Chapter 602: Combat Soul Constitution
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"Alright. Since the champion of our tournament is already decided, let's move on to determine the other placings..."

After calming down the agitated crowd, Hong shi continued on with the tournament.

At the current moment, only the first and second places were decided. The tournament still had to go on to determine the third to the tenth place.

After all the excitement, the crowd was lacking in interest for the duels that followed. Two hours later, the top ten places for the Master Teacher Tournament were finally out.

Wei Yuqing, who suffered a tragic defeat against Zhang Xuan, performed extraordinarily well in the remaining duels and successfully advanced into the top ten. Qin Lei, who was eliminated by Ruohuan gongzi back then, also displayed spectacular abilities and clinched ninth place.

Actually, if not for Zhang Xuan's interference, he would be at least in the top five placing. Nevertheless, being in the ninth place, he was at least granted the opportunity to become a student of Hongyuan Master Teacher Academy as well, thus making this trip worthwhile.

"Zhang shi, here is your prize!"

Once the placings were confirmed, the prizes were given out. The first place was given a high-tier spirit stone, an opportunity to study at Hongyuan Master Teacher Academy, and three days to cultivate in the Cleansing Lake.

While presenting the prize to Zhang Xuan, Hong shi sent a telepathic message over. "Zhang shi, the high-tier spirit stone is a private gift from Pavilion Master Mo Gaoyuan to the participant in the first place..."

Since Pavilion Master Mo intended to express his goodwill to Zhang shi and Yang shi, naturally, his name should be made known to the other party. Otherwise, wouldn't everything be done in vain?

Only then did Zhang Xuan come to a realization.

This explained why the prize this year was much more generous than previous years!

In truth, it wasn't too difficult to guess this. Given 'Yang shi's' astounding means, it was natural that Pavilion Master Mo would want to get on his good side.

In any case, this matter was beneficial to Zhang Xuan.

After all, that was a high-tier spirit stone! Its value was equivalent to ten thousand middle-tier spirit stone. If not to embarrass himself, Zhang Xuan would have surely opened the jade box then and started examining the spirit stone already.

Placing the prize carefully in his storage ring, Zhang Xuan was filled with agitation and excitement.

With a high-tier spirit stone in his possession, his future cultivation would become much easier. At least in the short run, he wouldn't have to worry about spiritual energy anymore.

After distributing the prizes, Hong shi announced, "Alright. The Master Teacher Tournament has come to a conclusion. The top three of the tournament shall follow me to Huanyu Empire tomorrow to claim their prize of cultivating in the Cleansing Lake!"


"So soon?"

"There's no choice. Huanyu Empire is more than a million kilometers away, and if we don't rush there, we might miss the opening of the Cleansing Lake. If so, we might miss this opportunity!"

"That's true. The Cleansing Lake opens at the start of the year for each opening, and there's barely a month until then. If we don't rush now, we might fail to make it in time..."

Upon hearing from Hong shi that they were leaving tomorrow, the participants were astonished. However, they soon understood his intentions.

The Cleansing Lake was the most valuable treasure of the Huanyu Empire's royalty, as well as the foundation of its establishment. The grounds would be opened once every decade, and it wasn't too long to it now. If they didn't hurry now, they might just miss this opportunity by.

"Alright, you should return to make preparations. We'll set off tomorrow noon!"

Hong shi waved his hands to dismiss the group.

By now, it was already late at night, and the time left for them to prepare was less than a day.

"I should also make some preparations!"

Zhang Xuan stood up.

There were many things he had to deal with, and time was tight.

"Pavilion Master Kang, thank you for your care during this period of time. This is a cultivation technique my teacher prepared for you, and if you were to cultivate it accordingly, it should assist you in reaching Consonant Spirit realm!"

Flicking his wrist, a book appeared in Zhang Xuan's palm as he passed it over.

Pavilion Master Kang had really helped him a lot during this period of time, especially the trip to the Glacier Plain Court. Without his help, it would be impossible for him to nurture his soul sufficiently so as to divide into two and successfully forge his clone. At the same time, Zhao Ya wouldn't have met with such a rare opportunity either.

