Chapter 594: Duel of Beast Taming
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While he was a 4-star apothecary, he had only gotten his emblem through Pill Discourse. Pill forging was still impossible for him!

In a match of pill forging, Zhang shi, being unable to forge anything at all, would surely lose tragically.

But still, given that pill forging required significant preparation, it was unlikely to appear in the Master Teacher Tournament.

"In any case, you just have to know that he is impressive in his supporting occupations, and you shouldn't accept any duel of that sort!" Ruohuan gongzi advised.

Wei Changqing's cultivation was lacking, but he excelled in his supporting occupations. Knowing this, Zhang Xuan could use his right to reject a proposed dueling format once to vie for better conditions for himself.

While the Myriad Kingdom Alliance group was discussing this issue, an air of desolation seemed to be floating around the group from Zijin Sect.

"That Zhang shi has been barging his way through every single obstacle with astounding means. I fear that there's very little hope for you!" an elder from Zijin Sect lamented with a deep frown etched on his forehead.

"That monster seems to possess no weakness at all, how are we supposed to compete with him?"

No one here thought well of their own participant.

If it was anyone else, even if the person was Luo Xuan, they would surely give it their all. But against that freak, they simply couldn't see any hope at all, and a wave of helplessness overwhelmed them.

"I can't help but admit that he's nearly flawless as a master teacher too, but I find it hard to believe that his astounding capabilities... could extend to his supporting occupations too!" Wei Changqing narrowed his eyes.

He specialized in his supporting occupations, and he had absolute confidence in that field.

"I've had someone look into it, and his four main supporting occupations are namely 5-star appraiser, 4-star formation master, 4-star physician, and 4-star beast tamer!"

Wei Changqing lifted up his fingers and counted, "My four supporting occupations are 4-star blacksmith, 4-star tea master, 4-star painter, and 4-star beast tamer! The only common supporting occupation we have is beast taming, but this is more than sufficient!"

"More than sufficient? It can't be that you intend to challenge him in beast taming?" The elders of the sect glanced at one another. "Beast taming is an extremely troublesome process..."

If one wished to compete in the field of supporting occupation, both competitors must share the same supporting occupation. Otherwise, if only one side was learned in the field, there would be no point to the duel at all.

While Zhang Xuan did have other supporting occupations such as apothecary and painter, they hadn't reached 4-star yet. As such, the only viable option was beast taming.

Unaware of the rules, Zhang Xuan was still worrying over the latter challenging him to a duel of pill forging.

However, beast taming required one to be close to a spirit beast, and sometimes, this process could take several years...

On the other hand, the duel for the Master Teacher Tournament had to be completed within an incense's time.

There was a clear lack of time for this!

"Don't worry, I've an idea in mind. In the field of beast taming, I'll never lose out to him!" A gleam flashed across Wei Changqing's eyes.

"It's good that you're confident, but make sure not to force yourself..."

"Indeed. Even if you were to lose, do be polite to the other party. We'll make sure to reward you greatly when we return back to our sect!"

"Otherwise, you might as well admit defeat now. Our sect will at least be able to retain its pride..."

None of the elders had much faith in him.

"..." Wei Changqing's eyes twitched uncontrollably.

Are you on my side or Zhang Xuan's side?

It's one thing for you not to support me, but to actually advise me to admit defeat... Just the thought of it left him speechless!

'Humph, Zhang Xuan. I'll defeat you so as to shut these old fogeys up!'

Gritting his teeth, Wei Changqing howled frenziedly within.

Clenching his fists tightly, he proceeded to the stage.

This match was no longer about the top ten placing anymore, what was at stake was… his dignity.

If he wished to retain his dignity, he would have to defeat Zhang shi and prove his capability!


On the stage labeled D, looking at the young man opposite to him, Wei Changqing gritted his teeth tightly.

Seeing the other party's hostile gesture, Zhang Xuan was stumped.

