Chapter 612: Challenging the Stone Pillars

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Too intent on winning some points, Zhang Xuan forgot that he only had a high-tier spirit stone on him.

Even though he had procured 600 middle-tier spirit stones from Fleeting Cloud Sect and the other powers previously, he had already used up all of them before reaching Huanyu Empire. The current him was as good as bankrupt.

The young man, unaware of the rules, asked, "How much is the deposit?"

"Ten middle-tier spirit stones!" Gan Yiping replied.

"Here you are! The both of us want to give it a try!" Without asking any questions, the young man flicked his wrist and passed twenty middle-tier spirit stones over.

Others would have to sell all of their property just to gather twenty middle-tier spirit stones, and yet, it seemed to be nothing to this young man at all.

Grabbing the spirit stones, Gan Yiping chuckled. Gesturing to the stone pillars, he went through the rules. "Contained within these stone pillars is an artifact each. There's a hint inscribed on each of the stone pillars, and based on that, one has to deduce what kind of artifact is hidden in it."

"Every challenger is only given an incense's time, and as long as one successfully names the artifact, the stone pillar will break apart. The more stone pillars that break apart, the more points one will earn!"


Nodding his head, the young man turned to the young lady beside him and said, "Sixth Young Mistress, wait here for me. I'll return quickly!"

After which, he walked over to the stone pillar.

Zhang Xuan and group also looked at him curiously.

They knew of the rules, but it might still prove to be useful to see how the challenge would go and how difficult it would be.

Standing before the first stone pillar, the young man read the hint inscribed on it before circling around the pillar. Slowly, a crack appeared on his confident face, and confusion started to seep through.

There wasn't any unique mark on the smooth stone pillar, making it impossible to see, feel, or even determine the shape of the artifact at all. To guess the identity of an artifact through a layer of stone was more difficult than he had expected.

Walking another two rounds around the stone pillars, his face turned livid.

He had just boasted in front of the sixth young mistress that he would be back soon. He thought that he could return with some points to win the favor of the beauty, and yet, he ended up being unable to recognize anything at all. He would be extremely embarrassed if he were to return like that!

Scratching his head, the young man began to panic. He placed his palm on the stone pillar and tried to infuse his zhenqi in. However, the stone pillar seemed to possess the ability to ward off zhenqi, rendering his actions futile.


Soon, he tried everything he could think of and he indignantly turned to look at Gan Yiping.

"Hall Master, there's nothing distinctive about your stone pillars at all. How are we supposed to guess?"

Isn't this a scam?

How in the world do you expect me to guess what is within the stone pillar without any conclusive clue?

Even a 6-star appraiser would be helpless before these stone pillars!

"Gongzi, you need not panic. There's a clue on the stone pillars, you can make a deduction based on it!"

As though having guessed that the other party would say these words, Gan Yiping smiled faintly.

"Make a deduction?"

Turning to look at the words on the stone pillars, the young man's confusion only seemed to deepen. Seeing that an incense's time was about to pass, he could only grit his teeth and make some guesses. "Sword… saber, medicinal herb, wooden bat…"

He listed several things at the top of his mind consecutively, but there was no response at all.

"Time's up!" Gan Yiping shook his head with a bitter smile.

He could tell that this young man was extraordinary, and he thought that the other party's presence could finally bring some progress to the uncovering of the stone pillar. But from the looks of it now, he was thinking too much into it.


With a scarlet, stifled face, the young man walked back with an awkward expression.

What was this? He thought that it would just be like normal treasure speculation, and with his capability, he would surely be able to easily determine the type and name of the artifact. After winning some points, he would be able to buy whatever the sixth young mistress wanted and win her heart. Who knew that his attempt would end in such tragic failure?

His attempt to show off only ended in humiliation.

Sensing the other party's poor mood, Gan Yiping consoled him.

"Gongzi, you need not be disheartened. I found these stone pillars in some ruins a long time ago. I don't know who left them behind, but they seem to possess some mysterious ability. Despite observing them daily over the course of fifty years, I was only able to decipher three of them!"

"Fifty years? Three?" The young man was taken aback.

"Indeed. Only after knowing what the artifact inside is, along with its precise effects, can one open the stone pillars. I've tried all kinds of ways to open them throughout the years but to no avail. That is the reason why I opened this Mystical Treasure Hall to borrow the wisdom of others."

Gan Yiping shook his head. "Actually, there's no need for you to worry. The rule of an incense's time is only to allow the others behind to take a look as well. Since you've already paid the deposit of ten middle-tier spirit stones, you can copy the text imprinted on the stone pillar to take back with you. If you were to decipher it, you can return anytime, and I won't charge you the deposit again."

"Return anytime?" The young man shook his head. "We're only passing by Huanyu Empire, and we won't be staying for too long. Besides, I'm only interested in that single medicinal herb!"

If not for the sixth young mistress insisting on coming here, given his identity and pride, he would have never come to such a remote location.

While this Mystical Treasure Hall possessed plentiful of valuable items, given his family background, it wouldn't be too difficult for him to find and obtain something similar to them as well.


Seeing the lack of interest in the latter, a hint of disappointment flashed across Gan Yiping's eyes. Shaking his head, he said with a slightly downcast voice, "I've devoted half of my life to these stone pillars… it seems like I'll have to carry my regrets with me to my coffin!"

"His lifespan…"

Hearing the other party's lamentation, Zhang Xuan couldn't help but shake his head.

While this old man possessed extraordinary strength, there was a declining air shrouding his body. Clearly, his lifespan was reaching its limit.