As such, Zhang Xuan specially compiled a cultivation technique manual to deal with the various flaws the other party suffered from. As long as the other party cultivated along with it, it would just be a matter of time before he reached Consonant Spirit realm.

"Reach Consonant Spirit realm? This cultivation technique was prepared by Yang shi?"

Pavilion Master Kang's breathing immediately hastened, and his eyes reddened in agitation.

Yang shi, an existence likely to be an 8-star master teacher. Just receiving a single pointer from such a person was a huge blessing in itself. To think that he would even have a cultivation technique created just for him, he truly had no idea how he could ever repay this favor.


Pavilion Master Kang kneeled onto the floor, and with a grim expression, he kowtowed eight times toward Zhang Xuan's residence before standing up.

"Su shi and Ling shi, these are yours..."

Of course, Zhang Xuan couldn't possibly forget about these two. Without them, he wouldn't have been able to participate in the Master Teacher Tournament.

After receiving the cultivation technique, Su shi and Ling shi also thanked him profusely.

Zhang Xuan had always remembered grudges and favors clearly.

"Zhang shi, can I follow you to Hongyuan Master Teacher Academy?"

Knowing that Zhang Xuan was about to leave, Zhao Feiwu's eyes reddened.

This young man had solved her ailment, granting her a whole new life. Gratitude, along with the experiences at Xuanyuan Kingdom, soul oracle tomb, and such, had left her with an indescribable emotion toward the latter. Just that, she was too embarrassed to face her own emotions.

But now that separation was right before them, she couldn't hold herself back anymore.

After pondering for a moment, Zhang Xuan said, "Your cultivation is still too low, you might stumble into a lot of trouble if you were to head there now. It would be safer if you study under Pavilion Master Kang here!"

After which, he turned to the elder beside him and said grimly, "Pavilion Master Kang, I'll be entrusting Princess Feiwu to you!"

"Hehe, Zhang shi, you need not worry. I'll take her in as my direct disciple and teach her well. I won't let you or Yang shi down!" Pavilion Master Kang gave his word.

"Thank you!" Zhang Xuan clasped his fist.

Actually, this was also another reason why he gave Pavilion Master Kang the cultivation technique manual.

Along the way, Zhao Feiwu had helped him a lot. As the daughter of the alliance head, she was unlikely to care much about fortune, resources, or so. Rather than that, it would be more practical to help her find a good teacher. This way, she would be able to live the life she wanted.

And Pavilion Master Kang was clearly the most suitable choice.

"Thank you, Zhang shi..."

Hearing the arrangements, Zhao Feiwu flashed a bitter smile and thanked Zhang shi. She found the entire matter hard to accept, but knowing that Zhang shi was doing this with her welfare at heart, she eventually nodded her head.

Zhang shi was destined to achieve great things in the future. A small, little princess of the alliance like her couldn't possibly compare to him. No matter how reluctant she was, she knew she had to let go.

After bidding Pavilion Master Kang and the others farewell, Zhang Xuan returned to his residence. The moment he entered, he saw Mo Hunsheng walking over with widened strides.

"Zhang shi!"

Mo Hunsheng clasped his fist.

"How is it?" Zhang Xuan asked.

He had asked the latter regarding Lu Chong's condition even before joining the Master Teacher Tournament. After a day of effort, the latter should have some results by now.

"Reporting to young master, Young Master Lu Chong has just finished his cultivation, and I've taken a look at his condition. If I'm not mistaken, it's a unique constitution among soul oracles... [Combat Soul Constitution]!" Mo Hunsheng said.

"Unique constitution?" Zhang Xuan was perplexed.

If the latter really had a unique constitution, the Library of Heaven's Path should have already long detected it. How could it elude him?

"Combat Soul Constitution is not something one is born with. Usually, it is developed after a life-and-death experience or a wave of immense emotions. Such a constitution is extremely rare and cannot be emulated by any means. If I'm not mistaken, Young Master Lu Chong has only just awakened it..." Mo Hunsheng explained.

"Let's go over to take a look!"

