldn't be any of his business.

Ruohuan gongzi would just have to treat it as the price of victory.

"I see..."

Hearing the explanation, everyone came to a realization, and they widened their eyes in admiration.

They thought that Zhao Feiwu's analysis was already impressive, but Zhang shi's thoughts were clearly deeper and more thorough.

Within a short period of time, not only did he realize the possible errors in Zhao Feiwu's analysis, he even found a way to cover it up while executing his plan... Incredible!

It was fortunate that he was on the same line as the Myriad Kingdom Alliance; the group shuddered at the thought of facing an opponent like that.

"Look, it's starting!"

At that moment, Su shi suddenly pointed forward.

Everyone turned their gazes over, and at this moment, Ruohuan gongzi was already standing before Qin Lei.

At this moment, Qin Lei was also in the midst of his meal. Perplexed to see his opponent carrying a bowl toward him, he was a little stunned.

"Qin shi, nice to meet you!"

Ruohuan gongzi nodded.

"Y-you too!"

Qin Lei frowned.

"Before we start on our duel, I'd like to discuss something with you..." Ruohuan gongzi said politely.

"Discuss something with me? What is it? If you wish to admit defeat now, there's no need for it!"

Qin Lei harrumphed coldly. But before he could finish speaking, a steaming hot liquid came flying toward him, drenching his robe.

"The heck!"

In that instant, it was as if something within Qin Lei had snapped, and frenzy overtook his rationality.

He thought that that fellow was here to admit defeat in hopes that his pride could be spared on the stage later on. Never in his dreams did he expect a bowl of steaming meat soup to come flying toward him instead...

"I'll kill you..."

Roaring furiously, he immediately drove his zhenqi and a powerful aura came gushing out. He raised his palm and directed it toward Ruohuan gongzi forcefully.


But Ruohuan gongzi was already prepared for this. He immediately leaped to the side and ran away. "Pardon me, Qin shi. I didn't do it on purpose, I simply lost my grip on the bowl..."


Black lines streaked across everyone's face.

To carry a bowl of meat soup over for no reason, and you say it wasn't intentional?

Not to mention, you were around two to three meters away from the other party. For the meat soup to travel that distance despite it being a slip of your hands… you're incredible!

Touch your conscience and ask yourself if you can believe that excuse!

"Damn it..."

After hearing those words, Qin Lei's rage flurried. Just as he was about to rush over to kill that fellow, an elder suddenly stopped him.

"Elder Zhou..."

Seeing that the one stopping him was an elder of his sect, Qin Lei hurriedly stopped.

"Don't fall for the other party's ploy..." Elder Zhou spoke to him through zhenqi telepathy.

"Fall for the other party's ploy?" Qin Lei was taken aback.

"Indeed. The other party is clearly coming over intentionally to provoke you. If you were to strike him now, there is a good chance that you might be stripped of your qualification as a participant in the tournament!" Elder Zhou said.

As a prestigious event held every decade, the Master Teacher Tournament had strict rules. If participants were to fight out of their match, there was a chance that they might be stripped of their qualification.

"But..." Qin Lei's body froze. He understood the logic behind it, but he still found it hard to suppress his anger.

As a proud 4-star pinnacle master teacher to be splattered with meat soup, it would be a wonder if he wasn't angry!

"With the death of our sect leader, our White Helios Sect is currently facing its greatest crisis. You must get into the top ten in this tournament, or else... it'll only be a matter of time before our sect is annexed by the other powers!" Elder Zhou spoke gravely.

He was present in the confrontation against Zhang shi that day, and the sight of Yang shi killing their sect leader was still fresh in his mind.

Having offended a plausible 8-star master teacher, their White Helios Sect was facing the greatest calamity in its existence. Their only hope at this point was for Qin Lei to successfully get into the top ten!

Once he got into Hongyuan Master Teacher Academy, the other powers would have to reconsider their options before laying their hands on them.

"Since that fellow is here to provoke you, he must have some kind of ace up his sleeves. Or else, he might have already given up on the tournament and he wishes to pull you down with him!"

Elder Zhou continued. "You mustn't fall for his ploy!"

"Then what should I do?"

Qin Lei's heart jolted, and he immediately forced himself to calm down.

"There's no need to get even with him immediately. We should first continue on with the idea we decided upon and confirm the spot in the top ten. After the tournament, you can always challenge him to a [Master Teacher Confrontation], or even a... [Life-and-Death Battle]!"

Elder Zhou harrumphed. "By then, he will be in your palms, and you will be able to do whatever you want with him. Even if you were to tear him into pieces, there would be no one to stop you!"

"This..." Qin Lei hesitated for a moment before gritting his teeth in savagery. "Alright, I'll challenge him to a Life-and-Death Duel after the tournament. If I don't kill him, I won't be called Qin Lei!"


"Hmm? He actually didn't chase me?"

After a moment, Ruohuan gongzi turned around and saw that no one was behind him. At this moment, he suddenly recalled what Zhang shi said. "Is this a... supernatural occurrence?"



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