Upon stepping into Transcendent Mortal 1-dan, one's level of existence would undergo a qualitative breakthrough, thus increasing one's lifespan significantly. Living to two hundred wouldn't be a problem at all.

After which, with a rise in cultivation, one's lifespan would also increase correspondingly, but the increase would be minimal. As such, unless one advanced to Saint realm, one would only be able to live to two hundred or so, three hundred if one maintained one's physical condition well.

This old man's lifespan was beyond two hundred and fifty, and it was clear he was nearing his end already.

Having dug out so many mysterious stone pillars, he was determined to uncover the secrets behind them. Yet, his own capability proved to be limited, so he could only establish with Mystical Treasure Hall and put out all of the treasures he had collected throughout his lifetime to attract others.

As for the deposit of ten middle-tier spirit stones, it was actually just a benchmark. Otherwise, if everyone were to come and try their luck every day, the truly capable appraisers might find themselves being squeezed out.

Unable to obtain even a single point, the young man glanced at the young lady apologetically.

"Sixth Young Mistress, I'm truly sorry…"

"I'll take a look!"

The difficulty of the challenge had piqued the competitive spirit of the sixth young mistress. She immediately proceeded over to the first stone pillar, and upon seeing the words, a deep frown appeared on her forehead as well.

It didn't take long for an incense's time to pass, and she couldn't help but shake her head in disappointment.

Clearly, she was helpless before the stone pillars as well.

"A pity it is!"

Seeing how the both of them failed to decipher the stone pillar, Gan Yiping sighed.

The duo's cultivation and disposition were extraordinary, and without a doubt, they were clearly rare geniuses. He thought that they would be able to bring some kind of breakthrough to this research, but who knew that they wouldn't be able to solve even a single one of these pillars.

"Hall Master, pleased to meet you. I'm a master teacher!"

Seeing that the sixth young mistress failed as well, the young man stepped forward, flicked his wrist, and an emblem appeared in his hands.

"5 stars…"

Gan Yiping's eyes narrowed.

He was able to tell that there was something extraordinary about the duo with a single glance, but he thought that they were just esteemed nobles from a prestigious clan. Never in his dreams did he expect that they would be 5-star master teachers!

If a master teacher of this caliber were to enter the capital, even His Majesty would have to welcome them with the most elaborate of ceremonies.

"That's right. We've came to Huanyu Empire to deal with some matters. Your Sorrow Severing Grass is of utmost importance to me, so may I humbly request you to sell it to me. I'm willing to offer double, triple, or even quintuple the price!"

Seeing that the other party seemed to be stunned by his identity, the young man nodded his head in satisfaction.

No matter where a 5-star master teacher went, he would be well-respected.

"You wish to buy my Sorrow Severing Grass?" Gan Yiping asked.

"That's right!" The young man nodded. "I truly have an important need for that herb, so I hope that you can grant my request!"

A moment later, Gan Yiping said, "How about this? I won't accept your money, but as long as you conduct a lesson for me, I don't mind giving the Sorrow Severing Grass to you!"

His lifespan was already nearing its limits, and if he could achieve a breakthrough, he might still be able to live for a couple more years. Since the person before him was a 5-star master teacher, there was a chance that the other party might be able to help him.

Besides, it had been twenty years since the Mystical Treasure Hall opened, but no one had yet to decipher the stone pillars. Waiting on like that might be futile. Instead of obstinately sticking to his rules, he might as well give it away generously in exchange for getting acquainted with a 5-star master teacher.


Initially, the young man didn't bear much hope. Thus, upon hearing those words, his face flushed with delight, and he hurriedly nodded his head.

A lesson didn't mean anything much to him.

"There's no need to stand on ceremony!" Gan Yiping waved his hands casually. Turning to the attendant, he instructed, "Go down to the third floor, wrap up the Sorrow Severing Grass carefully, and pass it to this gongzi…"


Nodding his head, the attendant was just about to leave when a voice sounded.

"Wait a moment!"

Following which, a fatty stepped forward.

Sun Qiang!

The young master was here to look for certain items to help Young Master Yuan Tao awaken his unique constitution. While the young master didn't say anything, he noticed that the latter's eyes had stopped at the Sorrow Severing Grass for a slightly longer period of time. Clearly, it had caught his interest.

If the other party were to take this one away, it would be difficult to procure another one. Naturally, Sun Qiang had to stop him.

"What's wrong?"

Seeing a fatty step forward to interfere in his business, the young man frowned.

"Nothing much, I just think that this is a little unfair!"

Sun Qiang turned to the elder and said, "As the owner of the Mystical Treasure Hall, since you established the rule that one can only trade for artifacts with points, you shouldn't make an exception for someone. Otherwise, that would compromise the integrity of your business!"

Since he had established rules, naturally he had to follow them. If he were to change his rules every now and then, how could he possibly expect others to follow them?

"Rules do need to be followed, but my lifespan is already coming to an end. Since there's little hope of deciphering the stone pillars… so I'll give up then. From today onward, the Mystical Treasure Hall will be closed. Since I'm shutting down my business, the rules shouldn't matter anymore, right?"

Sighing, Gan Yiping shook his head.

His lifespan was reaching its end, and nowadays, he felt his spirit drained. After decades of effort ending in futility, he knew that his chances were slim. Reluctant as he may be, he knew that it would be wiser for him to give up now.

"Little hope of deciphering the stone pillars? That's because our young master hasn't made a move yet! As long as he steps forth, everything you have here will be deciphered!"

Sun Qiang harrumphed.

The sixth young mistress's face darkened upon hearing those words, and she harrumphed coldly.

"Everything deciphered? You sure speak arrogantly!"



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