It should be his first time meeting the other party, why did the other party look as though he had killed his father and claimed his wife?

Perplexed, Zhang Xuan tried asking, "Have we met before?"

"We have never met before! But I'm determined to defeat you!" Wei Changqing declared furiously. "I decide to challenge you to a duel in our supporting occupation, that is... beast taming! Do you dare to accept the duel?"

"Beast taming?" Not expecting the other party to propose such a dueling format, Zhang Xuan frowned. "How would this match go?"

"Simple. Since you're a 4-star beast tamer, you would surely have your own tamed beast. Why don't we call our tamed beasts over, and we'll give one another an incense's time to interact with each other's tamed beast. Whoever commands the greater degree of loyalty from the other party's tamed beast will be deemed the winner!" Wei Changqing said.

"Exchange tamed beasts to tame for an incense's time... Are you certain about it?" Zhang Xuan looked at the other party with a bizarre expression.

The other party's intent was clear-I'll tame your tamed beast while you tame mine; whoever manages to induce more loyalty from the other party's tamed beast will be the victor.

This was a common competition format between beast tamers.

Just that... this fellow really wanted to compete with him in beast taming?

"Of course!"

Wei Changqing sneered coldly. "Why? To think that the most popular contender for the champion seat would actually fear my beast taming ability? Are you that fearful of me?"

"Alright then!"

Seeing that the other party was serious in his proposed duel format, Zhang Xuan nodded in agreement.


"Compete with Zhang shi in beast taming? Is that fellow... mad?"

Hearing the content of the duel, Zhao Feiwu stared at the fool with a gaze brimming with sympathy.

You must be unaware that Zhang shi only took two breaths to tame the Demon Cinque Beast. To actually challenge him to this... Are you that desperate to find some excitement in your dull life?

I've seen people with suicidal tendencies, but you seem to top the list...

The mouths of Pavilion Master Kang and the others twitched.

Even though they had never witnessed Zhang shi taming a beast, they had heard of it from Hall Master Han Chong of the Beast Hall personally on the day of the selection round.

A spirit beast which even he was unable to tame despite years of effort, Zhang shi actually managed to turn it into a loyal guard for his residence. Are you certain that you can win?


"Seems like this will be an interesting match to watch. Wei Changqing is a famous genius beast tamer, and I've heard that he has once participated in a beast taming competition and became the champion!"

"I've heard of the same as well. Zhang shi really shouldn't have accepted this challenge. Unlike the other duels, a duel of beast taming won't be just about one's own capability. One would have to possess sufficient resources in one's possession as well!"

"It might be hard for him to advance to the top eight..."


Contrary to Zhao Feiwu and the group's sympathetic expression, the other master teachers, ignorant of Zhang Xuan's astounding feats, had a grave expression on their faces.

Beast taming is an expensive occupation which demands one to have sufficient treasures in one's possession.

Otherwise, if one couldn't even attract the spirit beast's attention, how could one possibly induce loyalty in the latter?

The Myriad Kingdom Alliance was clearly much poorer than the Zijin Sect; in terms of beast taming, the latter was in an advantageous position.

"Look, the both of them have summoned their tamed beasts over!"

Amidst discussions from the crowd, a huge gust of wind suddenly blew in the air above them. Two gigantic spirit beasts flew over and landed on the stage.

They were Demon Cinque Beast and Wei Changqing's tamed beast.

Zhang Xuan glanced over.

The other party's tamed beast was a gigantic Beryline Spirit Beast. It was at Transcendent Mortal 4-dan primary stage-far weaker than Demon Cinque Beast.

"This is your tamed beast?"

Wei Changqing had thought that the other party's tamed beast would be around the same cultivation realm as his, and he was confident in winning significant loyalty from it. Who knew that the other party's tamed beast would turn out to be so powerful? Wei Changqing's face immediately collapsed, and tears brimmed in his eyes.