Nodding his head, Zhang Xuan walked into the courtyard.

Not too far from the corridor, Lu Chong was cultivating while standing. His soul was dancing in the air, and it seemed to carry a majestic aura to it.

"Transcendent Mortal 2-dan soul?" Zhang Xuan's eyes widened in shock.

When he left earlier this morning, the latter was still at Zongshi realm only. How could he become so powerful over a single day?

Soul cultivation was similar to zhenqi cultivation in the sense that it was slow and accumulative. To actually break through four cultivation realms-Zhizun, Half-Transcension, Prolonged Longevity, and Origin Energy realm-in a single day… that was really way too fast!


Perplexed, Zhang Xuan willed.


With a soft buzz, a book appeared in the Library of Heaven's Path.

Quickly flipping it open, Zhang Xuan swiftly browsed through the content and froze.

Lu Chong was indeed different from before. Just as Mo Hunsheng said, he had awoken the Combat Soul Constitution.

But from the looks of it, this awakening seemed to be incomplete.

Recalling what he encountered in the other party's consciousness, a thought emerged in Zhang Xuan's head.

'This is probably what I saw back then...'

Back then, when he used the Soulrouse Incense to wake up the other party's soul, he had seen a gigantic figure lying in the other party's consciousness. Thinking about it now, that should be the result of the Combat Soul Constitution.

"Regarding this constitution... How can it be awakened?"

Zhang Xuan glanced at the Soulless Metal Humanoid before him.

After a moment of contemplation, Mo Hunsheng replied, "Reporting to young master, it's extremely troublesome to awaken such a constitution totally. It might require a visit to the Ancient Domain of Soul Oracles!"

"Ancient Domain of Soul Oracles?" Zhang Xuan was stunned.

Mo Hunsheng hesitated for a moment before he said, "Yes, that is the place where soul oracles originate from. In the Ancient Domain of Soul Oracles, one can find the energy of ancient souls, that is a crucial catalyst to awakening the Combat Soul Constitution completely. There's no other way around it!"

"Ancient Domain of Soul Oracles? Where is that?"

"It is... at the utmost east of the continent. I also don't know exactly how far it is from here..." Mo Hunsheng scratched his head.

"You don't know how far it is from here?" Zhang Xuan's face darkened.

If it was too far, how was he supposed to head there?

The Master Teacher Continent was incomparably vast, and even several hundred thousand kilometers would require many days of flight. Yet, from Mo Hunsheng's tone, it was apparent that he meant a distance of dozens or even a hundred million kilometers...

Without several years of traveling, it was impossible to cover such distance.

"Actually... if young master trusts me, I can take Young Master Lu Chong there. This way, it won't interrupt your cultivation while allowing Young Master Lu Chong to grow swiftly," Mo Hunsheng said.

"You'll take him there?"

Zhang Xuan fell into deep contemplation.

If he wanted to climb up as a master teacher, he would have to remain in public view. Furthermore, with the threat known as the Innate Fetal Poison looming above him, spending several years searching for the Ancient Domain of Soul Oracles was clearly too much of a luxury for him to afford.

However, if he were to delay Lu Chong's growth by forcing the other party to follow him, it would indeed be unfair for the other party.

The ideal situation was indeed to split up.

"We'll see what he thinks!"

After a moment of thought, Zhang Xuan felt that Lu Chong should have the right to decide.

Thus, he interrupted Lu Chong's cultivation and explained the matter to him.

Hearing Zhang Xuan's words, the young man nodded his head earnestly.

"Teacher, I wish to go to the Ancient Domain of Soul Oracles!"

He shared the same thoughts as Zhao Ya when she made her decision back then. He knew that he would only be a burden if he were to remain by his teacher's side. If he were to grasp this opportunity, he might be able to be of true use to his teacher in the future.

He didn't wish to remain as a burden to his teacher.

"Since you've made up your mind, I'll respect your decision. Mo Hunsheng, I'll be leaving Lu Chong to your care!"

Seeing that Lu Chong had made his decision, Zhang Xuan sighed deeply before nodding his head.



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