It would be amazing if a normal Transcendent Mortal 3-dan pinnacle expert could tame a Transcendent Mortal 4-dan spirit beast... and yet, you actually tamed a Consonant Spirit realm fellow? How in the world did you do it?

"Feel free to go first. I'm in no hurry!"

Zhang Xuan gestured. After which, he turned to Demon Cinque Beast and said, "Wei shi over here hopes to tame you, so do cooperate with him!"


Demon Cinque Beast was stunned for a moment. It twisted its gigantic head to the young man not too far away, and in an instant, the young man felt a huge pressure on his soul. It was as if his soul was placed into a furnace which would burn him into cinders.


Feeling the immense pressure on him, Wei Changqing's mouth twitched. His body couldn't help but shudder, and he nearly spurted blood.

This... If I can't even get near to it, how in the world can I tame it?

Flicking his wrist, Wei Changqing took out a jade bottle and said, "Brother Demon Cinque, this is the blood essence of a Transcendent Mortal 5-dan spirit beast that I prepared for you. May I know if you would be interested in it?"

Prying the jade bottle open, a dense concentration of spiritual energy immediately surged into the surrounding.

Blood essence of a Transcendent Mortal 5-dan spirit beast!

"What a generous offer!"

"Indeed! This single bottle is probably worth a minimum of a dozen middle-tier spirit stones!"

"You're giving a very conservative estimate; chances are it would be much higher than that. There's no spirit beast who wouldn't be tempted by that. Zhang shi is really in trouble this time round!"

"Seems like Wei Changqing came prepared..."

Seeing the generous offer, a huge commotion broke out below.

The blood essence of a stronger spirit beast posed irresistible attraction to a weaker spirit beast. There were countless spirit beasts who would submit before such a treasure.

It was no wonder Wei Changqing dared to challenge Zhang shi to such a duel. It seemed like he came prepared.

If Zhang shi couldn't offer anything more valuable than that, he would surely lose this match.


Seeing the Transcendent Mortal 5-dan spirit beast blood essence, Demon Cinque Beast's eyes lit up. It immediately lifted its thick claws and snatched the jade bottle over.


Not expecting the other party to simply snatch the blood essence over, Wei Changqing panicked, "There's no need to hurry. As long as you promise to become my friend, I'll give it to you... Y-you... What are you doing? The heck!"

He thought that he would surely win the other party's goodwill with the spirit beast blood essence in hand. Who knew that before a shadow would come crashing down on him before he was done speaking. Before he realized it, he was already beneath the other party's claws.

"You... return my spirit beast blood essence..." Wei Changqing roared furiously, but before he was done with his words, he felt the force of the claw pressing down on him intensifying.


An indentation appeared on the stage, and Wei Changqing was pushed into the ground.


Wei Changqing was on the verge of tears.

No matter what, he was a 4-star master teacher, as well as a respected beast tamer. To be smashed into the ground by a spirit beast... The stifled feeling in his heart left him extremely frustrated and frenzied.

"Listen to me... As long as you let me go, I have better things to offer you... Pu!"

But just like before, the pressure pushing down on him was hiked up yet another notch before he was done speaking. Snap! His ribcage creaked, and a mouthful of fresh blood spurted from his mouth.

In the next instant, he suddenly felt an ache on his finger-his storage ring had been taken away by the gigantic spirit beast on top of him.


Wei Changqing was about to go insane.

No matter what, you're a Consonant Spirit realm spirit beast, and you already possess some degree of intelligence. Shouldn't you try to uphold your dignity rather than snatch whatever you want as though a willful child?

While he was spewing blood, he heard the Demon Cinque Beast above him howl. Following which, with a tinge of peculiarity, Zhang shi's voice sounded, "My Demon Cinque Beast says that... as long as you submit to it and become its tamed human, it will return your storage ring to you..."

"Submit? Tamed human? Pu!"

Wei Changqing's vision went dark.

Big Brother, I'm here to tame your spirit beast, not to have your spirit beast tame me...



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